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Today is the first day of National November Writing Month and I have decided to attempt to write at least one poem per day

It had suddenly dawned on me as to why women are so attracted to a man who exudes confidence.

The answer to the question is because most women lack confidence and actually seeing it on display is a real turn on for her.

I had also figured that if man is the Yang and woman was the Yin then the opposite of confidence would be doubt and uncertainty.

Is this why women ask so many questions?
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I had my own rose garden in which you could smell the fragrance of various roses which included red, white, pink, and even black.

I enjoyed spending my time in the rose garden with my pet peacocks and to hear the various birds that were chirping, and to see the bees that were producing honey for the family in the back portion of our 19 room mansion which contained wives, children, concubines, maids, servants, and slaves.

The mansion was only one of my many properties spread throughout the entire world where I would alternate my location based on the seasons.
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To say time goes back an hour never made sense to me, especially after learning that the state of Arizona is the only state that does not adjust their clocks, just as many countries around the world don't follow this rule.

Why not just say this is the day that the earth shifts on its axis.

Most people probably don't know what an axis is and would be too lazy to look the word up or seek the answer on their so called smart phones.

Read Each Moment Is the Universe Zen and The Way of Being Time by Katagiri.
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As I fasted today without food or water I noticed how my heart felt more rested and that there wasn't paranoia thoughts going on in my mind.

I missed Zuhr and Asr again and have no excuse for Asr except that I was too lazy to do ablution when I had woke up out of my sleep.

It's been so long since I fasted last and I began to think to myself that the answer that I am looking for can be found in my fasting.

Fasting contributes to helping me to clear my mind and see things more clearly.
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At the end of the day I found myself feeling unnecessarily antagonized by the associate propagandist and should have realized that I was buying in to the words coming out of his mouth.

I realized that I was dealing with a mind manipulator on levels that perhaps I was not even aware of.

I knew that there was a cure and simple exercise for someone trying to fuck up your peace of mind that anybody could practice but it might prove to be difficult because it involved embracing the silence.

Most people are used to constantly blabbing their mouths off.
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There used to be a time that the yoni was my kryptonite and a time that I was trapped in the Masturbatrix world.

Things changed once I had became officially Red Pilled.

I soon learned that the woman was not evil per se but it was important to know what was the true nature of a woman.

On a much higher level despite the dysfunction of women today based on being corrupted by feminism and society in general at least you would be okay by understanding women naturally in the form of nature and the Yin aspects of the Universe.
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We are taught to perceive the world in a particular way and to believe in the system that was put into place for us and it never dawned on us to question it.

Embracing the dark side meant embracing your truth and your desires no matter how far fetched they may have seemed to so called society.

Be open about your desires to yourself and don't see it as something that is bad. See it for what it is.

Embracing your inner monster should be more about you embracing your own inner powers and not be afraid to use them.
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I don't feel like talking to anyone right now over the telephone because I am in my own mind frame, having my own mindsets as I come out of a twenty minute meditation.

There is nothing more stimulating to my awareness than the sounds of the gong bells that goes off to signal the end of one of my many meditations.

I had took some time to simply stand still in one spot without moving and realized that it was possible to sleep while standing up as Aikido Master Morihei Ueshiba had said he did many times while standing guard.
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In meditation you never know what you will learn or what you will discover which is the beauty of meditating.

Even if nothing comes in the forms of sparks, wisdom, and enlightenment, you always get that deep sense of peace and calm which is always guaranteed in your meditations if you are consistent with them.

I had thought about the mystical and the mysterious and wanted to come up with some definitions, but knew that I could not really explain in words what the mystical or what the mysterious was as a mystery is something that is definitely not known.
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At the end of my morning before Zuhr the only word that I could think of was information overload, especially after watching and listening to a video that asked a question.

What if everything that you've been told was a lie?

Think about everything that you believe and tell yourself that it was all a big lie.

This means all the books you have read, everything that you learned in school, and everything that you thought you learned on your own was all a lie.

The more I thought about this the more I realized that I don't know anything.
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After my seven minute meditation, Mercury transits through the Sun today.

I thought to myself that it has to be significant if it happens every thirteen years and it became crystal clear that whoever created or made the planets is well acquainted with math and that it's not a coincidence that the planets, stars, or moons, or even yourself was some random act of a big bang explosion.

Perhaps the banging your father was doing to your mother when she laid down and spread her legs for him was the big bang explosion.

It is the reason why you're here.
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Tell me the names of the seven chakras in the Sanskrit language.

There is the Muladhara, the Anata, the Vishuddha, and it is obvious that I am missing quite a few because I have not memorized the names or the petal numbers.

If you ask me, I think Kundalini Yoga has a lot to do with using the power of your visualizations and perhaps boosting your lucid creativity.

If you consider for a moment on how we use our minds and the thoughts that we have, in many cases we are barely conscious of our thoughts and tend to daydream.
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If I was going to be getting into another marriage I would have all kinds of rules and principles she would have to adhere to and then have a list of what those consequences would be if she did not adhere to them.

She would want to know more about my consequences versus knowing what my rules and principles were that I was talking about.

I would then tell her to not worry about the consequences because I knew that deep down in my compassionate heart that she was going to be a good obedient and submissive woman to me.
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Initially in my meditation I told myself that I was going to focus on the mystical and that which was mysterious.

However as I began my meditation I found myself telling myself to focus on the present moment and that true mysticalness was not just about a state of mind or having some kind of grand consciousness but that more than anything else it was important to have awareness which began with being aware of your breath, your thoughts, your emotions, your feelings, your environment, and anything else that your five senses and additional psychic senses could gather and decipher.
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I can recall many times that I have written about seeing, read about seeing, and actually experienced it.

The key to seeing is knowing the difference between seeing something versus looking at it.

I know it sounds like the same thing but it's not, because one involves awareness while the other one does not.

For the most part people are looking, but even while they are looking they're not paying attention and more than likely in a daze.

A person who is seeing on the other hand is simply the person who takes time to pay attention to tiny details.
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If nothing had a name, then that would mean that we would not have words and that we would not have alphabets.

If we did not have words in this world, then there would be no need for book shelves because we would not have the books that contain the words we do not have.

There would be no histories about libraries being burned down that contained great wisdom and knowledge.

There would be no schools with textbooks, or workbooks, and there would not be names for companies.

There would be just buildings but they would not be called buildings.
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I was thinking about mechanical time and our calendar system and had came up with the reason why mechanical time and our calendar isn't so called real time in relation to the universe as a whole.

My first thoughts was on how many days it takes the planets to revolve around the Sun and believe it or not it only takes Mercury 88 days to revolve around the Sun, while it takes Saturn 29 years and Neptune 165 years to rotate around the Sun.

With that being said how does that calculate with Earth's 365 day rotation around the Sun?
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While I was in the kitchen I could hear the next door neighbors playing their hood rat rap music and the smell of marijuana coming through the heater vents. I didnít want to hear the music, but then I noticed myself coming back to the concept of having a poise of mind.

The concept of having a poise of mind is in being able to abide by the art of not allowing the outer to affect your inner being and state of mind.

I contemplated on the Lamas protective shell which has been known to be able to stop bullets.
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While in my meditation I had focused on letting go of everything that I seemed to be attached to rather it was a desire, a hope, a concern, a doubt, a fear, my debts, some woman, or whatever it was, I just told myself to just let it all go.

I personally believe that when we don't let go of certain aspects of our lives that is beyond our control we tend to suffer because holding on to things we can't change tends to cause us to not live in the present moment and truly experience the purpose of living.
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On a deeper level we can that there is no now because now is just a word to describe something thatís happening so fast that the moment you say the word now, so many things happened in this Universe as a whole that you can never say that this is the now when youíre also connected to the Universe in ways that perhaps you cannot imagine or simply not aware of.

On a deeper level we can all agree that we come from one Source and agree to some level that that which we came from is also a Mystery.
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I did not have a pen or piece of paper next to me which was writer's number one rule that should have never be broken.

Always have a pen or a pencil and something to write with next to you no matter where you are.

Just as a samurai always keeps his sword near to him, a write always keeps his pen and his paper near to him.

Since I was too lazy to find paper to write on, I had decided to do it on my cell phone instead, which really shows just how lazy I was really being.
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I did manage to get some reading done but I never did make a sandwich like I had planned and now I am afraid to check on the lentils for fear that it will not be any good anymore.

I had finally got a bag of Doritos that I had been craving without knowing why but felt so much satisfaction seeing that I was standing up to my principle about boycotting 7-11 based on their customer service which sucked big dick with their teeth.

That's how bad the service was. Besides all of this I saved money in the process.
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Too often when it came to the dark and darkness in general, people are rather quick to equate it with evil and everything that was the opposite of good.

I had my lessons in the darkness as far as stalkers are concerned.

In my particular case I was learning how to become one with the darkness, to where I was no longer afraid of it and saw it for it was.

What people fail to realize is that it is not really the fear of the darkness that people fear but the fear of what could be in that darkness.
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When I had contemplated on the full aspects of emptying the mind I realized that it had a somewhat similar purpose in regards to fana [ego annihilation].

Among other things that I noticed and was aware of was the fear of fana.

We fear completely emptying our minds and emptying our so called selves because we do not know what will become of us after we empty ourselves of self.

I think part of this fears resides around the fact that we don't know what happens after that and not knowing something means that we are faced with the unknown.
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Within my calmness and relaxation, I also felt a sense of militancy about my myself and said that this was the type of mindset to always have.

By this time of course I would have forgotten all about being aware of my breath but was reminded on the fact that I had did about five to six sets of back pulls on the machine in close grip and wide grip.

I told myself at that moment that if I just did six reps on one particular part of my body, it was better than not doing no reps at all.
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I was walking down 16th Street while listening to the bass, the drums and the snares that was playing from some bar on the corner.

I had took a few moments in time to also be aware of the snow that was falling, my footsteps, my breath, the movements in my body, and the noise that I made as I walked.

When all of these thoughts of awareness came together I found myself transported to this sort of mystical state that made me feel like I was transcending the moment and entering into a higher dimension of mind and reality.
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No one could appreciate my exquisite tea set except for the people who fasted on a consistent basis.

The concept was the same for those who liked art museums versus those who do not have any appreciation for the art pieces that was laying right in front of them.

We have the ability to make the supreme changes in our lives that are necessary in order to become that Supreme Yogi Master that Yogananda had talked about and what Buddha had talked about under the Bodhi Tree.

Float in your astral body to another dimensional sphere and realize the wonder.
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I have been having this headache in the left side of my brain where it seems to be effecting my top left molar, my left eye, and my left sinus region in my nose.

I can especially feel the heaviness when I go down into prostration.

Despite the pain that I had felt while doing so, I tell myself that it is prostration that is the cure to my headache.

This is what made me think of doing the extra salat specifically for the purpose of finding healing while doing them since prayers are known to be miraculous and supernatural.
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What was God doing before he started creating was the question that was asked. I wanted to know the answer to it since it sounded like a very good question.

The final answer that I got had dealt with the concept of God not being subjugated to time which made sense to the degree that God is above all things created by Himself or created by man or any other creatures with the ability to create anything.

The fact that we don't know and that God does should be enough to make anyone humble enough to respect the unknown mysteries.
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A part of me is hoping that I will not have to do any training tonight.

I personally do not know why people have a big deal about training new people when they start on our shift.

If the new person would have been an attractive female with a nice fat ass and big titties I am sure everybody would be fighting over her to be her personal trainer.

I am sorry guys but I do hold the superior rank over you guys and I say that I will train her tonight and take her down to my secret dungeon.