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One Imam had stated that someone had once asked the question on how to catch a jinn and the person was asked if they knew how to catch a sparrow at which point they replied it was practically impossible.

How can you catch a jinn when you cannot catch a sparrow?

I would later learn that jinn catching is actually casting a jinn out of a person or out of a home or an area and making an attempt to convert them to Islam.

Sheikh Ben Halima stated that Jinn catching was largely based on reciting surahs from the Quran.
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I learned a new recommended dua to say after every salat. ''Allahumma a innee 'ala dzikrika wa shukrika wa Husni 'ibaadatika.' It means, O Allah!, Assist me in remembering You, in thanking You, and in worshipping You in the best of manners.

I found this dua while looking up some Ruqyah sites. One of the things you should consider when doing Ruqyah is to be as righteous as you possibly can.

When I think about this, I think about the certificate of purity and the 70 major sins and how difficult it is to be sinless in a sinful world.
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I would like to talk about death and how we tend to think that death is something that will not happen to us despite seeing people die everyday, hearing about it, and seeing other life forms die that aren't human in form.

It's because of our lackadaisical thoughts that we tend to allow our time be wasted as well. It does not have to be this way and you can make a change in your life for the better.

Meeting your Creator is the ultimate goal in life, and we don't remember our meeting each time we go to sleep.
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I learned that the root word of Islam is istaslama which means to submit, give in, or surrender and the word istaslama is a verb.

I really understand the concept of the three consonants that helps you to understand the possible meaning of a word based on its word order.

I also learned that the word order does not always mean that the words are similar as I learned that the word salama means ‘the stinging of a snake or the tanning of the leather.’

An ant, a fly, birds, cats, lions, trees, planets, suns, and moons are true submitters.
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While I was out and about studying the women around me today, I was beginning to notice several things about women that really started to dawn on me.

One of those things was their fake confidence.

I believe that most women put confidence into their assets.

When I say assets, I am talking about their sexual attraction areas.

Women figure that if this is what men want, I am going to be open about showing my sexual body parts off; while at the same time, daring men to look, or to treat her disrespectfully, or say something sexual to them.
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I continued sitting, instructing myself to be completely relaxed by embracing everything that was around me and with everything that was going on.

Hearing the loud hum of a fan in someone's apartment, the buzzing of lights, the looks of the city, and reflections of light off car tops.

The silence had approached me and embraced me.

I soon learned how nothing has a name and how the atmosphere began to change into a world that was quite dream like.

I am not the only person who is a dreamer, but we are all dreamers dreaming in a Dream World.
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I had pulled out my magnifying glass that was a bit scratched up and told myself that I would get another pair and make sure that I take special care of it by wrapping it inside of a cloth.

The magnifying glass also made me think on the subject of self examination and what self examination means.

Self examination means being honest about yourself and admitting the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Self examination is about striving to become a better person than what you were yesterday and a better person than you were today, striving for spiritual transformation.
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Once I reached home I could feel how things would be different, but I could also feel and sense how things would change for the better and how I would be able to see more clearly as a result and possibly get more things done in the process.

As I write this now I recall myself dreaming about being in a circle or seeing a circle and the elements, or representative symbolic objects that represented the elelemnts, just like in Magic.

It is asked, "Do you believe in magic?"

Yes I do, but I wouldn't necessarily call it magic parse.
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Among other things that pissed me off this morning was due to the fact that I was ready and prepared to watch another episode of the Wu Assassins until I was forced to go to the bank.

I was pissed about the fact that while I was at the bank I could have been watching the Wu Assassins instead.

I kind of liked the ending but it is quite clear that there is going to probably be another season of the Wu Assassins.

Watching the Wu Assassins made me want to read up on the true history of the Triads.
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I decided to look up the history of the Triad which was a very short video.

After watching the video, I wondered if there was even a so called gang called the Triads as the name was said to be coined by some European dude and I am sure that the Chinese would not call themselves something that an European had came up with.

Two books were mentioned called Romance of the Three Kingdoms and The Water Margin Outlaws of the Marsh.

I never heard of neither and thought that they would probably be interesting books for me to read.
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After eating and while eating I was enraptured in my chess moves. I would also make chess moves while on the bus too.

After that I felt kind of stuck because I did not know what I was going to do next.

I didn't have a plan or an agenda.

Should I do Dhuha, should I work on the living room, should I work on my one hundred word entries.

Ultimately I was fumando rez and watching David Chapelle on Equanimity which literally had me in tears out of all the other stand up comedians that I had been watching.
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Self examination is the key to success in addition to the cultivation of your thoughts and their patterns.

I enjoy this hot peppermint tea while sitting on the bed and soaking my feet in hot water after making a discovery.

What is the discovery?

I discovered that I had a certain kind of fungus in my feet. It was not the crazy black fungus that you are thinking about. It was an overgrowth of skin and that overgrowth is the actual origins of the pain that I feel in my toes.

Don't neglect your feet and you will be okay.
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For the first time in my life I managed to read the whole entire thirty three versus of the manzil after doing Fajr prayers.

I tried to set up a chair in the room to see the sun rise but wasn't willing to turn the blinds to face another direction.

The sun was rising and I wondered why we didn't say I'm waiting for the Earth to tilt towards the Sun since the Sun barely moves.

It is the invisible force of God that the Sun follows in a much smaller orbit than all of the other planets and moons.
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So much for completing my August 100 word entries. I'm 15 days behind on September and nearly twenty seven days behind for August with only two days to complete all of my entries.

Even if I would have just focused on my entries for August on my off days it would have taken up so much time which was something that I didn't really have.

I didn't do anything with the living room and failed to cook the lentil soup that I said I was going to cook.

I did manage to buy the food necessary to make sandwiches with.
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The clothes are in the dryer now and I washed a few of the cups I was drinking out of and put away the dishes that were stacked like the skyscraper with each dish just a few seconds from being broken.

I told her so many times to stop stacking the dishes and how fragile that the dishes are.

She had already broken my specialty coffee cups, which are no longer special since she has chipped the rims and in some cases broke the handles and completely broken all together.

I sometimes wonder if it was perhaps done on purpose.
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I was reflecting over BDSM and as far as bondage is concerned, it means binding the woman of my choice, or volunteer who is willing to experience being bounded.

The binding would mainly involve rope, but could also include handcuffs and other instruments that deal with binding such as binding her mouth shut with a gag, or a mask.

As far as my self is concerned, I would say that bondage would have to do with my bad habits that I might have and how I'm able to mentally bound those habits which leads to the next subject entitled discipline.
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I was learning how to let go of everything that I was attached to and realized that my attachments are rather entangled and that is largely due to my ego identifying with so many things.

The more I told myself to let go of every single concept that I was holding on to, the more attachments that I realized I was attached from the levels of myself, women, my job, and various titles that I am known by.

I was beginning to see the glimpses and the benefits of diving into the deep void, the silence, and into the emptiness.
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I keyed in women wearing panties and came up with stuff that was more pornographic than just plain women wearing panties naturally without out their legs all spread out and feet pointing to the ceiling.

I was looking for some drawing material and would rather start with just natural settings so that the more advanced poses would come more easily.

I want and desire to be able to draw people from a perspective where I do not have a picture in front of me, and basically be able to draw someone that you see in your creative and imaginative mind.
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I thought I would have to wait two hours for my physical because it said that the wait time would be two hours approximately but it was actually less than one hour.

I thought my physician was going to be the same European white lady from last time but this time it was an Asian woman which I thought was pretty cool.

I am glad to know that I don't have a hernia as she touched my magical and majestic balls while I coughed and she pressed on my iron gate stomach while I laid down on the patient bed.
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While I was out and about I never realized how thirsty I'm getting for some yin dao.

One minute I want to be a monk.

The next minute I'm just so desperate for love with another perempuan.

Being recently divorced does not help my situation.

Even when I was married, it didn't help my situation neither since she was thousands of miles away.

Women can dress like sluts and feel comfortable about being sluts in public and not worry about anything happening.

They can show their ass cheeks and their cleavage and expect not to get whistled at or fondled.
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Paying attention to details is something that I have been trying to practice more lately. Part of the reason behind this is to heighten my awareness ability, and the other reason is to bring about the dream aspect states of awareness while I am awake.

It is true that you can experience dreaming while awake as the aboriginals have stated that this world is the dream world and that the real world is in our dreams.

If you were perhaps fasting you might be able to experience some of these aspects of dreaming quite naturally devoid of confusion or uncertainty.
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While leaving the store this morning, the thought had came to me that when I go about my day to day waking life, one thing that I should be looking for in particular are signs and symbols.

When I say signs I'm not talking about stop signs and the ones that you see on billboards.

When I say symbols I'm not talking about so called ancient symbols.

Signs can be subtle in nature, such as seeing something out of the ordinary, hearing some clairaudiently, a flash of vision, or something that was symbolic shouldbe looked at in the dream senses.
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I saw this one girl standing on the corner and I initially thought she was waiting for an Uber or Lyft.

'Excuse me,' she said, 'can you tell me where to catch the 11.'

She was really going in the wrong direction. I told her which way to go and then we started talking after I had asked her if she was going to school.

I would later learn that she was from Kazakhstan. I asked her if she was Muslim and she said yes. I gave her the greetings of peace and continued to talk to her a bit.
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I found myself doing various searches online which started with the dua for light.

I learned that the Prophet peace be upon him forever would do this prayer after sunnah Fajr which inspired me to make an attempt to make this one of the additional duas that I would do after Sunnah Fajr in the near future.

I would then find myself going from the dua for light to the seven mubeen of Surah Yaseen, then to salatul Hajaat.

Do not ask me how I wound up going from Salatul Hajaat to how to kiss and how to French kiss.
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I can't recall what the word was, but I was reading the definition of the word which I did not agree with and had basically come to the conclusion that it was definition based on someone else's interpretation of the word.

They were words that feminist come with like 'male toxicity,' which is a word that was designed to make a man feel like there was something wrong with him for being a man and to embrace manly things.

With that being said, note how they do not have words or a definition for female toxicity describing their own dysfunctions.
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I watched a set of videos which revolved around chess tournaments that were played in public parks and beaches.

My interest in chess has piqued more when I had imagined what it would take to become a grandmaster at chess and to reach the different levels to mastery.

It seems that some people had coaches while others were somewhat self taught by reading lots of books on chess.

Currently my rating scores are in the 1300's which is a big jump from where I used to be. It would make sense to try to increase my rating to the 1400's.
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Among other things that I noticed in relation to the emptiness is that I was feeling bored and didn't know what to do.

Resting felt better than actually doing the things that I knew I could be doing; reading scriptures, developing the bullet journal, watching a foreign language lesson online, meditation..... [which is something that I think my soul is literally dying for.]

With all of that being said, the next thing that I knew is that I am doing this search on the northern lights herbs and finding it super difficult to find in any of the herbal stores.
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After watching the David Chapelle comedy specials, I switched to an episode of the Twilight Zone called the Genie.

I realize how truth can be stranger than fiction, seeing that this genie or jinn was a man and how it was very possible for that to be a reality being that the jinn have the capability to shape shift into animals or people.

Being that we live alongside another creation but cannot see that creation has to be somewhat amazing.

I had decided to take a chance on seeing what Another Life was about being that I love science fiction.
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I have watched more of Another Life and it just gets better and better, filled with suspense and wonder.

I noticed the details that had to have gone into the script since it's a movie and how detailed the writing had to be.

As I watch the movie I realize that this was written by Lucy Paige, so when I tried to see what she looked like, why did porn stars and Erotica Writers pop up.

Perhaps it was the same person, where one wrote Erotica and the other one wrote Science Fiction.

Perhaps they are one and the same.
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If I could spend hours to look at the last episodes of Another Life on Netflix, surely I could take the time to read eighteen more pages of fifteen so that I could work on the next set of words to read. I was going to have to read something to get my creative juices flowing.

On the flipside of getting my creative juices flowing I started off doing some pushups while looking at the bench press calling out my name, like a woman calling me to fuck her really good with a very soft affectionate and feminine orgasmic voice.