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While I was at the downtown Central Library completing my last entry for one hundred words I heard an announcement over the P.A. system that said, "Starting at 10:30 we will have a discussion for writers on people, places, and things, and ideas on creating stories. If anyone is interested meet at the Book Club on the first floor."

I was very interested and decided to go. It would be my very first writers workshop!

After the session was over, I knew that I would want to go to more writers workshops and possibly some writers conventions in the future.
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While itís easy to say just move on with my lips; deep down inside of my heart I know that I donít want to just move on.

I canít stop thinking about all of the years that was invested into the marriage relationship, the many hardships, and the ups and downs we spent together.

Isnít that what life is all about in general and not just in marriages?

I planted my seed deep inside of her and now we have a son.

Until the divorce papers are signed were still married, and like a hopeless romantic, maybe thereís still hope.
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Why did Isa [Jesus] say 'first seek the kingdom of God and all things would be added to you?'

Is it true that all things would be added to you?

If you look at the word kingdom notice how in that word you have king and dome. I came up with the reference to this being king over the dome and that the dome is your brain, or the mind of God.

In the Quran it talks about the throne of God which in my opinion could be referring to his Divine Mind.

Seek the light deep within your mind.
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One thing that I learned today is that when you are not afraid to look, you induce seeing, and seeing induces the mystical dimensions and the dream world which elicits true inner happiness.

Some sort of moth or butterfly was leading the way for me to the library, that is when I knew that I had became a true man of power.

Embrace with all of your strength and with all of your might of being strange and mysterious.

As I walked down 16th Street in my mystical state of mind, suddenly the people became passing clouds passing me by,
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Today is Wednesday according to the Gregorian calendar which coincides with the planet Mercury.

Exhibit love and compassion towards all [sentient] living beings.

I thought that even this could be expanded upon by having love towards non sentient beings such as buildings, sidewalks, traffic lights, and books, because they are all comprised of subatomic particles which are alive.

What happens when you send love to sentient beings such as plants, birds, insects, trees, animals, stars, planets, and people?

What happens is that they send that love back to you, thus amplifying your love and expanding it on a universal level.
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Is it ironic that I mentioned that this is the month of the Rabbit totem according to the Dream Spell calendar?

When I walked to Cherry Creek today I was amazed to see this rabbit ripped to shreds in the grass.

This had to be the works of a coyote or a fox, but it could have been a group of savage crows as well, if the body was dead before the crows got to it.

I was going to take a picture, but thought that it would be too much of a grotesque image to keep on my phone.
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It is always good to get a good daily regimen of sun rays into your body, into your cells, and into your being. I call this getting charged up.

I cannot stress the importance of breathing as a practice more than anything else. If you were to join some kind of initiation school of deep philosophy or mysticism I would say that mindful breathing would be the first step.

If I really wanted to write something down but didnít feel comfortable writing it online, then Iíd write it on lined paper instead, no matter how crazy or raunchy it sounded.
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I had a toothache in the middle of the night, but managed to deal with the pain without taking any kind of pain medicine.

Live today because you might not live to see tomorrow.

I walked to Cherry Creek again and decided to sit down to have my Odwalla Strawberry Monster drink. I could hear some mellow kind of blues in the distance that was coming from the Food Fair down the street. It was at that point that I really felt that I was living with the Blues, more blue than blue water which went perfectly with my mood.
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I am the drop, Allah is the Ocean.

I understood this concept to be the same simile as the rain drop and the oceans that surround the Earth.

I was looking at something upside down and managed to read out what said 'perfect failure.' I understood it to mean that failure isnít necessarily a bad thing and itís the one thing that is needed in order to succeed.

'UNI-VERSE' One Song, One Truth; Words cast spells. That's why it's called Spelling. Words are energy.

"Abracadabra" is actually from the Aramaic phrase "Avrakehdabra" which means "I will create as I speak."
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It was in my opinion that there was something that needed to be said about sexology and what real sexology is.

We go back to the simple law of attraction which states that if you want something you have to become that which you want.

In other words, if you want love and sex then you have to become love and sex. Everything about you has to be about love and sex and all the words that come out of your mouth have to be about love and sex down to the thoughts that you are thinking in your mind.
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Iíve developed this sore throat and I donít know where it came from. Iím wondering if the toothache has anything to do with it or not. At some point I am going to have to get it pulled and then I am going to have to see about getting some permanent implants because I donít see dentures as an option at all.

I did some advance payments on my Sprint, Comcast, and Target bill. I didnít have the money to pay for it like I normally would; thanks to the garnishment that Iím getting taken from each of my checks.
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I am the myth, the mystery, the deep symbolic, and I know that I am much more than what I think and I need to start thinking on another level that is outside of the body and physical elements.

In regards to the pain and the suffering that we experience it is only natural to not want to experience it, but what would you think if I told you that you should embrace the pain.

A diamond requires a certain type of pressure in order to be made.

Allah does not place a burden on us that we cannot bear.
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Dali 15 Crystal Moon of Cooperation Blue Planetary Guerilla Guided by Self Generation

What are the 10,000 ways to die?

I had thought about this in relation to myself mainly instead of another human being dying, because dying was something that I was somewhat looking forward to and hoping for due to my current situation in life.

After thinking about what were the 10,000 ways to die I had thought about the other concept about dying before you die in a spiritual sense too, and wondered if that would help my situation in any way for the better or not.
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In the beginning women want that fairytale romance novel life relationship, where the man never farts or wakes up with bad breath, they want love, marriage, a man in their life that they can live happily ever with along with children and a happy family.

Like the flip of a switch they want divorce, alimony, child support, full custody of the children, then to see your life turned upside down.

Should we wonder why the suicide rate is so high among men and why more men are waking up to why marriage in the long run is not worth it?
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After reading some of Secrets of the Lost Mode of Prayer I soon began to develop a deeper understanding regarding the sephiroth in the Tree of Life known as Beauty or Tiphareth based on the prayer book and how this beauty can be found everywhere, including within ourselves.

I can now see the power of prayer and understand why the Sufi's, Saints, and Mystics were not crazy when they spent their entire lives in prayer.

I also understand the importance of khushu in my salat and how it correlates with what Iím currently reading about regarding the sacredness of prayers.
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Embracing your sexual mythic powers is another subject that I wanted to touch on because it deals with accepting your lust, your horniness, and whatever else that you might be feeling sexual about.

The only thing that you do differently in this case is not seek a way to release it but to seek a way to absorb it, understand it, and allow it to flow through your mind, soul, spirit, emotions, and your body.

Don't see sex as something that is bad or something that you should be ashamed of or something that you should be striving to control.
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Today I reminded myself that beyond the body of woman and being attracted to her physical form there was the other parts of the woman that I should be considering as well which in my opinion was connecting with women on an energetic, psychic, soul, and emotional level.

I had thought about this when I saw this one particular woman and told myself that I was going to see if I could read her mind.

I think itís definitely a higher and more advanced way of seeking connection with a woman by seeing beyond the faÁade often projected by women.
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In this meditation I was blessed with some insight based on my inquiry regarding raw power of which many of us are not in touch with this power because some of us are afraid of it.

The people who are afraid of the power simply donít understand it, and anything you don't understand automatically goes into that space called the unknown, which if you really think about it the unknown is a place of discovery but itís also a place where man harbors his fears.

The fears that I am relating to lie buried deep inside of each individual man.
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So I did finally go out to skateboard and felt so good afterwards, which also means that I was tired and definitely deserved some rest.

When I came back home to rest I took off all of my clothes and just laid down in the bed super relaxed with the Indian blanket which gave me an unusual warmth that seemed quite familiar.

As I laid down in the nude my body smelled like a wild horse but I did not complain about the odor as I realized that this was the main aspect of me being both man and animal.
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To feel, to believe, and to realize that we are all connected to the Universe should not be a difficult task to consider doing when you realize that every single thing in this world and in this Universe is possible because of one single and Supreme Being.

The Power of Oneness should make perfect sense instead of making up a bunch of different deities who control certain aspects of the elements in the cosmos.

Why not believe in One who has power over all things, including these deities that you might be worshipping and anything else that is besides Him?
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The feminine principle is something that I wanted to write about when I came to the conclusion that what I considered to be women were not really women at all because they were not conducting the principle that they are made of in the manner that it should be conducted.

I would go on to say that in truth that there isnít a reason why any man should have hatred towards a woman when he comes to realize just a few things regarding feminine nature or the feminine principle.

In order to understand the feminine principle look towards the Universe.
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I finished watching the last bit of Love Death Robots series.

The partial grey skies match my mood.

I can see how my shadow side is developing more but deep down inside. It should not be called the shadow side when it is based on a truth that has been suppressed.

You know those thoughts and ideas that you hide about your deepest desires and wishes. Truth is truth no matter how you look at it, but some truths people like to keep to themselves and there is nothing wrong with that as long as they are acknowledging their truth.
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One thought that came to mind was on how as a man I have this certain love towards women which made me ask the question on rather or not I should be loving the Creator more; who created the woman to begin with.

Thoughts that came to my mind while in meditation was that everything that we are looking for is right here right now. It's not far out in space, in a book, or in a movie, but simply right here right now, and if we could realize that, perhaps we would awaken to truth a whole lot faster.
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While cutting off all of my hair I listened to some really down to earth South Indian blues music on their sitar, which seemed to go with the mood that I was in.

I took a dosage of Cosmology while taking a shower and felt so good afterwards.

In fact, I was feeling so good that I started to dance to the music that I was listening to and asking myself what did I have to lose since no one was watching me.

Who is going to critique me on how I was dancing in the privacy of my bathroom?
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Man should not fear monsters if he himself has a monster inside of him.

How else could he become so heroic in battle to the point that he is no longer in fear of death and does not care if he lives or dies?

It was once said that the ancestors saw the darkness as their friends because the darkness would hide them from their enemy.

When you look up in the sky tonight through your telescope, don't just admire the stars, but also admire the beautiful black background as well that makes seeing stars, planets, and moons more possible.
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I came across a few thoughts and visualizations which made me ask who was the devil.

If God is smarter and wiser than the devil this means that he must also know the thinking of the devil.

Turn your meditations into deeper meditations when you sit and meditate; becoming the void, the emptiness, self-annihilation, if that's what you want to call it.

The moral of the practice is to discover your most deepest and truest form of yourself and then to go even deeper than that if it is possible until you discover what needs to be discovered or understood.
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The Dominance lecture reawakened my man senses and put me in the mind frame I was developing previously which makes me ask myself, in what way did I start deviating from that path?

Had I set out a clear cut path to where I can say this is how it is going to go from day to day, hour to hour, minute to minute, and second to second?

Talk about the mind frame first and the activities second.

Today I learned how dominance mind frame brings out the dream world mind frame or should I say a shift in perception.
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For someone who says they don't care about money, I sure am feeling the effects of being financially straitened and stretched and find myself asking the big question, how can I make more money?

I realize that I am not the only one with problems that need to be solved and that every person has a story to tell, no matter how boring that person may seem or how crazy and way out.

At the end of this extremely hot day that we are having I prefer to stay indoors after refilling water bottles, in my reclusive monk caveman style.
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Today's meditation concept was based on learning how to feel your own presence versus trying to sense the presence from outside of you such as being in this room.

The real place to look for the Presence, for God, or the Supreme Being is from within.

The reason why I said feel your own presence is based on me being aware of how I felt and the energy that was circulating throughout my body.

As I thought on the most deepest of level I realized that what I wanted more than anything else was to regain my mystical powers again.
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Agape not to be confused with a grape, turned out to be the word that I was looking for in relation to love. It also means to have the mouth wide open.

I was thinking about agape because I was thinking about love as the attribute and was thinking to myself how do you send someone your love from far away if love is not a feeling.

It's because love is beyond just feelings, love is the state of Being.

Perhaps another question I should be asking myself is how do you exhibit love and compassion for all sentient beings.