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You've probably heard of the 48 Laws Of Power over 100 times now and watched videos that went over some of them.

After learning about The 48 Laws Of Power written by Robert Greene I learned that he wrote another book entitled Human Nature which I think is his most recent book.

I was listening to the audio version of the book and started to believe that it was possible that as human beings we act based on our emotions which were prewired eons ago from our ancestors.

Self mastery can be found in the ability to control our emotions.
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I received numerous texts from kakak this morning complaining about the upstairs neighbors and how she couldn't wait until she was able to move out. I did not want to text her back, and I wasn't happy about her making the decision to go upstairs to knock on the door to tell the neighbor to simmer down on the noise.

I have been honestly thinking and wondering if there was any way to alleviate the noisy upstairs neighbor problem without beating anyone up or killing them, but so far I have not been able to think of any other alternatives.
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The mantra of chase success and don't chase women rings gong bells in my mind.

I think about all of the books that I have read regarding relationships, marriage, the true nature of women, and wonder to myself, 'instead of reading books about relationships with women, what if I decided to read books about self development, making money, learning a foreign language, starting a business, mastering the self, or becoming an entrepreneur instead.'

Perhaps it's true that most men have it backwards when they waste their valuable time chasing women when they could be using it to chase success instead.
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I missed playing with her pussy lips with my fingers and sometimes my own tongue because no one else had ever had her.

I was the only man in her life. If she had been with other men I would have never used the artistry of my tongue to stimulate her.

The best parts were playing with her moist pussy lips and with her erect nipples at the same time and sometimes putting my tongue on her wet tongue, inside of her mouth, while watching her body arch like a masterpiece, manipulated by my artistic hands, and intense sexual desires.
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What if everything really is an illusion based on how we perceive things to be when in reality what we perceive isnít how the thing really is.

In other words, I perceive myself to be this and that, there versus over here, this sound of voice and these kind of features when in truth I am none of those things.

I think the main reason behind this thought is when I began to contemplate on how everything is just pure energy, including my voice, the sounds that I hear, and even the structure of my bones inside of my body.
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Self, Lord, and Master, went from Zohar, to MF Doom, how she tried to play me with her emotions. My name is not Mr. Nice Guy, and I am not your Doctor.

I dropped her off around 04:00 instead of after Fajr because I assume that she could not get any sleep from her cough and sore throat.

I saw how she looked and agreed that it was probably best to have her go home before our scheduled time and I would have been better off not picking her up at all had I known how she sick she was.
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A seducer is seductive in everything that he does, and in every moment he is seductive.

I learned how being seductive has nothing at all to do with sex and that it could be for a totally different reason.

Being seductive could involve a man or a woman, and on a deeper level it could be a leadership quality as well, which is where I wanted to add some of the attributes of seductiveness.

A few words of thought that came to mind included being and knowing how to be flirtatious, having charm, being charismatic, having character, and dominative presence.
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Is it the emotions that influence our thoughts or is it the thoughts that influence the emotions or a combination of both?

In some ways I think that our thoughts and our emotions are tied in together.

I have noticed how it is possible that certain feelings within our body can also be responsible for triggering thoughts and emotions within our bodies.

This is where I began to understand the concept of diving into pain and suffering and how it is not good to try to run away from what we are feeling or numbing ourselves with drugs and alcohol.
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I was doing my meditation and started to contemplate on the concept of non-attachment and how the root of our suffering is based on attachment.

I proved this to myself when I thought the suffering I felt when I had thought about how me and my wife were not together, and how it was possible that we might divorce.

It seemed that when I thought about it, I could feel the pain and the sorrow in my body and noticed how that effected my emotions.

I thought of other things that I was attached to that seemed to cause suffering.
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After listening to some Pimp Philosophy it began to ring truer than the Red Pill Philosophy. I soon realized the truth behind the pimp as possibly being the original Red Pillers during their times before the term red pill was considered a philosophy.

The origin of the word pimp according to the to the etymology dictionary says: c. 1600, perhaps from Middle French pimpant "alluring in dress, seductive," present participle of pimper "to dress elegantly" from Old French "decorate, color, beautify."

Notice how it mentions alluring dress and the word seductive which is how the pimps tended to present themselves.
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I was inspired when I had heard that creativity is masculine and not feminine like some people say and the proof of this could be seen all around us based on the many things that man has created from a single thought in his mind and then brought that thought into fruition.

Perhaps all aspects of attributes come from man and there is no feminine and masculine attributes since all attributes originate from God who is embodied inside of a Man.

Reflect on the 99 Names of Allah and how these attributes come from him and not from a woman.
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The real meaning of the Presence come in two ways.

The first aspect of the presence is in noticing where you are at all times and your surroundings.

The higher aspects of the Presence is recognizing that powerful force that is higher and more powerful than you.

Certain concepts and ideas of the present moment should be erased because in often cases when people think of present moments they think of a moment as though it was frozen in time and stationary.

Moments are not frozen.

Moments are rather fluid like water and can take any kind of wild turn.
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I had read that part of being confident is in having a plan.

In can agree with this statement, and think that a man who does not have a plan in life is not good for that man.

Not having a plan in life is probably equivalent to being stagnant.

In this particular case your plan could simply be cleaning your kitchen, organizing your apartment, settling your bills, or making a simple phone call among some things to mention.

I would almost say that a man without a plan is a man that would probably be better off being dead.
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Each and single motion is just as important in your life to each word that comes out of your mouth and each breath that is counted and to each breath that is noticed and the many that are not.

If you forget anything, just come back to your breath again and remember, that each breath and each action counts.

Glory to the Lord for the day and the night, to the East and to the West and all the directions that exist.

Praise be to the All Mighty and All Bountiful One and there is no one greater than Him.
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One of the most interesting subjects that was brought up is when we were talking about marijuana and how she had stated that the marijuana out here is not real marijuana and how it does not smell like pineapples or strawberries.

She stated that this one guy had said that they had buds and she asked to see them.

She then crushed the buds and she was asked what was she doing.

She then explained that they were not real buds because it did not have any seeds in it.

She seemed to be a feminine down to Earth woman.
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I mentioned the film aspect in my writing but Iím still bent on doing what was once called Script Writing Frenzy.

This is actually the month that Script Frenzy would have taken place in. Until this day, I still do not know why they discontinued it.

Script Frenzy is supposed to be no different from NANOWRIMO where you have no plot, no characters, and just write on a crazy whim.

What was the word count requirements for the script?

I want to print out a script to see how it is written so that I can do my own script.
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It is better that a woman fears you from just being yourself versus you dancing to her violin and fiddle and tripping over your own shoestrings to try to please her.

I know I have talked about this before but in this case Iím talking about having and keeping the integrity as to who you are.

Itís far better to be yourself period, regardless to if it is a woman or not and how you should never feel like you have to act out of character when you come into contact with other people rather they be men or women.
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So there really is an Arch Bishop Don Magic Juan.

I heard his name mentioned in a rap song once.

As I began to listen to the original pimps from way back in the day, another epiphany moment came to mind as I began to think of pimps in the light of being Black Philosophers.

I say this because they managed to think outside of the box and to see another way of doing things to not only become successful but to also be able to be their own man and live their lives the way that they wanted to.
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When it comes to love, or whatever you are seeking, then you have to become that which you seek.

In this particular case that would mean that you would have to begin with yourself so that if you are truly seeking love then every aspect of you had to be love, from the gaze in your eyes, everything that you hear, everything that you feel, and every word that you speak.

Expand love to those things that are around you, including the women around you of which you seek to reciprocate that love on an entirely deeper and higher level.
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Going back to Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself which correlates with what was said in the book ĎPimp Godí states that if you wanted people to perceive you in a certain kind of way, then it was important to see yourself in the manner that you wanted to be perceived.

I would like to add that the manner in which you perceive yourself should go along the lines of how you see that aspect of yourself which is truly you and not something that you are basing off of someone else's idea of how they want you to be.
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We had wound up ordering Chinese food last night and I was jealous what other people had ordered because it looked way better than mine.

I almost regretted that I had ordered the Chinese food because there were moments that I could of sworn that I was smelling urine in my food.

I know it's the worst thought to think but I had envisioned some Chinese guy saying I am going to piss all over these vegetables.

I also wondered if I was really eating chicken and prayed that it was not cat meat or some Anthony Michael Bourdain delicacy.
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I listened to a lecture that correlated with commandments of being a man and one of the commandments I already knew which was to speak the truth regardless of circumstances.

The biggest of surprises was when I had learned about the chemical that was created when you lie and how it is like acid or some nasty chemical you do not want in your system.

I came to the realization that many of the divine commandments had to have been given for a reason and though some may not make sense, Iím sure that there was some science behind it.
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What are the great benefits of working out?

The only way I can answer this question is to simply tell you to work out for yourself to find out.

One thing that I can say for sure is that it definitely brings the inner man out of you.

Don't hesitate to give yourself self-massages, especially if youíre feeling sore in a particular area.

I read an inspirational back exercise article which talked in depth about the back exercises and how they are often neglected. The article also showed and demonstrated examples as to how the exercises were done and performed.
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I now understand the meaning behind 'women choose,' and how as men we are so dumb to realize that women communicate with us in a way that is nonverbal.

They are not playing hard to get, we are just too afraid or just plain stupid to notice when she is giving us her signals, which means that we are not paying attention.

With that being said I wanted to say that the Pandora box has been opened and the mystery of women is no longer becoming a mystery anymore as her nature is revealed like scriptures revealed to a Messenger.
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I wondered what a sugarless diet would be like because I thought to myself that it would help manifest more of my masculine divine energy.

I could not believe that she was calling me to borrow some money after I told her that I would never loan her a single dime.

Now this time around I was considering taking a different approach whereas she would have to work for it.

If she did not want to work for it then I was not going to help her.

The nature of the work would involve her learning discipline and learning lessons.
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What is the relationship that man should have to woman in relationship to presence, when man is in the presence of woman?

What should his demeanor or his energy be like?

His energy should not suddenly change but be the energy that he always carries with him, so that in that way, there is no need to change yourself in any kind of way for woman to begin with.

You are the way that you are and there is no other way around that.

Of course when I say that you are yourself I am talking about your authentic self.
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The reason why we donít understand women is because as men we try to understand them from a rational point and women are not rational.

When you understand how she is emotional and emotions constantly change, then youíll know why she acts the way that she does.

If you piss her off, she will get over it, so don't be afraid to piss her off or anybody else if what you are telling them is the truth.

Don't talk and cater yourself to the manner and desire that she wants you to, unless you want to start losing your authenticity.
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Recently Iíve been thinking on the concept of energy and how man is related to this energy.

It makes sense to say that we are energetic beings if we were to break the material things down to their atomic form.

To say that we are all atoms causes your whole concept of reality to change.

There is a superior super computer that does not require batteries, nor needs to be plugged into a socket.

It is superior by its mere intelligence alone.

Who is the most intelligent Being in this Universe?

I think we know the answer to this question.
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While in my meditation I realized the many things that I was holding on to and realized why I probably have a difficult time going to sleep some time.

The main theme that I learned in my meditation was non attachment.

When I say embrace non attachment I am talking about on all levels from self, family, job, religion, and everything that comes to mind.

I know that part of this achievement largely has to do with being able to quiet the mind and the so called mental chatter.

Exercising the mental requires discipline, focus, and concentration towards one subject.
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The benefits of relaxation in relation to Yoga and how emotions and thoughts are affected by energy in relation to the body goes is this.

I realized while meditating that if you really pay attention to your body you will learn how some of your thoughts and emotions are triggered based on how your body feels.

If you go into the sensations of the body you will find that you are able to eliminate certain thoughts because you know where the origin of where they are coming from.

Yoga is beneficial as it helps to stretch the body relieving tension.