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Believe it or not, she was probably planning for her Exodus way back in 2013.

While at first I kind of blamed her for leaving and not sticking by my side, I do realize that I wasn't the man I should of or could of been back then.

All I can say now is that if I knew now what I didn't know then, things would have definitely been much different in our marriage.

In the beginning years of our marriage I knew nothing about bondage, nor did I know that discipline was the one thing that every woman needed.
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I watched some Ninjitsu videos briefly and this one said Ninja had talked about what real Ninjitsu was and it talked a little bit about the history of Ninjitsu.

The last aspect that I had found of interest is when they mentioned that there was aspects of ninjitsu that involved witchcraft. Personally I do not know if that is true or not but I did like the parts that I read which stated that the roots of ninjitsu involved Buddhism and spirituality.

I know that beyond that you could probably go back to the era of the Samurai as well.
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Some guy had walked around to ask random men if they wanted to box. He had a pair of boxing gloves in a bag and asked would you like to box.

"I just broke up with my girlfriend and I am having a lot of frustration inside and would like to let it out."

Some men backed down but others took the challenge.

What I liked the most about the videos was the good sportsmanship that was involved. No one was getting pissed off and getting out of control and at the end of the fight there was good camaraderie.
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Another subject that I want to talk about involves 'inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un.' I was watching this one video on the You Tube channel where a Muslim man was doing a public recital of Suratul Mulk from the Holy Quran but when he was reciting the second verse of the surah he had died. I know that this incident had probably happened some time ago but when I saw it, it was as though it had happened right there on the spot. Tears streamed down my cheeks and I don't know why I was so moved by this.
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I listened to a video entitled the Genesis of Women which was so deep that it helped me to see my place in this Earth as a man and how Adam made a big mistake by following Eve, and to see the true nature of woman.

An interesting subject mentioned talked about when the sperm hits the egg that it has been recorded that there's light seen upon impact.

Yes it is true that we are born through a woman but what people tend to forget is that woman was made from Adam and not from the mud of Earth.
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'I am the Sun and you are the moon, I am the King and you are the maidservant, I am the Master and you are the submissive,' I said as I looked at each woman that I saw as I walked off property after staying overtime at the job.

I realized that through fasting and meditation I could reach the next level to understanding woman beyond the vagina, voluptuous hips, and exotic titties which was more on an intuitive and psychic level.

This could easily be done with some practice and simple studies the way a Botanist would study plants.
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Don't get entrapped, nor captivated, or attached to fantastic ideas as though they would happen unless of course you want them to; but still realize that you still can't get attached to it.

When I mention this I am talking about doing it to the point that you are getting bothered when it is not branching out into fruition.

I am talking about getting stuck like chuck or the deer caught in headlights.

Instead of getting trapped in those kinds of thoughts simply realize that you are having the thoughts and then bring your mind back to the present moment.
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I listened to a lecture on fear entitled Living Life Without Fear Today by Neale Donald Walsch.

He said 'We're either coming from a position of love or coming from a position of fear.' He stated that one of our first fears as human beings is 'the fear of being responsible for what we are creating and experiencing because if we achieve something we often fear that we can also lose it.'

'We are afraid of life because we are afraid of death, and that if we were not afraid to die then we would not be afraid to live.'
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I go back to the silence knowing that in the silence there is power.

I wanted to focus on being more silent at the workplace. I often find myself chiming in on comments or speaking unnecessarily which puts me in that box with those who like to say a whole lot of nothing.

I read a quote by Imam Ali where he says 'The wiser a man is the less talkative will he be.'

The real secret to the inner silence was the ability to exercise it even when you are not in deep meditation and simply walking busy streets.
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I came across a BDSM article that I read that instilled the deeper ethers in me as it seemed to be an actual genuine BDSM website as to what BDSM actually was.

I agree that BDSM is more than just tying ropes and having sex in the bedroom and that the mindset has to also be carried outside of the bedroom as well.

I am coming closer to the realization as to how overall dominance could very well fall in the category of self mastery which also deals with self control, will power, inner strength, and a strong mental mind.
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If you believe the marriage is over then it is; but if you believe that you have the powers to make a 360 degree turn to make it work, then that's another mindset to have.

What would it be like to sleep and never wake up?

It would be no different from what it was before you were born, when you were in your mother's womb.

Did you know if you were sleeping or awake inside of the womb?

Did coming out of the womb feel like you were coming out of a dream or did you continue to dream?
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Continue the practice of self observation and the practice of outer observation in each moment.

For me to say that I love nature is not a lie. That would be a great conversational topic to have along with an explanation as to why I like nature so much.

Ultimately my love for nature revolves around how each created thing was made to serve a role in life. This role also included human beings as well and then go on to talk about how women should be submissive to men and that men should be the ones that dominate over them.
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Fashionably as if in olden times, I write next to the candlelight, as this side of the apartment has lost all electricity in the middle of this blizzard.

I think the best way to explain a blizzard is to think of heavy wind and lots and lots of snow blowing everywhere blanketing the entire city in a white purification blanket.

Inside of this meditation ship every move that I made was all up to me and that I was the captain of my own ship and my own life.

I had to make a decision on a path to follow.
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Among other things I found in my February writings was proof regarding the fact that women were turned on by men who made physical moves on them. If they did not, they would voice their opinion about them, and even then they could still be shit testing you.

In the Lieutenant story, the Lieutenant had rubbed up and down her legs asking if that was the place that it itched, and then he pressed up against her in the elevator and began feeling all over her, and instead of saying stop she began singing songs like let's get it on.
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Before we move on with this, a few other things that I would like to talk about regarding game are board games as an example.

When you play games like chess, checkers, or even monopoly, one thing that they all have in common is that they have rules that you have to go by.

You can't play chess the way you play checkers and you can't play monopoly the way you would play checkers. With this being said I would like to ask one question.

Who is the person who makes the rules?

Can we call them the game maker?
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The beauty of game is that you get to make your own rules. My definition of game amounts to dream work or polishing the mirror of impeccableness.

'To be a writer for life,' the voice said.

The voice had said, 'if you really loved writing so much, perhaps you should see writing everywhere around you, just as the Kung Fu Master would see Kung Fu all around him, and the poet would see poetry all around him.'

Women are good for washing dishes, vacuuming the floor, giving you full body massages, fellatio, sex, home cooked meals and keeping your company.
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I wound up reading an article on how to not get manipulated by women and the ways that they manipulate.

I guess that now that women have abused the male species for so long now, it is time to learn all of their secrets and why she always seemed so mysterious and hard to understand.

Finally men are waking up and not scratching their heads 'as if to figure it out' when the proof is almost everywhere as you hear stories from best friends, family members, and people in show business.

Now Feminism is dreadfully backfiring on it's intoxicated self.
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As a fetus we spend a considerable amount of time in triple darkness and know absolutely nothing at all about any concept of an outside world.

We might hear sounds outside the womb of our mother's stomach but we're not thinking stomach, mother, inside world, outside world, we are simply being, and going with the flow of creation like a good vibration flowing through the air.

So does our fear of the dark really go back to the time that we had to defend ourselves against beastly predators before today's technology or be concerned about today's predators called human beings?
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Don't be na´ve to think that only women have emotions and feelings and that men are just some cold calculated heartless beasts that have been released from the dungeons.

As men we know what our gut is telling us but we don't listen to it out of fear that our desired results might not manifest.

If you are thinking like this, then you need to stop questioning your gut feelings coming from within.

Hold on to your nuts and embrace them, unless your prefer to surrender them to your woman so that she can put them inside of her purse.
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You can have anything you want in life if you know how to build the construct in your mind, and know how to use and suggest the thought images.

Constructing or creating anything all begins in the mind.

I caught myself thinking about things going on in my mind that were the opposite of what I would have preferred. This is when I said, 'don't think about things you do not want in your life, but think and visualize on the things you would like to have instead.

They do not have to necessarily be physical things in this world.
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You don't have to be told what to do or how to act if it is already instilled in your nature.

Don't be scared to piss women off, don't cater to their irrational emotions like some waiter beckoning to their every whims, huffs and puffs, and don't be scared of women period.

You don't have to tell a woman when you are leaving, what your plans are, when you are going to do them, or anything else that you don't feel like disclosing.

As a man you're the one who has full and complete control and full and complete power.
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One thing that needed to be alleviated from my consciousness in relation to women is the fear or the thought of having another woman while dealing with one that I might be in a relationship with.

If we look from a Quranic, Biblical, cultural, tribal perspective, we had numerous societies where men had more than one wife.

It was considered to be just as normal as it would for you to drink a cup of water when you're thirsty.

Knowing that you're allowed to have four submissive wives should make you think with a four woman in your life attitude.
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Inner game is really not a game at all if you are true to yourself and who you really think you are as a man. You cannot go wrong by striving to be that thing you strive to be.

As I had talked about dominance and how it should be in everything that you do, I also believe that your life work should also fall in the same category.

I want my path to be something that I am conscious on a moment by moment basis. I have an inkling as to what that is.

Go deeper in your meditations.
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A porno movie was mentioned which was said to support the book that I was reading and what it was talking about.

I really didn't want to watch a porno movie but I did want to know and see an example of the mode 1 behavior that the author was talking about.

It was stated that Talk Dirty To Me, which is the name of the porno flick was said to be one of the best adult classic movies in history that was every filmed. I was surprised to find it was for free by searching on the search tab.
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I had visualized my heart as being made of pure gold. When I visualized that, I had realized that I could imagine myself in any light that I wanted to imagine it in.

Besides having a golden heart, I thought of the golden glow, and being consumed by the color of gold on a spiritual level.

If my heart is filled with gold, I would like to add that I'm also filled with Divine Intelligence and that my inner being is filled with light and my veins in my body are like red flowing rubies and eyes like the Sun.
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I wanted to write the seven principles on paper typed out and to start developing all of my codes and then laminating them in plastic and carrying them around with me and reading them every day.

I read more of Schopenhauer and felt layers of lies being removed from my eyes. From the Buddhist standpoint it would be called Right View.

Schopenhauer said, 'they form the sexus sequior the second sex, inferior in every respect to the first; their infirmities should be treated with consideration; but to show them great reverence is extremely ridiculous, and lowers us in their eyes.'
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We have forgotten the days of real men, whose spirits you could feel, whose character you could see in their actions.

There was no need for fear of anything because you were after all a man and willing to defend yourself as a man.

Some say that they could not envision the gruesome and bloody battles that ensued with swords and how some of these men became master swords men in battle to the point that it became an actual art.

What woman is willing risk her precious life, pick up the long blade sword, and go to the battlefield?
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Don't look down on the fact that you have sexual desires as though it is something that's bad.

This is another area where men have been shamed by feminist based on what our true natures are supposed to be like in the first place.

This is why you cannot listen to a woman; she's not going to tell you how to be a man, but she would be happy to tell you how to submit to her.

Continue to be the man that you know you're supposed to be and don't go along with the mainstream.

Find your own stream.
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After the sun rose, I walked to the supermarket in the drizzling rain. I followed this android chick on my way to the main boulevard. I say that she was an android by the way that she was walking. Perhaps the owner was sending her on a shopping spree for some groceries. We eventually had went different ways and I was debating on which coffee shop I should be going to or if I should just make some coffee from home because it had been a long time since I made coffee from home with some nice glazed Kosher donuts.
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During the night I went through my embrace the darkness training. I would say that it was more intense than last time.

I will not call myself crazy as I learn more about my dark side and get acquainted with various aspects of my power.

A large part about a woman obeying you has a lot to do with the kind of boundaries that you have set for yourself, such as not allowing any woman to disrespect you, don't allow a woman to emotionally abuse you, or anything that might piss you off regarding the things women tend to do.
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Not knowing female nature can have an effect on you when you don't know their nature and believe in that fairytale type woman that could do you know harm, never betray you, would always love you, even when things weren't perfect.

If you ever decide to invite a woman over, don't forget that it's up to you to set the mood as far as what kind of music I want to play, if I feel like drinking tea, or simply tying her up in my new knots.

I'm the one in control and decides on how to set the flow.