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It felt glorious to catch up on my one hundred words.

I thought to myself, 'what if I were a full time Writer.'

What would it take for me to be a full fledged writer who didn't have to work for anyone and living a happy life based on it's not all about money.

I want to write because I like to write and not because I am wondering how much I would make if I bent over backwards with my writing versus just letting it just sit there raw, open and free; like nature, enveloping all of the senses.
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As much as I talk about women and mastering them I had to admit that there was nothing like the touch of a woman.

No woman equals the sublime woman who's willing to stay with her man, no matter the circumstances, or the situation.

Like most things in life, they are constantly changing.

My massage had me thinking about the yin and the yang, about the yoni and the phallus lingam, up to the Buddhist Mind and the meridians.

I felt super relaxed at the end and contemplated that being super relaxed is the state man should always be in.
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As I meditated I reflected over how the breath is mystical and that the very thing we are seeking is closer to us than we realize.

We want to find some great treasure in some tomb or castle and fail to recognize that the treasure is right here right now.

Besides the breath being mystical it should not be forgotten that the body is mystical too and that it is proper to say the mystical body breathes the mystical breath.

The emotions and moods of women are like nature, it is up to man to mold and modify his garden.
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Being man is more about your mind state more than anything else, despite what you see in the movies and television. .

Like a seed, everything starts off small.

Small things do not seem to be of any significance but when you see a five hundred year old oak tree you begin to realize the power in the seed and the potential that it could have.

Can you imagine being able to say five hundred years ago I was planted?

To think and imagine that man used to be able to live up to one thousand plus years is truly amazing.
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I had learned in Men's class about twenty things that women just do not want you to know. What I learned was the dosage of medicine that I needed in order to shake myself from any remaining remnants of a spell that I may have been in.

Women have had men in a sort of spell for a very long time. I have barely started coming out of mine for about a year and a half now.

If it wasn't for my daily dosage of the red pill I don't think I would have been able to say that today.
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I made a nice concoction of ginger tea with a few drops of honey, and a squeeze of some lemon juice which made the tea taste better.

I walked down the meditative hallways while thinking of meditation and Zen, then voila, there was the Lion's Roar magazine talking about meditation, and making Zen Buddhists into saints.

I could see through his enlightened smile that he was not so enlightened and how he had so many people fooled.

That was my take, but I knew I was judging, and knew absolutely nothing about this man and how he spends each day.
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Among other videos that I watched included feminism and how the Prophet [s.a.w] predicted feminism before it got here, and it talked about the Dajjal.

It talked about how feminism was formed and how it's destroying and dirtying women's minds to the point that they no longer know how to think for themselves.

Overall I will say that my day was not wasted since I was acquiring useful wisdom that can help me in the near future and make me more aware of all the things I failed to know about women and was lied to by this false society.
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I had decided to take a journey on the Cosmonaut plane and did a meditation which gave me the time to truly analyze my thoughts and be able to enjoy the aspects of the silence.

Among the first aspects of revelations began with the man and what were the things that made man.

The answer to that question came in the form of philosophic principles which are your basic foundational codes.

Among other revelation thoughts were based on knowing who you really are, what you enjoy without lying about it, and being able to express yourself based on the heart.
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Today's lesson was based on being yourself without playing the role that was expected by others.

Wolf Man said something to the degree that he would rather be feared than loved when it comes to being himself and when he said that I finally had understood exactly what Niccolo Machiavelli was talking about when he said that he would rather be feared than loved.

I knew what it would take to develop true and real character and the definition of what being real was all about and how Al Haqq knocks out the brains of falsehood until it completely submits.
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I realize that desiring to be in control is not a bad thing and that when a woman says why are you trying to be so controlling is like she is telling you not to be a man.

Women will take a strong man and turn him into something else when they agree to be in a relationship together unless that man is uncompromising and is able to manage and stay in control and not care what his woman says when it comes to how he decides to be as a man and as being his true unique dominant self.
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As I wade through all of the confusion and chaos in search for clarity and soulfulness, within my search I think that I have come to this intuitive conclusion.

If people are genuinely seeking an answer to a question in their lives, I do believe that they do not have to purchase a book or buy advice from any person or individual and that the answer is inside of them or that it could come in some kind of sign.

Ultimately I believe that making your decisions should be based on what your inner self or intuition is telling you.
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I am sorry the man said dressed in his suit that he bought to please himself and the kind of shoes that he liked personally and not what some fashion magazine was saying you should purchase.

"I do not get down with the jezebels," he said to her and calmly walked away.

I soon realized how amazing life became when you just stopped giving a fuck about what people thought about you, and about what words came out of your mouth as you spoke from the heart.

I had absolutely no power over my extraordinary life or my untimely death.
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I found an article that talks about being savage and from what I am reading it seems to be talking about the real aspect of who you are on a raw natural level.

I saw a few quotes that were made by people who were on their death bed and the regrets that they had in life which brought me to the conclusion that living a real true life is about remembering the fact that one day that you will die or in any moment and that by knowing that you should not waste it trying to please other people.
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I had listened to Vivladi's most beautiful Aria Sovente Il Sole which means Air Frequents the Sun is the best translation I could come up with and it is Italian in origin.

Il Sole is the sun, aria is air and sovente means frequently.

The first time I heard this song from my recollection I was standing at a bus stop, looking up at the few stars that I could see in the cold night sky as smoke like vapor came out of each exhale of my breath.

One comment said "why isn't art and classical music taught in school?"
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I pondered over this title entitled the dark shadow side of man, or what some feminists call toxic masculinity.

I had thought of dominance on a sexual level and on a subdued level and wondered out of the two which would give me more pleasure.

While this is just one level of dominance and how it could be exercised, I was beginning to realize another form of dominance of which I had called dominance on a mental and composure level.

This form of dominance is a dominance that you keep within you which is not effected by other people's emotions.
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I had went out early this morning to go to the store for some light shopping to get some milk, orange juice, grapefruit juice, toilet paper, yoghurt, salsa, two bags of chips, and some blackberries.

I saw that Jehovah Witness lady that I always see. She is the real tall one that always reminds me of the movie They Live. I often get the impression that she is some reptilian of some sort or an alien from another planet somewhere deep in outer space.

I saw a tall stoned guy with dreads who kept dropping toilet paper on the ground.
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I listened to more Red Pill videos at work and watched more RP videos at home. While listening to the videos I warmed up some chili, rice, made a pastrami sandwich with some yoghurt and blackberries afterwards.

While eating I was watching more of Death Note and did a brief search on The Collector which was a movie that I saw partially last night on Showtime. The movie was violent and gory.

I think my main motivation for wanting to watch the movie was to know how did that one guy wind up in that place in the first place.
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I had finally took the test to see if I had a dark triad personality or not and found that I scored highest as a Machiavelli, then a narcissist and last a psychopath. I did not know what to think of it but it was fun to take the test just to see what my test results would say about my answers in the end.

I was surprised to learn that the descriptions of a narcissist and their traits fit this one colleague at my job so well that if it were a suit, it would fit him rather well.
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Ask yourself a simple question, 'If you could do whatever you wanted in life what would you do?'

Don't think about if you can afford to do it or not, just think what you would like to do that you feel deep down inside to do.

I had decided to start looking up discipline which should be a main focal element to focus on as far as manhood was concerned.

My idea of man is based on my own interpretation from deep within as to what it means to be a man and getting in tuned with my true nature.
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Once I got off work from my fourteen hour shift I took my normal route home and did not stop off anywhere.

At first I was thinking about getting a rental but in my opinion it was too late and I would see about the rental later on for two days instead of the three that I had planned.

I managed to fold all of my clothes and hang the clothes on hangers that needed to be hung.

I sorted through things in my room, listened to some lectures on female nature, Islam, and some clips that talked about demons.
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I had a revelation while driving today.

It was based on the mentality that I had just because I was driving a Mercedes as though the Mercedes made me who I was.

When I realized how I was putting value on myself just because of the car that I was driving I started to laugh so loud, knowing that in just a few hours it wouldn't be my car and how stupid I was to base my worth on a car that I was driving.

I started to think about the ninety nine attributes instead; realizing where true power lays.
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I met up with abang to get my loan repaid.

He took me a brief tour and introduced me to this one sister that had wanted to meet me. She was definitely on the super plus side but I kept everything cordial.

She had asked me who was I going to believe more her or my brother and I told her my brother.

Abang was laughing and I was laughing too.

Being someone that took the red pill I was not going to side with some woman over my brother.

I went to the Laundromat to wash sheets and blankets.
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In another part of my dream I remember being at some kind of party for the bourgeois type people. Somehow I managed to realize that I was dreaming and had grabbed some random ladies breast while she was wearing one of those black type evening dresses and was licking on her titties.

I also remember sleeping in bed with my ex and grabbing all over her ass too.

I drove a red car in my dream that was a fast sports car of some sort and someone wondered if I was valet.

I wondered about these rather bizarre strange dreams.
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I thought to myself regarding death, and how there was the high possibility that one way I could die is in my sleep. While dying in my sleep would be the peaceful death and the perfect way to go without feeling the sting of it, I had told myself that before I die I would want to at least tell my children know how I really felt about them and give them some words of encouragement before I did pass away. I would also like to talk to my family members as well and send my last regards to them.
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I wanted to look up something about the fifth dimension from a Hopi Indian perspective but wound up seeing a video by KRS one where he had talked about how we do not see with the eyes or hear with the ears because we can say something to ourselves without saying a word with our mouths and how we can see something with our eyes closed.

He was mainly speaking about how we are not this flesh and blood body and how our real selves was the inner self which comes from the inner universe.

It was worth contemplating over.
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The real power behind words and thoughts is based on the vibrations that they carry. The reason why words have power is based on their symbolic meaning and how we hold on to the meaning of words.

Words can actually shape reality based on what we believe.

What is the most powerful force in the Universe?

I already knew the answer to this but never knew that Einstein knew this answer also.

The answer to this question might explain why Rumi is so popular and it might explain how Sufi's were far more advanced in their knowledge than people realize.
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I watched a few videos on sexual transmutation and from what I gather the main point of focus should be on what you are striving for in life and in order to have that focus then you need to know what you want out of it.

Some men just want some pussy, and will go out of their way to pursue and jump through all kinds of hoops, while other men want to be mathematicians, Yogi's, and spiritual masters.

The way I look at it, sex transmutation is basically about refocusing your mind towards your values, talents, skills, and abilities
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Earlier I was talking about passion and asking myself what my passion was and could not come up with a clear cut answer.

I found myself getting somewhat bored and keyed in do nothing, be nothing, and emptiness.

I thought that perhaps my problem 'wasn't in not knowing what my passion was,' but 'seeking a passion to begin with,' instead of just letting myself be.

In all honesty I think I am in information overload and just did to just let things sort of go and flow gently down the stream, then get away from the city into the mountains.