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The most heartwarming revelation that came to me while meditating was based on the Sufi love principle and how following the principle would affect your encounter with women and people in general.

What is genuine love?

The first place where love begins is with yourself.

You have to love yourself in other to truly love others, because if there are parts about yourself that you hate then how can you ever embrace love?

Love and hate cannot occupy the same house at the same time.

Now think on the principles of divine love which grows in the heart of courage.
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You want to know why all the ugly guys are with the cute girls?

It has nothing to do with the Mustang that they are driving, the school jersey jacket, or a big wad of cash.

The reason why ugly guys have the cute girls is because they were the ones who had the balls to walk up to the cute girls and say something versus the guys who stood on the sidelines wishing they could find their balls somewhere laying on the floor or being carried away in a jar by their women.

I officially got my balls back.
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With the help of a book that I was reading I was able to reflect on what it meant to be cool, calm, collected, and relaxed. I have called it CCCR which makes me think about Russia for some reason. CCCR is the state of mind to have every day from one moment to the next.

Perception isnít always reality.

Perception is how you perceive things, and how one person perceives something just might not be how someone else perceives it.

This is what I learned in reference to the Stoic principles, which I found to be another mystical principle.
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I like the ideal of having things out ahead of time so that I am not rushing to get to wherever I am trying to get to. One thing that I do not like at all is rushing to get something done and not being able to find stuff when it is time to move out on something.

Keep in mind that the number one purpose in life is reaching natural mystical states of consciousness.

The fundamental basics of the Mystical Path is in the breath.

Be aware of each moment of the body and the words that you speak.
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While meditating I contemplated on how I was not the sensations in my body, these emotions, or feelings, or these vibrations.

I was on Amazon looking and browsing through some books and happened to come across the meridians and some book which talked about some Chinese man who lived to be two hundred fifty something years old.

Honestly I do not doubt such things and do believe that there was a time that man had a much longer life span than he currently has.

As a Kung Fu and Marital artist enthusiast I would love to learn about the meridians.
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Try a meditation where you forget everything you ever learned about women. Reflect on her essence and where she came from. Come up with your own translations as to what the woman is or what she means to you.

In order to experience the dream like states while being awake in the mundane world, youíre going to have to start seeing things in this world on a metaphorical level and to start looking at things as the countless symbols that we often find in our dreams and this waking dream.

Learn how to be present and aware in this moment.
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Upon reflecting on some deeper thoughts it came to my mind that each person is like a universe containing its own planets, galaxies, and cosmos.

When two people can share their universe with each other, the possibilities are limitless once they become intertwined.

While thinking about situps which involves the stomach I began to think about what I remember reading about the stomach being the center and how important the stomach was in relation to the martial arts and the chi.

Little thought is given to the stomach and its relation to the Universe and its relation to Qi Gong.
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Despite being aware of emotions and feelings, at some point I have to realize that Iím not my emotions and my feelings. This is a known concept in Yoga where you learn how to withdraw your senses.

If you were an animal walk like a lion, and if you were a human being walk like Hercules; like God.

Live each day as though it were your last is a saying but I say ďlive each moment as though it were your last because you never know if you will have another moment since death is known to come so suddenly.
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If you want to represent anything, represent the man that you aspire to be.

Itís the wrong view to think that you are somebody.

The way we react to exterior events affects our inner self because we allow it to affect us but in truth it does not have to be this way. I noticed this statement when I came home and I was looking out of the window and thought on how I sometimes depend on outer events to make me happy.

The more we move away from our lower pleasures the closer we move to the loftier life.
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During the times when youíre horny and feel like releasing by masturbating to the point of ejaculation, are the times that you need to focus on channeling and harnessing that desire to charge your chakras instead.

I never thought to say that my emotions were mystical but it was a quote by Einstein where he said ďThe most beautiful and profound emotion we can experience is the sensation of the mystical.Ē I found that statement to be rather profound.

I went to DSW today to get a new pair of shoes because daddy definitely needed a new pair of shoes.
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This morning I was doing my meditation and noticed that I was drifting off.

In order to overcome drifting off I tried focusing on my third eye in my meditation. I noticed that it helped slightly, but then my mind would wander again to some images going on in my head almost as though I was in a dream taking me away from the present moment.

Was I actually going to sleep in my meditation?

While thinking about what I was doing by focusing on the third eye chakra I thought to myself to focus on the other Kundalini chakras.
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When I mentioned in my creative journal that Ďexaggerating self-control leads to mystical states,í this is to say that you pay extra attention to every single action and movement that you take with your body.

Take special attention to notice how you move your feet, how you move your hands, your arms, your legs, how you breathe, and the facial expressions that you make.

By doing this you will definitely notice a difference in how your state of mind is.

Having the ability to keep calm no matter the situation is the true state of self-mastery of a true master.
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I do not remember where I read it but I did read it and what I read said "the unexamined life is not worth living."

The majority of people rarely examine their lives on a consistent basis to the point that they are examining each moment of their lives.

If you are not examining your life, you have to wonder what is it that you are actually examining.

We have to learn how to not identify with the false self because it is the false self that limits us to our full potential and what we are truly capable of.
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Have you stopped to ponder on how we are all born from water?

When people ask me where am I from, I like to say from the triple darkness in the womb of space surrounded by water.

In the deep mystery there are no words.

God does not have a name and thereís this mysterious connection between mother and fetus, who is in deep meditation, trusting completely in the unknown, having no conceptions of fears.

Until we cease believing in this world, and the falsehoods, and start believing in God, everything changes.

Never give up on attaining the Universal Mind.
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Do not deny or suppress the fact that you have sexual desires and urges.

We could come up with a nice little mantra and say that I am sexy and seductive but in truth I do not want to seduce anyone.

On the other hand I also do not want to ignore the fact that I do have sexual desires because it would be like it was stated in the Mystic book that to suppress what you do not want to experience is not going to help you to overcome it.

With that being said it needs to be examined.
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You need to overcome the necrodness within and become the spider weaver to really sort through all of this shit.

You will find your life more fun and entertaining once you begin to study the walks, movements, gestures and mannerisms of others for imitation purposes. It is a fun way to learn a very deep science.

I would like to talk about precise calculated self-control.

In this type of control you actually stop to think before you make movements.

I know it sounds to be extremely exaggerated but once you actually try it then you will see what I mean.
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Iím slowly learning how to love work which is the work that involves you and no one else. Itís about the work that you have chosen to do and the work that you love.

The iron way is about deep breathing and lifting heavy weights in a controlled manner.

Embrace the erotic and erotica as an art form, coupled with true and genuine love. Remember that everything is sexual, mystical, and mysterious.

The correct way to see myself is to see myself as a whole and complete self without the need and attachment towards women or anyone or anything else.
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I just finished hanging up my work clothes in the closet with a plethora of ideas going through my head now.

Iím feeling sick in my stomach now and feeling tired, which is really deterring my idea of going to the gym for a leg workout.

I can always go later but how much or how long is later.

Will it be late in the afternoon?

Will it be a few short hours before work where I will have to shower at the gym and get dressed at the job or will I just put it off for another day?
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One thought that came to my mind in reference to the empty cup or the beginners mind is that it should be taken in every aspect of your life.

When you go to work you should go with an empty mind and not expecting everything to be so routine.

Take each moment as a moment as a moment where something amazing can happen.

Even in the routine aspects of your daily life should be taken with an open and empty mind because you may never know what can happen in one moment to the next.

When eating cereal eat cereal.
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It was interesting what I read about touch in the Zen Sex book. It says in the chapter The Way of Touch: From the moment weíre born, we need the touch of another.

In hospital incubators, premature babies are regularly stroked and massaged, lest they become psychologically and physically stunted. From the moment of birth, touch tells us that weíre not alone in this world, that weíre safe, and loved.

In order to love others, you have to love yourself first because how can you love someone else when you donít love yourself.

Constantly remember that itís important to relax.
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Thereís a difference between looking and seeing.

When we look at something the title of what it is called is going through our heads, its color, what's inside of the cup, and if it is empty.

When we see the very same thing there is no words, no labels, no likes and dislikes.

As I observed the Canadian goose bird in its nature I soon realized how nature really was in its natural state without being altered or conformed.

When youíre walking, don't just walk with your legs, walk with your entire body and mind. In other words, be alert.
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As I really looked out the window of the coffee shop I began to see how conditioned our lives were based on made up rules, preconditions, and expectations.

This was my glimpse into the illusion of society.

If people are suddenly fearful because Iím being my true genuine self, then thatís on them.

Sometimes I think weíre afraid to be our true selves because we are not just concerned about what people will think of us but because we feel that we would be expressing too much power and we do not want to make anyone fearful because of it.
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Today I became the Black Kung Fu man without even trying.

There was a thought that had occurred to me that the highest form of Kung Fu was Kung Fu where you did not have to fight.

What kind of Kung Fu is there where you do not have to fight?

I was thinking about the ability to tune in to your enemies before they get to where you are, or being able to know certain types of pressure points.

If fighting were involved, it would be a type of fight that would end in just a few fractioned seconds.
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I woke up in the dark and could see the cast of the ironing board and was wondering what it was when I first saw it.

I soon noticed how when we see things we are quick to come up with a name or title for it or explain what we are seeing even if you do not know what it really is.

I remember one time seeing something in the middle of the street and my first thought was that it was dead dog but upon closer view I learned that it was just a balled up dirty sweater.
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I was sitting in the meditation room thinking about my mom and saw a red breasted bird in the tree.

Was it some kind of sign?

How did I know it was a red breasted bird?

I looked it up online.

People say that no one can beat the love and compassion of Buddha.

I say that no one can beat the love and compassion of Allah who fashioned and created Buddha in the womb long before his name was even mentioned, instilling him with the capacity to reach Enlightenment to be remembered many ages after his so called death.
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It is important that while you are doing your prayers that you are also guarding your prayers too. I said this as I was doing my prayers and certain thoughts came to mind while doing salat. I noticed that a lot of my thoughts were sexual in nature and so called naughty thoughts.

With all of this being said, this is when I realized that not only should I be mindful of my thoughts while praying, but I should also be mindful of my thoughts while I am not praying and while I am doing any other types of things.
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You cannot go anywhere other than where you are now. You cannot go back to the past and you cannot move into the future through some kind of time machine except through your thoughts.

If you want to go somewhere else change your position by moving your two feet and your mind. You can only go or be where you currently are.

I want to do more meditation in order to learn how to restrain myself more, especially in the bedroom and those times when I am in a hurry or want to rush things along, or suddenly ejaculate prematurely.
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The mystical path isnít just about managing negative emotions but managing the overly excited ones too, while keeping a stable position. Sometimes over excitement can lead to disappointment.

An example I can remember is when my dad said he would come to pick us up from our aunt's place when we were young. We would get really excited and then he would never show up.

I imagined time in the sense that our life is ticking away and though we donít know how much time we have, itís the main reason why we should cherish every second and every breath.
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You do not need anyone's approval to be who you are. As a man that is probably one of the basic principles that every man should embrace. Don't be afraid to be the man that you truly are. Don't be afraid to stand up and speak out. Follow your dreams and be somebody.

If you were asked to throw away all of your knowledge could you do it? Of course I could do it. Knowledge isnít my knowledge to begin with.

After throwing away knowledge one learns how to embrace love; teaching you things that you never thought were possible.
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I am the Mountain Man, the alpha wolf, the coyote sage, the intergalactic space traveler.

I told myself that I would make love and compassion as the theme today where I would emanate love towards every single being even if normally I would have animosity towards them.

Exercising thoughts of resentment towards anyone is like exercising resentment towards myself.

There is all this talk about social intelligence and all of the hoopla. My personal opinion is that real social intelligence is being able to see through all the fake societal bull shit which happens on a consistent and daily basis.