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It is a very good idea to study self from moment to moment.

Are you aware of any tenseness in your body?

Are you aware of your emotions and your feelings?

Mantra: I have control over my emotions and I am calm. I have mastered my emotions and my movements.

Are you aware what prevents you from doing the things that you should be doing?

Finishing the file project is plain boring. What is boring if you are living in the present moment?

If you know something needs to be done, do not make it into something dreadful and monstrous.
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Please stop trying to pull wool over my head. I can truly see now.

I have a message to all you different rats in here; from the black rat, to the brown rat, to the pack rat, to the Old World rat, to the bandicoot rat, and Polynesian rat, just know that your time of evil has and will come to an end.

I was reading some Psalms earlier in the day and it seemed that every word spoken was right on with what I was going through.

Having black bird,
black raven memories
remembering the ways
to tune up.
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As men when we think of women, the first thing that we think about is the vagina, the buttocks, the breast, and how attractive they are.

There is nothing necessarily wrong with that since it is in our nature to be attracted to these aspects of the woman.

These basic factors are what blinds us to what is really going on and how we can sometimes be so easily manipulated and sidetracked.

Women get off on being simply noticed and receiving attention.

Perhaps they are very egotistical and actually need attention as part of their survival or to feel secure.
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If you ever see a rattle snake precede with caution.

Most people know that a rattle snake is dangerous and can be poisonous if it bites you.

Some people can be like rattle snakes, so you have to be careful.

Though a rattle snake can be dangerous does not mean that you have to be afraid of a rattle snake.

There are some rattle snake catchers who are experts at catching rattle snakes.

If you are an expert at catching rattle snakes then you should use that concept in dealing with people who have rattle snake and back biting characteristics.
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You could easily get high with pure observational and pure listening skills.

I could hear a man approaching as I listened with my right ear, and I could hear crickets and cicadas in my left.

While all of this was going I was able to notice which condominium window lights had just went off and reflections of cars passing by and the sound that they make as they do.

I was able to hear the bus driver press on his breaks and managed to get up even before it turned the corner or even before I physically saw the bus.
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I have recently realized that besides making decisions, we need to be sure that we are making decisions that are conscious decisions, because sometimes we decide to do things without really realizing why we are doing it.

A common mistake people make about Zen is assuming that you simply sit around the house doing nothing, looking out the window and drinking a cup of tea.

That could be an aspect of Zen if you are living in the moment, but you have to also realize that that can only happen after you have rid yourself of every single little thing.
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Now I need to do a reassessment of the snowball process, especially after receiving that one dental bill that came out of nowhere it seems. It was like puff the magic dragon.

Man shall not live by bread alone.

This saying is a strong reminder that the spiritual and the mental cannot be neglected at all.

Working out definitely brings the fear out of you and boosts your stamina and confidence on a magnificent and magnified level.

Working out helps you to push beyond your limitations.

Sometimes it is necessary to fight your sleep just to get certain things done.
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A universal flow,
Kung Fu flow,
universal phiosophic flow
flows like
an enchanted river
which attained deeper levels
of the art called Silence
which is a true art.

Empty your mind
and the mind
that you call mind.
Cease with your petty little titles
cultivate non attachment
and be empty.

The various aspects of the emotions are a few things that you need to know

Let the thoughts go
dissipate into outer space
faculties of awareness
with the entire body
part of the Whole.

At one with this silence.
anatomical drawings
pasted on these walls
the beauty
was lost.
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The Humble Apartment Man
everything is mystical
never a dull moment
sorting files
enjoy the moment.

The worship of words
or the embrace of silence?
Know Thyself
the Supreme Wisdom
a change in the season
as more leaves fall
in the zone
of self reflection.

During Asr prayers
the love of God
bhakti yoga,
love and compassion
is spoken of in Buddhism.

Suddenly I had came across
the different branches of yoga
like Jnana and Karma,
beyond name and form
pure understanding
the nature of doing
a fourfold discipline
taking the time
based on actions
expecting no reward
in return.
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‘Not being able to govern events I govern myself.’ -Michel de Montaigne.

Epictetus (55-135 A.D.) was a Greek Stoic philosopher who argued that unhappiness was created by fighting against those events and forces that were not in our power to control. That which was within our power to control –our own actions –had to be regulated through discipline and towards virtue in order to attain eudemonia.

The next paragraph goes on to say ‘in every act observe the things which come first, and those which follow it; and so proceed to the act.

This particular passage reminds me of Zen.
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Among other things that I did today was to clear the window sill out and the counter in the kitchen to begin the process of clearing cluttered spaces. It felt good to tackle that little project.

I began to realize that doing a small task is much better than no task from your projects that you might have lined up or something that you are trying to accomplish.

When you start feeling sleepy, think about doing a meditation first instead. It can help you to get that extra needed rest that you really need and gain some peace of mind.
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I would like to talk about the power of one.

The basic principle behind one is basically doing just one thing at a time. Doing one thing at a time is all you can do if you really think about it.

Today I put a large majority of my files in alphabetical order using the kitchen counter top and the kitchen table as a base.

In reference to the things that I need to clear, I think the use of labels will help me out a whole lot.

Label everything and then figure out where it is going to go.
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I think the ancient man was more in tuned with the universal order in comparison to today's man who is sorely lost as to the proper way.

I think the worthiest of things that I could do with my life is to be a wise master of the time allotted to me.

Work plays a big factor between what makes a man and what makes a bum.

If a person just put in one hour per day towards some worthy goal, by the end of the year they would have invested enough time to be somewhat masterful at that subject.
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I wanted to be king over my lower desires and I want to exercise control over the power of my mind.

Exercising control of the mind and the lower desires is what being masterful is about.

The hand of Fatimah is a constant reminder to me as to what I can do with my hands. Just remember that your hands will bear witness against you as to your good deeds and your bad deeds.

Look at your hands and use them for something that is productive and something that will make you feel good about it in the long run.
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Late past midnight I took a walk around the perimeter and saw a strange object in the sky lift up somewhere near the library.

Perhaps inside were beings from another dimension who wanted to see the art work at the art museum.

There wasn’t sound coming from this light and there seemed to be a faint light that moved from left to right under the light I was seeing.

I thought it was a flare, but flares do not move like that at all.

This is not the first time that I have seen strange objects flying in this vicinity.
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Lovers do not finally meet somewhere. They are in each other all along. –Rumi

Maryam came to me like a vision and I suddenly had thoughts on the original idea to write the entire surah.

Maryam was definitely my way towards purity since she was probably one of the best examples for purity as far as women are concerned.

She came as a vision in the form of those candles that you often see in the stores in the form of various saints.

There is nothing wrong with saints as long as you are not on your knees worshiping them.
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Communication comes in many different forms, including those that are symbolic and to those that are psychic.

To be psychic is something that has to come naturally and not something that you can get hot off the grill. One of the keen aspects of being psychic is being able to be deeply aware.

Most people are never aware and thus the reason why they’re not psychic or simply mindful. Buddha was trying to bring people to a certain state of awareness.

The only thing people need to do is simply realize the simple truth and how we’re so easily deluded.
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‘We must continuously keep in mind that the world is a collective dream, and that we are engaged in dreaming a new world into being.’ -Jose Arguelles

When it comes to prayer I realized that there was a certain stillness and discipline to prayer that could be achieved to bring your prayer to a whole new level of awareness.

I managed to catch myself trying to rush time again. You need to stop rushing time for a more quality like life. If I am not mistaking, I do believe that rushing time is the opposite of being patient with time.
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I learned a little bit about circles and aerodynamics while washing the dishes. I could really see where the use and knowledge of geometry would really come in handy. While learning about the circle I learned some circular steps in the process.

Let her watch her Korean dramas and respond to my texts later since it is obvious that the dramas are more important to her than me.

When I meditate I want to see how deeply relaxed I can get; the deeper the better.

I think life should be about confronting fears; no matter how big or how small.
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Many people may doubt the statement, but you can change your reality by changing your words. Language is everything along with your breath.

As a man I need to push myself beyond laziness, being tired, or wanting to go to sleep.

I can sometimes understand how and why Zen got to the heart of the manner regarding words, by not using words, but using actions and non actions instead. Sometimes we can trip ourselves up with words.

If you’re without emotions, this doesn’t mean you don’t have love in your heart and that you are void of having any compassion.
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If you ever wanted to know what you can do on a moment by moment basis, simply be aware to the fact that you are breathing and while being conscious of your thoughts and the things that you are thinking and saying to yourself.

I notice that when I am out in the public I generally pay attention to everybody.

Why do people do the things that they do?

Why are some people into certain fashions while others are not, and so on down the line?

In many cases it is people that are my main inspiration for creative writing.
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No matter what, I will do all of my required prayers for the day and try to push myself to do extra prayers.

These extra prayers are what will help me to get through narrow doors, windows, niches in walls, landscapes, and gates.

I have to constantly remind myself that every single thing, and every minute thing, and every big thing, and every single aspect of action, and motion is mystical.

The imagination is real and powerful and should not be underestimated.

People with big imaginations normally have no difficulties when it comes to visualizing and being creative and original.
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If She Breaks Your Heart The Foreign Exchange Leave It All Be…..

And we start with one. That is how all things begin. They begin with one action, one motion, one sound, and one moment.

If you want to be a real man, be a truthful man and a man who speak words of truth and is not afraid. Overall we are a peaceful people and never wanted to go to some other man's war. Even still we managed to prove that we could still be warriors.

There’s a warrior without sound and a curandero type shaman on the scene.
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Many people have heard the term 'game recognizes game,' without really realizing what that means.

When people play games, it usually means that they are not serious, under the exception that some money is involved.

Most people like to play games for pure amusement. In other words, they want to be entertained and distracted from other things they do not have the time to consider or think about which are probably some rather more important things.

If someone is playing games with you and you play games on others then that means that you have also played on people too.
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Silence says without saying that there needs to be more silence and less talk.

Look into the eyes of the soul and into the essence of their minds.

It is true that there is no tomorrow and that there is only the now.

I’m at peace with myself and the Cosmic Universe that we live in.

I am calm and collected.

My heart is filled with love and courage.

I’m in complete control of myself, my surroundings and my environment.

I do believe in signs, and the numbers that reside in the mathematics of the universe and creation in general.
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It is my duty to inscribe prayer onto every aspect of my heart.

Beyond the noise there is a peaceful silence of which I would love to bask in.

Can you tell me your star system that you come from and a little bit about your Zodiac?

Where there is no love, there can be no healing.

Love has got to be the ultimate science.

In meditation and in general the posture should not be forced but natural and relaxed and controlled.

Never underestimate anything or state that something does not have its significance or significance's.

Everything has its significance.
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One powerful thing that I realized while doing my prayer is exercising gratefulness. Allah says in the Quran how man can be ungrateful, [just as our wives are ungrateful for the things that we do for them].

I started to think about the things that I was grateful for, such as the roof over my head and the fact that I had children and for now a wife.

If I think about the things that I’m grateful for, versus the things that I do not have and wished I had then perhaps I would notice a lighter aspect of being.
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Going back to the Hadith’s it states how women are not capable of making decisions and why it takes more than one woman to make a sufficient witness. This does not mean that women are inferior, it just means that they are not made the way a man is made and it is the reason why most women need to just shut up and obey their husbands and listen to them instead of trying to challenge them all of the time and trying to be right in the sense of I know better than you do when they do not.
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Once we realize the reality of God then we should be found remembering God all of the time. I think this can be very difficult when you have so many distractions in this world that we live in.

Difficulties can be overcome.

Lastly I think this remembrance can be practiced more effectively if we can try to do two things. If we can try to talk to God the majority of our time would help and if we get tired of talking we can always listen to God or simply be silent which is probably a higher form of remembrance.
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Life is easier when you live according to your nature. I believe this to be true with all creation.

You never see one creature try to imitate another unless they were made to be like that.

You see some imitation in nature for survival purposes and pure wisdom from Allah who gives and takes away.

To merge with Allah before you die is known as nirvana, the goal of every human being.

I love to see the light
coming from inside of apartments,
the light from inside of beautiful homes,
the light from the stars,
the light from your eyes.
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In what manner is Earth conscious?

We say that the planets are conscious but how is this so?

For starters we can say the Earth is filled with life of all kinds of forms in different regions and parts of the world as well as the deep oceans.

I have already stated my beliefs about the oceans and they go deep.

There are so many mysteries in this Universe of which we are not aware of because we are so entrapped in our own little worlds.

We dread when we should celebrate and get depressed when we should be happy.