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I saw death
through a glass of water
the arkaan positions
deep meditations
with no more replicas.

Maryam the mystery
verses revealed
His nameless self
things that are revealed
that cannot be revealed
a live man
filled with power
people cannot imagine
such things are possible.

Mother Maryam
mother of Isa
highest example
for all women,
pray like you mean it
all thoughts to the side
guard your nafs
watchful and aware
like the Zen Masters
through constant practice
thank God for mindfulness.

Seeds of the righteous
spread throughout the Milky Way
and all of the other Galaxies
breathing gallantly.
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Outerspace in my mind
worshipping the divine
third eye open
the Holy Quran
is more than
what we think.

Purification of the pure
the Vedas and the Upanishads
reading about Brahmacharya
the longest Sanskrit mind.

a Black man
from another
galactic star system.

Prayers on the wall
this city
every city
enough for all
from the All Giver.

Before sunrise
a glow in a window
time for prayer
and the inner sunrise
before the sun began.

The kindness of Maryam
the psychology of a marriage
a dowry payment plan
a Sufi for real
mending socks
with holes in them.
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A woman needs
to be tamed,
to be loved,
despite how crazy
they can be;
needs to be trained,
broken out of their
shells of nonsense,
in a sweet kind of way
the power in a soft heart,
can still speak the truth
without being blameworthy.

Music from Peru
trying to fulfill;
I dreamed,
of a fence,
that was like
the fence,
I saw
in my dream.

Focusing on love,
hearts are the keys,
within and without,
an Universe that wills,
keeps on breathing,
living and creating,
teaching and reforming,
emanating love,
getting closer
to light,
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Watermelons dates
gusts of wind here
and little gusts of wind
from over there.

More angles and views,
breaking away from
the illusions,
the reasoning,
behind geometrical
designs misunderstood.

The emanation of
shining balls of light
shining before you,
be like Rumi,
and donít go
back to sleep.

Butterfly moth
floating along,
a sign I cannot tell
came so gingerly,
like the rather
unusually unique ones
in South East Asia,

Itís still a mystery
lucid, vibrant,
and unknown.

Recited prayers,
a very princely
and courtly
type language;
from the classics,
beautiful queens,
nobles, and kings,
none to compare to it.
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Women were crafty because women do things with deliberation. In other words, women do not just do things just to do them. They have real motive behind their actions down to the words that they speak and the questions that they ask.

She is paying very close attention to your thoughts, your facial muscles, the answers that you give, and any indication that she can sense or feel.

It should not be a wonder why more women are probably more intuitive and psychic than men because they are more in tuned with their feelings and their emotions than men are.
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While I sit here in the corner Iím looking at the B encyclopedia that I pulled out. I realized that I could look up Brunei in there. It's only one page long and the only interesting thing I found about the country besides it being a Muslim country was that it was stated to be seventy percent dense forest.

We all know how much I love the forest.

An idea I had about the country to appease my wife was to go there during Ramadhan. I think that would help her with her travelling desires for wanting to go there.
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Any signs of bed bugs? He would ask.

Get the fuck out of here.

Do not come into my space man! I pay the fucking rent for this writerís dumpsite.

It seems like we have a lot of people in this apartment with medical problems. When I say medical problems I am talking about people in wheelchairs that can barely walk without a cane, walking around with oxygen tanks on, looking like death is ready to take them away.

We have lost the true art of perception as we get so addicted to television, video games, media, and music videos.
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I canít believe that boy said he hates me to my face over Skype. If you heard the tone and the fact that he canít even look me in the face is more than enough to prove that heís just talking a bunch of shit.

Man; the best of creation.

There are men who became angels, messengers, and God, the highest achievement.

A real man is a man who has finally mastered himself. A real man isnít a master over slaves but over himself.

See how they cut
the kosher sliceÖ

Man was built
to be bound
to universal laws.
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It is beautiful to see the sunrise and to see the sunset. They both give you feelings that you cannot describe, like two couples in love lying in the grass on top of an Indian quilted blanket.

I was riding my bike and suddenly saw a shiny penny on the ground. I wanted to stop my bike and retrieve it. I soon realized how easily we can be distracted in life and how our lives are filled with shiny pennies we desire.

We have to be in control of ourselves by not allowing something outside of us to move us.
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How many people actually read the ownerís manual?

I hate the machine, but I love to drive in fast rental cars when my budget can afford it, and love the fact that a plane could take me to another part of the world.

I hate the machine, dormant, pented, and pinched sores like Godzilla tearing up the city.

I hate the machine.

Whatís he really saying?

I hate the machine.

Even when I tried to understand, I just wanted to clench my teeth, squint my eyes, raise my fist, and realize that I didnít know a damn thing about cars.
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communication- interchange of thoughts, opinions, or information by speech, writing, signs, something imparted, or transmitted, a document or message imparting information

Notice how communication has the word commune in it.

commune- to experience strong emotion or spiritual feelings for, to be in intimate communication or rapport,

A simple man
brown heavy bag
three quarters moon
mystic clouds
the summer poets
crickets in the distance.

Pumpkin pie
coffee thermos
dead silence
an armoured calf
in need for massaging.

The writer
forgot his pen
lost his muse.

Waiting for the train
waiting for the night
to sail smoothly
until the sunrise.
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It is not the desire of the original people to sin on earth; the wicked urge us on.

Just because a language has been said to be difficult to learn, or any other task should not stop you like a deer caught in headlights.

At some point you have to start somewhere.

The mere action of starting is the most important part of learning and accomplishing anything.

When you think about women you need to be very careful and aware of their motives; especially when they say that they like you.

What is it about you that they really like?
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I picked up Crow With No Mouth again and realized that no matter what happens to me in my life, I will always be fond of Zen koans and just about everything universal that Zen stands for.

Honestly, do you want to know who I am?

The answer to that question is rather simple.

I am no one in particular and nobody as far as titles are concerned.

I talked to the fly until it became drunken by my universal language of speech.

It walked over to me before it flew in the direction that I had asked it to.
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We never know when death will come, or how close it could be, like a fallen leaf in our sweet sleep.

Tomorrow is never guaranteed.

We know this and take death for granted, knowing that it is inevitable.

It could come on a tick or a tock or the sound in between sound or the dead silence.

Death is every breath and every second passing you by.

Death could come at any moment, in any shape, fashion, or form.

It could be right around the corner or as far away as the milky way galaxy and all of its stars.
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Do what you like, do what you want, do what you need, do what you feel.

Now I am just feeling all alone again.

Yeah, poor little baby.

Itís not like it is my first time being alone.

Remember the days before you got married and what that was like?

Well it is not too much different now in some aspects.

I must admit that I am enjoying the silence.

Afterwards you just feel like some cheap lonely ass sad story that just never seems to end. Itís like reading the first chapter of a book and yawning to it.
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When it is really silent have you considered picking up a book or simply doing nothing at all?

Even in doing nothing at all you are doing something.

One thing that you could say for sure is that you are being patient.

The more I observe the silence and the noises in the background I realize that time is now.

I am listening, breathing, with no thoughts in particular in this present moment because in truth, that is all I really can do.

You need to study every single action you make and ask yourself why you are making them.
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You should have seen how mostly black and white women were dressed tonight.

I deliberately made it a point not to look.

Where was looking going to really get me?

If you would have seen the way some of these women smelled while being heavily intoxicated was just repulsive. You could no longer smell perfume on them if they were wearing any to begin with. They smelled like they had taken showers in plain alcohol. I donít want any of these fake fancy Barbie bitches.

Seek refuge in Allah subhana wa ta Ďala, and strive to be near to Him.
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Iím striving to be a Minimalist to live a simpler life so that I can focus more on the things that mean the most to me.

I have to agree that everyone is different and if this is a genuine desire of mine then I should be willing to go with what I feel deep down inside of my heart.

I agree that most nice guys have a problem with getting their needs met because they are too busy trying to take care of everybody elseís needs.

What have I done for myself lately?

Do something for yourself more often.
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I like the personal power section of NMMNG.

I need to accept the reality of my given situation without the rose tinted glasses on. In other words, do not try to make something out to what it is not as a means to overlook the fact of the matter. It does not pay to lie to yourself or to others. Simply just tell it like it is.

I want to be found stripping away the layers upon layers of my false self.

The essence of our true selves is somewhat unknown and unseen just beneath this skin and this body.
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In the negative aspects of the darkness there is the perpetuation of fear.

It is in my honest opinion that man, especially our ancestors did not have this fear of the dark.

All life comes from darkness.

The darkness is so dark that you could not see anything with your physical eyes.

When we are in the wombs of our mothers we do not see outside of the triple darkness that we are born in.

When we plant seeds and cover them with the earth those seeds are in complete darkness.

When sperm enters the vagina it enters triple darkness.
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Weíre always saying that we do not have enough time.

We do not have enough time to do what?

What is it that we are trying to accomplish?

The one thing that you have to remember is that time is not the tick tock of a clock.

Real time is organic.

Time is in this moment and it is creative and full of miracles.

When you have the time, listen to Steve Roach: The Passing Time.

I wanted to tell everybody that for each letter that is written and each breath that is taken, just know that every second counts.
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Do what you want and say what you feel.

When youíre working on a project or at work, act as though you have all the time in the world. While youíre taking your sweet time, youíre also exercising self control.

Upon closer examination and deeper thoughts many things began to make sense and come together leading to that mysterious unknown.

Is it possible that I have made certain images of myself that are not even true?

Of course there are and these are the masks I want to break.

There is no speech nor language where no voice is heard.
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If you want to know the real reason why people do not like cats, itís because cats can see into your soul and your being.

Cats know if you are fake or not.

Some people donít like it when something else can see them like that and not be like them.

I feel more alive when my body is in pain from a nice physical workout. I like to feel grounded to the Earth because other than that I feel as though I am floating and wandering.

I enjoy the feelings of feeling solid and rock hard like a warrior.
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I am light in action which contradicts I think therefore I am.

A thought dawned on me regarding being programmed and programming and how it all takes place.

The path of the mind is the path to Samadhi.

I would like to work on keeping my word bond.

If I donít plan on keeping my word bond, then I think the best thing to do is not to say what I am going to do unless I plan on doing it.

Besides all of this I think it is better not to talk about it but to just do it.
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These programs of Ďwordsí are powerful and the concept of programming.

If you can think about programming a computer then you can think about programming the brain.

Another word of interest is the word train.

What are the things that you do when you train?

Stand up and be a man by not allowing things to happen to you that you do not want to happen.

Know what you want, what you desire, dream, visualize, think big and small.

If you find any task boring, perhaps youíre missing the point.

The point is where you are now in the moment.
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Men have to understand that they do not have to be all buffed out to gain the love of women if they can show that they have strong will and strong desire towards something that they really love and are willing to stick to their guns with.

I know where I stand right now and I am not going to allow some woman to start telling me how to make moves in my life.

I am the master champion of my own chess game and intend to be firm like Al Jabal Tariq and more mightier than the Himalayan mountains.
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I flipped though some Christian book and what it said about sins and being condemned and how you would burn in hell for all eternity and never be forgiven.

Then I thought about Allah and how it is stated over and over again how Merciful and Compassionate He is as well as being The Forgiver.

Who could ask for anything in comparison to being condemned to hell for making a few mistakes in life?

Islam is a religion for true and real human beings who practice it as it ought to be practiced as laid down by the Supreme Being.
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In this life it is about your word, your thoughts, and deeds.

The mind is to be purified and free from all delusion.

It is better to observe the silence than to listen to music or anything close to that matter.

The taste of death is when I felt like I was about to die but what was actually happening is that I was about to exit my body.

It is difficult and hard to describe the vibration that was involved.

I felt like I was buzzing.

I had to keep pulling myself out of it because I was scared.
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I saw a man at peace with himself, while reading divine scriptures.

I saw another man who may have been any man or a high plains drifter.

After seeing these ancient goddess artifacts dug up from inside of the Earth it seemed to change many things for me.

What if these artifacts of the shapely bodied women were equivalent to men having stashes of Play Boy magazines under their beds?

With the mindset during the ancient times I highly doubt that this type of mindset was going on.

These artifacts seemed to exude a certain sense of power and certainty.
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While you are doing your meditation or not doing your meditation learn how to release all negativity and the energy that comes along with it.

The real true nature of woman is nature itself. If you study nature you are studying the woman.

If you study man then you are studying God and man.

I couldnít think of nothing more socially pleasurable than to make a woman smile, or laugh.

I have already proved to be successful at making them cry which was never my intention.

Iíve heard it said that women like comedians or a man that is funny.
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The question arose as to where should I go and what should I be doing in my life.

Then a thought had dawned on me that perhaps I was running away from something.

That something was called my true self.

What I should be doing is finding the mat and simply sitting down on it to meditate seeking nothing and everything together.

It should be taken more seriously now.

What you should be trying to incorporate into your life is a deep calm stature and deepness of mind.

The true moment is when there are no longer thoughts, just presence.