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The Exercise Module started today.

The one thing that I must remember is that Iím trying to develop the habit of exercising. The focus isnít trying to get buff or lose weight.

I figured a good way to trick myself to go to the gym more often is to tell myself that I will go to the gym for only five minutes.

One Yoga routine that I would like to do every day is the Sun Salutation.

I know that some people tend to underestimate Yoga and think itís for weak people, until they try the poses and the exercises.
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Now we will have to start from another perspective, thanks to the whining champion who interrupted our fantastic session that was still in the process.

I was just so ready to just take charge in the bedroom like Under Cover Brother.

There is something about wolves, coyotes, and foxes that I can appreciate.

The top thing that I want to read for my own pleasure and perhaps more understanding is on Mindfulness.

I thought I was done with writing my words for the evening.

As you can see I am somewhat disorganized with my projects and paperwork scattered all around.
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So much for setting my alarm clock for two hours.

I never heard any kind of alarm go off.

I did not know she came in the room and placed a plate of vegetable rice for me to eat with some orange juice.

I finished my food in twenty minutes and forgot to do it mindfully.

Last night while I was shaving my dad called. I had to contemplate on rather I should call right back, or return the call on another day.

I decided to call him back, especially since we had not talked for so long it seems.
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connoisseur- an expert judge in matters of taste; it comes from the Old French word conoistre which means to know.

It was in my opinion that my main focus should be about helping her to release,

to let herself go,
be free under me,
my pretty little caged bird.

Isnít that how it is supposed to be?

You treasure your woman and you donít share her with no one elseÖ

Besides doing a daily meditation, mindful breathing, mindful eating, and mindful walking, there was mindful speech.

The twist to mindful speaking is mindful silence.

Now Iím mindful of the silence.
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The mystery was finally broken as to the question as to whom and what man was.

Iím not talking about a fantasy island man but a real man.

A real man is a man of God and who emulates Him at every step of the way.

Letís just be real with each other and confess that God truly is a man and could not be anything other than that.

The majority of humanity does not think so but a few percentage does.

These teachings were not false in any kind of way.

Would you be willing to kiss Godís feet?
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Being a man is about embracing hardships and not running away from a challenge.

I worked on my upper body this morning at the gym. I can really feel the pain now. I think this is the main reason why I am so tired.

Some men at the gym try to intimidate.

I am not easily intimidated when I know the body and mind are connected.

More than anything else, I just want to be fit, healthy, and strong.

I do not want to be fat and I do not want to be lazy, or another sad statistic regarding humanity.
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Be mindful of the mind and mindful of your thoughts.

Right speech is mindful speech.

Wherever you see the word right, you can replace it with mindfulness.

The righteous man is the one who is mindful.

Mindful of what?

Mindful of the present moment.

What is the mind?

The mind is everything that you see.

The mind is also part of your thoughts.

This is one of the main reasons why we should be mindful of our thoughts.

Right action was simply being aware of your actions.

Be mindful of what you do, what you say, and what you think.
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Since Iím beginning to realize the power of thought, Iím beginning to take it more seriously.

I did my twenty minute meditation for the day.

One thing in my meditation that I realized takes me away from the present moment is the tendency of the mind to wander into images as though they were real.

This was rather interesting to discover because these images were like dreams.

Just as we lose consciousness in our dreams, we lose consciousness in the waking world too. It doesnít have to be like that.

Choose to be aware now and in your dreams too.
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I read a small article about the missing Malaysian Airlines flight that seemed to have disappeared. No one seems to know where the flight is.

A conscious Earth is a mystical earth and the planets have a consciousness of their own.

I am beginning to agree that mindfulness of the breath is the best form of Zen practice because it is so easy to forget that we're breathing.

Live each day as though it was your last?


Live each moment and each second as though it were your last.

We never know when death; our friend will visit us.
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e-rot-i-ca n. literature or art intended to arouse sexual desire.

e-rot-ic adj. of, relating to, or tending to arouse sexual desire or excitement.

For me, aspects of erotica have nothing at all to do with just naked women.

A woman with a cute face can be erotic to me.

Erotic could be the sight of her feet; if they are well manicured and appealing to look at.

Erotic could be a short dress,
thighs parted like poetry,
the scent of her perfume,
a nice conversation
over a cup of coffee,
the length of her hair,
the look in her eyes.
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Currently it is raining and snowing at the same time with some windy western winds.

I wanted to go to the gym, Sports Authority for running shoes, and to Target for a bath towel.

In regards to the filing project you have to show right action and right intention.

Seeing the same thing every day, sitting in the same corner does not show right action and right intention.

A step that you might want to take in your filing project is moving the files to the bed so that you can see them laid out and spread in the open.
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A thought came to mind while soaking my feet in hot water.

Embracing the silence also means getting rid of music too.

Relearn the truth and be proud of who you are.

Reach for the stars and they will come to you if you just believe.

You can have anything that you want and desire in life.

Simply be aware of the now and make the best of this moment.

That is all the Zen practice that you will ever need in this life time.

Live now.

Is it possible to be fluent in a foreign language in 90 days?
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In Zen, some things that are talked about include; being mindful of your breath, practicing mindful walking, and mindful eating, just to give some examples.

Whatever happened to mindfulness of God?

If you say that you already know God, then whatís this about getting to know Him better, or getting closer to Him?

God isnít something that you can really describe in the same manner that you would describe a rose or a bird in your local community.

If you can get acquainted with your being and the Supreme Being, then you are on a path worth more than jewels.
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We should be mindful of the mind and how it creates its many matrixes.

What is the matrix?

It seems like no one has been able to answer that question.

There was this sister with an unknown face who was in quite a hurry to get to Jumuah.

From what I recall as stated in the Hadith, we should not run to the mosque for Jumuah prayers.

I believe the main purpose to come to the mosque is in a calm state and not one of agitation which might agitate others.

The goal and main purpose is to make peace.
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How well do you know and love your body and mind?

It is now 23:01 and I have not written a single word until just now.

I managed to work on my file project today with the help of my wife who volunteered.

I am always hesitant to allow her to help me because she starts asking all kinds of questions about the stuff I am trying to organize.

ďWhat is this, when was that, why did you purchase this?Ē and so on down the road.

I began to feel like I was under some kind of interrogation or something.
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I shouldnít find it hard to believe that my ultimate experience would be to give up writing all together because I love writing so much.

I managed to get rid of the stuff that we said we were going to get rid of which was the old television, baby stroller, baby crib, and the high chair.

It still seems like we did not make such a big dent in the clutter that we have but it is a start.

I think if we rearrange the closets we will find that we have some extra space to make things more spacious.
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I read an article entitled ĎWeird Dreams After You Stop Smoking Marijuana.í

This article talked about how people start to have vivid dreams after they stop smoking pot after a few number of days.

It was said that when you smoke pot that you do not dream or do not remember.

After reading the article I read the testimonials, which bear witness to the dream phenomenon. Many people talked about how they started to keep dream journals.

Before I go to sleep I like to tell myself that I will remember my dreams and that I will lucid dream too.
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Being civilized and cultured definitely does not mean that you walk around with your pants sagging down and do not know how to read or write.

Being Black has nothing to do with the many stereotypes that you see on television, but has everything to with knowledge, wisdom, understanding, and intelligence.

It should be your greatest desire to become the God within.

We can never be satisfied in life. This is one thing that I am beginning to learn.

Exactly how could it be possible to enter that deep sleep dream state like when we were babies in the womb?
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What really matters?

There is no time like now because there is no tomorrow that is guaranteed.

Each breath should be cherished and considered a miracle.

Inner, outward,
outward, inwardly,
strengthen self,
strengthen the Universe,
be at one.

She is supposed to be rotating around my light, wisdom, desires, needs, and wants.

If she really wanted to learn how to take care of a man then she would listen to what I had to say.

I realized that learning and teaching wisdom did not have to be in a classroom typesetting with my son.

Every single day is a school.
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Relationship- n. the way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected; the state of being connected, the state of being connected by blood or marriage, the way in which two or more people or organizations regard and behave toward each other, an emotional and sexual association between two people.

Part of being intuitive has a lot to do with how tuned you are to your feelings and emotions.

Feeling a certain way does not have to have an explanation, just be aware of the emotion or feeling and leave it at that.

Relaxed body.

Relaxed mind.
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Being a real true man requires certain qualities, traits, qualifications, and characteristics.

Can any so called man be a man?

Any man can be a man if he is willing to go through the fire and the obstacles that are needed to fortify his being.

The one thing in life that you must always realize and understand is that there is no tomorrow and in between.

You're either dead or you are not.

It is either cold or it is hot.

Perhaps there is a chance that you can make this abode the peaceful abode you have always dreamed of.
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After removing the television, I sat in that spot, slept there and made an announcement that I was now the new television who would tell them a new vision that was more real and more practical.

Though the 99 attributes are true and powerful, Allah is beyond the 99 Attributes.

The truth of the matter is that Allah is more than you could ever imagine.

The Creator is not some mythological or once upon a time creation.

God could be every single thing we could imagine,
when our words ran out,
that is when we finally realized.

God is now.
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When I think of releasing the bird from its cage I think about three things.

The first thought is about this book entitled ĎStepping Out of Self Deception.í

The other thought is about allowing my wife to leave if she wants to leave from this relationship.

She is always talking about how tired she is and how she does not want to live out here anymore.

If she does not want to be somewhere, why force her to?

The other thought is when my stepmom released a parakeet from its cage in her backyard.

Green wings
against the blue sky.
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How do you do something for self when you have never been shown how?

I find myself thinking about the time that I invest into my job when I could be investing that time into my work.

Your job is your salary.

Your work is what you love.

I must know what I want in this life and why.

What direction am I heading in, and what direction am I going to?

Once I do that and can see it on paper then I can make an active decision.

I do not want to guess anymore, I want to know.
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Only God knows how tired I was.

You should be slowing down when you feel like speeding up.

I had to ask myself a question in regards to work.

Can I go to my job Zenfully with nothing on my back and focus just on the job and nothing else at all?

Sometimes being a man means doing the shit you donít want to, but doing it anyways to make a difference.

In one thousand words can you describe yourself?

I thought about this challenge while coming across a website that suggests how to write a one thousand word essay.
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In order to understand mindfulness of the breath and what that really means, you have to really observe your breath.

How does your breath go in?

How does it go out and pause in between breaths?

Once you are really mindful of the breath you will realize how sacred the breath is.

The more aware that you can be of your breath, sound, and actions the better off you are in the present moment.

Let's go back to the essence of all things by removing all names and titles to every single thing that you can think of including yourself.
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No oneís time and energy goes unaccounted for. That would be contrary to the laws of the Universe.

What do you know about the laws of the universe?

It is called enough common sense to know better and to know the truth when you see it.

I decided to pick up my prayer books from off of the floor because I felt that they should be on top of something. They were on top of something.

They were on top of my writings which had some deep content inside of them.

Why do I leave my writings around like that?
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Water is the most beautiful Woman.
She cleanses me
keeps me warm.

She envelops me
and shows me
her underwater worlds.


Put a little love in your heart does not mean kissing ass and acting super nice or out of your true and divine given character.

Put a little love in your heart is about loving compassion and learning how to love, even those that you hate.

Mind you that this is a type of love that is above others.

Just as you have various levels in degrees you also have various degrees in love.
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Do people build up their own walls and insecurities around them to the point that it is somewhat difficult to reach out to them?

In truth mind is over all things because all things come from the mind.

If you can acknowledge the mind and the various aspects of the mind it can really help you unfold more in the process of becoming.

Once you realize that everything is mind then you will understand what I am talking about.

When asked the question what is love the response was 'you love what you love,'

Be what you want to be.
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I need to get my teeth fixed.

Where am I going to get the money to do that?

Maybe a higher paying job would help.

It is important to relax.

Currently I am listening to Brazillian music.

Earlier I was listening to Aguas De Marco by Elis Regina and Antonio Carlos wondering if I could manage to memorize the lyrics.

Now Iím trying to play one thousand word catch up.

Be like the Sun.

No matter what anyone says to fuck up your day or try to bring you down, always stay positive and shine; even on a cloudy day.
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Just finished the balance of ikan asam pedas and watching Samurai Champloo episode 1 season 1. I have heard of this before in one of the Manga comics.

I found a Manga comic in the street today when I was walking to the Broadway station. I would have taken it home if I did not find that unknown big brown stain inside of it.

It is evening time now. If it were up to me I would go back to sleep and lay down. I could do that for a few minutes just to relax, but what about my writings?