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Allah is the formless and the formed, the Supreme Mystery, no longer a mystery anymore, as He is much deeper than that.

We can talk about the world that we see with our physical eyes, and the world that we cannot see, otherwise known as the unseen.

Just because we do not see something does not mean it does not exist.

We cannot see atoms, but they are there.

That is all Allah has to do. He just thinks it, and then says kunfayakum and there it is, an entire universe.

I cannot possibly tell you how that process works.
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To be a real man, simply be yourself and fear no one when it comes to doing the thing that is deep within your heart to do.

One aspect of your life that you might want to be mindful of on a moment by moment basis is your thoughts.

Since thoughts are powerful and are responsible for bringing things into existence, be mindful of your thoughts.

Cultivate your mind with thoughts that are positive and nourishing.

We have the ability to fulfill our desires, whatever they may be, and the ability to rise above our desires too.

Itís your decision.
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Meditation should never be about how long you meditated, how many breaths you took, or focusing on the alarm clock to sound, wondering when the meditation will end.

In this particular meditation I was able to see how the mind tends to wander outside of the moment.

Within this process I was able to see how I could gently bring the mind back to the present moment.

This is what itís all aboutÖ

Bringing yourself to the present moment, and staying there while acknowledging your breath, the things that you hear and the things that you feel in this moment.
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Whatever you do in life, whatever life you live, or path you choose, be absolutely serious about it.

My theme for being a man is rather simple.

Simply overcome all the things that are known to take away the character of a man.

Right now I can arguably say that complaining about how we did not get enough sleep when there is nothing at all that we can do about it is just a waste of breath.

We should be trying to overcome sleep and laziness to begin our moil to do or be something more productive in our lives.
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Getting hugs from my father as a child were rare.

I looked at my son and realized that I could be in danger of repeating the cycle all over again. Realizing this made me want to make a vow to hug my son every day, even when he pisses me off.

After my parents divorced I eventually lived with my grandmother, and then my aunt whose body is now almost completely paralyzed neck down.

People should be mindful that for every deadbeat dad was a unfulfilled man who never had a father, and was never told how to be one.
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Do not talk about your plans of actions with others, just do them.

I will reiterate the importance of being silent and keeping up the practice of the Silence.

I am not talking about secrets, I am talking about making the word more powerful by keeping the word bond and doing every single thing that you said you would do.

In truth, the word should not be something taken lightly at all.

Have you forgotten where words came from?

They came from our thoughts.

If you can be mindful of your thoughts, then you can be mindful of your words.
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Normally we know OM to be a mantra often used in Buddhist meditation.

I have coined it to mean Observing Mindfulness.

What do I mean by Observing Mindfulness?

Take a look at some of these phrases.

Observing the breath,

mindful of the breath.

Observing the silence,

mindful of the silence.

Observing the thoughts,

mindful of the thoughts.

observing attachment,

mindful of attachment.

Observing action [bodily movements],

mindful of bodily action [bodily movements].

Doing all of these things really helped my shift to run smoothly and I did not find it to be something that was time consuming or plain boring.
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If you love art so much where is your artwork to prove it?

I managed to straighten the closet out a bit. There wasnít much to straighten out. I had to do more rearranging more than anything else with lots of things ready to go to the Goodwill.

I was thinking that though we do not have a vehicle that is in operation, we could probably call some Salvation Army company that could come and pick up the donations for us.

That would give us more clear space since we are getting rid of a lot of baby stuff too.
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Being a student takes diligence, long hours of reading, focus, and intense concentration.

Learning is not about the grade that you might get or the degree, it's about the work and dedication that you put into what you are studying or learning about.

It is always best to choose something that you love; so that you never get bored.

I want to make daily recordings of Bahasa Melayu which is said to be quite easy to learn.

I wondered if they taught this language in the Pimsleur way.

I am quite sure that it can be found on Rosetta Stone.
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I started my morning off rather well by hooking up the high speed internet finally. I hated to go through all of the instructions and so many steps.

I think I am in need of some real serious rest and that I might be doing too many tasks at one time.

I know that trying to overcome sleep might sound like a good thing, but in the long run, we cannot deny the body to get its share of needed rest.

I managed to relax my body in the bathtub this evening and almost literally fell asleep inside of it.
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I have been practicing Zen in the workplace, but I have been keeping it to myself. Now itís time to expand my awareness to include every single being and thing that is there. Itís time to open up the senses.

Always remember that there is a difference between looking at something and seeing.

Seeing goes beyond looking.

Many will agree that we use our eyes to see and to see alone.

How many use their eyes to feel what they see, and hear what they see.

Is it possible to see what you hear or to hear what you feel?
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I must admit that I had a real nice leg workout, even surprising myself that I could lift more than what I had previously thought.

I was upset about the fact that I wasnít able to use a particular machine because this old man was sitting down on it and playing with his phone, sending out text messages.

If he wanted to sit down he could have sat down in the lobby area of the gym.

The whole entire time that I was there, he just sat there and I never saw him move the machine with his legs once.
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I want her to understand that the things that I want are not a compromise. If you do this then I will do that.

It has to be spontaneous like building up credit in a bank.

I want it to be natural.

You do something nice for me and I will do something nice for you without you asking me to do something nice.

This is what love is really about.

When you go out of your way for the person that you love, if that person really loves you, they will go out of their way for you too.
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Have you finished your one hundred words she asked.

Well today is another day I responded.

Our room had been invaded once again by our son while I was taking a shower.

I was prepared to get intimate with my wife and there he was.

What in the hell is this I asked.

He came to the room on his own she said.

On his own? I asked.

Have you ever sat and watched someone sleeping; doing nothing else but studying everything about them, while they are sleeping, wondering where they go?

Anything can be done,
anything can be accomplished.
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There is no use in holding on to the past, or dwelling on shit that has already happened.

I really think we should get rid of the television, as I witness its effects on the children and recall that it was predicted that we would invite the devil into our homes.

Is not television filled with lies and make believe?

Television is not the real thing.

My heart says throw it out the window.

Run with all of your might and just throw it off of your balcony or try picking up a sledge hammer and breaking it into pieces.
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I have a small window in which to write so I will try my best not to waste any time and get down to it.

This time around she went all the way with it. She will definitely get her reward for my deepest appreciation to feel more like a man; willing to take on more obstacles in my day to day life.

Watch the sunrise
watch the sunset.
Be a part of nature.
Witness it,
then thank Allah.

I saw a certain aspect of my life on the Netzach sphere as far as the tree of life was concerned.
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One thought that came to mind today was about the duties and obligations of the man to provide maintenance for the woman in marriage.

In some cases people tend to think that this type of maintenance is talking about monetary maintenance.

It has to be stressed that when we take care of our wives, weíre supposed to take care of them on all levels, which includes the physical, the mental, the spiritual, and the emotional just to name a few.

How do you take care for a woman on these various levels?

It becomes obvious that the woman requires guidance.
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In this particular twenty minute meditation, I felt more alert and desired to do more meditations like this in the future.

The focus of this meditation was emptiness.

When certain images started to come up in my mind I would refocus my mind on the emptiness.

I had a thought that the person with the most power is the one who was the least attached, without desires, without wants.

I continued the meditation by letting go of whatever I was holding on to.

I tried to release my thoughts too.

Let everything go and you should see a big difference.
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One hundred words a day,
my personal haiku's.

I sorted through another file box. I was glad when I found my print out on Thought Power by H. H. Sri Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj.

Thoughts contain more power than what we think.

Just heard some thunder now. As I looked out the balcony window, I confirmed that it was raining. I did not see that forecast coming.

I think I better head out a little bit earlier than usual from our humble abode so that I can go to one of those shelter bus stops to shield me from natureís elements.
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Whatever happened to relearning katakana and hiragana first?

I was in the shower and suddenly found myself speaking some Japanese words.

I cannot say alphabets because hiragana and katakana is not something that you would call an alphabet in the same manner that you would call an alphabet in the English language.

Amharic, one of the surviving Black Asiatic languages that has not been romanized or tampered with by the Europeanís clammy white devil handed dealings.

Empty the mind by emptying the mind.

If you can fast with water for forty days, then you can enter into the deeper mysteries.
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Dali 15 Galactic Moon.

The first thing that I would be told when I arrived home in the morning is that she was on her menses.

As I see the changes and the procrastination aspects of my life, it has been like removing cobwebs and regaining focus. I cannot possibly describe it all in just words alone.

I urge everyone to continue to confront the procrastination aspects of their lives that tend to hold us back.

The very root of Islam has its ties with all religions.

I have discovered the ties between Zen and Sufism.

How beautiful Islam is.
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I am sorry to say, but seeing God face to face is the highest revelation. I was reading about the three types of revelation and none of them mentioned the reality and fact of possibilities that God could be a man and could talk to you just like a man speaks to a man.

When it comes to women, one of the first questions that goes through my mind is can I trust them.

Allah still gives us women anyway, since He is a man, He knows what it is really like, and He knows about the struggles of man.
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Here are some Zen sayings I found today.

"An eternity of endless space;
A day of wind and moon."

"Merge your mind with cosmic space, integrate your actions with myriad forms."

"When you forget the good and the non good, the worldly life and the religious life, and all other dharmas, and permit no thoughts relating to them to arise, and you abandon body and mind- then there is complete freedom. When the mind is like wood or stone, there is nothing to be discrimminated."

"Speech is blasphemy, silence a lie. Above speech and silence there is a way out."
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Work went very slow last night. I never went through any of the Zen Habit material or my budget notes that I had brought with me to work last night.

The down side about this morning is learning that I had to go in to work by 19:00 today.

That was the unexpected ice pick in my back. Getting paid is not always the bright side.

Ever since Iíve been thinking of my wife as the one to fulfill all of my fantasies even if she was not satisfying all of them yet, seemed to turn me on even more.
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As thoughts go through my mind I try to see the root of them all.

The orb continued to orb and let out loving vibrations.

True love conquers all things.

Love is the essence of the Supreme Being.

If you are going to promote something, promote it in a righteous manner. You can be righteous and still have fun.

It's good to be mindful while praying. While in the process of doing prayer you can catch the lurking thoughts in their process.

Allah has given us hearing, eyes, feeling, taste, a heart, and smell as faculties to tune and develop.
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When I woke up this evening the bead on my sweater was moving back and forth and I wondered what it was. I wasnít going to be satisfied until I had an answer.

I asked myself if I could try not to look for an answer and if I could just let my mind be somewhat imaginative instead.

Many times I have seen something and asked myself what something was and not being satisfied until I figured it out.

Does everything have to have a name to it?

Can I look at something and say it is what it is?
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I would like an hour where I just sit down and do nothing.

Cutting and pasting,
the beauty of computers
when it comes to writing,
and the beauty of the hands
when it comes to art.

ĎDid you know that my favorite silver colored pen is broken now?í I asked. I tried everything to fix it; testing the spring, taking it apart and putting it back together.

Realizing that my procrastination was due to certain thoughts I was unconscious of helps me to realize that I can make a change by doing the exact opposite of these lurking unconscious thoughts.
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Having good intentions backed by action are a recipe for success.

I canít believe that twelve hours have passed since the last time I wrote anything or did anything.

I walked to the store more than once. The first time I walked to the store I had to go back home once I realized that I forgot my wallet.

The second time that I went out I put on a sweater and changed my shoes.

It was getting chilly out there the first time I walked and it seemed to get even colder on my second walk to the store.