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True communication is intimacy. It’s open and truthful. Nothing is said with camouflaged words or sent with mixed messages.

To be a true man should be the dream of all men. A patriarchal society in truth is not and has not always necessarily been some kind of brutal society as it has been often portrayed.

The one who is closest to God is the one who thinks about him all of the time. There is nothing else that takes up his mind or his thoughts.

Islam is a tree that does not stop growing. Islam is the Tree of Life.
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I have to get a guitar so that I can learn how to play the Moonlight Sonata.

Everything is mystical. If you happen to be looking for every sense of wonder, the only thing you have to do is look in the present moment.

When it came to the explanation of time I had explained it by showing them the inside parts of a watch and then began to explain the cycles of life and the various aspects of the human being and plants and did a comparison to see which one would they prefer to be a part of.
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As I write, words flow with the motion of my pen and black ink on white paper with straight blue lines that have tried to guide me over the edge into the distant desert where cactus grows, blooming flowers, and the cackle of some magical animal of sorts and things within a galaxy in a grain of sand.

Writing on paper with a pen is the true essence of journalism. When you write in this manner, it is truly personal and unique, where your only fonts are the ones etched on paper with the motions and strokes with your hand.
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I do not want to be a man of words, though I would still desire to increase my vocabulary, and pick up on some foreign languages which can sometimes be like a sexy exotic woman.

Don’t ever make your plans of actions a discussion.

Oh, I plan to put a bookshelf on the wall; which later becomes some day in the long distant future.

Looking at the empty space that I have made in our room looks very different now after clearing out a bunch of things that did not need to be in the area that it was in.
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Masaru Emoto came to the conclusion after studying water that everything is vibration. This has been proven today by the metaphysicists of our time.

If we were to break ourselves down to the smallest particle, we would see a collection of atoms arranged in different orders according to the function of each part in our bodies.

He quoted a Buddhist saying which says "That which can be seen has no form, and that which cannot be seen has form."

The ancients knew more about metaphysics than we do today.

Mankind makes us believe that his discoveries are so brand new.
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I recall a saying which says that a family who prays together stays together.

So I am looking for the Sun in its normal place of rising and never see it.

What I did begin to see was its reflection off of some black glass windows on a hi-rise building. I peered out more over our wooden balcony to see that the Sun was rising in a completely different direction as though it had shifted.

Yes, Eureka! The Earth shifted on its axis and that is why we have the four seasons.

How many people actually witness and notice that?
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Prayer is communion with God; we share with Him our needs, and we also learn to be attentive, as Rūmī beautifully describes:

“Make everything in you an ear, each atom of your being, and you will hear at every moment what the Source is whispering to you, just to you and for you, without any need for my words or anyone else's.

In every moment, in every event of your life, the Beloved is whispering to you exactly what you need to hear and know.

Who can ever explain this miracle?

Listen and you will discover it every passing moment.”
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True living is about mind over the senses, over the emotions, over food, over desires, and over the vaginae.

I’m reflecting over the Zen Habits article which says something about life being an art.

Have you ever thought about the process and time it takes to do an art piece?

How can we become such an art piece on a moment by moment basis?

Maybe this is why some people really love fashion. They see themselves as an art piece.

If you think about it for awhile you might begin to notice something very beautiful, artistic, and poetical about yourself.
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I only have about twenty minutes to get ready and make it to work on time.

I didn’t say ‘wake me up at 2,’ like she said, I said ‘I need to leave around two in order to get to work on time.’

It's actually my fault, because I had my alarm set for 12. I responded to the alarm and went back to sleep. I do not know what happened after that.

After work I plan to go straight to the gym. It would be the best time to go since by that time mostly everybody will be sleeping.
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I read a passage in a book that I was reading which said ''to be treated as a King, you have to behave as a King.''

The one thing about this saying is that a lot of people do not know what it is like to be a King or what a King does.

A motivating factor in my life is focusing on the ways and histories of the Gods, the Kings, the Warriors, the Mystics, and the Saints.

I want to learn about men who stood out in history who are often not mentioned in the school history books.
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If my life should be about me and where I am going in life then I should not hesitate to get it. I was thinking about this while driving in the car. I just heard a voice that said ‘be the man that you have always wanted to be.’

If you are really doing something that you love, it would be something that comes quite naturally.

If you knew that you were strong and had all this power then you would not have to show it off or prove anything to anybody.

Our number one enemy is inside of us.
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Where there is infinity, there is no limitation.

Infinity is eternity…

Everything does not die like people say from the books that they read.

Death is seen in the wrong light, as though it should be something that is scary, accompanied by demons and grim reapers, without realizing the process.

How many people actually study the process?

Who can really say, if they’re not willing to try to understand death?

I found a saying which says 'la parole est d'argent mais le silence est d'or,' which means ‘speech is silver but silence is golden.’

That little phrase alone speaks volumes.
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Who would have ever thought that punk music didn’t start off with such bands as the Ramones or the Sex Pistols but with a group of Black brothers who rehearsed in their bedroom and called their band Death.

If it were not for this documentary I would have never known this.

They had many opportunities to sign a record deal, under the condition that they would change the name of their band. Because of their refusal to change their name they were never recognized until years later by mistake.

Another example of how the innovativeness of Black people lies hidden.
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What I learned in my Zuhr prayer is that when we say prayer it’s not just saying a few words. Prayers should be said almost like a song with the thought in my mind that every word is significant and that every word has its meaning.

Why shouldn’t it be the same for the words that you speak and say?

Should they not be just as important and the thoughts that you think which eventually become the words that come out of your mouth?

I think Allah is really blessing me today.

I need to pay heed to today's lesson.
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When you are on the mystical path seeking states of mystical consciousness, one step to take is to do things as though you have all the time in the world. We should take our sweet time.

Awareness starts with self first. Awareness of self means being aware of every aspect of your body, paying attention to the sensations in your face, the sensations in your shoulders, all the way down to your feet.

While being aware of all of these things, you expand your awareness while still being aware of the various sensations that are going on outside your body.
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Once I got my skateboard out the trunk of the car I rode it around in the apartment parking lot to make sure that I could so some ollies. I skated down the hill to the park down the street, practiced some runs there briefly, and then I skated to the condo building where I rested for awhile before skating down by Target and eventually to the bank where I deposited some money into my bank account. I skated some more past the XXX shop, the strip clubs, and then headed down to Whole Foods to buy some sandalwood soap.
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Do I need to give myself instructions in regards to my projects down to every single step?

I’ve thought about making my Thursday’s and my Friday’s mystic Thursdays and mystic Fridays.

You could re-theorize the world that you live in according to that which you know to be the truth. Live life according to how you believe it to be.

If I have real inner genuine peace then there should not be any difficulty for me in keeping my composure.

Keeping my composure means not allowing something outside of me to disturb that which I have cultivated deep within me.
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If you have not realized the power and the abilities of your mind by now, then now is a good time to start.

The one thing man must remember is that he is a khalifah and that he is one degree above the woman. That degree is very significant and it’s that degree that should be maintained at all times.

There is no type of discipline where you start off as a master. Everything takes time and dedication unless you are happy doing a half ass sloppy job.

If someone does not like doing something, simply find someone that does.
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Thoughts ripple throughout the universe and in the place that you presently reside. I began to see thoughts like water ripples being more subtler than that.

Man is wrong to underestimate his thoughts and think that it does not have a factor on his life.

When I looked at the images of the various deep sea creatures, it occurred to me that if we were really intelligent, we would be found meditating upon the self all of the time.

You’re everything in the Universe and connected in more ways than just one.

Get acquainted with the silence and the stillness.
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The lamb curry from last night was delicious. The meat was so tender and soft.

I took a bath after that with candles lit which is still burning now. It is a white candle encased in glass reminding me of a verse in the Holy Quran that talks about light encased in glass.

Later she came to the room and said ‘let's watch a movie.’

I looked at her as if to say ‘are you serious?’ I stayed up all night waiting for you.

She said I fell asleep at the foot of the bed snoring loudly.

I don’t snore.
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I fell asleep and received a call from Danielle the banker who told me that in order to complete the wire transaction I would have to go back to the bank in person after I had already sat in front of her like a Mr. Nice Guy, waiting patiently to do a transaction that she would never be able to do because they had a new system.

Despite the outer part of me appearing to be calm and patient, I was trying my best to just breathe and not flip over her desk and strangle her with the telephone cord.
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Recently I came to this conclusion about thoughts. I believe that not only are our thoughts powerful, but our thoughts can affect those around us and things and objects too.

Right now she does not know how I am feeling about her. She may not be able to sense my angry thoughts on a conscious level, but there is some part of her that does.

Don’t meditate on what it means to be a man but on what it means to be yourself, because society has for the most part told the world what it means to be a man.
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She was very happy about her $480 eye glasses once she had got them.

When I arrived home I was sweating like 6 goats skipping rope. I don't know why I was feeling horny while out skateboarding.

I killed a fly with a sort of Kung Fu under hand. Should I have killed the fly?

What is the meaning of the fly?

I was glad to find that I had some money from the State and the Poets and Writers magazine in the mail.

I watched Kevin Hart the standup comedian and found him to be hilarious while eating dinner.
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I read some statistics that stated before World War I men spent four hours per day with their children.

Before World War II men spent two hours with their children per day.

After World War II men only spent twenty minutes a day with their children.

Looking at these statistics was quite sad and the way I looked at these statistics it almost seemed to be orchestrated.

Call me a conspiracist if you desire but one should wonder why did this happen and how?

I don’t care what people say. Every child needs a father in their life, especially boys.
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I am listening to Fryderyk Chopin playing Nocturnes 3 For Piano, Op. 9 Ct. 108-110 and now Raindrops.

So don't you think it is a waste of time to focus on something that will probably not happen in the first place and to stop thinking about stuff that you do not want to happen.

Instead focus on what's going on in the present moment.

How aware are you?

It is said that the root of suffering is desire. It is not just desire, but our attachment to the desire.

Invite the lower senses to a higher faculty of the mind.
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I left off with Lisa Ono last night before I went to sleep, Tchaikovsky, and Sakura Cherry Blossoms.

I have fallen in love with another kind of nude. It is ballerinas in the nude doing what ballerinas do while listening to classical music all day and all night long.

While you are at it, why don't you use this as your inspiration to draw.

You could be learning anatomy at the same time.

All I can tell you is that whatever you plan to be educated about, just make sure that you know everything that you possibly can about it.
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I listened to Requiem For A Dream composed by Clint Mansell.

The word requiem can also be seen as Requiem Mass. It is associated with the Roman Catholic Church.

It’s said that this Mass celebrates for the repose of the dead.

Repose means; the state of reposing or being at rest, sleep, peace, tranquility, calm, dignified calmness, as of manner, composure, absence of movement, to lie dead, to be peacefully calm and quiet.

The sea reposed under the tropical sun.

Did you see the beautiful sea creatures created by Allah so deep down in the ocean and in the sea?
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You know about Oedipus and the Oedipus complex.

Most women have no idea what men are talking about when they tell them things and tend to want you to explain everything.

Instead of seeking explanations all the time, what they really need to do, is just shut up and submit to what they are being told.

No matter how much she talks shit, complains, and gets pissed off, I have told myself that I must keep my thoughts and emotions as clear as water.

I cannot allow people outside of me to effect my inner mode of peace and being.
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I know that what I view to be the smaller in truth could be the most powerful thing and that which I see to be bigger may not be so big upon closer examination.

You don't have to go to medical school to know the names of all the surgeon's medical tools.

Seeing those images just made my whole body fill with chills. I almost felt as though these instruments were somewhat extraterrestrial in origins.

I believe that our connections are beyond this planet Earth and that there’s so many things that we just do not know as human beings.
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Once I was leaving out of the store in the car with the five gallon water bottle in the back seat of the car I saw this woman going to her car. She was quite young and she was wearing some tight ass short shorts.

I couldn’t help, nor stop looking as I passed by her car while she was getting inside.

The words that came out of my mouth were ‘got damn!’ If the windows were rolled down, she probably would have heard me say that.

My experience was a perfect example as to why women should cover themselves.
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Later on while doing my patrol by the Gift Shop I had this urge to look inside. I saw the titles of some Christian Books which had some very interesting titles. One of the titles had something to do with the Jezebel.

Jezebel is something or someone that every man should know about.

According to this website that I just visited it says "The Jezebel spirit is a demonic spirit of perversion, lust, manipulation, mind control, witchcraft, and the occult. The Jezebel spirit is a very powerful demonic spirit."

I wondered if I could ever be celibate like an angel.