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Iím really loafing about returning to work again after my three week vacation. I am constantly thinking about my road trip to California, except for the time the California Highway Patrolman gave me a ticket for crossing over the double yellow lines to get into the carpool lane which had four people in the car altogether.

I am grasping that one thing I donít like about returning to work is facing the co workers who pretend like they missed you with that fake smile on their face asking the question, ďSo how was your vacation?Ē as though they really cared.
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I would love to declutter my apartment more. I have already been inspired by the idea of minimalism for quite some time now and have already taken some small steps to decluttering by getting rid of stuff that I do not need or use.

One thing that I have noticed is that every time I dump stuff into the Goodwill bins I feel this sense of release and freedom from the object which took up space in my home.

I already have an idea on what our room should look like once it is completed, without out all the clutter.
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What is true love? It seems that everybody has a different answer for the same question.

Some would say that love was walking on the beach while the sun is setting, while another person would say that it was their favorite meal.

People talk about falling in love, and about how much they would love it if they won a million dollars, or if they were able to travel through space, or meet some celebrity.

In my own opinion, there are no limits to love, but love should be something that lasts for a long time, and can be cherished.
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I recall the concept of loving kindness and cultivating compassion as stated in Buddhism.

In almost every surah of the Holy Quran, Allah is said to be the Most Compassionate.

How easy is it to exercise compassion and love in our lives on a moment by moment basis without getting angry and without losing our composures?

I think this is one reason why itís good to practice meditation on a daily basis, which helps us to reach that calmness of mind, enabling us to be able to make the practice of love and compassion so much easier, until itís natural.
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These buff guys think they can scare somebody with their size without realizing that size has nothing to do with it. There are so many different levels involved.

You have certain women who think that you will just sparkle all over them.

The sad thing about women going to the gym is that even if they want men to approach them, most men will not approach them for fear that perhaps he would be deemed to be Ďharassing them.í

Men donít know if women are there to work out, or if they are there to get their kitty cat wet.
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Finally he went to sleep. Iím pondering ďwhat the fuck!Ē

This little boy was talking to me like I was his son.

It took every ounce and fiber of my being not to strike out with this brown leather belt.

Who in the hell did he think he was?

In my days I am quite sure if I raised my voice at my dad at his age, I would have found myself somewhere on the floor wondering what in the hell just struck me.

It would have been eagle claw grip, dragon sweeps the tail, knocks out my teeth technique.
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Right now the fan is running, my spouse is eating a banana, and it feels like 80 degrees in here.

My son is making all kind of noise outside, and if you want to know what a mommy's boy looks like, you can find a picture of him in the dictionary and the encyclopedia.

When I was his age, was I really attached to my mom?

I wonder why my teenage daughter is suddenly interested in sports. I hope itís not the men. I realize that there are probably all kinds of things that I do not know about her.
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If I was about to get intimate with someone, the best way to kill my mood is by asking all kind of questions.

What kind of condom are you using?

Are you using Trojan, Life Styles or Durex?

Today we had Kosher turkey sandwiches which we made ourselves and watched this Kung Fu movie which in my opinion was Hollywood all the way. When I say Hollywood, Iím talking about impossible flying maneuvers, kicks, throwing deadly sewing needles that pierces swords, and the list goes on.

I found the movie to be more entertaining and very far from being realistic.
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ďDonít look at the sun,'' they say ''because you could go blind.''

If we take a few minutes away from the various sayings and find the source to the saying and where the saying came from, then perhaps we would start looking at everything we have been told with a different look which gives the answers as to why.

It seems that sun gazing has its benefits. I watched a few videos on sun gazing by people who claimed that they did it and they did not appear to be blind.

Cultures before us have sun gazed without going blind.
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We all know how women are, or do we?

Anyhow take a look at this and take a look at your surroundings and really try to understand.

Do you see things that appear to be buried that really need to be put back to life?

Do you see things that say enough is enough?

It was my right foot over a deck of spread out cards from playing a game of solitaire. A game I faintly remember, and a game that would simply put me to sleep and give me dreams about my spouse who was not wearing her hijab.
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I can hear cars in the distance roaming on the freeway, and the last remnants of summer crickets chirping before the arrival of the fall season. Somewhere not too far from here someone is baking bread.

Since the time Iíve been driving, I canít recall the last time that I caught the bus.

Tonight I caught the bus, since the front tire is on a flat and since the car ran out of gas.

Reasons Iíve loved catching the bus, was being able to people watch, and soak in the minutes and the moments while waiting like a deep meditation.
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I looked up how many elements were in the periodic table and came across the question as to who discovered the element. I found a list of all the elements with the names of the scientist or team of scientists who discovered the particular element with a story behind how it was discovered.

I gave the site some credit since they admitted that there was some elements that were known since ancient times, so they couldnít say who discovered certain elements.

How do they know that all the elements they discovered were not discovered by the ancient people before them?
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An employee died this morning in his basement.

At some point we come to the part in our lives when we realize that we will return to the Creator too, and we begin to see how much we are attached to this world.

When weíre afraid to return to the Creator, then it means that we are still holding on to something. Perhaps it is the dear precious life itself that we have been granted.

Nobody in their right mind wants to just die. Everyone hopes for a better day and that tomorrow will be better than what today was.
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I think we all tend to forget that one day we will die.

If we were to live each day as though it were our last, what would we do with it?

Is it really possible to live each day as though it was our last?

Why not try living a richer life filled with meaning.

Sometimes I think my death is just waiting for me around the corner. I fail to realize that projecting this thought actually germinates the circumstances for this to happen.

I want to live a long life and see heaven on earth while Iím alive.
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I have never hosted a party before, and my skills on entertaining guest are sad but true. Maybe itís because I am not an entertainer.

My party days were long over many years ago. The one thing that I miss about the parties more than anything else was being able to socialize with people who had the same interests that I had. Usually this is what you call friends, the people that you get along with.

Nowadays since many of my interests have changed, it seems like it is difficult to find people who like the thinks that I do.
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Learning how to be more focused is one trait that I would love to inherit more of.

Have I lost my sense of humanity and what it means to be human to begin with?

Do we know what it truly means to be human in face of all the technology in this world who say its just better to text, skype, twit, facebook, or send an email than it is to shake someoneís hand, make eye contact, or have a conversation in person.

Technology may have its advantages to making certain things easier, but in my opinion itís deteriorating humanity.
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Sometimes a perceived bad thing can turn out to be good, and a perceived good thing can turn out to have some bad.

Personally I didnít want to go to the mandatory job meeting that we were scheduled for this evening. So what did I do during the meeting?

I did what I do at mostly all meetings and training classes. I doodled and drew pictures making me realize that I had to do it more often.

Spending time is my two words for the day.

How much time do I spend on the things that I proclaim to love?
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Life is and should be about being here, so snap back to reality because we are not in Portland or any other place but here.

After watching more of Portlandia today, I realized that the power of script in truth is in the power of words.

Words are the results of thought on paper in our minds. Without words it is difficult to convey our messages across.

The power of a movie to move someone or inspire them is due to words.

With all of this being said, don't you think it would be worth your while to study words?
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If you want to be a priest, now is a good time for confessions.

What do I have to lose if I am speaking the truth?

Yoga is basically about complete and superior self control over the body and the senses that tend to be deluded by this world. It is all an illusion, but man takes this world to be so real. Our bodies are an extension of mind.

While playing chess, I realized that it tended to be something like Star Wars in the sense that we were using a certain type of force to win the game.
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I was challenged with no alarm clock since my cell phone is malfunctioning.

I told myself to sleep for two hours. Rather I slept for two hours or not doesnít matter. All I know is that I slept for some time and woke myself up without an alarm clock, or somebody else waking me up.

We have to be our own alarm clocks with our bodies, and learn how to be more in tuned.

Do you see how the television waves of colors were imprinting their foreheads while they were sleeping?

I really want to get rid of the television.
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I went straight to the gym after starring in my role as the taxi driver. I was a bit surprised when the male employee asked me ďso what are you working on today?Ē

Are you my personal trainer or what?

I was really hoping that this guy was not gay and trying to hit on me, or simply trying to fuck with my head.

I changed my shoes in the parking lot after my workout and skateboarded a few minutes in the parking lot. I could see that Iím a little rusty but still have my same old usual style.
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Just as water had responded to the words of love and hate and formed different crystal structures, [according to the thought sent to them] the same analogy could be applied to your body as well and how you speak and think about it.

I listened to the sound of a clock ticking.


It is interesting how we measure ourselves and time to the tick of a clock without realizing that there is no measure and that there is no time.

The only time that is real, is organic time, and the motion of all natural life.
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After I meditated I went to the balcony to see the last remnants of sundown. At this point the stars were becoming more visible and I thought about how our teachers asked us when we were children what we wanted to be when we grew up. As adults I think we still ask ourselves the same question as to what we should be.

Why be anything at all?

The true essence of life is when we can just be, without sticking some label to ourselves as to who we are.

We are more than our job descriptions, names, and titles.
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Good casual conversation is like a nice short story or a classic novel depending on the content of the conversation.

Sometimes I wonder what it takes to be a real good writer and thought that true writing is about writing rawfully, having no fears or regrets.

It is in my opinion that a person who was truly into writing could reach levels of satisfaction from writing alone if he is honest and true with his writing which means that there is no holding back.

If someone was to write in this manner, there would always be something to write about.
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I went to jury duty because itís my duty and I wanted to be a model citizen.

That statement is filled with all kinds of crap. I didnít want to be at that place for any amount of money offered in the world.

Once I got to court, there was the usual take everything out of your pockets, and take off your jacket routine.

I had to see some ugly old white tight faced woman behind the counter as she barked out orders at me like some kind of drill sergeant.

Fill this out!

Go inside that room and wait!
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Thinking about how much I did not want to go to work tonight did not help me at all when it came to living in the present moment.

Itís impossible to enjoy the moment when youíre too busy thinking about the things that you do not want to do. It shouldnít come as a surprise as to why so many people are suffering in their lives when they canít appreciate the present moment.

Today I replaced my old phone that was not working with the Samsung Galaxy 4.

Who really cares?

Now I can just wait for my $50.00 rebate.
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As I had thought about my sonís uncircumcised penis and the pain that he said he was experiencing earlier, I managed to look at my own penis while in the bathtub in the present moment. I realized how little I knew about my own penis and its structure.

I should know the anatomical name of every part of my penis and the anatomical names and parts of my body.

Being a learned man requires knowing every aspect of your anatomy.

I thought about drawing the muscles of the body to help me to learn and to help me to remember.
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She seemed to calm down a bit emotionally when she saw that our son was in pain.

Today I learned more about the foreskin and how you actually fold the skin back. I would like to personally thank my mom for having me circumcised when I was just a little baby. I think getting circumcised is not just a religious thing but a very hygienic choice too.

One thing that is certain is that a woman will never know that it is like to have a penis and man will never know what it is like to have a vagina.
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While the definition of man says one thing in the dictionary, being a man and living the life of a man isnít always easy.

The difficult part comes when you realize that there was no one to teach you what it meant to be a man, not even our fathers, because their father did not teach them what it meant to be a man either.

Things were not always like this.

Somewhere down the time line in history the will of man was to be broken.

The will of man and the inner fire in man can still be rekindled.
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People talk about miracles all of the time, but rarely do you hear people talk about the miracle right under their noses called breathing.

I tried to catch a few Zís this evening before heading out to work again for the night shift and for some reason I felt like I could hardly breathe. I had to open up the window in our room and walked to the balcony to breathe some fresh air.

So the subject of divorce comes up again. In Islam divorce is a completely different subject in the way that a couple goes about doing it.