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In some cases the cross is representative of the four directions.

Is there any significance of the cross besides Christianity? I ask this question as I look at the Dreamspell calendar and as I have observed some Native Indian cultures.

I think the cross has been here before Christianity. If I am not mistaken, I think there is a constellation of the cross or some image of the cross in our galaxy.

I guess I forget about the ankh in Egyptian culture and some say that the Swastika is also an example of it too, which came way before Hitler.
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We decided to order some pizza from Fudge Brothers Pizza with the request that they do not cut the pizza. What I found to be somewhat odd was that they were asking me for my credit card number over the telephone and had asked me for my three digit number on the back of the card. She said my information was protected but for all I know she could have been lying.

There is a slight problem said the Asian pizza delivery man. I knew right away that they cut the pizza.

I was offered ten dollars for their mistake.
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As men have we forgotten the reason why we are not in the garden?

Eve was tempted by the devil and the man was tempted by a woman. That's the story right there but they don't tell you who that devil was and what he looked like; besides having a long tail, with horns on his head, wearing tight red pantyhose, and carrying a pitchfork.

What would have happened if we didnít listen to Eve? Now that is a deep question to ponder over.

If you want to go back in time to your origins then letís do that now.
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Ď1000 Places to See Before You Die by Patricia Schultz.í

Who authorized her to be the person who says, Ďthese are the places that you should visit before you die so go visit them because I said so!í

Could anyone possibly visit every single one of these thousand places listed?

How long would that take?

Maybe they should narrow it down to 100, but nothing is impossible if you have the right resources at the right time.

In another book I read this Asian proverb that says ĎBetter to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times.í
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In Zen driving you have to become that which you are doing, rather it be driving or whatever it is that you may be doing. That is the take that I am getting so far in this book that I am reading called Zen Driving by K. T. Berger.

In other words I have to become every aspect of the car from the interior to the exterior. Then I have to become the road, and my immediate surrounding and lose my so called self in that which is around me and in that which is happening now in the moment.
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So it looks like our road trip to California begins tomorrow.

As I think about the many times that I have travelled before, I can see why it says in the Holy Quran to give open arms to the traveler and the wayfarer. After travelling so many miles who would not like to see a smiling face, a nice sunset, a piercing star or a kind word along the way.

I think we should observe our reactions to things; especially people.

Notice how we act differently around others in comparison to how we act with those we treasure and love.
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Before we could even drive out of the Rockies, our four year old was already throwing up. Some call it motion sickness. I think it had something to do with the altitude changes that we were driving through before driving into Nevada.

So my passenger and companion now had to be the back seat nurse in case he decided to throw up some more. It seemed like it took forever just to drive outside of Colorado.

The next time you are looking at a map, see that particular location as being very huge, even if it is a small island.
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Horse spirit
these horses
ride the snake.

Weíve already lived our lives,

Full gas service for free in Oregon,
need to go south of the border
Fremont National Forest
an intelligent woman
yellow Kachina doll
dancing on the highway
arrive to California
pieces of the sky falling.

She is a blues woman,
plain and simple,
but not so hip,
a bit slow to catching on
in the middle of nowhere.

Women like to be told what to do, because they donít know what they want.

What they need is guidance and weaving
not too fat
with a pretty face.
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I woke up at the Super 8 in Yreka California, a place I had never heard of. I went to their fitness center which was one of those multi gyms in one machine.

My companion is on her menses which has had her all bent out of shape. I was ready to just cancel the whole road trip but I kept telling myself that I was not going to allow anything or anybody to ruin my vacation.

We made it to Crescent City, saw the beach with huge rocks; our drive through highway 199 and 299 seemed to take forever.
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Today we drove to San Francisco, paying $5.00 to get through the toll bridge and would have our first meal at a Muslim restaurant called Bang San Thai Cuisine. It seemed that there was a function going on as every table was almost filled.

I had to keep feeding those street meters like I was feeding a hungry baby.

Later on we went to Chinatown where I was fascinated to see Chinese men playing Chinese chess in person and not on a Kung Fu movie.

Up and down hills in San Francisco was a lot of fun; filled with exercise.
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I talked to my mom and she claimed that she was going to Las Vegas as we spoke. I found it hard to believe.

I visited my dad, and didnít plan to stay too long since I knew I had a 5 to 6 hour drive ahead of me all the way in Hawthorne. In the end, staying for just 45 minutes turned out to be four hours long.

I was given the grand tour of the man cave which was filled with all kinds of memories and some antique stuff that you could not really put a price on.
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I went to my grandmotherís graveyard to pay respects and discovered that my grandfatherís name isnít engraved anywhere on the wall as itís supposed to be. This is the cemetery that I used to pass by every night after I got off my swing shift. I never guessed that it would be the same place that they would bury my grandparentís. I visited the house that they used to own. Nothing stays the same forever.

I took Aini to Hollywood Boulevard which I hate, and later on down to the Santa Monica pier, over some coffee and arcade video games.
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I canít believe that I got a ticket by the California Highway Patrol for crossing over the double yellow line to get into a carpool lane because the traffic in the regular lanes were not moving.

I drove to my sisterís house to see the newborn who was now probably about six months by now. I was glad to get the chance to hold her in my arms. I never know when or if there will be a next time. We stayed there for a few hours before making our way out to Las Vegas and hopefully the Grand Canyon.
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In our journey to the Grand Canyon by the map that I was using took us to Mount Zion which had some beautiful canyons.

The downside to Mount Zion is that we had to pay $25.00 just to go through it if we had planned to see the Grand Canyon. The Park Ranger claimed I should of took a turn down some road a few miles back. I was not turning back around.

I have to see the Grand Canyon again.

We drove through the Four Corners and had finally reached Colorado at 19:09 with a long way to go.
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My journey through the canyons, the four corners, and everything else that I saw on my road trip made me realize that America truly is a beautiful country.

What makes America so bad is not the country but the people who reside in it that make it ugly.

There was many parts that I drove on my road trip that made me feel like I was in a dream because it was so expansive and so isolated. I often yearn for this type of peace.

I would find myself several times throughout my journey sleeping at the designated rest spots.
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I returned the rental car, with no extra or late charges, though I was thirty minutes late. I couldnít believe that I left the keys to our car at home.

I found myself very disappointed to learn that my car keys did not solve my problem at all since the car was not starting. The battery seems to be working fine since Iím getting lights.

I actually walked back to downtown from our apartment building and back home again.

As I walked, the theme song from Kung Fu the series came to my mind starring David Carradine, the Warrior Monk.
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They laughed, but the angel laughed last. The angel was literally laughing with a belly full of laughter, until tears of joy came streaming down the sides of his cheeks.

I can honestly say that by sitting here inside of Starbuck's on Blake and 16th Street brings me no inspiration [as though I have to be in some other part of the world while forgetting that there is eternity in a single flower or a grain of sand].

I managed to get the car running again today by giving it a jump. The diagnostics of the car remains somewhat unknown.
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I am glad that after our road trip, I can still say that I am still on vacation.

Today I helped abang move some of his stuff from his apartment to his new house. I would like to get a house too, but I donít really see myself settling down out here, especially after revisiting family members along the Pacific Coast.

There is some things you will always carry in your heart and never forget unless you are suffering from Alzheimerís or something similar.

So many places I would like to go with so little time, and not enough money.
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ďCome back in 30 minutes,Ē the Chinese lady said.

I figured that if I had to come back in 30 minutes for a massage, I was better off going somewhere else.

I look at our room and wonder what I could do to really make it look more like a room. It would be nice if I could just make it emptier. To make it emptier means getting rid of stuff that I donít need.

Itís hard to get rid of things we hold on to so dearly, but so easy to accumulate things with our grasping hands and mind.
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It is said that nice guys finish last and if you really take a look around you, you just might notice that it is true.

While many women say that they want a man who is kind, generous, sweet, and affectionate, then shouldnít men be asking the question as to why they are attracted to the so called bad guys?

For starters, if a man is just kind, generous, and sweet, what do you think he is going to do when itís time to fight or protect his woman?

Thereís more to it than just fighting; cockiness, strength, and power.
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When a woman acts like a bitch, she is out of her character and not her natural self. I know it may seem farfetched, but oftentimes when a woman is acting like a bitch I tend to think that theyíre possessed by some kind of demon.

What is it about a woman on her menses unapproachable?

It is strongly advised to stay away from a woman during the period she is on her cycle and to be aloof with them.

I just canít imagine what it would be like to have a constant blood flow coming out of my body.
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It seems like driving through the canyons and our entire road trip changed me in some kind of way. I also think that it changed everybody in some way that went on the road trip with me.

When a woman says that she cannot give her man a blowjob, I realize that what she is saying is not true at all.

I think that most women have had a popsicle at some point in her life. If a woman knows how to suck on a popsicle, she knows how to give her man the one thing that he truly enjoys.
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During Asr prayers I suddenly saw how nothing was really real and that this was all a dream.

I began to sense how deeply we are caught up into the illusion of this world and all of the many things that we believe in. Itís almost as though thereís this sort of veil over our eyes.

If you were to break everything down to its basic particle you would have to agree that nothing is as real as we see, and imagine it to be.

If we want to wake up, we have to start realizing these type of things.
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So I captured the mind again, and how it operates like a child who is trying to connect the dots to form a picture.

What happens when the child connects the dots and the picture does not makes sense to him, or that he realizes that he was wasting his time trying to connect the dots, and that perhaps he had to find his own dots to connect and not somebody else's?

Itís points like these that you realize that all of the stuff that you were ever taught had nothing to do with getting you to your innermost self.
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I read an article in the Tricycle magazine that spoke about each moment being filled with a million other moments. This came from some ancient wisdom, and if you really think about it, it is true.

Right now there is countless other things going on while we are experiencing the moment in which we are living in. In fact, there are countless other people, which number into the billions who are also experiencing their particular moments also, rather they are called unpleasant or pleasant, they are all experiences.

Donít forget to include the moments of other beings and life forms.
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Today I spent time reading articles in the Tricycle magazine. I read an article entitled ĎCutting the Threads,í by Subhadramati. She talked about how a friendís mother had died, and how he was left with the responsibility of dispersing of his motherís property as he saw fit. I realized the wisdom of making a will before we die.

I thought about the things that I would leave behind when I died and could really understand the wisdom and practicality taught in Buddhism on non attachment to material objects.

Once we are physically dead we canít take our belongings with us.
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The concept of 0 in math is the same concept in Zen.

Math covers everything, including the void. I guess one could say that math is the secret language of the Universe.

While thinking of the void, I had thought about a place where there is no reality, dreams, time, space, mind, or concepts.

Now you can understand why it is said, Ďto give it a name takes away from what it really is.í

As a mystic, always try to greet the morning sun and witness it, searching diligently for the moon and her whereabouts during the night time hours.
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I mailed off the San Francisco post cards to her friends overseas. I am sure that they will love them.

I went to Whole Food's to get nine gallons of water for refills. I am sure it will go very fast. I wonder how much water we consume in a single week.

I went to the dollar store to purchase this gigantic fly swatter. The old lady at the cashier stated that she uses it to discipline her grandson.

I came home to watch Life of Pi and Kung Fu Panda II with the family; falling asleep towards the end.
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I don't know why I had the sudden urge to organize the closet. I found the perfect place to move all these empty and flattened boxes which gave us more than enough room.

I realized that I had more things that I really wanted to get rid of.

I want to take the minimalist challenge by getting rid of more stuff so that I can have more space and have more peace of mind knowing that I am not hoarding stuff that I do not use.

People have seen the reality show Hoarders, but how much things do we hoard?
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Now she says that she would like to go out for a walk but forgets that she denied me just last night.

Sometimes when it comes to love there has to be giving and taking.

Paying attention while we are awake is just as important to do if we were dreaming and hoping to have a lucid dream.

As I went to the grocery store late in the evening yesterday, I saw something that made me question on rather or not I was flirting with a death angel and if it was a sign for my death soon to come.
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What do smokers get out of smoking, and why do they do it so much, failing to realize how close they are to Zen?

One reason why smokers like to smoke is not in the cigarette, but in their breathing.

Statistics have shown that if you put an old Chinese man in front of smokers then have him perform Tai Chi Chuan movements, then you would see these smokers give up smoking in just a matter of days.

In no time after that you would see them meditating more.

Smokers are so close to Zen but do not realize it.