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The manner of not judging people is by asking the questions why they [including yourself] do what they do, wear what they wear, and say what they say. If you look deep enough, there is a motivation behind every action and thing that we tend to do.

Study motion, how people move, how animals move, how plants move, how airplanes move, how planets move; the true whirling dervishes.

There are watchers who watch from the background and the shadows and those who fade away, like camouflage, like that cat that I saw that disappeared like a ghost into the grass.
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The unexamined life is not worth living.

Iím not going to lie and say I do not feel somewhat alone, yet I treasure this solitude and this peace and this quiet as everyone sleeps.

Later on I pulled out kakakís origami kit that I got her for her birthday. Either she has no confidence in paper folding, or she is just not interested in doing anything with it at all. I took some of her folding paper out and made a paper crane.

Focus on the issues that call for your attention now and worry about the other ones later.
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I watched her briefly as she vacuumed the floor and quickly turned my head away while thinking immediately of Brahmacharya. If I would have walked past her I would have found two unique gardens that were hydro in nature with the perfect watering system.

Now as I begin to take the concept and idea of Brahmacharya more seriously to the point of putting it into practice and into action I will begin with some steps.

Brahmacharya is not just practiced on the physical level. It means taking it into practice on the levels of thought, senses, sight, feeling, and spirit.
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The actual quote by Einstein says that "It has become appallingly clear that our technology has surpassed our humanity."

Look at technology today.

Then Donald Ripley who plays the science school teacher in the movie Powder says ĎĎI have hope that maybe one day our humanity will surpass our technology.íí

I thought about what it would be like if our humanity did surpass technology and thought about how highly advanced we would be.

I imagined this planet with advanced human beings who did not kill each other and who did not see themselves as individuals but as a complete whole.
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I started practicing breath awareness while at the job and somewhat while driving in the car. Practicing it began to feel somewhat of a task, tiresome, and a burden.

I think what I was getting tired of was the task of awareness which should not feel like a task; but should feel natural and normal.

With this being realized I wrote that in the awareness of the breath, you can't just be aware of breath and exclude everything else as though it did not exist.

Also be aware of doing what you do, your thoughts, and sensations in the body.
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What is love?

Some people tend to think of love as a feeling; others tend to think love falls in the category of holding hands, kissing, and having sex with each other.

If this is true, what happens when the feeling is gone, no hand to hold, no lips to kiss, and no one to make love to?

Would you also call suffering love?

Is it possible that there are no words that can really describe love?

You can't paint a picture of love and you cannot make love out to be some portrait.

So what exactly is true love?
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In meditation don't let your mind wander nor in your prayers. Extend this idea to other activities in your life.

Stoned Zen Emptiness....

When you are contemplating the Zenís concept of emptiness while stoned, everything begins to make sense as you bring your expanded awareness to the present moment.

As I read the actual words of some of the Zen patriarchs like Basho, Buson, Issa, and Ikkyu's; they make wisdom so simple yet so hard to grasp because we are too busy grasping instead of living the present moment.

Enjoy each and every single moment.
This life is not forever.
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Heaven is soaking my feet in hot water with theme music playing in the background, Nag Champa incense burning with the help of the wind through a slightly opened window surrounded by books, and this notepad and pen by my side waiting for any words I desire to inscribe on it.

I don't know why, but looking at my feet underwater looks like they have been begging for attention.

I wondered if my feet were an indication of my present diet or perhaps that I eat too much.

I pedicured my feet, scrubbed off dead skin and massaged them afterwards.
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The coffee made from home is tastes better than the coffee made at the job. I think I will be back to having no choice when it comes to making coffee now.

The coffee machine that we have at the job is produces nasty tasting coffee since no one really bothers to clean it the way that it should be cleaned.

The coffee from the 22nd floor lounge does not taste fresh at all and I think it has a lot to do with the quality of the water.

Can anyone tell me where the water is coming from please?
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I honestly do believe that I need to read the book entitled The Power of Patience as I realize that my son bugs the hell out of me. I find that I am losing my temper often because of him which is not good if I am trying to cultivate loving kindness and peace.

Instead of looking at my son as a bad thing; because of his naughty behavior and all, I have to look at this as an opportunity to learn something and perhaps grow in wisdom.

How much quality time do you spend with your son per day?
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That's that shit that is making all that noise like some kind of drone hovering right over and above my head. I mean are we entering into real science fiction shit or what. I wonder who would be the Jedi's in this sense of time that we find ourselves living in.

I don't know where to start. I am sure that you have heard people say that before.

So what do you do when you don't know where to start? How about starting from where you are? Start from there. Start from right here and breathe.

Breathe in...
Breathe out...
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Why do we feel so uncomfortable when another person looks at us?

If you look at other people without fear I think this uncomfortable feeling that we have is based on our fear that people or this particular person might see something, or they might see through our act, and see us as we truly are.

I think that the correct way of looking at a person is not staring, but seeing that person as they really are.

We should try looking at another person by looking for their true selves while realizing that people are acting all the time.
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Itís 14:41 now and I just went through this United States puzzle to test my knowledge on the state capitals of each. I did terrible, knowing only twelve out of fifty and I can honestly remember when I was in elementary school knowing them all as well as the ones in Africa.

I've always had a love for geography and studying maps. Nowadays, people don't even know the name of the capital that they are staying in. What is the capital of Nevada? I wonder how many people said Area 51.

So how does learning all the capitals benefit you?
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Writing at the park;
a new experience.
Blue Dragonfly,
Red Dragonfly,
a white butterfly,
a moment of reflection,
off of a reflected lake.

The closest you can come to nature in the big city are city parks;

A wise man is one who loves going back to nature and learning true wisdom.

This is like a dream.
This tree firmly rooted,
whose fragile leaves
flap and wave
in this luxurious wind.

Bridges, pathways, and magick.
Transform into an eagle
touching the sky.

Learning science through books was not necessary to know how things work when it was already known intuitively.
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For the most part of my life, I was raised by my mom, which gives me more reasons why I should learn the Man principles and what it means to be a man.

Even in my age of today I find that I am still learning. A woman cannot teach a man on how to be a man and what it means to be a man. Sometimes answering the question what is man is like asking who is God.

Remember, you can't ask for permission to be the man you want to be, you simply have to be that man.
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ďHappy Fatherís Day,Ē she said, while I was still sleeping?

ďIs it today?Ē I asked groggily, wondering what day it actually was.

The reason why I didnít recall today being Fatherís day was because as far as I was concerned, everyday was Fatherís day.

Every day that a man has to provide food for his family, look after the well being of his children, and seek to improve their lives for the better was Fatherís day.

I think the main reason and motivation for Fatherís day is based more on commercial and monetary reasons; besides this no one really cares.
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I don't have to pretend anymore was my final conclusion from my walk around the park. I can be myself, be mystical, be mysterious, and become happier in life.

I realized that by compromising myself that Iím living less and not more. The more that I am being myself; the happier Iíll be from within.

People make the big mistake of equating happiness to acquiring things, and more things, until you don't have a place to store them anymore. I know it might seem rash in Western thought, but getting rid of your accumulated junk can actually bring you happiness.
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I thought that while we should try to be aware of all of our actions, what we should be trying to be aware of more than anything else are the thoughts that we are having and what is going on deep within.

When we see how our thoughts pop up, we can see how they lead to desire. If we can see the thought from the very beginning we can stop the desire altogether.

In noticing our thoughts, we will find the subtle thoughts that come up in our minds too which are sometimes assumptions that are not always true.
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Among virtues and things to treasure in my opinion is discipline. Meditation is showing me this, but it also showing me how I can be more successful in life simply by being consistent with one activity.

Too often in this world we think and feel like we have to be constantly doing something, and if we are not, then something must be wrong, or we are called lazy.

What about meditation, which is so simple, yet seems so difficult for so many people; meditation is full of benefits that you would begin to wonder why everybody is not doing it.
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Women are just so irresistible for me to look at seems like a confession. I told myself to try something different. Instead of just looking at the beauty and sexiness of women why not try to look beyond the image.

Try to see what is underneath the surface, beyond all of the pompous show of cleavage, long sexy legs, nice shaped assess, and the smell of perfume in the air.

What is left after that?
What do they really want?
What is the message and the signal that they are giving off?

Try to see them as they really are.
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I had an idea to start drawing and sketching in public, without fear of what people might think or what they might do.

Personally I can tell you that Iím in love with the woman's human body, structure of her anatomy; passion beyond your wildest dreams.

It is better to not say that I am this or that I am that, because whatever that is would mean that I am not the opposite.

I am neither this nor that is the essence and the way. We donít want to get caught up with words and fancy vocabularies.

Keep it simple.
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What to do now; when I feel like there is nothing to do.
I think itís time for meditation.

I noticed the cleaner and more organized our room is, the more relaxed and at peace that I feel. That is a sign for you right there. As a matter of fact, this is not only an Islamic trait, but it is a trait in Zen too. So now you have another correlation right there with Islam and Zen.

It was in my highest opinion; that true Love was a higher form of intelligence, and possibly the highest form of intelligence.
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Naturally while meditating there was some fears of dogs coming up to me and licking me in the face or some ass holes trying to play practical jokes on me of which I would have had to box them down Muhammad Ali style; with the boom bing bing.

By me noticing these fears I was able to distill some of them.

I did a total of one hundred breaths, but I kept my eyes slightly open as they do in Zen, just in case somebody tried to sneak up on me to knock me out and steal my tennis shoes.
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When I came home, she claimed she slept for two hours. She did seem somewhat irritable and in another way completely in the zone. She said that she Ďfelt high,í but I wondered if it was equivalent to mine.

Maybe it is better for now that the laptop is down as I lie down on this itchy woolly blanket covering up my zafu mat.

I could have sworn I saw Anela at the park. She had that same ugly bitch pit bull face just like her. If it wasn't her, she sure as hell could have passed as her double.
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If you want to know what your attachments are, just look at all the junk inside of your house.

Do you think that you could get up and just walk away from everything that you own and everything you say you love, leaving it all behind you?

One thing that we need to realize and remember is that we are not our senses. The senses refer to the sense of sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste, and feeling.

If we study our senses, we can see how it is our senses that guide us to do this thing, or that thing.
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I liked the idea of going with the flow, while expecting nothing.

I wonít plot or plan anything tomorrow, and I wonít try to force things to happen.

If I go downtown, Iíd like to find a place that I could sit down just to observe, and nothing more. I want to see how blinded I have become.

After seeing the nightmare, I would like to spend some time in nature, see the stars, and contemplate life.

You know as well as I that I rarely get to spend time in nature in the manner that I would like to.
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Have you ever noticed that the feeling of excitement tends to be mixed with some feelings of fear? While they arenít two and the same; neither one seems to be managed or contained.

This is why I think children seem to lose complete control of themselves, because instead of trying to keep their composure, and keeping the excitement hidden within, they just let the excitement take control of them.

In other words, they have no definition of what it means to look civil in public, or to act a certain way for others to be considered somewhat acceptable among society.
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I just cannot forget my experience with the deer in the mountains. We had actually passed one a few miles below before seeing another one by a tree. It was just like in a dream. In fact at that moment it seemed as though two worlds had joined together as one. Maybe this can explain all the strange phenomenon going on tonight; like the hail stones in Boulder, to the silent thunder and lightning in Denver, whose storms were real electric and magical, like the eyes of those deer that I looked into, and the Black Incredible Hulk running swiftly.
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I wondered what a woman in booty shorts would do if you had just slapped them in their ass and said something like Ďwhat up with you girl?í

I can only imagine.

I mean what woman could expect any kind of respect or any kind of special treatment by wearing just some booty shorts.

See how Allah would divide everything out and put everyone into separate groups and classes? Which group do you want to fall in?

You have to be responsible for yourself before you can be responsible for others who must be taught on how to be responsible.
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Just outside of the mall; who would have ever thought that there was a quiet place nearby, like this creek, soft blowing wind, and cooing doves?

Have you ever walked into the sun, seen the sunrise, or the sunset?

I found this creek to be just like the creek or river I have seen in my dream many times before.

This is awe inspiring and scary at the same time because I do not know what it means.

I felt like a wolf was watching me as I sat on those rocks, eagerly waiting to strike at the right moment.