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I watched a documentary called Whores’ Glory, which covered the lives of prostitutes in Bangkok, Bangladesh, and Columbia.

I did not judge neither the prostitutes, nor the men who paid for their services. If you want to really see and understand you have to put your judgments to the side.

It was really sad to watch because in truth you could see that these women did not want to sale their bodies, but they felt they had no other choice, and the only thing they wanted in life was to provide a better one for themselves and for their families.
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It is 23:48 and I do not want to go to sleep so I am making some coffee now. I was dozing off to Graffiti Vérité 7: Random Urban Static: The Iridescent Equations of Spoken Word. I was not dozing off because it was boring but because I was simply feeling sleepy. Who was that sister who was dropping some real knowledge?

I agree that spoken word was before hip hop because in ancient times, before internet, before television, before radio, and perhaps even before musical instruments and the drum, there was the spoken word in the form of storytelling.
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I had never heard of Brooklyn’s Boheme located in Fort Greene nor did they ever tell me about it when I was in school.

One thing that perplexes me is why is it that every time Black people start to unite and do something for themselves there’s always some outside element that tries to destroy their creativity and positiveness?

In the 60’s there was the Civil Rights movement, then came Feminism.

There was also the Black struggle movements like the Black Panthers and then came COINTELPRO and heroin.

In the 80’s there was love and conscious rap then came crack.
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Today I noticed a certain process inside of myself that I’m trying to find the right word for. It isn’t impatience. Impatience is when you do not have the discipline to wait for something and have to have it right now at any costs.

In my case I noticed that when I was doing certain tasks that there was an aspect inside of myself that wanted me to hurry up and get it over with. I call it lack of focus.

It will always be difficult to complete an action in deep peace if your mind is moving somewhere else.
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I will take this day and take this life by the hour, the moment, the second, breath by breath, and action by action.

Have you ever noticed that when we do most things, we do it unconsciously, especially the actions that we are so used to such as walking, opening up a door, picking up a pencil, eating a piece of bread, or picking up a set of car keys?

Today before I did each action I didn’t move.

I wanted to see the process of performing an action and noticed that the first action happens inside of my mind.
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Earlier today I contemplated on how we’re constantly running our imaginations like a television nonstop causing our minds to wander outside of the present moment.

Perhaps we should turn our imaginations off, get it focused and still so that we can see the reflection of our true selves as it truly is.

Even after the meditation session is done and we come out of the lotus or half lotus position, our practice should not just end there.

As true practitioners of living in the moment we still have to carry awareness of our breath with us.

Without breath we’d die.
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After a brief meditation the concept that came to mind today was right effort which comes from the eight folded path.

The word right effort alone had me thinking on various things and how in life, oftentimes we do not see the results that we desire in life with our goals because of our lack of effort. Effort is good, but what we need is the right kind of effort.

Right effort to me also signifies work and being involved in what you’re doing.

Work shouldn’t be categorized with your nine to five job or how much money you’re making.
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Today I spent a considerable amount of time drawing the seven chakras. The one that was the most interesting to draw for me was drawing the crown chakra also known as the sahasrara chakra. It was this flower that seemed to expand and expand forever.

I was working on the swadhisthana chakra which is the one that deals with creativity and sex. That is when I was interrupted and wound up having a love session which I did not protest against.

If I ever get the chance I would love to draw the flower of life with the protractor compass.
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I often wonder what really happened to Jose Arguelles. What were the real circumstances of his death? Was he poisoned in some kind of way by his own wife, or by someone considered close? Was there an investigation into his death?

My plans for going twenty four hours without sleep did not fare so well. I fell asleep watching the death video as I realized that I had already seen it before and missed my Fajr prayers.

One of the videos recommended talks about life after life. Is that possible?

Nothing should ever go under the category of being impossible.
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Gong Xi Fa Cai…

Water Snake Year.

I know that I’m not pondering life deeply enough and seeing it in the manner that I truly believe.

For instance, do you see things as separate or truly interrelated?

Do you see things in their smallest particles and what they are truly made of?

Presently I am watching Patience: After Sebald, which is based on his book entitled Rings of Saturn and his walks in Suffolk which is on the eastside of England. He is lauded as this great literary writer and I wonder what makes him or his writings so great.
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We had electricity on Earth way before Thomas Edison was even a thought or a drop of sperm inside of his mama’s coochie.

I think people really think that the ancient people were just so primitive, but that is what they try to teach us in our history classes when we go to school and that the man of today is so much smarter than the darker skin people of the past.

That is why today we have so many wars, people are poorer, starvation is on the rise, and the educational system is failing.

The pyramids cannot be replicated.
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It was at this point that the student decided to meditate versus masturbate and learned that meditation can be a sort of balm and healing for our beings.

Meditation helps us to not necessarily escape our problems and difficulties in life, but to understand them more deeply.

Meditation brought calmness, relaxation, and enjoyment of the fact that I was in the moment.

In this meditation, time seemed to accelerate.

True love is when you can overlook the flaws of the one that you love.

True love is going beyond what the other expects and still giving more even after that.
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I know it can be hard to believe that there was a people here on Earth who were so cut off, that they could not even remember their own language, culture, religion, original names, and way of life, but it did happen and it began in 1555 through slavery.

I know that most people have no idea or scope of the damages done through slavery which was not just on a physical level but on a mental, spiritual, and psychological level too.

They had been so cut off so that when you told them the truth they refused to believe.
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While I was writing I could see something dark grey moving very slowly almost creeping as though it was some kind of commando. I cannot stand the fact of even thinking about how these bastards will shit in your house, piss, and eat anything they can get their buck teeth and whiskers on.

At times when I do catch the mice in the mice traps and I hear that loud pop sound and the sound of wood clattering I feel a sense of remorse as I see how they have that look of shock in their eyes filled with unexpectedness.
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Did you see that meteorite that struck down in Russia?

This time I did not close the door all the way. This time I just looked as he danced so light on his feet full of energy.

It had never dawned on me that what he needed, and everybody else the most was pure sunlight and nothing more than that. I am so looking forward to the summer.

Earth Man Star...

I had to take it all in, including the bitterness that added salt to my wounds and brought me to the realization of my magical and healing powers.

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The father sat and meditated to the most positive reggae music that praised the love of Jah, healings of Elijah, true cultured roots, and the Messiah. You cannot get anymore Irie than this.

Do you remember when we dressed as Kings?

Become that empty space that contains all things.

Relaxation is true meditation.

I love this meditation where I become the Earth rotating and circling around like a Sufi around the Sun.

Then there was talk of black panthers, black dragons, and men who had the stripes of tigers.

You have to keep your head very clear, clearer than water.
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Everyday there is a lesson that can be learned, and a lesson that can be taught, by a human being, nature, or by our cosmic universe.

I think the idea that people have about romance is giving the one you love a red rose, popping a bottle of champagne, drinking red wine, eating grapes on a blanket, cuddling under the blankets kissing, long walks, sharing ice cream cones, and eating prepared foods with candle lights.

Make a list of every single thing that you ever wanted to do then ask yourself why you want to do them to begin with.
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”I need to get some sleep,” was a voice inside of my head. It’s another program within me that has been instilled on me since I was a child.

”You need to get some sleep,” or “you did not get enough sleep,” are some common things told to us.

As we grow older we are given the studies by some scientists who probably do not believe themselves what they are telling us, because in truth they know the truth, their only job is to just keep it hidden.

Why should we believe and trust in one word that they say?
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In abundance of light
hair cut bald,
and wondered
in three reflected images
am I what I remember
combined with past memories,
what I think I am,
or none of the above,

and after reading a several paged article
wondered what made
their writing
a spectacle
to behold.

Was it words like milieus,
and oblique resonance
that caught my eyes
like some star
sparkling in the sky
whose name
is left
to the unknown?

Words work magic
it seemed
when spoken
in metaphors.

Not much can be written about life if you are asleep most of the time.
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Is it possible that I don’t know what I want in life? And why do I have to want anything?

I think Buddha was right when he said the root of all suffering is attachment to our desires. Once we release the attachment we liberate ourselves from it, and the object we grasped so firmly with the fixed idea in our minds.

We can’t say that we are just one because we are a combination of all things. We are the many myriad of things.

We are also gatherers, gathering things along the way such as memories, objects, and dreams.
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I was awakened from my sleep with the sounds of much commotion coming from the living room. When I went to investigate, it turns out that my spouse stated that she was sitting on the couch and she saw a mouse run towards her. The next thing that she knew was that it was on the couch, jumped on her head and had hissed in her hair violently.

Come on now, this is not Hollywood as in the movies. Since when are mice known to attack people? If anything they are more afraid of us than we are of them.
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I was reading Deep Thinking where the author goes on to describe how a fly cleans itself.

I have witnessed its movements many times before when we used to chase them down with fly swatters where we were held captive by my aunt who is probably now completely paralyzed neck down. I never knew quite then what the fly was doing but now I know that it was cleaning itself.

It seems that even the insects have hygiene.

What do we have as human beings?

There’s landfills, polluted water, and contamination on almost every level that you can think of.
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I began to see into my own rottenness, laziness, the lack thereof, forgetting what it meant to be a true soldier, warrior, brave, and daring.

If they want to be bold, I have to be bolder.

I don’t care if they think that I’m a nut case because in many cases I probably am. You’re the Galactic Black Asiatic ninja, the supreme samurai.

What can you do or say when death stares into the eyes of death or into its very own eyes.

You have to learn how to block and lock shit up and be faster than a mousetrap.
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When I opened up her blinds, I was shocked to see that it was snowing. It was like one of those surprise gasps, like the type a gasp a woman makes when she sees a monster. It's like she wants to scream but she is not sure how because in a sense she is somewhat amazed by this strange creature.

The snow that we have is the kind that covers up the entire streets, cold engines and cars that need wiping, herb pipes glowing red, where the etchings of flowers on stoned incense holders fills the air with delightful fragrances.
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I believe Abang when he says that girls and women in general can be very deceptive. In other words, they can be like devils. How would you deal with a devil if you knew that a particular person was a devil? You would be on guard and you would be watchful of your duties all the time. I think there is some websites that speak of the woman being a devil or like the devil's closest ally. This is why the woman needs guidance. The man needs guidance to but he has to be consistent about his path and beliefs.
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When it comes to myself, I sometimes feel that I’m not pushing myself hard enough, that I’m not going deep within enough, and that I’m not testing the outer limits by challenging the sayings of men who are full of limitations.

I want to break on through to the other side and step through the cracks that were unlooked and unnoticed. I tell myself to get out of bed, shake the bed bugs free, and pray. Allah will give you the sufficient rest that you need.

You have to read the scriptures if you ever plan to understand the scriptures.
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I started to read a little bit of the Golden Age of the Moor and was surprised to read about an ancient African dynasty in Spain that existed way before the Moors had arrived there. Man! They did a real good job on us when it comes to hiding our history and not teaching us about it in public school.

My eyelids were being pulled down by the sand of time. Despite me having the snooze option on the clock which goes off every fifteen minutes I still just could not manage to just get up and do my prayers.
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It’s good to have grand ideas and know the things that we want to do in life, but without a plan of action we are for the most part screwed without an itinerary. It's good to know where we want to go, but without an itinerary we are for the most part like blind travelers with no sense of direction.

Doing things at the last minute and rushing to do them can be a big time disaster.

We should constantly ask ourselves why we’re doing what we are doing and try to get down to the root cause of it.