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New Year's has already started off to a bad start I said, but then I realized that things are bad because we call them bad and things are good because we call them good.

What happened last night at work and when I got home is nothing more than an experience.

If we feel unpleasant about an experience we call it bad. If we feel pleasure from an experience we call it good.

The issue about this morning had me thinking on many things and the more I began to think, the deeper I began to expound on the subject.
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Contrary to what some people have been believing, money does not come from trees but it is made with seventy five percent cotton [the commodity picked by Black slaves, who contributed to making Amerikkka so rich] and twenty five percent linen.

Linen comes from a flax plant and have you seen what a cotton or flax seed looks like?

The company that makes the paper to print dead presidentís faces on is made by Crane Paper Company.

They make thousands of sheets of blank paper which is like the true Zen state.

When will man learn what is truly valuable?
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I just checked on other writers entries for January and saw that 20 other people have written something too.

This is how it normally starts off, nice and robust, but those without discipline just fall off like scattered leaves.

Those with the discipline just keep on writing even if their feet are turning green and there is thunder and lightning with a tornado watch warning a few miles away.

You would still see the writer just steadily writing and writing away.

You can see their quality at the end of the story that only begins with another story to tell.
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I base time from the moment I light this incense until it burns out and drops its last remnant of ashes.

I base time on the drips of water dripping from the bath faucet into the bath tub.

I base time on my heart beating under water, from sunrise to sunset, and the various phases of the moon and travelling stars, on human footsteps and the insects as they crawl, and how long it takes the water to drain out of this bath tub.

This is real time, this is now, and I am still breathing.

In here itís immaculate.
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I want to reach a thousand words before midnight while needing some inspiration and not wanting to go to sleep so soon.

I splash water on my face three times to stay awake.

Working out is always good to keep you awake as well as build some muscles at the same time.

Just do not fall into the bed or lay in it, because if you do, you miles well forget about any measures on staying awake for as long as you can.

I look into the mirror briefly and realize that within my beard you can find countless galaxies.
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We shouldnít find ourselves complaining about anything. If we think about the part in our lives where things could be a whole lot worst, we begin to realize how fortunate we really are.

Of course weíd like for things to be better in some kind of way, but is better necessarily better?

Most times we compare better to some material object which we know in the end will only give us happiness for a short period of time leaving us with the next best thing to make us happy all over again until we repeat the cycle all over again.
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Tonight will be another night of work of which I do not mind.

Always remember the fact that you are breathing with each inhale and each exhale.

This evening I took the liberty to read everyoneís entries from yesterday. I enjoy all of the writers on here and their various styles.

My aspirations have been for art yet I find that I am writing all of the time.

I wondered if there was a place where writers could meet up and share their writings without having to go to some college.

There is nothing like the meeting of various minds.
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How valuable and how precious is your time?

How much is your time worth?

When I talk about time, I am talking about your life ticking away until the inevitable moment called death.

In the meantime, what are you doing with your life and do you ever think about your death?

I take a step back for a moment and just become silent like death.

Notice how death never makes a bargain. When it is time to go, itís time to go.

At that moment there is no time to make a phone call, write a letter, or say goodbye.
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Mechanical time as we know it, rather it is the second hand, the long hand or the short, is nothing more than a tool to measure movements and to make calculations.

The mechanical time piece, rather it be a digital watch or a grandfather clock with a cuckoo bird on the top is nothing more than a tool, just as a ruler is a tool to measure distances, shapes, penises, and sometimes breast sizes.

In the end, they are nothing more than measurements which have limitations.

Once we etch everything into stone, we miles well bury ourselves along with it.
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How could you possibly hope to reach the stars when you know very little about them and you do not seem to show the interest that you should be having?

How do you ever expect to touch the stars if you are not at least trying to learn about them and where the stars come from?

Don't just look up book knowledge, look up the stars in your heart and see how they connect to the other star systems and this gigantic cosmic universe that you live in, in which you are also a great part of a bigger part.
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Perhaps sex would be more appreciated if you knew that you were doing it for the sake of creating life besides creating pleasures. How do you do such a thing when your wife says she does not want to have any more children? You find yourself another wife; it is as simple as that.

If you truly want peace and balance in your life, always keep God at the center. God should be your most exclusive object that you are seeking which is the highest form of our true selves. It would be worth your while to study all religions.
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With me,
connections are formed,
which in the end
leaves something meaningful
with a special kind of signature.

I find it rather odd that we live in an apartment building and donít know the names of our neighbors, finding ourselves feeling rather awkward in the elevators not knowing a single thing about them.

As a matter of fact, you don't know what the fuck is going on, on a day to day basis, and who is involved and who is not involved, those who knew about it and did nothing and those who knew about it and risked their lives.
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Itís freezing cold outside. My fingers are nearly frozen from the cold. The water inside of my water bottle had frozen to the point that I couldn't even drink a single drop of water. It was so cold that I could see my breath in the coldness of the car. I got tired of waiting for the car to warm up and just drove off. The car never got warm, not even on my way back from the store. According to the built in thermometer in the car it was three degrees Fahrenheit outside. Thatís some real serious fucking coldness.
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Hold this moment so close to you. Cherish and take this moment like a cup of tea sipping it in slowly.

Currently I am listening to a station from Somalia except that there is no music. Kaddare script is the name of the Somalian alphabets. I took a look at the language and almost found it to be ancient and somewhat of an outer space kind of language. I think African alphabets are probably some of the most creative languages out there.

I wonder what the other languages look like before they encountered and became adulterated by the Romanized alphabets.
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Come to the place where writers write for free and never get paid.

I found myself looking at an ancient carving of what some people have called the mother goddess figure. I wonder if this could have been some sort of ancient form of pornography and some kind of form of worship.

On taking another look the breast seem to form eyes, the belly button a nose, and the thighs the lower portion of the face.

I think porn in some cases can be rather brutal and I believe that itís this kind of porn that often leads to rape.
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After seeing so much porn in my life and women from all different parts of the world, I am convinced of one thing. Women are not so innocent like they try to make themselves appear to be. A lot of women would be willing to drop their panties if you are willing to just name the right price.

Only a true and virtuous woman would not be tempted, but don't be so surprised son. Women have a weakness for money and for the things of this world. Believe me when I tell you this. Just take a look around clown.
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I was thinking about the Dhammapada and how it speaks of the vices such as greed, hatred, lust, and love.

It is good for us to be familiar with the vices that hamper us from our spiritual progress to attain higher levels of being.

If we know the vices as though we know different types of people, perhaps we can conquer them and live in true happiness knowing that we can overcome them.

True love had no demands and was spent unconditionally without expecting anything in return. Lust was some sort of uncontrolled passion that did not care about love.
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This wild berry tea has a nice delicate taste that makes me think of wild flowers found in valleys and in open fields filled with nature and no man in sight, just women who are sexy beyond definition.

On your death bed you will truly begin to realize what became of your unfilled dreams which became shattered, and you will wonder why you never achieved them, and you will realize how much time you wasted.

After the end of that realization you will begin to realize that nothing really mattered anyway and where you were going was beyond your comprehension.
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The only thing that I can say about the Indonesian Mimic Octopus and the one who created it is Ya Allah!

I believe that the octopus and the squid are the most under studied species on the Earth; at least thatís what they tell us. They will never tell us what they really know, so we have to go out and study everything for ourselves.

I am sure that there is a pet octopus out there cultivated for intelligence gathering. They will never figure it out or be at one with it with their logic and their type of science.
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I agree that time is organic in nature and has nothing to do with mechanical time invented as a tool of amusement by mankind. Mechanical time does nothing more than to make people fail to realize what true time really is.

When we speak of organic time we speak of everything that is natural, such as the process of the growth of a plant, from the time of conception of a woman's egg with sperm until it is birthed into another world, the heart beat of the reader, ants crawling on the ground, or butterflies in a state of metamorphosis.
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I really need some Zen timelessness. I want to see what it means to just sit here, or there, or wherever you are.

Just sitting had nothing to do with turning your blinds to watch your neighbors through a pair of broken binoculars.

Just sitting had nothing to do with finding out the next best thing to do or even picking up a Zen book or thinking about the word Zen.

It was more about seeing your immediate surroundings and noticing how disorganized you were without judging yourself, by calling yourself a lazy, dissatisfied, super procrastinating, ultra cluttered pack rat.
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I thought about intimidation and its methods and how people try to strike fear into you. An example is when you get into a fight before a fist is thrown, how some people will try to psyche you out by making a mean looking face.

Animals use various techniques to defend themselves such as camouflaging or making themselves to appear as something that they arenít.

So called gang bangers do the same thing with their covered tattoos.

If you can look beyond these images you can see the truth and realize that deep down inside they have natural fears too.
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One thing to reflect on is letting go of the past and the attachments associated with the past.

I find my mind going to the past often from the times I was a child from what I can remember until this point that I have reached in my life called the now and the present moment.

You have to ask yourself what good does reflecting on the past serve us. I am not talking about world history; I am talking about our lives as individuals.

The same goes to worrying about the future. Why worry about things we canít predict?
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It is okay to look at a woman with the purpose of seeing through the illusion while being careful not to get caught up into the trap of illusion and excitement of the lower desires. Try to see who she truly is as an individual.

What made that woman feel or think that she had to put on that short mini skirt to the point that you can almost see her crotch?

What made that woman think and feel that she had to get fucked in a porno video for a few hundred dollars or a few thousand dollars more?
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I asked myself the question while soaking in the bathtub ''how do you escape this reality?''

I asked myself this question based on the realities that we are forced to believe in, such as the nine to five jobs, going to school to get the white man's failing educational system while depriving the masses of truth, the belief in mechanical time and their fucked up Gregorian calendar.

My response to this question was to escape this reality through your thoughts, your writings, poetry, foreign languages, music, meditation, religion, mysticism, making love, photography, reading, playing guitar, art, and lots of herbs.
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I was already feeling somewhat sleepy while reading Proverbs. I thought that I was going to be able to manage to read all of Proverbs before the night was over. I came to chapter 7 verse 4 which says Say to wisdom, you are my sister, and call understanding your nearest kin.

For some reason I was awed by this verse and had put the book down contemplating the passage, and then I fell into a deep sleep.

I was trying to imagine what it would be like to have wisdom as my sister and understanding as my nearest kin.
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Presently I am listening to some real Black Asiatic space travel music.

Once I came to the room, and to the end of a pipe that let out very little smoke, I began to read Krsna.

If you really look deep into the stories you can see some various lessons taught with the hopes that humanity would follow in those same footsteps.

Reading these books wasnít on my agenda but I became very interested in the books and felt like I couldnít put it down, just like when I was reading Proverbs and listening to the audio version of Enoch.
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This is all a dream shall be my mantra.

I can't remember my dream in its details but dream recall and dreaming is something that I need to work on again.

I think that one of the best practices for this is to put your mind in the mind frame that this so called world which we say we are awake in is actually a dream.

Go about your day to day life as though you are in a dream and force yourself to be more aware of things.

In your waking life perhaps you could call it dream awareness.
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One task of the samurai in the olden days was to constantly think about the fact they would one day die and that it could be at any moment.

Oftentimes I wonder if I think about the reality of death deeply enough.

Sometimes I wonder at times when will I die and how will I die.

Will I die in my sleep, or die from a heart attack, or in a car accident?

What date would it be on and in what year?

Would it be in the summer, the fall, or some spring morning, or a cold winter night?
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You would think that those of us who say we believe in God and love God so much would demonstrate different types of actions in our lives besides the ones that are demonstrated. We say things with our mouths but our actions show otherwise.

I really consider myself fortunate even in my aspects of material poverty.

I am tired as fuck and I have to go to work. Enjoy your journey to hell. Well maybe it will not turn out to be so bad. At least I have some banana bread and a cup of coffee to look forward to.
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It is in my opinion that of all things to study and analyze it is our own thoughts. Itís often our thoughts that got us into the place that we are to begin with. Why not use your thoughts to take you to the next level?

I wondered what it would be like if I was all powerful and had power over all things. I think Iíd be very humble about it and would not exercise the fact that I did have the power.

Why would I have to do it or prove to anybody if I already knew this?