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What may have seemed like a good idea, inclusive with all kinds of thrills, may turn out to not be a good idea after all.

Today is the first day of the National Novel Writing Month. I think I know what I am going to write about, but a large part of me knows that the story will probably lead into something else.

Besides doing NaNoWriMo I also have my 100 word project to do for this month, and some catch up work with my own personal journal.

Take every opportunity of this month to think like a real writer.
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I watched Karate Kid starring Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith which should really be called the Kung Fu Kid since what he is practicing in the movie is kung fu.

The martial arts used in the original Karate Kid starring Ralph Macchio and Noriyuki Morita also known as Miyagi was karate.

If you watch the Jackie Chan version of Karate Kid, Jackie Chan says “everything is kung fu.”

In the original Karate Kid movie, Miyagi talks about karate so I wonder where is the logic of the newer version of Karate Kid being called Karate Kid versus Kung Fu Kid.
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In moments of despair read poetry or religious books, draw, paint, write, or do nothing at all but be still and listen to the silence.

I went to the store and saw this woman as a potential character. She was Stephen Spielberg’s daughter, or an ex CIA agent, but definitely Jewish. Whatever the case may be, she was turning me on with her curly brown locks, open green jacket concealing a stash of marijuana, and a red shirt underneath that said I drink wine and I’m very passionate about love, lovemaking, and fantasize about being fucked by a Black man.
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So what is reality?

Reality is like clay,
it’s what you make of it.
Reality is what you believe
reality to be,

it’s your mind,
and The Mind,
then it is nothing at all,
just a bunch of words
in different languages,
the highest language being
the language of silence.

Rocks are still,
while water is constantly moving.

The clouds were looking like
purple haze
with a mixture of
Pink Floyd.

In this sunset
it’s truly the end,
a true Sufi song
without words
reflected on a still creek
going absolutely nowhere,
its mode of true prayer,
a perfect stillness.
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21:45 I will not be supervisor tonight. In the living room the children watch some Walt Disney movie. Shouldn't they be in bed sleep around this time? Who says so?

In my room I sit on the edge of the bed sipping homemade coffee contemplating the night, listening to her snore; there’s got to be a cure. If I listen intently enough, I can hear bits of the silence fade in and out to sounds of cars passing by outside of our windows.

I contemplate my writing accomplishments for today and how our room looks like Hurricane Sandy came through.
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Barack Hussein Obama is reelected as President.

Marijuana under amendment 64 is legalized for recreational use for all adults 21 and above. What I don’t understand is the conflict between the State and the Federal when it comes to making and passing laws.

It’s like the father telling his son that he can go outside, but the mother barks at him telling him that he cannot. Who are you going to listen to?

Whatever the case maybe, rather they pass it or not, people are going to smoke marijuana regardless and marijuana will continue to grow like any other plant.
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I came up with one of my own criterions to determine if you felt you really liked a woman and would like to spend intimate time with her. I told myself to ask yourself one question. Would you be willing to kiss her on the lips? If the answer is no, then you should not waste your time with this woman at all or even give her the impression that you are interested in her.

I wondered if food and masturbation were another type of high since some people seem to be addicted to it. Was it just another alternative?
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Gather and compose yourself of the tiniest particles, elements, proper will power and desires towards your dreams, and your goals matched with creative visualizations.

I can’t blow my top and sink down to her level; remain humble and let the laws of the Universe do their work.

Perhaphs Allah is using her as a tool to push me closer to Him.

Do I have to be the better person by consoling her savage behavior or should I use Allah’s attributes to make her suffer so that she’ll learn her lesson?

Running away from problems was never known to solve them.
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As a child I was scarred by the light and divine alphabets.

Besides the Holy Quran, ganja is the most wonderful thing said the intoxicated mystic filled with the essence of the Cosmic Universe.

Another mystic had stated that his meditation pillow was his flying saucer and that with his mind he could go anywhere.

I am stepping out of these doors armed with knowledge.

The breath which is unseen is taken for granted and few fail to realize that the breath is like an invisible fire spreading far and wide.

Music on its higher levels can be a healing.
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What separates real men from the boys? Age alone does not necessarily qualify a man to be a man especially if he is not responsible and still takes on child like attributes.

The illegal European was standing in the club observing and taking notes of the American ways to see how she could fit in with the crowd.

There would be many disappointed teens and adults who came here to drink and socialize as they realized that their hopes, dreams, and aspirations went unfulfilled yet once again.

I remember those days, and since then I’ve grown to be much wiser.
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The weather was very cold today. You would think that it was winter with the residue of yesterday’s sleet rain that we had leaving parts of the road icy and slick when putting on your breaks.

I was glad to get home this morning after doing a complete 12 hour shift.

I am very far behind on my National Novel Writing Month attempts. I’ve only reached about five thousand words, but I should be at 18,337 words.

Is anyone familiar with the miracle of water and how it is effected by vibrations and our thought processes?

Emanate peace,
emanate love.
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Which calendar would you prefer to go by, the solar calendar or the lunar, and does it really matter? I thought about how it is said that in the beginning was complete darkness which in a sense would mean that the darkness was here first and then came the light so it would be logical to go by what was here first.

On another note I wondered if light and darkness which are opposites were just mere illusions since they can be considered to be matter and to be a thing.

Is it really important to keep track of days?
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Love is the saddest thing when it goes away. It is on so many different levels. Who has known what it is like to experience Supreme Love and can you possible describe it? I can tell you that it definitely has nothing to do with this material world and material desires.

The Zen master does not exist but the question was asked, “do you prefer the Zen mind through meditation or do you prefer the roundabout way through Saint Mary Jane?”

It was a difficult decision… He could feel the urges, desires, the cravings, and the taste on his tongue.
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Since the people are deliberately lied to at the highest level of government; thanks to television and their controlled media, and deliberately miseducated to conform to their madness we all suffer from lack of truth and knowledge. Who’s to blame, and who do we point the fingers to?

A person without truth and knowledge is equivalent to being dead, ignorant, and in total darkness.

We’re told what to believe and we take the bait the way a fish takes the worm on the hook not knowing that it’s all a lie and an illusion.

How long will we be sheeple?
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What’s preventing me from reaching out to her and everybody else? You need to open up man. In this season the flowers and minds bloom.

Remember… this is the meaning of remember when you passed that graveyard on each night after your shift, your childhood merged together as one with the death of your grandmother who became filled with light at that moment shared with the telepathy of your mom.

You can tell the difference between people who are faking and when they are exercising true kindness.

Two journeys of life:
journey of the sperm
and journey of the soul.
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I find that it is helpful if you have pictures of what your characters look like when you are working on your writings.

The beauty of writing is that you can say whatever you want to say. You could kill your boss or have sex with the woman of your dreams all through writing.

You could become anything and everything all with the stroke of the pen.

So the pen is mightier than the sword.
With the sword you can only sleigh and kill.
With the pen you can transform an entire world.

My goal for today is 7,670 words.
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“Can you take us out to play,” the children asked, “please,” they begged.

“No,” the father said calmly, “your father is too busy getting high.”

The children looked down to the ground feeling all sad as though their world had been turned upside down with all the beautiful insects and water worlds completely demolished.

“Why do fathers get high,” asked the father, “is it to touch the sky, is it to die, or is it to eat your apple pie?”

One day he let everything go and gave away all of his worldly possessions. At that moment he became complete.
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Behind me there were two wolf dogs who said “sorry we have not been able to get back in touch with you for awhile, we’ve been sky walking these last couple of days.”

One beautiful aspect concerning life is that you are free to be yourself regardless to what people might think. The question remains, how many people are willing to be and express themselves without fear and without worry.

While at the park I was looking at some trees and wondered why some trees seemed to reach for the sky while others seemed to reach out towards the ground.
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One reason we fail so much with understanding women as men is because women study us men way more than we study them. They study us even when we do not realize it.

So since Zenevieva had refused to give Ababajoni a decent blow job he went to the Mother Earth who provided him with the healing and magical herbs.

Soon he was having out of body experiences proving to himself that we are more than just this simple mortal body.

It was not long before his mind became preoccupied with other worlds in other galaxies and possible wives there.
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Another dawning realization dawned on me today.

It’s about Zen and the true meaning of emptying the mind and being empty.

Many think that this concept implies that you are just in a blank state of mind with absolutely no thoughts.

I am sorry but thoughts will always be in your head, it’s only a matter of being aware of them.

The concept of being empty also includes all of our attachments, and I am not just talking about physical and sentimental attachments.

I am talking about the ones we identify with without realizing it is another form of attachment.
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Does someone who is smiling have to have a reason why they’re smiling?

I often hear people in the streets say, “what’s he smiling about,” as though smiling was some strange and unusual thing. They speak of smiling like its some forbidden thing.

Even children are told not to smile and that there is nothing to be smiling about. “Wipe that smile off of your face.”

Prophets came to these same kind of people with smiles and yet they reject them.

According to the most truthful news station, smiling does wonders and works miracles, so it’s just better to smile.
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While most but not all Americans will be stuffing themselves today until their intestines pop out, have incestual sex with each other and their dog, and get terribly drunk so they won’t remember all the shit that they have done today and in the past.

I should be thankful too, but for what?

Oh yes, I should be thankful for all the lies, broken treaties, the chicken pox disease that wiped out many of my tribes, the many public rapes, unjustified hangings, the beatings, the murders, the mass killings, the robberies, and the oppression and deceptions.

Thanks, but no thanks.
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I took on the Black Friday 10,000 word challenge and only got up to 6,520 words which put me slightly ahead of my daily word count. She does not care about my story but I do.

Today I learned that the month of November comes from novem which is Latin for 9 but we are in the eleventh month. Is it possible to say that we are really fucked up to believe in a fucked up Gregorian calendar and the very concept of time?

Start ruling like the man with the iron fists while my head radiates like the Sun.
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The coffee plant, coffee beans, another herb, another intoxicant, a natural part of the earth, and what is so wrong with living naturally, and being different but together and whole and content with who you are as a true and righteous human being with a gracious heart at the same time.

If God didn’t want us to have marijuana, psychedelic mushrooms, and other mind expanders, then why did He put them here?

If you truly don’t care what people think about you then you will not have any worries or anxieties when you are in the public or any concerns.
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I enjoy these quiet moments, all alone, as I lay in my bed abandoned in the middle of the night while everybody else is sleeping.

Get out of my bed bitch he yelled and threw her out of the bed as she sparked and cried out in a electrocuted voice. Once the November National Writing Month is over I plan to give technology a brief rest.

She was a well rehearsed society machine and played by all the man made up rules.

The only thing that was required of us was to answer all the questions that are children asked.
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At 13:42 today I hit 51,127 words for NANOWRIMO. Yes I could easily submit my word count now but it’s still not the end of November and I don’t want to stop writing just yet.

Today I found myself in a high end streaming writing streak and the words just kept coming to me. I went to some of my old chapters I had written from the beginning of this November and added more words to the chapters.

This time around I have learned a lot more about writing and what really works well for me in the writing process.
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With these sacred green herbs I take the time to pay tribute to two legends whose birthdays both fall on this day.

I am paying tribute to Jimi Hendrix who was probably one of the best electrical guitarists of all times and wrote some of the most poetic lyrics that I have ever heard.

Secondly I pay tribute to a living dragon, Bruce Lee who was one of the best marital artists of all times. It was Bruce Lee who inspired me with the love for the Martial Arts when I was just a little child still in elementary school.
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In the silence,
less talking,
and more listening.

Sometimes I see talking as being unnecessary, especially when I over hear the conversations that people have with each other about things that don’t really make a difference in life like sports. People talk about sports and athletes as though they were God.

I don’t know why but it seems that in the presence of silence people tend to feel somewhat uncomfortable, as though silence was some alien from another planet.

We fail to see the beauty in silence and we fear that inner voice that is always telling us the truth.
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I asked myself some pertinent questions today.

How can I be a better father to my son and to my daughter?

What are the things that we can do as a family together without using technology?

How did people and families spend their time together when there was no television and radio?

Your son needs a fighting partner. The mother will never teach her son how to fight.

Never run away from the enemy, face him dead on. I came with some right hooks then punched him in the stomach.

As his son got older the fights became more intensifying.
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And you’re so caught up in the dream that it is very hard to even realize that you are dreaming.

The dream that most men get entrapped in is the pussy dream, the dream of gracious breast rubbing across our face, the dream of shaved and unshaved vaginas rubbing against our members of firm stances for those of us who can still manage to get it up.

”Is this the way you spend the rest of your life,” the Master asked, “chasing after women who will never satisfy your desires?”

At this moment he looked up at the 1,000,001 stars.