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The 98th Game Knot Chess Tournament begins.

Meanwhile back at home, another realization and meaning derives from a dream regarding Yoga. I called the dream, “Cosmic Universal Yogic Yoga.”

It wasn’t just human beings doing yoga, but all of creation.

Cats stretching, bamboo leaves bending, and planets twisting and turning around a central sun like whirling dervishes.

I’m beginning to believe that a single atom is the microcosm of our entire universe. Can someone do the math on that?

If I had one word to suggest the meaning and purpose of life, I would say harmony.

Harmonize with the whole.
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The angels in the wheel watch everything you do, and so does the angel on your right side, and the angel on your left side, who record all of your actions, thoughts, and deeds.

It seems nearly impossible that in this very moment there is a book about everything you did from the moment you were born to this very moment that you are living in.

That is what I call an autobiography.

This book which is divinely written also contains your thoughts which no ordinary man could know and the deep secrets concealed in the depths of your heart.
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Time as we know it was not always here and we did just fine without Swiss watches and grandfather clocks.

Were so set on earning so called money made in a machine. In the past, simple and basic living was more priceless than gold. Where did humanity ever go wrong?

If time and money is an illusion, am I real?

What is real?

Who is the “I” who asks the question “who am I?”

Does it not know already, or is all of humanity suffering from amnesia?

Who am I is probably one of the greatest mysteries of all time.
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What does righteousness look like?

Does righteousness wear a suit or nothing at all?

What does discipline look like?

Is it a soldier with an M-16 machine gun, or a soldier with no weapons at all besides the power of his mind, bare hands, kung fu feet, and anything he could get his hands on?

What does self mastery look like?

Does it look like a skinny ascetic man named Ghandi in India, or an Asiatic Black man with long dreadlocks, who has so far managed to meditate more than a hundred years at the top of the Himalayan mountains?
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If you want to get to your roots, trace them through triple darkness. Would that be the womb of our mothers?

Does the woman hold the secret to our roots? A real woman does not gossip.

Why does evil [said to be] hide in the dark?

Is the darkness just the shadows and absence of light or is it deeper than that?

Can you hold some darkness in your hand [Black Woman]?

Is there dark matter in space?

Is that what Return of the Jedi and Star Wars all about?

Are there really Star People here for a particular reason?
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Like human beings, fire needs oxygen too.

Meditate on the elements....

There is nothing like a nice fire, while writing and reading the Dew Drops of Zen, experiencing the snow, seeing its flakes, while forgetting about the then, the was, and what is to be suchness.

I was really feeling like a man, and wanted no part in the lubby dubby intimacy moments, especially since my sexual desires was not being fulfilled as I had desired them to be. We had spoken about this before we were married.

Feeling on her smooth body however did feel somewhat sensual and ecstatic.
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“There is nothing wrong with your coil pack,” he said, after testing it with his computer of some sort.

When I placed the coil back into the car I decided to trace cable number two and realized that it led to the back of the engine, that hard to reach spot. Could it be the spark plug that’s causing the misfire?

I have this desire to do what my grandfather did which made him become a mechanic without ever going to school.

He took every piece of the car apart one by one and then put it all back together.
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Now I know why aspired writers fear writing so much and why they procrastinate in their writings.

It’s because aspired writers expect their first writing to be a masterpiece without realizing that it doesn't work like that.

Your first writing is your draft and it should be expected that it will come out like shit.

When you get the shit, you turn it into fertilizer at which point you can grow some beautiful herbs, plants, flowers, and trees.

Writing starts out like a big block of clay which needs to be molded and shaped using skill and a fiery furnace.
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While she was sleeping I observed her hands, the shadows on her knuckles, the cream Asian color of her skin, the shape and contours of her ears, the shadows on her face, the rise and fall of her stomach and chest as she breathed in and out, what she was wearing, the folds in her clothes, and her bare feet.

This was true observation. This was the difference between seeing and looking, a possible key to the beyond.

This frame of mind should be taken with us everywhere, including self observation.

True observation comes when there are no judgments involved.
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Is pornography harmless or does it corrupt the mind? Could watching pornography lead to other vices or does it depend on the individual?

I was curious to the origins of pornography and find it difficult to relate the Kama Sutra as an origin. The Kama Sutra was more of a love making Bible than something that required an audience.

If a person is married, they shouldn’t need to watch porn right?

What if something was missing in their sex life, like the wife refusing to give oral, forcing the husband to fantasize and think of women who’d love giving fellatio.
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A ballerina will in no way think as an artist thinks, or as an assassin thinks. What niche do you fit in?

Nothing could compare to being God conscious and on a path of increasing consciousness and awareness.

Is it possible to look neither within nor without? Yes it is, just don’t call it looking.

Get rid of all words and empty the mind, then don’t call the mind “mind,” or anything at all.

Silence and stillness is the way that leads to deeper mysteries that words could never describe.

The power is not in possessions, but in possessing less.
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The saying that man suffers because of desire and attachment is true.

If a person does not attain the object of their desire then they become sad.

If a person does attain what he desires then he becomes happy, but that happiness does not last forever. When that happiness fades away they are looking for the next best thing to make them happy.

When I was young I remember toys that would make me happy forever. Now that I’m a man I don’t play with those toys anymore.

Adult toys come in the form of cars, wealth, fame, and misery.
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Still trying to figure out who you are?

It’s definitely not in wearing the latest fashion. You’ve been searching and searching for all of these years and what have you found? I’ve found absolutely nothing but titles and illusions.

When you are really good at playing the rules you are rewarded until you learn that there is a higher truth. In reality there are no rules, just the ones that man makes up and enforce with fancy words, big guns, and big rocket ships.

To be in harmony with the present moment is to be in harmony with the Universe.
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As we’re bombarded with technology year after year we are, losing all of our senses and connection to nature. Now technology controls us as it has a strong grip on our minds, spirit, and soul.

Get back out in nature and camp out without your cell phone, iPod, iPad, laptop, iTunes, DVD movie player, CD disc player and breathe. Look at the stars, touch the trees, and listen to the birds, get in touch with nature.

Dreams are the language of self of which we do not understand.

Don’t expect to receive love if you yourself can’t give love too.
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Why do people always seem to be in a big rush, even at the expense of running you over in the process?

When you do something, you should do it as though you have all eternity, take your sweet time, and eliminate the “I have to rush,” feeling. Do things with artistic quality.

Autumn is more evident now as leaves fall from trees and except their death gracefully. A part of me dies with these leaves as they spiral down in spirals, in ancient circle formations like crop circles.

Winter is not too far away,
dark and cold like space.
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The mind or ego constantly bombards us with ideas to fulfill that that keeps us in a vicious cycle of trying to accomplish much with so little time.

Mind takes us to our past, our pains, regrets, triumphs, and glories, questions the future, but rarely brings us to the moment. This is why the mind must be trained and disciplined.

We can’t blame the mind for accepting beliefs, indoctrinations, how to live our lives, on what is real and what is not, what is possible, and what is impossible, and that everything is separate, when this is not necessarily true.
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Kinhin means zen walking meditation. Besides sitting down in the lotus position we could still meditate in everything we do by keeping a meditative state of mind.

Stop feeling so defeated all of the time and wake up and do something to overcome the feelings and illusion of defeat.

Was Obama grown in a test tube? I overheard someone saying that and wondered on the possibilities of that. The possibilities are very great. Would this explain why an authentic birth certificate has not been able to be produced and why much of his life seems to be a big mystery?
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My attempts at doing Yoga Nidra resulted in me falling into a deep unconscious sleep. The purpose of Yoga Nidra is like sleeping except that you’re in an alert state of awareness while your body and mind relaxes. I was attempting to do one hour of Yoga Nidra by counting 400 breaths. I have calculated that 100 breaths equals roughly to about 15 minutes. It was somewhere around the hundredth breath that I lost all awareness and went somewhere into dream land. It takes a lot of practice to be able to sleep while being alert at the same time.
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No saints, just the emptiness without words is true beauty, and I meditate as she meditates in Sri Lankan. Meditation brings those who meditate together.

We underestimate our sexual fluids and what they do. If you are not willing to allow me to ejaculate without a condom into the womb of space, why should I bother? Wearing a condom in my opinion takes away true union and oneness.

What could be more precious than producing life and sustaining it? We are all on life support, never knowing who is the one who says, “pull the plug,” and then we die.
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What do you mean, you want to get closer to God?

How do you know if you are close or not right now?

How will you really know God?

Will it be in some scriptures that you read, or will it be a thought and a concept?

How do you know that God is not just a word or concept?

How do you know that you are not in a dream that you think is real?

How do you know that your self is real?

What is real?

How do you know that you know or that you’re even knowing?
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It’s sad to see someone you love dearly slowly dying and slowly deteriorating. It’s worst when you can’t do anything about it and the person who is slowly dying is in denial to their condition.

Meanwhile, a man will never know what it is like to be pregnant and a woman will never know what it is like to receive a blowjob.

She does not realize that I don’t mind doing her favors, but if she wants to deny the one she says she love the one ecstatic thing he desires how much effort should he put out for her?
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We think that there are different types of laws and rules in this world and in the Universe, which in many ways sets us up for limitations and not being limitless.

It’s only our concepts, ideals, and thoughts that make these principles true and our belief in them and the system.

The real law is to simply be yourself in accord with your true and natural nature. Follow your hearts path and destiny.

I question why Allah created light from darkness.

Has anyone considered that this is saying that darkness came before light?

Surely the light must have some purpose.
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Even if she was a harlot and I didn’t know, her decision to cover her body pointed me in the right direction, and made me think of noble and righteous things.

Meanwhile I find myself still searching and desiring but I do not know what I’m searching for. I think it’s this instant realization and that some heavenly phenomenon will occur. When I start thinking like this I know that I am failing to realize the moment that we’re living in.

People who speak more than one language seem to have an extra edge to their personalities, so it seems.
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When being in the present moment, I shouldn’t have to say I’m in the present moment. The present moment should be realized without the verbal thoughts. Thoughts are just like clouds and are very good at clouding the mind from seeing things clearly just as they are.

Black in general is truly beautiful. Everyone loves magical things. I often wondered why black coupled with magic had to be something associated with evil and why Black people were demonized when they lived about in the Earth peacefully.

Then I learned about Black Chemists and the Original Scientists thought to be extinct.
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Neither here
nor there

There are no moments. The moment you try to be aware of the moment it has already passed.

There is no time, no location, no emotions, no words, no speech, no planet, no people…..

Give reality a strip a real good strip search. In order to get to the other side, nothing can come through.

Don’t call this breathing, or refer to yourself as this and that, or objects as being mine and my. Don’t refer to sound as sound.

We don’t realize it, but we are constantly naming the things that we look at.
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Is it possible to make spiritual love, mental love, emotional love, and intellectual love without taking your clothes off?

”I beg your pardon,” said the naked man filled with love and without any clothes on. “What would love be without the physical?” The two women on each side of him smiled.

We got further and further away from the truth, source, and void, as we invented things like music, stories, songs, beliefs and practices.

Could it be that these things were given to us?

Is it possible that God could be an extraterrestrial?

Yes, and something perhaps deeper than that.
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Like a cave in this dark room
the sun shines outside,
get outside of these closed doors.

In the so called real world what has become of all the images, fantasies, dreams, and Shakespearean plays?

Everyone has their own way of being and living in life and you have yours; even if it means living a life in pure ignorance or living a life filled with knowledge and bliss, or a life of doing absolutely nothing at all.

There is a perfumed garden that doesn’t include women, with luscious breast, and seductive eyes. It’s called the fragrance of mother earth
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Initially he had thought that Mary Jane had let him down until he managed to find remnants of stems and tiny like particles of herbs that she had left behind. It was enough to take him at least halfway across the Universe.

He wondered if ganja stems a person’s abilities to perform actions or was it just the individual.

The buds were another phase of his development and now he had to pull it all back together Zenfully by returning back to the silence and returning back to the Mystery.

Allah skillfully plays the Universe like a game of chess.
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“You need to kill all of this righteousness,” a voice said in his head.

“Are the demons taking over,” he pondered?


Have you been studying your thought patterns on a moment by moment basis?

Is it possible that someone could be led into layers upon layers of darkness being led further and further away from the light without realizing it?

While light is normally considered synonymous with the truth, how many people are actually open and receptive to the truth? If you were not aware of the truth and deception how would you be able to know the difference?
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What is evil about a naked body, God’s creation, and the act of sex?

There is nothing wrong with it. What is wrong or evil about a naked body is the manner in which it is used and the manner that sex is used. Some people have sex and do not love each other. Many exploit the naked body for profit.

Once you get to this point it no longer remains sacred when you sale your body for a few measly dollars and allow the whole world to see you in all of your shame burned by the engulfing flame.
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Today marks the last day of our one year lease.

In September we received a notice which stated that starting on the 1st of November our rent would increase by $25.00.

In October we received a second notice with my name misspelled stating that our rent would be increased by $50.00.

Today we received a notice which shows that our rent will be the $50.00 increase and an additional $100.00 with no explanation as to what the charges are.

Sounds and seems like someone was either on drugs are just doing very lousy administration work. I’m waiting for their response.