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It’s a real problem when you’re trying to have a one on one conversation with someone and they do not hear what you are saying. They do not make eye contact with you. They respond with ugh hugh but didn’t hear a word that you said, and you have to repeat yourself several times because they are so enwrapped with I-Pod, I-Pad, I-Phone, Facebook, and the latest technological gadget.

It should be called I don’t care. These are the people that will freak out when the electrical grids fry or the sun knocks out the satellites with its solar flares.
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If you find yourself having deranged thoughts that are diabolical in nature and contrary to your normal thought patterns then be advised that these are not your thoughts.

Perhaps someone or something is trying to hack into your mind frame.

I was watching various traditional dances from Africa, China, Korea, and other countries and thought about how synchronized their dances were filled with meaning in comparison to the dances that we see at night clubs and in general which has no purpose or meaning.

I’m not talking about modern dances of the day but the dances of drunkards without consciousness.
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Rarely do you hear anything in the news about science, especially with what’s going on all around the world, and when you do hear about it is filled with some theory or lie that does not make sense.

Do you remember when birds were found dead all over the place with no explanation and dead fish were washing up to the shores?

No one is talking about how the Sun is transmuting matter and how DNA is starting to change.

You might hear about these extraordinary things in the movies.

Most people will dismiss it as just that… a movie.
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The illusion isn’t necessarily that the material object is there. The illusion lies in believing that it’s real and what other people say about it on face value without investigating the object for your selves.

If you look outside of your window [eyes] you can see how the trees and the plants reach for the stars. If you look at humanity however, you can see how they reach for the nearest cell phone, fast food restaurants, the latest fashion, the latest trend, and whatever is advertised on television as being the in thing. Break on through to the other side.
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To call any type of experience a Zen experience or to say this is Zen can be quite misleading.

Should an experience have a title?

In many cases when we say Zen, there is this sense of awe attached to it with images of Zen masters, ancient Japan, and tea ceremonies. These are just images and have nothing at all to do with the present moment however lovely the image may appear to be.

Besides all of this, the key precept about Zen is awareness, being aware and not about focusing on the word like it’s some enigmatic magical incantation.
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One culture, one tribe…

If we are so interconnected as human beings, why do we kill each other on a daily basis, harboring hatred and other vile vices?

The main reason is due to ignorance. One aspect of ignorance that we are not aware of is the fact that we have been programmed and conditioned.

We don’t get along with each other because of religion, culture, race, politics, castes, and economical reasons.

It is sad that we can’t see beyond labels and the physical body and make contact with the inner being.

We should start with ourselves and realize.
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It’s not your body that moves, it’s your consciousness. Think about your dreams. When you dream, you’re not in your physical body.

Never blow your dreams off as not being important. Yes you should keep dream journals. I recall the aboriginals stating that the real world is the dream world.

Several concepts come to mind; they include meditation, dreams and dream recall, lucid dreaming, astral travel, and sleep deprivation.

I think sleep deprivation can serve as an excellent tool, especially for astral travelling.

Someone stated that we astral travel all the time, but the majority of us don’t remember travelling.
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Sometimes it’s best to shut up and bask in complete silence.

Who is in control of your mind?

Who or what influences it, along with the decisions and choices you make on a day to day basis?

Do you allow things outside of your inner being to move your emotions and moods causing anger and mood swings?

Did you ever think that you have been fed deliberately with fear propaganda which is done by social engineers who desire to take over your mind and thought processes?

Do you think it’s possible that someone wants to keep you divided and dumb?
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It’s not that television is necessarily bad, but what’s broadcasted.

Can you imagine what kind of world this would be, if all that was broadcasted on television was educational in nature, ways to improve yourself, and positive truthful things were broadcasted instead, with no lies?

This isn’t the case in this day and age.

Because of this, we should understand why we need to deprogram ourselves from the program that was put into our heads.

The purpose of life is to go to school, get a good job, buy a house, obtain a family, and retire.

The biggest lie told.
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Are you looking for real answers in life?


In this particular meditation I realized something beyond the body.

When we say go within we should realize that the body is perceived as the barrier between the inner and outer world.

The truth of the matter is that there’s no inward and outward.

As I listened to things outside of me and contemplated the Universe I realized that all of these things outside of us was merely an extension of our consciousness filled with vibrations.

I wondered if it was possible to constantly be in a meditative state of mind.
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Time supposedly moved 1 hour ahead today. I found it interesting that Arizona doesn’t set their time forward or backward setting themselves in unity with other parts of the world.

Self mastery is possible through meditation.

There is nothing to understand if you bring your entire and complete self to the present moment. Don’t forget to breathe and be aware of your surroundings.

Be aware of what you’re doing and your motives as you try to be something that you are not.

Look at all things as though you were going to draw them noticing all the fine textured details.
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I know this might sound crazy, but for some men, overcoming the effects of feminization is one subject that many men haven’t even considered because it’s being done so subtle, to the point that it is barely noticeable.

Study how men were before the feminist movement and study men afterwards.

By the way, the feminist movement was an orchestrated movement and should be added to the conspiracy list.

Why are more and more men becoming gay?

Why are more women saying they don’t need a man in their life?

Can you see how the balance of nature is being destroyed?
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What is the process of the purification of the heart? I would say learning to control our passions and desires would be a start.

Desires can be like a void or a black hole constantly sucking certain aspect of your being and completeness away down into a abyss of no return.

Blindness can and often occurs through passions and desires which causes us to be deluded.

If it feels so good how could it possibly be bad?

Would you like to enjoy your life more?

Try taking your sweet precious time in each moment and stop rushing around so much.
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I was reading something from some Vedic scriptures and came across the word atman. Since I did not know what it meant I looked it up.

The definition can be found in Hinduism which states that ‘Atman is a Sanskrit word that means self. In Hindu philosophy, especially in the Vedanta school of Hinduism it refers to one's true self beyond identification with phenomena. In order to attain liberation, a human being must acquire self knowledge which is to realize experientially that one's true self is identical with the transcendent self that is called Brahman.’

Religion has very similar threads.
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The concept of bearing fruits can be seen in the spiritual realms by your choice of actions. If you plant grape seeds, grapes will grow. In this case our thoughts are like seeds.

When we act on the seeds through physical action we will eventually manifest the seed of thought that was in our mind all of the time.

Physical fruits may come in the form of money, children, or something that could benefit us.

Spiritual fruits could come in the form of clairvoyance, deep insight, or understanding something about life on a deeper level we never thought of before.
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I walked outside and suddenly I heard the words, ‘this is all a hologram.’

Is the world and universe we live in a hologram?

Is this the same as saying that this is all a dream?

What are the levels of being caught up in the web otherwise known as the web of illusion?

I think there is two webs in our universe.

One web is the one that we are coerced into believing in. This is the web that ensnares our true selves, whereas the web of truth is the web that frees us.

How about the webless web?
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Anything that has a vibration has to have some sort of pattern, rather it is seen or unseen.

In this case, our thoughts are geometrical patterns just as water under different circumstances tends to have different patterns according to the research done by Masaru.

If we understand the power of thought and how it affects our mind and being we would probably want to change them overnight.

A truly strong community would act like a network, like our brain cells network.

Have you ever known a community to exist like this before?

Can you help me find the World Tree?
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Have you ever seen a gigantic crystal?

If God were a man do you think God would want to come to your home if it was messy and dirty?

We don’t have to get that far advanced because we know that anyone we invite to our place, that we wouldn’t want them to see it all messed up.

Your home is your temple, in addition to your body, the planet that you live on and the universe that you live in.

Could you imagine that we are stars on Earth and stars in the sky are centers of conscious beings?
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The more that I study this world and the truth of this world, the more I am beginning to put the pieces together of the puzzle and the more I am able to see how we have been duped as human beings.

I know that a lot of people have been talking about the Illuminati and if you study it you might find that there is a large amount of truth to it.

Speak in terms of vibrations, resonance, flow, reciprocity, et cetera.

Choosing God [Allah] is the only way out of all this madness and chaotic chaos matrix system.
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It was a nice day today, a perfect day for enlightenment.

One element regarding enlightenment is that some people look at enlightenment as something that they’ll attain in some distant future or at some point in time in their lives.

The truth about enlightenment is that enlightenment is now.

We have to be simply aware enough now to grasp it, catch it, and realize it.

We should not look at enlightenment as though it’s something that’s supposed to happen tomorrow.

Channel your mind, emotions, thoughts, and being to a higher level.

Remember Rabbil Alamin in every moment of your life.
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Could you imagine a world without war?

A brief meditation confirms with me that reality and truth is within, that it is silent, formless, the void, without words, and an empty mind.

This is the dream world, except it has been tampered with and manipulated.

We have been programmed to believe in their dream world and their dreams which is turning out to be a nightmare.

Anyone who studied nature, self, and the universe without a teacher or a textbook would have to come to the conclusion that something on a higher and more intelligent level is behind it all.
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Sometimes I wonder about the many books that astrophysicist and metaphysics put out wondering if most of their stuff is just pure theory.

Take the title ‘Learning To See Timelessness,’ as an example and ‘Imagining the 10th Dimension,’ by Rob Bryanton, ‘O Is For Omniverse,’ and ‘Zero The Biography Of A Dangerous Idea.’

How about 0 is for Zen and the void?

Another book was called ‘Consciousness Explained.’ How does anyone explain Consciousness?

Did anyone ever go through a wormhole and come back to talk about it?

I don’t doubt the possibility that wormholes exist, but has it been experienced?
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I was sitting at a stop light in my white Nissan Budget rental car.

Anyone with eyes could see the white car as it was as bright as day.

I was looking through my rear view mirror noticing a black car approaching in the distance and I was wondering if he was going to stop or not when suddenly my head jerked backwards and I felt a jolt in my spinal column. Maybe it was not so severe.

I am so sorry he said I was busy talking to my daughters. How could you be such an idiot?

Pay attention…
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I rented several movies today and watched Clash of the Titans, Kung Fu Mahjong, Noriko’s Dinner Table, Freemasons, Angels and Demons.

In the part where they spoke of Freemasons I thought of one thing. If you knew about some bad things in your family and an outsider wanted to know what kind of family you had, would you tell them the bad parts?

On the other hand I saw that it was highly possible for someone to be a part of an organization and don’t know about other things that go on within the organization on other levels of membership.
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In the Dhamma Pada it says “do not cling to the pleasant.”

Within my own life I can see how I have been clinging to the pleasant with some of my desires.

On a day to day basis I can see how people cling to their desires.

Out of the people that I see, how many have read the Dhammad Pada? How many have actually read a book or know how to read?

Try to forget about everything you have learned and all of the knowledge that you have gathered.

Try to empty your cup and be one with eternalness.
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I have never really questioned my consciousness and how I am conscious but have always said that I could expand it.

How does one expand his consciousness?

Could it be said that everything is consciousness such as the earth, rocks, birds, insects, and the various elements and products of the atomic and subatomic world?

An intelligent force has to be behind all of this.

I think by realizing certain truths, for instance, we are all one and not divided in the way that we think.

To realize truth is to come closer to self realization, divine enlightenment and cosmic truth.
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What are the motives behind desires?

Is the mind always grasping? I want this, I want that, I desire this and I desire that.

If the mind is always grasping where does the want and desire spring from?

Has the mind been tricked and duped by other forces to make us believe in such things and that they will bring us satisfaction?

In the end we find that it doesn’t bring us satisfaction and only leaves us wanting more.

We’re constantly trying to fill a void that cannot be filled no matter how hard we try, but yet we continue.
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Has it ever occurred to you to stop seeking?

It seems that in life we are seeking for something in life.

We are looking for answers to a question that we don’t even know what the question is.

Sometimes the question is “who am I?” or “what am I doing here?” These are some good questions.

What would happen if we stopped asking questions and stopped looking for answers?

What do you want to do in life and why?

How about trying to live a life of selflessness, simplicity, nothingness, emptiness where doing nothing could be equivalent to doing everything.
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Being a man I’ve seen how men glorify women, how beautiful and cute they may be, or having a nice body.

Despite how beautiful a woman may be or appear to be, men still have to remember that women also urinate, defecate, pass gas, burp, have smelly breath, and under arms. Women lie, cheat, steal, and do many other scandalous things, they are just better at concealing it.

This is a basic fact that cannot be denied.

It would be very rare to find a woman who is so holy and pure nowadays who are not attached to this world.
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Keep a straight posture. You should always strive to keep a straight back always for the sake of improving your meditation experiences.

Most of the times we think of holding a straight back posture when we are meditating but when we are anywhere else we seem to forget and adapt a slouching posture.

The silence is effortless.

The silence is not something that you think about.

In most respects the silence is mainly about attentive listening without inquiry and questioning the things that you may hear, even if they are your own thoughts.

Simply let everything flow and be effortlessly…
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I passed by an aisle in the grocery store dedicated to Easter. I saw a nun in the Easter in all of her religious regalia. There was no doubt that she was a nun and was identifiable as such.

As I looked around I began to realize that people could be clearly identifiable [not all cases but most] and asked the question ‘is this it, is this all?’

We are something more than identifiable things and something more than the religion we practice and follow, the things that we wear, and the verses that we learn to memorize and recite.