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God the Supreme Being isn’t somewhere far away in some distant galaxy sitting on a cloud looking down on us. God is right here right now, closer than your own jugular vein.

Conflict is good and shouldn’t be seen as necessarily bad. In the end, conflict gets resolved and an understanding can settle and be realized.

Why do we create the same habits over and over again?

Where do thoughts come from?

You should learn how to develop a strong will and a strong mind.

Practice non attachment with all of the things that you have desires towards and want.
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It dawned on me how the majority of us never read the terms and conditions. For all we know we could be authorizing them to shove a 2 x 4 up our asses.

The time is ripe
for cosmic producing.

When I walk down the hallways,
I’m looking all ways
ecliptic spin
the words around
the mind frame.

Afrodyllic roaches
crawling across the all.

Mystical mysticalness
with my eyes
hypnotize hypnotic
titanic gigantic.

Your son is the light
aliens calling in the distance
spaceship supreme
candle lights burning
snow in the jeep
creep through
the wee hours of the night.
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Uh oh… He’s turning into an Egyptian on us.

‘No need to read the scripts [written languages] when I can read the hieroglyphics, which are some of the most ancient writings in the world.

What if all the shit the Egyptologists told us about ancient Egypt wasn’t true?

I’m already convinced that the devil’s lies spread large and wide down to almost every branch of existing knowledge.

To be the Sun while the planets are asleep is what I am tonight, simply watching and wondering through the scope… providing fruits for countless families.

I send my mind flying throughout space.
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Complaining never changed to much of anything, yet so many people do it all the time.

So why are you telling me, and what do you expect me to do about it?

The solution to your problem is to stop complaining, take control and responsibility of your own life. Seek independence and self sufficiency. Utilize your mind to the best of your ability.

The majority of women are so transfixed with this world, and it’s easy for the devil to make her his ally.

All he needs to do is flash his trinkets and illusioned paper money filled with lies…
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On a day to day basis, moment by moment, what is your mode of focus and thinking patterns?

I contemplated on what I have called the one thousand things.

The 1000 things are the things outside of us that oftentimes distract us from where our focus should be, which is the inner self and being.

We are distracted by television, internet, cell phones, fear of tomorrow, what people think of us, money, cars, materialistic things, and the list goes on.

Try for once, to love every aspect of self, being, skin cells, and mind.

Love is a force and power…
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There will be kinder days…

What if your parents never named you, and you grew up without hearing speech, but hearing sounds.

“I know he’s in there smoking, but I don’t know what.

“Do you want to take this to another level? Go get just a little bit more.”

He was not sure if this was the devil speaking or God. It had to be God, because the devil would never open your eyes this big or even just a sleepy bit.

And I stick to the walls like some exotic lizard digging the scene; listening to an entire conversation.
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Would you rather be in close contact with cable television, night clubs, knowledge of this world, or be in tuned with the highest form of intelligence?

In this case our desires should be to accumulate a higher mind, a higher state of consciousness, and being.

The word nurturing came to my mind; in relation to growth on various levels.

The definition of nurture is care for and encourage the growth or development of, the caring for and encouraging the growth of someone or something; upbringing education, and environment contrasted with inborn characteristics as an influence on or determinant of personality.
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If you find that your day is becoming a non spectacular day, you have to find something spectacular about it, or do something to make it spectacular.

If you bring yourself more into the moment this should not be difficult to do. Try doing something out of the ordinary; like staring at somebody without looking away, jumping in front of a moving train, or telling some random stranger that you love them. I am sure that would spice things up.

Or you could try counting your blessings and consider how fortunate you are in comparison to the conditions of others.
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After doing some brief stargazing
from out of nowhere
a beautiful Black princess
whose skin was so dark
through which the moon and stars reflected arrived.

She spoke to my heart
which danced
to her rhythmic rhythms of voice,
two hearts beating as one,
two hearts beating under the sun
to an ancient drum.

Her hair hung with jewels
of bright tomorrows
and future today's,
now resonates in the night.

Her perfume was the natural scent
of her exotic body
from some sort of paradise.
After the departation
my mind said
“me be seeking the Nubian rivers of the Nile.”
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Is religion just another form of advertisement?

The other day I saw a billboard that said ‘I Am A Mormon.’ Is this religion better than the other religions? We have the answers of life that you have been looking for.

In the end, don't all religions end up at the same point?

Do we need religion in our lives to gain so called salvation?

You should be constantly asking yourself these types of questions.

Why do you pray?

Why do people go to the mosque, the church, and the synagogue?

It all boils down to a matter of the heart.
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In the Quran it says ‘to believe in the unseen’….

Do you not understand why you should believe in the unseen?

You must remember that the physical eyes can only see so much. The finer things in life like atoms and subatomic particles can’t be seen by the physical eyes.

However, it is possible for the all Seeing Eye to see all things.

Is your third eye open?

There are higher worlds within us just as much as there are higher worlds without. If you really realize this you would see why it benefits you to strive to meditate deeply.
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After getting to the higher states of consciousness and your high starts to come down, some people eat all kinds of junk food, while others choose more wholesome and healthier foods; like grains, fruits, and vegetables.

Free your mind from your own illusions. Stop seeking approval from what you know to be true in your heart.

Eliminate the time wasters in your life such as television and stupid stuff.

The educational deception in this society and plan to dumb down the masses does not mean we stop seeking education. We can educate ourselves with the quality that we truly desire.
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This point must be stressed…

Success [successor] of anything comes through action. Action equals results, inaction equals nothing. Inaction is not necessarily a bad thing.

It’s not enough to say I’m going to read all my books, or I will meditate and do yoga. You need to be more specific.

What books will you read, how many pages will you read, how long will you meditate, what yoga exercises will you do?

I can accomplish things at work too but you have to be specific about what you plan to do. This could eliminate carrying unnecessary stuff with you there.
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Once two people see each other, I think there has to be some physical attraction at first.

It may not necessarily be the body, it could be the eyes, or even the mouth as an example.

Once the physical is established somehow an outreach or a signal has to be sent out. This is where flirting comes in.

When one person flirts and the other flirts back then that is a definite sign that there is possibility for the next step, rather that be a relationship or shacking up for a one night stand.

Flirtations can subliminal suggestive or direct.
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Theme and Question…

What is the purpose of life, because whatever it is, I want to put every ounce of my energy and breath of life into it.

Psychedelics and art are the great gateways which show us that there is another way of seeing things and reality.

Music has the potential to open portals and expand the consciousness.

Analyze and question everything to go beyond the places that you thought you could never go.

In the end, fasting and meditation as a natural means to getting high in a controlled dignified way are better approaches to take in life.
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And thus spake the Buddha and then classical rock n roll came along.

I became mellow in the water with a dolphin like consciousness.

This is self healing and this is Bossa Nova now.

Spoken media… “come on baby say I’m a universal star with your suave style, and he dived deeper into these deep waters even deeper into the abyss.

How’s my spiritual soldier girl and how’s the lethal assassin of my heart?

The walking poet continued to tell the story of his life and yours as spiders dropped from the ceiling with eyes that hypnotized, conjuring multiple dimensions.
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Vibrate with the Cosmic Universe, embracing the deep peaceful and silent side of life.

How many more revelations do you expect? Despite people getting high from hallucinogens, no one can be as high as Allah the Creator. No one could match his light which is light upon light like no light describable to man.

Yes you should look forward to fasting, purification, and deep meditation as blessings are made with the wave of a hand.

Everyone is saying that You are the one but no one seems to paying any attention to your majestic majesty in the garden of paradise.
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Is this moment real? Earth is consciousness, ancient extraterrestrial in origins, more ancient than civilization itself.

The light from cars and the city are so artificial causing light pollution preventing us from seeing all the stars at night.

We’re told and given advice on how to live and what to do with our lives on a day to day basis without questioning it.

Who is the they doing all the telling?

We could start with the advertisers, down to the corporations who pimp their brands and products.

They’re trying to disconnect us on every level possible from God and ourselves.
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Have you ever had the feeling that you were going to die soon? I know that we all have to die at some point in time and space. However, who feels like death is right around the corner?

Besides a physical death I thought that maybe the feeling I had that I’m going to die soon was on a rebirth sphinx kind of way.

Maybe somehow I would reach some sort of transformational spiritual rebirth.

With that in thought in mind maybe thinking more about Allah and not allow anything to draw our attention away from Rabbil Alameen would help.
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There is a scripture in the Bible where it says that the righteous are lovers of the law. The law that was being referred to was God’s laws of course and not the man made laws of that time.

In face of this particular verse do you see how deceptive intelligence creeps into the picture and gives you justifiable reasons to break these laws?

Many people profess religion but break every law in the book.

Do they really think that they will be able to enter the heaven that their God promised them and that he would pleased with them?
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When writing, sometimes writing the first word and the first sentence can be the hardest part. I don’t know if you would call this writer’s block or not but it can be frustrating at times.

The devil would lead us to hell while Allah would lead us to heaven.

Look at the world today and tell me that it’s going in the right direction.

How many people value righteousness?

How many people would stand in line to get their hearts purified?

Long gone are the days of virtuousness and honoring codes of conduct that value each other as human beings.
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It was very windy tonight. It was so windy that I thought our bedroom window was going to blow out.

If the wind can knock down a tree and two city light poles as it did tonight why not blow out a window too?

What’s the estimated time frame in your opinion that it would take to accomplish a certain project or thing that you need to do?

I thought about this in regards to how we can procrastinate at times.

How long do you think it would take you to fold your clothes, write, or make a phone call?
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Anything can be accomplished in a relaxed state and by using creative visualizations. If you can visualize what you want, it can be accomplished. The big question is what do you want and why?

I would look towards healing myself and others. I would hope to be in a complete harmonized state of mind at one with nature and the Universe.

Some people would hope for a brand new car or a brand new house or lots of money. These desires are material in nature. Is there any who places huge value on the spiritual aspects of life and living?
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I would not be surprised that there was several books that were not included in the Bible. The question is, where did these books come from and why were not they included?

I was reading about the Book of Enoch which is said to be a controversial book, but why?

I also believe that the Church and the Pope of Rome have lots of secrets that are hidden in their vaults filled with books that you would probably never find in your local library.

Looking back in history it’s a real shame to see the ancient libraries that were burned.
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In order to practice Zen, one of the main precepts is to be conscious of your breath. Don’t be conscious of your breath only during meditation, but be conscious of your breath everywhere you go and with everything that you do.

Do you think it’s easy to simply let go of everything that you are attached to?

Letting go of everything doesn’t mean that you run away from your family and society up into the Himalayas to live as a monk.

Non attachment means that you can live without a thing without getting your mind all bent out of shape.
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Listen to your planetary body which is part of the planet. You’d be surprised with what your body is trying to tell you.

Watch your stream of thoughts while meditating and watch your stream of thoughts while you’re awake.

Not only are thoughts powerful, they’re real… just as real as the concrete floor you walk on.

Just because you can’t see thought vibrations doesn’t mean they do not exist. This is why creative visualizations alone with positive affirmations really work.

Don’t limit yourself or your mind to the many possibilities. When the time is right you can spread your wings.
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Many times when it’s time to go to work we want to just call off. When we decide to go to work anyways we later learn that it was a good thing that we did not call off.

Many times I’ve had some great writing ideas by going to work while waiting at a bus stop or seeing some incident happen that I never suspected would happen.

It’s good to have a good work ethic in mind. Not just for your 9 to 5, but for yourself too as far as doing the things that you truly love in life.
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Blessed is the celibate man in this modern world and society.

Never before in history has sex been so exploited and advertised on so many levels with the addition of technology.

There should be no wonder why the Western world is so sex crazed.

How sad it is when virtue is no longer looked upon in a respectable way. Just say I’m a virgin and see how many people laugh at you.

When I was in the 6th grade a girl asked me if I was a virgin, and then laughed when I did not know what a virgin was.
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Personal power comes through self awareness. You don’t need marijuana to get high.

Have you ever tried choosing the natural highs of awareness instead?

Have you ever noticed how things on the outer world can influence your inner world if you’re not aware?

To be a real man, yogi, or spiritual master is to be in control of yourself and your actions.

Deep down inside I truly believe that women are attracted to godly and spiritual figures. I think spirituality is what they really want out of a man and not necessarily sex.

Sex without ejaculation is called Tantric Yoga.