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Words are underestimated because we don’t take time to appreciate their power and influence to persuade and inspire. I tried to imagine what the world would be like without words, and foreign languages.

How would we communicate?

Would it be sign language or telepathic language?

Beyond words I thought of languages that didn’t have an alphabet; like Chinese, Hieroglyphics, and Japanese, which I think are even more powerful.

Symbols can hold so many different meanings.

What’s beautiful is how these words are combined to make syllables, uttered into sounds that another person can understand and relate to.

Communication is powerful.
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I read Michael Buzz’s 1st January entry today as well as others and I have to agree with Michael. They should get rid of the pig since the swine flu is so old now. It makes the site look outdated. I never said anything about it before because I thought it was only me that had a problem with it.

As far as Obama’s presidency is concerned he doesn’t deserve to be elected for another year. He lied to us, just like all the other president’s, and he is no different from any of the other politicians filled with lies.
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The weeds and sacred herbs were kind to me by sharing their wisdom and knowledge.

A token of gratitude was left behind in the form of seeds so that I would not have to ever search for them again.

You can grow us many times over now under the condition that you spread the love for non monetary profit. That would be easy for me to do since I never believed that people should have to pay for food, since the Earth gave it to us freely and in abundance.

‘These are the things you should do,’ said the herb.
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I have found the Zen Habit website and The Minimalist to be very inspiring. I like the idea of instead of trimming body fat, trim clutter instead. I’m sure thousands of resolutions are made every year, but how many are kept or actually resolved.

I like the idea of creating a constructive habit each month versus trying to break one which can be quite difficult, but not impossible.

The biggest clutter problem I struggle with in my life is paper stuff. It covers bills, pay stubs, income taxes, junk mail, and countless other stuff I’m trying to organize and sort.
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No one can really know why a person gets mad, sometimes even furious.

When a man gets angry he will usually leave the house and gather himself together before returning.

When a woman gets furiously angry she is like a tornado. She will fuck up everything in the house and disrupt the harmonious atmosphere.

In cases like this you have to be firm like a rock and not allow her or anyone else to fuck up your peaceful state of mind.

You can’t let her black hole of fury to suck the essence of your being into her blind madness.
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I could visually see myself at the back door wearing a suit.

Come to my world of fantasy. This is one of the lyrics sung in The Five Stairsteps CD. I chuckled at the fact that this statement was stated as though the world of fantasy really existed somewhere.

The truth of the matter is that the land of fantasy did exist, but only in his mind.

You could make believe that something is real. This is the beauty and power of imagination.

So you think you are on to something until you realize that you have already fallen off.
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We underestimate the inner space within us by tending to think that inner space consists solely of the space between our left ear to the right and our fronts to our backs.

Inner space is much deeper than this. You can realize this if you close your eyes and meditate.

In the process of meditation you can see how you are able to go into deeper levels of consciousness. The inner space within us is endless, just like the universal space in our Universe.

Dimensions are everywhere. They can be found on the physical level, spiritual levels, and inner levels.
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What’s wrong with people within this society?

The majority of the people are either brain washed or brain dead. They live off of commercialized television and propaganda without doing any kind of investigation for themselves.

You will believe what you are told.

They are asleep to what’s going on and are worst than animals. At least an animal can sense danger and know when to fight or flee.

What is meant by the modern world?

Is it to say that the so called primitive world was not modern and a backwards society?

Look how we are living today in comparison.
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These were some key elements that made my meditation deeper.

While meditating I instructed myself to relax, release all things tangible and intangible, bring self to the moment, center yourself, and focus on the third eye.

If you can’t relax then your body will be tense throughout the meditation.

Releasing your mind of all thoughts helps to clear it which helps you to be more in the moment.

Center yourself to prevent yourself from leaning to the left, right, frontwards, or backwards.

Focus on the third eye, this helps to strengthen it and makes you more meditative and acutely alert.
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As night became day, I spent the rest of my morning hours doing client work at the client rate.

If a person was truly superior he would exercise humbleness. I said this as I noticed that some of our managers here are rather arrogant over the title and position that they have as though they are above everyone else.

If they really had such power they would not have to display it.

Can you imagine how the most powerful man in the entire universe did not display his power, and just acted as though he was just an ordinary man?
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If you do not know what these initials stand for I suggest that you look up now.

It stands for National Defense Authorization Act which was signed by the president that everyone put their hopes and trust in. It seems that he is no different from any of the other presidents.

It seems like the entire system is being operated by puppet masters behind the screen and scene.

If you don’t know your constitutional rights you better look it up and see how this country is being hijacked, and not by some so called terrorist in the Middle East.
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You’re just a man
with echoed voices
that reverberate constantly
off of the nothingness
and thus the results of your
leave it to Zen project
all spaced out
like the echoes
in your universe.

So it’s a battle of the forces,
not necessarily without
but the forces within.

You can’t control anything
if you can’t control
the forces within yourself.

Something keeps calling you back like the echoes of the past that constantly call you back.

Do you understand now?

Let’s switch frequencies and don’t allow thoughts you believe to be true to be considered just another element of paranoia.
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Please take me back to the ancient times and away from this deteriorating modern world.

Take me to the time where there was life and love without condoms.

Take me to that time where transportation was on horses, and if you wanted to meet someone you had to see them face to face.

Take me back to the times of ancient traditional music, cultural intellect, creative minds, pottery making and the sophisticated arts.

Take me back to the land of dreams where at night you could look up in the sky to see thousands of stars.

Take ancient wisdom seriously.
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The God wears many layers. You could interpret this in any way that you want.

It could mean the clothes that He wears, or the way in which He hides Himself in His own creation.

If you look deep enough you can find Him, even if that means looking deep within yourself.

Everything that you’re seeking can be found in the breath now;
such as love,
cosmic universe,
cosmic consciousness,
and the mystical aspects
of inner and outer life.

I’m the universe and cosmos I’ve been desperately trying to become when I’m in fact already that which I’m seeking.
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Be the conductor and master of your life, emotions, mind, body and senses, in the same way that a conductor conducts a great symphony.

You never want to be out of tuned but in tuned to the universal piece that is presently being played in this present moment.

If I ever want to get closer and merge with His magnificent Light and Being I know that I have to increase my prayers and devotion to [Him] the One…

I must make my meditations longer than I have presently been doing in order to merge naturally with the Light of Being.
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Beyond the outer stimuli of sound, and the sensations and senses of the body there is a place deep within that will take you beyond this present state and even further if you are willing to take the journey.

If you really think about it, everything is just another state of mind.

There are various levels of mind that could be reached.

Instead of saying mind over matter we should say mind over mind. The mind can be and should be mastered.

People are aspects of mind, as well as birds, automobiles, planets, airplanes, ants, high rise buildings, and flowers.
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In today’s world, most people get their knowledge about Islam from television and the news. Since most people believe what they see on television, the controlled media, and what other people tell them about it instead of investigating for themselves they continue to be deluded and live in increasing ignorance.

If the media began to say that Buddha was a violent man and he killed many people, people would believe that to.

The media is undeniable and does not need to be questioned.

There is only a rare few breeds of intellects who will actually discover the truth for themselves.
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Pussy can be an obsession, a power, an art form, and an irresistible desire.

Pussy can make a righteous and holy man give up all his righteousness and burn up all of his holy books.

What was God’s intention when he made pussy?

Pussy can make a man blind and lose his got damn mind.

Pussy can make you think that everything is okay and that everything is everything.

Pussy can make a man dream, make a man scream, and lose everything downstream.

Pussy can make a king drop down to his knees and beg, please baby, please baby, please.
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What is time?

Time is dream music floating through space, streaming through our consciousness.

There is a dragon’s breath filled with elixirs. It hurts so good the way you know it should.

Hidden in dark corners, suddenly coming into the light in the most unexpected ways.

Try seeing with your own thoughts and your own mind without the influence of music, images, and videos.

See this dream that you are living for what it really is.

In the meantime, don’t worry for there are unseen angels all around you and us.

The city lights are still filled with blooming potentials.
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After playing Monopoly to around 03:00 in the morning I soon realized how illusionary the idea and concept of our monetary system is, and that it was really no different from Monopoly money.

‘What if the bank runs out of money?’ was a question on the box.

The bank never goes bankrupt. Use slips of paper [reprint money] to keep track of each player’s banking transactions, until the bank has enough paper money to operate again.

This sounded like what the banks in our modern world are doing today.

Just keep printing money and keep the nation in deeper debts.
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She tried to look all pretty at the bus stop but he knew that deep down inside she really wanted to talk to him.

“You know that online bullshit don’t work, so I figured I’d meet someone in person,” he said.

He walked up to her and grasped her by the waist and brought her close to his face to the point to their lips were almost touching and said “and you look into another world and what do you see?”

He then used his powers of mesmerization and swept her off of her feet into the next yoga pose.
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Enter the Dragon! Its Chinese New Year’s!

Fuck Dish Network, fuck Comcast, fuck television, and fuck you!

Instead of mind over matter, it should be mind over woman and mind over pussy.

It can be proven that men tend to fantasize a lot about women and spend lots of time trying to pursue them.

Study the thoughts of any normal man per day and see where a lot of his thoughts are going.

The true focus should be on the Light and God Consciousness, but Shaitan distracts us with false promises, entertainment, and trinkets of the most advanced technological gadgets.
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This is upscale retail in the white neighborhood, where everything is so trendy, and bendy.

You’re not welcome in this store boy were some of the looks so it seemed from the upper class elites so they thought in their minds that they were so pure and holy and that they were born in heaven with no flaws.

I want to be healthy too, and purchased dried mangoes, dried bananas, and some oriental snack mix.

In the back of the bus was some kid. He thought he was a king, but did not realize that he was just a thing.
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If you are not careful you will find that your thoughts would have taken you down some road and path that you never desired.

Welcome to the psychic world and the world beyond.

Are you losing your mind when the Buddha belt turns into a snake and your three year old son says you’re going to Baghdad?

I am dwelling in the underwater sea world and I can see clearly through these Asian eyes.

If you want to learn how to heal other people, learn how to heal yourself first.

Wisdom means so much more than the alphabetical words itself.
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“And I went to my religious class today, listened to lectures, and I came to realize what it’s all about.”

“Which is what?”

“Absolutely nothing.”


“Nothing, emptiness… the void, a place of perfect stillness and no motion at all.”

“How could that be possible?”

“Ask yourself the question, how can the moon reflect perfectly off of a lake whose waters are constantly moving? The lake is your mind, and if you can still your mind and your body which is also part of the mind, then you would know what I am talking about.”

“Hmmm, that’s something to consider.”
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I can’t believe we have to pay to drink water. If they could, we’d pay for air too, and pay carbon tax, a make believe toxic gas.

Do you know about the two white men who lived in between our walls? They were two CIA operatives spying on us with hidden cameras and listening in to our conversations with various listening devices. Here comes the devil!

Connect your mind to the entire Earth while being more naked, being more human, being more irie.

I talk better with my eyes better than I talk with my mouth.

I vibrate subliminal messages.
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“We should start having more kinder meetings.”

“You look sleepy.”

“Do I?”

“Yeah you do. Are you sleepy?”

“No, I’m just tripping out babe.”

“You should take a look at your face.”

So I am looking at myself in the mirror and then I ask myself the question, “who am I?”

I then get these Zen like flashbacks of the emptiness and the void and being all spaced out in a serene way, and my mind made the sun come out again through the clouds, melting all of the snow on the cold crisp ground that I normally walk on.
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How can we live life to its fullest if we’re just living it normally and going by the status quo or what’s expected of us from society?

You’ll never have inner peace if you keep entertaining the same thoughts that bring you down to a lower level until you rearrange your thinking and thought patterns.

Get out and do something with your life.

I am going through another phase of development [transformation] and I don’t know what I am becoming.

Stop pretending on all levels of being and be real with yourself and the world that is all around you.
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The Government did not ever want a peace and love movement spreading across the earth, nor did the Government ever want Black people, and Black Unity to ever manifest.

The Government never wanted the Native American Indians to rise from their oppressive conditions nor does he ever want them to.

So many great things happened during the 60’s and the 70’s.

Today the Government does not want the people to rise regardless to their race or the color of their skin.

Today even white people are being oppressed. Our constitution and country is being hijacked by corrupted politics and bankers.
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When it comes to putting pen to paper in your journal keep in mind that writing is an art form.

Each letter you write on paper is unique and should be done in the now moment.

Each letter should be done with special care as though you are doing an art piece.

Writing should never leave you with a feeling of frustration.

The true beauty of writing comes with properly arranged words and phrases that put everything in a perfect context of understanding.

It’s a shame that in today’s society the art of penmanship is being taken over by technology.
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I don’t think that I am living my life as though it is my last day, or my last moment, and last breath.

Why should we take special care of our bodies?

One reason we should care for the body is because our bodies are a temple in which God resides.

The concept is the same in which a Mosque, Synagogue, or a Church houses its worshippers who try their best to upkeep it and in some cases restructure it.

I am on a personal search of finding that God, that eternal spark that resides and dwells within my being.