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Today we got our first fall of snow for December. That cancels out expectations to ride the bicycle. It will be pure walking and bus for the next few days.

Even after our long discussion yesterday about going to Small Worlds I managed to catch her on the page again.

When I confronted her about it she sort of smiled about it, but I was not smiling and did not find it funny at all.

I would like to know what it takes for her to actually get serious about her school work and stop going to the game websites.
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If you do not write, while what needs to be written about, while it is fresh in your mind then you will lose and leave out a lot of detail that you may have had while it was still fresh in your mind.

What was supposed to be written yesterday will be almost and nearly forgotten today. So, write for today and whatever you can remember from what was supposed to be written, write that down to.

This is one reason why it is good for every writer to always carry a pen and pad with him at all times.
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The whole aspect of exercise is really another world. The only way to realize this is to get off your ass and to do it for yourself.

You would have to admit that when you exercise that you donít feel the same when you donít exercise.

In my opinion when you exercise it is a means and method to tune your body which in turn leads to tuning up your mind.

When I speak on exercise I am speaking on aspects such as weight lifting, yoga, stretching, running, swimming, and even the martial arts.

Mind and body truly are one.
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After leaving the supermarket and walking out into the cold I told myself that I would do Zen walking back to my apartment.

As I walked while focusing solely on my steps, after awhile I realized that the Zen of walking was not just focusing on the process of the heel touching the ground and then the toe.

Zen walking involved further awareness outside the process such as noticing the cars passing by, the wind on my face, the crunching sounds of snow beneath my feet, the movement of my body, and not forgetting my breathing patterns with each step.
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One of our biggest hindrances in life is the thought that we are individuals, separate from everything else, and not connected in any way.

We look at things outside of us and think that if we are not attached to it bodily wise that it is separate from us.

We donít see the breakdown of atomic particles and how everything in the end amounts to the same elements.

If we could see how we are unified in this Universe then we would realize in many ways than one how we are tied in to the sun, moon, stars, and galaxies.
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Besides words, all things just as well be numbers, or a mathematical code of composition.

The code for bananas at the grocery store is 4011. If you really think about it, everything has its mathematical code or composition make up. This fact can be found in chemistry, biology, physics, astronomy, and in our DNA.

This fact would have to bring us to one conclusion. Allah [GOD] is a Mathematical Being too and capable of being beyond mathematical, a real genius beyond imagination.

All around us in the natural world upon close examination nature exudes her natural intricate and geometric beauty.
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Most couples do not just one day wake up out of their beds and decide to cheat. So I asked myself the question why do couples cheat?

I narrowed cheating down to our thoughts as a reference point and dissatisfaction in the relationship.

I personally think that most of the times couples cheat because of a lack somewhere on a sexual level.

For instance, the man whose spouse will not perform fellatio on the man she says she loves, thus leaving him in a deprived state of an unfulfilled fantasy, and yearning to fulfill his urges and desires even more.
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In my mind I had always thought that adult stores only sold pornographic DVDís, dildos, and dirty magazines. What I did not realize is that they also sale condoms, duhÖ and you can also get yourself a sex costume.

I despise using condoms with a passion. They take away the natural feelings and connections that intimate sex and love has to offer.

The condom takes away 75% of the sensations that you would feel if you were not wearing one.

Why be so concerned with protection if you are having sex with one person?

So what if you get pregnant.
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I got the email from her principal regarding her possibly facing expulsion from the entire school. I really donít quite understand it.

I remember when I was going to school, your school year was not divided up into 2 semesters. Either you pass the school year or you do not.

I was known as a nerd in my elementary school years.

Unlike today with internet, video games, and television, I did not have that when I was young, and I thank God that I didnít have it as I witness how the creativity and intelligence of children is increasingly deteriorating.
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Even as an adult, I still enjoy cartoons and reading anime comics.

I watched Transformers III today and liked how the original leader of the Transformers, Sentinel Prime stated to that CIA bitch that I hated so much, Prime does not take orders from no one.

I finally dropped off the Manga anime book Afro Samurai at the library. Iím not quite sure how much I owe on it.

Itís amazing what you can do on white paper with a pen.

When I was young my response to what I wanted to be when I grew up was a cartoonist.
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I was here in the room by myself and feeling like I did not belong here. I felt like I belonged somewhere far away, like another planet. It didnít occur to me that maybe I was trying to get away from my true self.

Perhaps after going to some other place, I would feel like I didnít belong there either.

So you say you want to get high?


I want to expand my mind, open my third eye, and elevate the consciousness of my mind.

I want to swim in an ocean of love and metaphors, and speak poetically.
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He has one of the biggest knots on his forehead right now and looks like one of the Klingonís from Star Trek. He made himself purposefully fall down in the hallway near the toddler barrier while I was going over his sisterís assignments.

I saw all the websites that she had secretly opened which had one picture of Lady Gaga in derogatory clothing laying next to a skeleton. She basically just looked like a slut.

Is this the same lady who claimed that she was going celibate and encouraged her fans to remain virgins?

Today marks the Virgin of Guadalupe.
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The entries that I keyed in regarding blow jobs fell along the lines of Ďmy wife will not give me a blow job and should I cheat on her,í as well as Ďhow to get my wife to give me a blow job.í

I came across some educated websites which I found to be useful.

I would like to applaud myself for doing everything that I can to not wind up cheating. I really wouldnít want to feel and experience the guilt that comes along with it.

Some women donít understand why a blowjob is so important to a man.
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If you watch snippets of behind the scenes for Quarantine II and all the scary movies that you have ever watched, this would be a means and method of removing fears that lie in the deep recesses of your unconscious minds.

I wonder why children are afraid of the dark and afraid to sleep by themselves, even before being bombarded with the boogey man, scary stories and scary movies.

Do we fear the dark because there is some truth in it that we do not want to face?

Believe it or not, too many, truth can be a scary thing.
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As I prayed one of my prayers today I asked myself what if this was my last prayer, or my last bus ride, or last meal, or last time ever seeing my family again. I realized how we take little things for granted which mean so much.

The little things donít mean much because weíre so used to them and it is lodged in our brains that they are guaranteed, but are they really?

Does the military really turn boys into men or just brainwashed gun toting soldiers who will do whatever the government says?

Obey and do not question.
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I dropped her off to meet up with her mom at the bookstore who popped up behind us from out of nowhere it seemed. Her mom seemed to be a bit slow in her speech and actions and I was sure that this was due to the meds kicking in.

I bought a United States puzzle as I found this as an excellent way to learn all the states and capitals and have fun with it at the same time.

I would love to get a puzzle for all of Asia, Africa, South America, and Europe if they have one.
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One word to summarize my Saturday would be movie marathon.

I had coffee in bed this morning, searched the internet, checked my e-mails, and massage sites.

I finally watched Sons of Anarchy episodes 1-3 of Season 1 after hearing so much about how good it was. Now I am hooked on it.

Later on I rented episodes 4-7, a movie called Chloe, The Cleaner starring Lucy Liu and Cedric the Entertainer. I donít know why so many women hate Lucy Liu.

Chloe was a real psycho thriller and was a good example of why we should investigate before assuming anything.
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On my way to work I saw what most people would call a shooting star.

When I took my astronomy class I asked my astronomy teacher about this and he said that stars donít shoot.

I looked up shooting stars on the internet and it stated that what was classified as shooting stars was actually meteors within our atmosphere.

In my opinion I think that it could be an Unidentified Flying Object.

I knew that the rings in my ear had to be a message from someone somewhere.

Mom is having another episode she said while crying the entire time.
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I know for a fact that I could live without televisionÖ I am more peaceful and content without it and can actually here myself think.

I wonder what people would do if the power grids blew out cutting off all forms of technological entertainment.

In Zen I know that it might seem pointless to just sit and do nothing, but the beauty of it is that you may never know what you might come across or experience.

The secret to experiencing something great is in not expecting anything at all.

Your life would be so much more relaxed and content
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Initially we come into this world as a sperm society. Once we were ejaculated from our fathersí loins we swam among millions of other sperm members whose goal was to reach the egg so that we could be something or become something besides a mere drop of sperm.

Making contact with the egg would enable us to transform into an entirely different life form with a 9 month period.

Then we could come out of the environment that we had became so comfortable with.

What are we supposed to this in this world becomes the big question, the next transformation.
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Look around you and say, Ďthis is all a dream.í

What makes the waking life any different from the dream world when we are just observing things that we see.

You can see a rose in your dream and you can see a rose in the waking life.

Who is to say which is the dream and which one is the waking life? Every single motion, action, and thing that you do should be regarded with pure awareness. You donít have to call these actions mystical or extraordinary, just be aware of them and any thoughts that come with it.
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I want to know how to massage my testicles. I know it sounds way out but the testicles are part of the human body.

I know that most people who think with the church like mind will consider the sexual parts of the body to be evil and from the devil. Itís ironic how in the East, the thoughts towards the sexual parts of the body are considered completely different.

When you canít get the massage you really need, you have no choice but to do a self massage.

I think Yoga is also a slight alternative to experiencing relief.
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As we look out into space and see this amazing universe we should also be amazed by the universe within ourselves which is teeming with various life forms of various sizes and proportions. As it is without organically so is it within.

In some cases we want to put all the pieces together and see how everything connects.

In other cases we should be willing to take them apart, seeking truth.

We take things apart after realizing the falseness and illusion of it all in the same manner that we peel the layers off of an orange, layer by layer.
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Have you noticed how everything is an accumulation of the tiniest particle?

Letís take snow as an example, if you really look at it, the accumulation of snow is basically a mass of tiny snowflakes. I have seen how tiny a snowflake can be and it is amazing how something so small could cause something so big. This only proves the power of one, and what one of anything can really do.

As I walk I realize that I am the air, trees, wind, snow, cold, and sky above me and many more things that surround me knowingly and unknowingly.
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Last night for the most part was a dead night with low occupancy. This morning it was a disappointment to find that most of the stores were closed, thanks to Christmas. We had to drive all the way out to Yale just to do some grocery shopping.

Today I spent a large amount of time trying to find out how to block certain websites. Unfortunately Google does not have that option which makes it unlike Internet Explorer.

I found a website called Nanny, but of course like other websites in this case you have to pay to block certain websites.
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You should strive to be aware of all illusions.

There is the illusion of believing that something will bring contentment and peace of mind.

Maybe you think youíd like to have sex, because it might bring some satisfaction, but it wonít be for long.

Itís like a drug that eventually wears off with the high.

What we need is that which lasts; to be free from illusion.

You canít get caught up in the web of illusion, less you find yourself being a part of the game being played on us by our own minds and the minds of others.
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Donít be surprised to find that your origins are extraterrestrial in origin or stardust from the stars.

We underestimate ourselves and powers on a daily basis.

Embrace the embodiment of love and cultivate love.

Reflect on the love and compassion thatís spoken of in Buddhism.

Expand on the supreme love practiced in Sufism.

It would seem that trying love for a chance would be the way since disunity, disharmonious relationships, and hatred has been the way of life in our day to day lives it seems.

While waiting for a miracle, why donít you realize that you are the miracle.
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As I began to post my 100 word entries I really begin to realize how this site is an excellent site for all inspired writers, especially when it comes to the editing and revising process which is said to be hated by some writers.

There is actually some beauty to editing and revising.

The process can be similar to the Bonsai Tree, in the manner that it gets snipped here and there to make it more beautiful and aesthetic.

I believe that this process is with all fields of art including painting, music, fashion, poetry, architecture, flower arranging, and calligraphy.
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I wondered how thought waves and their patterns would look if we could see them with our own eyes.

I am sure that different thoughts would produce different wave patterns.

The second question I asked myself is how do you manifest your thoughts?

The answer that I came up with is that you manifest your thoughts as though they were seeds.

When you plant a seed you water and nourish it. You donít let outside forces like negativity destroy your seed.

You keep positive that it will grow and you donít cast doubts. You keep it in the idea environment.
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Nanoseconds become seconds,
seconds become minutes,
minutes become hours,
hours become days,
and days become weeks,
and letís stop here.

Our 7 days of the week are attributed to the pagan gods.

We have the Sun god, moon goddess, Tyre, Odin, Thor, Frigga, and Saturn.

Weeks become the months which has more pagan origins; Janus, Februa, Mars, Aprilis, Maia, June Ďqueen of heaven, Julius Caesar, Octavius, adding these Latin words septem, octo, novem, and decem.

Now, if you believe in all of this, then you are caught up in the illusion and invention of time.

Sheeple need to wake up.
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I was not looking forward to New Yearís, because I knew I would be working for 15 hours straight starting at 16:30 today.

You could feel the excitement in the air.

As I observed the people in the night with beer and wine in their hands, staring up into the sky at the fireworks in their drunken state of minds, all I could say is that New Yearís is an illusion, especially if youíre following the Gregorian calendar.

I saw so many women dressed in skimpy skirts hoping to get fucked. It was a sure sign of I need attention.