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Phone sex [if you can really call it sex] is real cheap and dirty, unless of course you are super horny.

I think these will be the first lines for the National Novel Writing Month.

The irony of my introduction is that I have no idea what my story or genre will be about which makes the creative writing process that more interesting.

I have read a few entries of other 100 word writers here and itís good to know that they will also be writing in this month of November to complete a total of 50,000 words or more.
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I hate moving!...

I dissected and pondered this statement and asked myself, Ďwhat about the Zen of moving.í

Zen can be found in every single thing that you do in life, so that there is not even a single moment that can be called boring.

I like our new apartment and I think I might find a lot of writing inspiration here.

Itís a nice view of the city and the mountains when it isnít cloudy, and three dead roaches on their back hidden in the wooden cupboards.

Is that why she opened the cabinets and closed them so fast?
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Like a blind man
searching for the universe,
chi rained down on him
and with silent words
he made the cosmos explode
which was near
yet far.

Iím beginning to sincerely believe that there are unseen forces and powers out there that pull on our wills in the same manner that gravity pulls on matter.

What do I know about gravity?

Pierce through the veils of illusion,
pierce through the veils of invisible barriers.

Invisible barriers,
barriers unseen,
barely subtle,
but itís there.
We created them.

What do you really see?


Awareness is a key to personal power.
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Today I moved all day long with the help of two workers from the unknown and the signature of a hawk with a message of truth.

The shamans world is more real than real. I have realized this without the use of psychotropic herbs, drugs, or medicine.

Shamans and medicine men were more in tuned with the metaphysical world than our present day scientists are barely beginning to grasp.

Some people call stress a bad thing, but sometimes this same stress can push you into other worlds.

Stress is a matter of how much you can endure or can tolerate.
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In order to tune in to Allah you should try tuning in to the silence and channeling all your being, forces, and powers into one cosmic channel.

If we could just open our eyes a bit and give a little effort we would be able to see that weíre living in a world filled with magick on various levels and degrees.

Try to spend more time seeking to understand the universe and nature in general.

Many people do not think that by studying plants and creation is to study the self, and to study the self is to study Allah.
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She came back home as promised and brought me food from the Hari Raya Hajji event. I had just waked up from a deep sleep. After she left again I went back to sleep briefly and then warmed my food up and warmed myself with the electric stove since the gas does not seem to be working.

If some actions are considered unlawful and wrong, canít we say the same thing about thoughts since thoughts are the root of all of our actions?

Thoughts are the seeds of our actions and when we cultivate the seed the action will grow.
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Presently we do not have internet or television and I am really loving it. It seems like we are more of a family and more attention is paid to each other. Our son seems to be more calm and there seems to be an emanating peace residing in the home without the unnecessary technology.

Why is it better to live in the present moment no matter what?

Because no matter how hard you try you can never go back to the past nor can you skip time and go into the future.

Eliminate grief and worry in the present moment.
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There is a bug in the kitchen! she exclaimed.

I jumped out of my sleep and bed as though a burglar was trying to rob us. The bug turned out to be a German cockroach with a Hitler mustache. I squashed it with a napkin with pleased satisfaction that this one did not get away.

Roaches are some of the oldest surviving bastards in the world. As disgusting as roaches seem, they donít seem so ominous once you actually read about every aspect of their living quarters and habitats.

The beautiful thing to know is that they can be defeated.
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Is it possible to have no thoughts?

Notice how thoughts lead to the activation of desires that eventually develop into actions that are not always so healthy.

Cultivate and put your thoughts to good use for self development within and without your body.

Watch your thoughtsÖ

If I had no wants or needs and was independent of every single thing how would I carry myself?

I have had aspirations to be a master.

To be a master of what?

To be a master of self that imposes itself to be real and tricks us into believing in a false world.
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Make love on the carpet.
Make love over the kitchen counter.
Make love on top of the dining table.
Make love on the edge of the balcony.
Make love in the bathtub.
Make love on top of the weight bench.
Make love outside in the mountains within a field of wild yellow flowers.
Make love on the top floor of a high rise building overlooking the city.
Make love inside of your car on the side of some roadside.
Make love on top of an IKEA bed display.
Make love inside of the movie theatre on the back row seats.
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What happens when a man pleases a woman first as so many sex books suggest and the woman after releasing becomes completely dry?

How is the man supposed to get his pleasure? It would be nice if the woman was willing to perform fellatio on him but what if she was not willing?

Who is being selfish in this picture?

Does the woman really wonder why men cheat as though it is such a big mystery? They should not really wonder when the writing is all over the walls.

Whatever happened to a woman being able to have multiple orgasms?
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In case people did not know, the First Amendment gives the people the freedom to assemble peacefully to address grievances to the government.

The Occupy Wall Street protesters have assembled peacefully and non violently to exercise their rights as the so called constitution says.

However, it seems that the police who are supposed to protect and serve are simply following an entirely different set of orders.

It seems like the police enjoy beating on the protesters, and pepper spraying them with pepper spray and tearing their tents down and throwing them in the trashcan.

This is what democracy looks likeÖ
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Sex, drugs, and religionÖ

Sex is advertised everywhere. Itís on television, music videos, magazines, billboards, fashion, and there should be no wonder why we live in a sex crazed world.

Sex is fine but when it is exploited the story changes.

Drugs are used to escape reality from what is actually happening now because we feel like we canít deal with it. Once the high is over, the problem will still be there.

They say that religion is the opium of humanity. I wonder what kind of world we would be living in if everyone believed in the same thing.
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I am in truth without a name such as the one given to me at birth at which point I did not have a choice to agree or not to agree. I am without title, rank, or social status.

The true world of being and living is a world where a day is not a day, and a night is not a night.

There is no such thing as calendars, and there is no months, no years, and no records kept on file.

There is no hours, minutes, seconds, clocks or digital devices that tell time; such a fine invention.
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My favorite gardens are Japanese Zen gardens.

The mind is like a garden, and like a garden, the mind must be cultivated.

Some plants such as weeds must be uprooted and some insects should be prevented from destroying the plants or crops that one desires to grow.

As much as she is adored, the woman is not just a sex object.

Is it possible to see the woman in aspects of sacredness, holiness, and virtuousness?

Perhaps another look needs to be taken with a bit of effort in trying to see and understand her more through deep study and contemplation.
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To say I love you doesnít necessarily have to be said by the words alone.

Sometimes we do things for the ones we love without seeking reward, hoping that they would realize that our actions are done for love and not for motivation necessarily.

Itís unfortunate however when we fail to notice the small things that others do for us as a sign of their love.

When a mother changes her childís diapers she does so out of love. She does not want her child to develop rashes and other unhygienic issues.

Love is not just about roses and chocolates.
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I love looking deep into her magical star like eyes. She must be a Star Being from the stars or some far off galaxy, and I must be the Capitan, the Star Fleet Commander of that same place; if only I could remember in much finer details.

Behind the eyes of every individual, each leaf spiraling downwards, behind the shell of every insect, and body of every animal, each twinkling star, every fat luminous moon, and each planet filled with splendid life lies the presence of GOD Allah.

We should love Allah more than any other person, place, or thing.
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If you look up into the sky tonight you should be able to see the Leonid meteor showers. I learned that by browsing through a free USA Today newspaper.

Iíve always loved looking up into the heavens and I love astronomy, but I must admit that I am nowhere near where I would like to be as far as constellations are concerned and when to look for certain events.

I donít have a telescope like I would like to have and living in the city with light pollution is not so promising when it comes to really enjoying the stars.
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I was only supposed to work from 18:00 until 22:00 mechanical time. I was in the locker room getting ready for the shift which was technically my day off. I received a frantic text from the supervisor which required we meet up as soon as possible. It turned out that fat boy had called off and they needed someone to stay until 4 in the morning.

I wanted to say no since I had plans with my spouse but managed to say yes instead.

Oh thank you the boss and supervisor said. Thank you is the best they could do.
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It was a father like son relationship as he fell asleep behind my back without me realizing it. I fell asleep before he did. When I woke up briefly I wondered where he had gone and almost panicked with the idea that he opened the sliding glass door somehow and dropped through the cracks of the wooden passages of time.

But no! I would never be so neglectful in making sure the safety lock was on.

I checked every room and came back to my own and with great relief saw him right where I was sleeping like an angel.
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I sat on the toilet while she showered and saw some red stuff floating in the water and asked what it was in exclamating curiosity.

Itís my blood flow.

What the forget I thought, while amazed at the fact that when a woman has her cycle that blood actually just drops out of her body in such a manner every month at a certain destined period and time.

Ever since I have moved here Iíve noticed that every time I blow my nose clumps of blood comes out.

Is this due to us adjusting to another level of mountain altitude?
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The SystemÖ

Unplug yourself from a system based off of symbolism, the occult, and stolen secrets from the ancients that were intended for good but used for evil to control the minds of the masses; children of the ancestors.

When you say we, who is the Ďweí that youíre referring to?

When the white man says we, who is he referring to?

My desires need to be disciplined which includes discipline of the body and the mind.

My origins are in the formless.

Emptiness is the way, along with non attachment.

Free your mind, and think outside of the box.
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You could take the opportunities to do acting in day to day situation when you go about your day to day life. Try being the opposite from how you normally are or saying something different.

How well is your photographic memory or awareness of things? Do you remember how a keyboard looks?

The irony of the keyboard is that you use it all the time yet I am sure that we donít know where every key is placed without looking at it.

This concept is what I mean by being aware or not being aware and paying attention to details.
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I pondered on the various stages of development starting from the animal, then the angel, then man, and then God.

Man has to go through the angel stage before actually becoming a man.

The true mind state of man in truth is something beyond what people think of todayís man in this modern world.

Some so called human beings seem to be lower than animals, as animals seem to possess far more intelligence and common sense than the average human being.

Perhaps so called humans should be placed on the beast level which is far below the level of animals.
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Though I like the location of our new apartment I do not like the fact that we are next to the elevator. The door opens and closes often, and it seems to make a loud roaring sound.

Besides the elevator, the barking dog can be a nuisance at times, barking at every sound, and at its own shadow.

Our building is security coded so that in order to get in you have to know the code. Well the code is worthless in my opinion since the back door is broken, open to any intruder who wishes to enter the building.
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I received The Best of Sadeís hits after ordering a Bobby Watson CD for a close friend.

Some songs take me back to certain time periods in my life.

Sade takes me back to California, walks on the beach, searching for love, and searching for myself.

It takes me further than that when I lived with my mom. I recall coming home after school and watching VH1, back during the times when music still had some kind of substance in comparison to today.

If I could go back I probably would but would probably try to change a few things.
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Maybe for now on after work I should not go straight back home in the morning thinking I will have the free time and space to do my creative writing, drawing, or anything else I intend to be able to do freely without interruption.

Not while the little rascal is around being spoiled rotten and so manipulative.

It is in my opinion that a man knows a boy better than a woman does because a man was once a boy before while a woman was never a boy in her life nor could she ever be one if she tried.
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The maintenance guy was here to figure out how to make the plug in outlet work since we were not getting any power from it. He stated that this building was built in 1969 but I was told 1972. He pulled several live wires out the wall while I was busy fixing a giraffe puzzle.

I fixed the puzzle before he fixed the power outlet and realized that there were some pieces missing.

I wondered if this maintenance guy knew what he was doing while he talked to himself with no protective gear.

Is it this wire or that one?
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How far does one go with the so called National Security acts?

Well it seems that a hotel in Washington D C called the Mandarin Oriental Hotel barred a Muslim employee from going to the 8th and 9th floors because the hotel had an Israeli delegation on those floors at the time.

If you do not trust your employees then why hire them.

Whoever the staff were who enacted this must be very dumb to think that only Muslims or Arabs have issues with the Israeliís.

There is also a group of Jews who have issued with the Israeli Government.
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Though a company may have rules and regulations in their company Iíve come to realize that it does not apply to everyone.

I say this as I see with my own eyes that some people are allowed to slide while others are given the arm and hammer.

I had to sign a verbal write up for being late a few times. I wondered who reports the bossís favorite when she comes in to work late every single day.

Employees can fuck in the bathroom with no consequences, unfortunately for me a few snitches pretending to be loyal snitched on me.