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It's the first of October and it has been more than several months since I last wrote here. So whatever happened and what's going on?

Protests against Wall Street,
and people are really getting fed up.
Injustice in Libya
as France
and other European countries
stick their greedy hands out,
false promises
to the Egyptian people
and more injustice
to the Palestinians.

It all boils down to interest in oil and not interest in people and their well being.

Who'll take responsibility for the innocent men, women, and children bombed in Iraq for weapons of mass destruction that never existed?
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For a long time I have lived here in cow town without realizing that there was indeed an entire area dedicated to Asian food; foods that are hard to find in the normal grocery stores.

What is even more interesting is to see the exquisite Korean writings all over the various businesses and on packages of food inside of the stores.

It reminds me so much of Korea town in California.

I have always been intrigued by foreign writings for as long as I can remember that is not written in the Roman alphabets which seem to be so primitive.
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Today I managed to get a dozen of brown eggs for free.

The eggs on the shelf were advertised for $2.49 which I thought was a reasonable price for chickens said to be cage free fed and to be organic.

Once I went to the self check out the total price of my groceries just didn’t seem to be correct. I looked at my receipt and to my surprise I was charged $4.19.

Excuse me I said to the manager, but this price does not seem to be correct. I had to take him with me before he believed me.
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Love will make you do some of the most last minute decisions, like calling off work minutes before it’s time to go in. If you’re like me and don’t like to lie when calling off by saying that you are sick you can say something like you have a family emergency or something personal came up or you could be blunt and honest to God by saying my wife and I want to make love all night long until the sun rises. I don’t know if that type of love is possible but it would be one marathon worth trying.
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The word of the day is bandersnatch according to, a website I have subscribed to, which sends me one word for the day. I thought it was a good idea to subscribe to it so that I could possibly learn new words and expand my vocabulary.

What kind of word is bandersnatch?

In my entire years of speaking the English language I’ve never heard of anyone using this word at all.

It was stated that this word was invented by Lewis Carroll whose book the word appeared in called ‘Through the Looking Glass.’

bandersnatch- one considered a menace, nuisance….
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Today was a very windy day and I enjoyed riding my bike in the city while the wind pushed me along on my back, with autumn leaves spiraling all around me.

I disliked riding my bicycle against the wind.

I stopped at Blockbusters and wound up renting a documentary called America Betrayed, Killer Inside of Me, and Vicky Cristina Barcelona starring Javier Bardem as a painter and Penélope Cruz Sánchez as his ex wife.

The Spain that I saw in this movie was nothing like the run down Spain that I saw in the movie Biutiful also starring Javier Bardem.
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Initially the day was going quite harmoniously, until she said she wanted a divorce.

The reason was because I still had not yet found an apartment for us to move in to and I was taking to long to find one.

Later on in the evening I watched The Killer Inside Me which is based on a crime novel written in 1952 by Jim Thompson.

I was excited to wonder what it would be like for me to whup my wife as Cassey Affleck whupped Jessica Alba (who by the way I find to be quite attractive) in this movie.
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Part II of our debates and discussions got hotter than the hottest red hot chili peppers in the world.

Truth tends to make you explode,
especially when you know it’s about you,
and you know that it’s the truth.

The anger and rage
that was boiling inside of me;
believe it or not,
led me to the zafu.

Our anger towards each other
turned out to be a blessing for me,
as I experienced this deep love
that was inside of me.

Buddha, Rumi, and the Rastafari are right on,
when they speak on love
and have really experienced it.
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Today the storm cleared away and the tidal waves and hurricane became a calming sea.

We were much closer than before and couldn’t stop hugging each other. I am sure that we did not intend to be so harsh towards each other.

The lesson that I learned is that conflict and argument is good. It brings out the dross, makes you really question yourself, and allow yourself to do a thorough self examination on the self.

The myth that some of the best sex is after a bad argument, is not a myth; passionate times like this are worth remembering.
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There is nothing mystical or Zen about living fully in the present moment.

As I pedaled on my bicycle I focused on my breathing and tried to familiarize myself with the bike path which consists of unlit parts, thus making it hard to see the ground. Sometimes I am riding the path on pure faith that there are no potholes on the path.

I have thought about getting a bike helmet with a light attached, or putting a headlight on my bicycle, but wonder how I would look with a helmet on my head since I never wore one before.
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I think I’ve found an apartment just for us, and she will really enjoy without any further complaints.

I went for the second process of my root canal while wondering how I can possibly afford the crown.

I slept in my underwear while watching Thinking XXX. No, it was not a porn movie, but a sort of documentary about how some porn stars got into the business.

Some wanted to be doctors, lawyers, teachers, and nurses to my surprise. It was interesting how everyone had their own ideas and justified on what they did with spouses at home.

Deceptive Inelligence…..
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I is what we have been led to believe we are which is filled with concepts, ideas, beliefs, teachings, and dialogues with people. Take away the ‘’I’’ and what do you have?

Why do we have to wait for our so called days off from work to enjoy ourselves?

Why not enjoy ourselves on so called work days as well, moment by moment.

Words do nothing more than divide, separate, and compartmentalize us further from the source and the truth.

What is the truth?

There is no truth where words are involved.

A mystery explained is no longer a mystery.
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I have not done my research yet, on how the credit bureau came about.

Equifax, Experian, and Transunion.

The sound of credit bureau sounds like some sort of spying agency. In a sense I guess it is, since they keep track on how you spend your money, pay your bills, and every place you have ever lived the day you left your parents.

I think the majority of humanity suffers financially from lack of knowledge, of how the economic and business system works and how you can really benefit.

Sometimes reading a business article is like reading a foreign language.
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Today’s khutbah was about hayā which translates as shame and modesty. It comes from the word hayāt which means life.

I can recall in history when hayā was something that the majority of people honored and practiced rather they were religious or not.

This is what you call simple human nature. Just look back in history and see how the various cultures around the world dressed and carried themselves.

In the world today, virtuous things are frowned upon.

If you tell someone that you are a virgin they will laugh at you, wondering why aren’t you cool like everyone else.
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I witnessed the protesters this evening as they protested and overheard people passing by as they conversed.

In one conversation a girl asked her friend what were they protesting about and another person said the protesters were stupid.

It was then that I realized that there’s still a population of people who are brain dead and really have no idea what’s really going on, on a global level, or even in their own state.

I think the police were in overkill mode in New York. Protests on Wall Street are looking worst.

Politicians and the rich will never bow down.
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Glad I wasn't called to work early again for a second day of protesting.

I gave my ex the illegitimate document she claimed was an order from the court regarding the custody of my daughter. It was filled with all kinds of flaws and was not signed by a judge. My signature was nowhere to be found on the document, which would have made it somewhat valid.

Is this all that you have?

She does not have the documents that I have, where it says I have physical custody.

The joint custody she’s talking about is like a stale doughnut.
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Only you can love yourself enough.

I've realized that depending on someone else to love you in a particular way is like trying to depend on the public transportation system. It is pointless and useless.

Today the weather played upon my emotions.

Dark clouds, cold winds, doom and gloom was the subject of the day, but it doesn't have to be this way.

A brief meditation had me focusing on the heart chakra and I gave some effort to getting to the root causes of my imagined suffering.

The bus was late, I was late, my bicycle is more dependable.
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I find myself arguing via emails, going back and forth with my ex wife. Didn’t I divorce you so that I wouldn’t have to deal with you anymore?

One thing I have learned however is that when children are involved, you will always have to deal with your ex. I pondered only a few ways you would not have to deal with your ex anymore.


Moving as far away from them as possible; preferably a foreign country.

Get a restraining order against them if they are violent.

Admit them to an insane asylum if you can prove their crazy.
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Every word that comes into existence must come with a definition.

Definitions are composed of more words to describe one word.

The problem with definitions is that a definition of a word limits the word or the thing being described.

Don’t call anything, anything at all.

For instance, when you’re walking don’t call walking ‘walking,’ don’t refer to a tree as a ‘tree.’

Literally what you are doing is stripping everything of its title and definition.

Start with yourself.

Take away your name and every word that you identify yourself with.

You will soon begin to sense your inner being.
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It has been stated in the news that they killed Gadhafi.

Most people don’t know anything about Gadhafi and only go by what they hear in the news.

In the beginning the rebels had vowed that they would try Gadhafi and treat the people fairly.

Just the other day, Hilary Clinton said they wanted Gadhafi captured or killed.

They showed people celebrating in the streets now that these so called rebels liberated them, but they don’t show you the people who aren’t happy.

They don’t show you the crimes the rebels are committing in the name of so called democracy.
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I found myself to be very disturbed by the images displayed of Gadhafi’s last moments of life before being killed, which appears to show him being mobbed by a group of savages.

Where’s the tribunal justice in that?

What was even more appalling was to see the demon posessed Secretary of State Hilary Clinton laughing about his death showing no emotion or sympathy [a common reptillian trait].

I can guarantee you that the Libyan people and the state of their country will be worst off without Gadhafi, when it becomes recolonized by the filthy pig oil pimps of the world.
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I never really considered myself politically active in any way or manner to bother to make any opinions of any sort.

Deep within
as I mature in age,
and mind,
and see
what’s going on
in this world,
including the deception,
is enough for anyone
with a conscious mind
to have a voice
of some kind.

I have never imagined myself being involved in anything political, or part of the structured system, because I can see how corrupt it is.

My nature as a human being opposes such diabolical evil.

No human being should be deceived, lied to, or oppressed.
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Have you ever noticed how some of the greatest thoughts can come while walking across a parking lot or while sitting on the toilet?

Until I decided to expand my mind I learned.

Forget about what the government, Fox and CNN is telling you.

What are the trees, the wind, the setting sun, your heart, and your intuition telling you?

Not to fear, don’t believe everything you see and hear, investigate for yourself, look up other sources, preferably on a cosmic and universal level.

Tune in to the higher frequencies, the higher laws and higher languages of silence and be.
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Nazis Attempting To Occupy [The World]

In these days of truth,
all things in the dark
will be revealed
by the truths’
glorious light,
and splendor.

Their lies are more obvious, and less deceptive
and their wisdom,
used for evil purposes
will begin to look like foolishness.

Their power of rulership is now broken and there is nowhere to hide anymore, not even in their fortified cities built miles underground.

Just watch the Watcher watch the watchers who think they have it all mapped out and planned.

There is no fear for those who stand with truth and justice.
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Who or what do you identify yourself with?

You are not the body or the sensations which are experienced. The real you is inside and so powerful.

This is the reason they are so busy coming up with so many technological advances and entertainment fields; to keep us more focused on the outer world versus the inner organic technological body world which is the most advanced form of mathematics, creation, and divine intelligence.

The body can be tuned like a car for higher performance, feats, and miracles.

Yoga is not about just poses.

I'm thinking about being a vegetarian again.
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While working early today, bearing the cold, watching numerous people walk to the art museum despite the fact that there was huge buses to take them there I pondered over a single leaf.

It was an autumn leaf inside a revolving door sitting motionless. I wondered how it got there.

Of course it is simple to say that the wind blew it in the revolving door.

On a deeper level I pondered on how this leaf was conscious like everyone else was conscious, including the sidewalk.

Energy and atoms are conscious and aware of every part of the ultimate intelligence.
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Ever since we gave our notice on the 22nd of October, it seems like management is making us out to be the worst tenants who ever lived here. Our rent is fully paid for this month yet they have decided to show our units to other people while we’re still here in our normal day to day lives. Now they are made to be not so normal with strangers coming in here. They are trying to make us pay for stuff that we had no knowledge of and breaking a contract of which they told us not to abide by.
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It’s cold outside as I look up at the stars I realize how beautiful my dreams are such as the ones I had this morning and countless times of dreaming. The aboriginals of Australia say that the waking world is the dream world and the dream world is the real world.

So far what I’ve seen, the ancients and aboriginals were never wrong about the things that they have said.

Science is barely catching up, and verifying all of their statements.

How wrong it was to call the original people of the earth savages and then exploit them for profit.
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Today was another day of protesting which meant more overtime for me and for us. Once again I think the police over did it with their presence as though they were about to go to war with unarmed civilians who were protesting peacefully at the park.

I thought that the constitution stated that citizens had the right to assemble peacefully and protest.

With that being said I don’t understand why there’s so many arrests nationwide. Does this mean that we no longer have rights as citizens to pursue liberty and justice?

Has our government been hijacked by fascist Nazi terrorist?
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The apartment was nice and tidy and then it looked as though a hurricane had swept through it. This was a result of trying to find some documents.

It seems like the minute we are born to our death is all based on documents.

We have birth, marriage, and death certificates, diplomas, applications, and let’s not forget the false value of money all written on a piece of paper.

One day I’d like to do an inventory, listing every single thing I have in my possession, and then see how much of it I can give away.

Less is better.
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Right View
Right Intention
Right Speech
Right Action
Right Livelihood
Right Effort
Right Mindfulness
Right Concentration

If we were to follow these precepts on a daily basis I think we’d be a better people living in a more wholesome society.

Analyze the analysis that has been analyzed and then analyze this so called reality and ask yourself what makes it so real, and how do you really know.

Pierce through the veils of illusion and see things as they aren’t.

To do this you must be able to see through what isn’t true and what is a waste of time.