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Iíve heard people say before in the past, always stay the same and never change. I thought about that today and realized that if I were the same person that I was 10 years ago where the evolvement would be seen in my life.

What lessons would I learn if I never changed?

Take a good look at nature. Nature is always constantly growing and changing. The world that we live in is constantly changing also, sometimes not in the best interest of humanity and the planet.

So my slogan is never stay the same, constantly change, transform, and evolve.
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True power isnít in brute force and physical strength.

True power resides in mighty humbleness and a sincere all knowing compassionate smile, filled with indiscriminate love.

Study motion and sound.
Mystical time resides in motion and sound.

On a higher level the deeper mystical aspects lies in stillness and silence.

Every physical action is mystical.

Everyone is looking for a miracle,
something mystical
or mysterious
but fail to realize that the very miracle and mystery that we are looking for is right here.

Simple acts such as breathing,
our 5 senses,
and the flow of blood,
is definitely mysterious enough.
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There is nothing separate outside of us. There is no in and there is no out.

Do you truly comprehend what this means?

In the end everything is one and comes from the same single source.

If you pay close attention to your thoughts on a moment by moment basis you canít possibly get lost. Besides breathing, observing your thoughts is a tedious task in itself.

I notice how my thoughts try to frantically formulate what I am seeing into names and concepts as I walk the floors and as I view the things that I see all around me.
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Be at one with, whatever it is that you see, feel, and experience while knowing that sooner or later it will simply pass away.

One thing that is certain in this life is that nothing is permanent and that things are constantly changing. If we know that things are constantly changing then why should we get attached to them as though they will be this way forever?

Whatever it is that you are getting attached to then you need to detach yourself from it and realize the nature of being impermanent.

People are born and then they die like flowers.
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I went to Starbucks specifically for the purpose of catching up on my National Novel Writing Month writing and the amount of words that I should have by now. While waiting for my coffee to be prepared I saw a sign that they had that said ĎĎthe deeper the roots the higher the reach,íí

I had imagined the tallest trees in the world and imagined that this had some truth in it.

I also realized that the roots were not just referring to plants and trees but could be talking about knowledge, wisdom, and understanding too.

Keep going deeper within.
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There is simply not enough time.

Is it really true that we donít have enough time to do the things that we truly desire or do we use the forces of time as an excuse for our shortcomings of our accomplishments?

Time is an illusion and nothing more than a tool that we use based off of mechanical and metal pieces inside of the shapes that we choose.

Iíve been reading Write Source which has some real good pointers and ideas for writing. Though itís more of a book written for younger kids anyone of any age could use it.
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Since there are so many things to do in life I often ask myself the question, out of all things to do in life what would I like to master over all other things.

After asking this question I ask myself why we have to master anything at all or feel as though we have to master something. In addition to this, once we reach one level of mastery, what determines that we have finally mastered something?

If I had to choose an answer it would have to be mastery of self by mastering my appetites, desires, emotions, and ego.
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A genuine smile is a smile that isnít rehearsed or acted out. When you smile genuinely you will continue smiling even if the person that you smiled at returns the smile with a frown. The frown makes you smile even more.

There is nothing that I loathe more than a person who smiles at you, only to turn the smile into a straight face. Usually people will do this if you donít smile back.

We are so expectant in certain areas of life when it comes to the so called social norms.

The most beautiful smile is the enlightenment smile.
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Itís better to analyze an action before the action is actually performed. Actions begin as impulses and impulses need to be analyzed also. Analyze the impulse to see where its root derives from.

Have you noticed that the more you say no to some particular desire the more louder the desire says yes?

Diving further if you want to see your motives for your actions then study your thoughts.

If we did not have the capability of thought what kind of people would we be.

Weíd probably take things for granted and would not consider other possibilities that might exist.
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Sadness will lead to depression, which will take you down a forever downward spiral to despair and complete hopelessness.

When you are feeling this depressed, sad, or angry, donít look to the bright side, think positive, or count your blessings, but instead dive right into that negative emotion and get to the root causes of the cause.

Live in the present moment.

Sometimes we get so caught up in our thoughts on how fucked up things are and fail to see whatís right in front of us, including the fact that we are breathing and that our heart is beating.
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Since I enjoy writing so much I thought of possibly making a part time writing career out of it. It would be a good start to at least try.

The truth of the matter is that I write because I really enjoy writing and not because Iím trying to make a couple of bucks on the side.

If you truly love something why not try to make a career out of it so that your work is love and not something that you dread going to on a day to day basis.

Do what you love, the money will follow.
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What would you prefer? Would you prefer bad food and good service or good service and bad food?

I asked myself that question after going to a market to buy some halal chicken. This one guy sees me there all the time but today I was dressed in my religious attire and suddenly it was like he was treating me like some outsider, throwing my change on the counter like I was supposed to play fetch and catch.

I donít know what book he was reading but it was obvious that his head was all twisted up.

Donít be jealous.
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As I to write my novel with no plot except for a few ideals I am beginning to learn about a higher level of writing.

For instance, itís not enough to write in a book that Ďshe lived in a house.í The reader would want more information than that.

What type and color was the house? How many rooms does it have and what kind of flooring, and roofing?

Knowing about things in subjects you are not familiar with requires going to the library and your local bookstore.

Another level of writing is knowing how to aesthetically put words together.
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How often do we think or pause before we speak with our mouths? Do we contemplate how we will formulate our sentences before we actually speak out?

Iím quite sure that most conversations are quite spontaneous without much thought or consideration considered when speaking.

If you listen to most conversations you will find them to be senseless; talking about sports, complaining and bickering, and how drunk we got last night.

Rarely do you hear a conversation where someone is talking about wisdom or knowledge.

Sometimes our best bet when it comes to talking is to just keep our mouths shut.
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When people are ignorant of the laws and of their rights it can be quite easy to push them around and threaten them with all sorts of nonsense.

But, when you know your rights itís an entire different ball game.

So Iím sorry I will not stay over for you because you called off. The last time I checked I am only required to work hours that I was scheduled and nothing beyond that unless I volunteer.

Today I have too many things to do so you will have to find another scapegoat to do your biddings.

Ta taÖ

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While standing or sitting still, focus on sound and on things that move or have motion.

See and sense how your breath is going in and out of your mouth and in and out of your nose.

See how your chest rises and how your stomach moves.

Are you keen enough to sense and feel your heart beating without putting your hand on your chest or using a stethoscope?

Real time is organic in nature.

It is birth and decay,
planets rotating around the sun,
leaves dropping from trees,
temperatures dropping and rising,
ants crawling
or a roach being smashed.
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As human beings itís true that we are each unique individuals and you would think that as a species that we would not go through great lengths to kill each other senselessly. You have people killing each other over land, religion, tribalism, and politics.

The truth of the matter is that though we are each individuals we are part of a collective whole.

Seeing how ants and bees operate is a perfect example of how humanity should be.

Everyone should work together in harmony collectively to help each other out of poverty, homelessness, illiteracy, and help cultivate our planet Earth.
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No matter how big and no matter how small, a lie is a lie and I donít like lying.

Only you can bring about change in your atmosphere.

As I looked all around me things seemed to be somewhat altered as though it was aligning with my state of consciousness and being.

So maybe itís true that reality depends on a personís perceptions.

However in the end I do believe that there has to be an ultimate reality and reality is somewhat like an onion.

Layers upon layers until you strip the layers down to its core and principle existence.
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Todayís khutbah was about truth and telling the truth. Some people consider telling a small lie is not so bad and refer to it as being called the white lie. A lie is a lie is a lie as I said and contemplated yesterday.

So what do you say when someone asks you if they look fat?

Do you just tell them the honest truth and risk hurting their feelings or do you say something like not really.

How about if your friend asks you to tell someone that they are not home when you know they are at home?
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I tried to just sit down and do nothing but focus on my writing. I came to a conclusion regarding my attempts to write, do school work, or anything requiring serious study and quiet time.

I will never be able to accomplish anything with UFM around and awake.

I will get constantly called out of the room and hear quarrelling and complaints about the naughty things that my son is doing and what he will not stop doing.

If I want to accomplish a great amount of work, being at a coffee shop or a library is my best bet.
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Sometimes the ones that we hate are really the ones that we love.

Have you ever heard of two people who hate each other and later turn out to be the same people who fall in love?

Or have you ever heard of two people who were enemies of each other but later became the best of friends?

Bob Marley said it a lot better in his song Who That Cap Fit when he says Ďyour worst enemy could be your best friend and your best friend your worst enemy.í

I know it sounds like a paradox but itís true.
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I have this theory regarding my feet and I think other people do also. The theory is that you can tell the overall health of the body by looking at the feet.

If thatís the case then my body is in need of some real serious medical attention.

Today I was contemplating on what I would need to do each day if I had planned on starting a writing career.

I thought that a start would be to simply to set some goals to write a certain amount of words each day even if Iím just writing in my journal.
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It is not enough to just recite scriptures daily without knowing the meaning behind the recited scriptures. This is the meaning of studying the word. Studying the word is like a dissection process. Each word needs to be analyzed to know its function in the same manner that the organs and the anatomical parts of the body are analyzed.

Studying the word is not just studying holy words and scriptured words, but words in foreign languages, words in writings, and words used in poetry, and words that fill volumes of dictionaries and encyclopedias.

Deeper meaning is attained with deeper understanding.
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My theory proved to be correct this morning. After work I did not go straight home. Instead I went to Starbucks to get some coffee and sat for only two hours and managed to write for my novel far more in that short span of time than I would have been able to produce if I was at home for the entire day.

In the coffee shop there is less distractions. No one is bothering you and you are free to think without hearing all the whining from a two year old that is bound to drive you madly insane.
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We managed to have our sex session before I went to work. While engaging in sex I took the time to realize my state of breathing. In my opinion the experience was more heightened and in the moment. I felt more awake afterwards despite me thinking that initially I was going to feel real drowsy afterwards.

When youíre in your meditation, meditation should be about going into the deeper states of your mind while being fully conscious without nodding off.

If you canít prevent yourself from nodding off youíll miss out on greater opportunities of deeper states of meditative consciousness.
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When I walked up to the tree and searched all over it I noticed that it didnít have a label on it like most things that can be found in nature.

Items in nature are the one thing that do not have a label on them or a price tag unless a so called human being comes along and does it himself.

The flipside of the label thing is the name thing.

In English we say tree, in Spanish it is arbol, and then there is so many different names for the same thing.

What is it without the name?
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Today I thought about finances and money that comes in the form of debts and what we supposingly owe. I thought about the bill collectors who are like hit men out to get you.

I think about how itís the desires of the rich to keep you in debt so that you will always have to owe them something while you get poorer and poorer, while the rich watch you suffocate in a plastic bag filled with plastic cards.

I also thought about this thing called credit rating and how they determine what you can get and what you cannot.
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Weíre stuck on the thought that after we die we will go to some place or that we will come back in some form of fashion. If we were to come back how would we know that we were once something or someone else?

We try to create comfort zones besides facing the fact that maybe after this there is nothing and all that we really have is the present moment which is nothing more and nothing less.

In the end we soon discover that all of this is just an illusion that weíve created with our so called minds.
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Today I managed to submit 10,000 words towards the 50,000 words that we are supposed to have for the National Novel Writing Month by the end of November. Tomorrow is the last day.

One thing that I have learned about novel writing is that sometimes a story can a take a life of its own despite you intending for it to go in a certain direction.


If we were given the tasks of having to watch one thing and nothing else at all I would say to watch your thoughts.

It is the motivator, main culprit, or main liberator.
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I congratulated myself after completing 50,524 words towards the National Novel Writing Month, making me a two time winner.

Iím more elated on the fact that I managed it, versus wondering what kind of prize I would get.

NANOWRIMO was a motivator for me more than anything else; that I really could write a novel in one month no matter how crazy, exciting, or boring it may have seemed.

On the other hand I realize the hard work and dedication involved to be a real good writer and how much Iíd love to know every single word in the dictionary.