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If you want to know what it was like to be in the womb, take a hot bath and turn off all of the lights, and if possible submerge your entire body under water and play the Ancestral Voices CD.

While in this state, my mind was taken to another place far away. I had many questions with no complete answers.

All that I could come up with was that there was this mysterious force and power out there beyond our reach yet right under our nose.

It was faceless, immeasurable, and incomprehensible.

Then I noticed my mysterious heart beating.
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Despite me having a large Dazbog latte, I still fell asleep on campus by the window where the sun shines through, while some Muslimah in pink was doing her school work.

Today is our review for our Math finals coming up this Wednesday. I kept nodding off in class too. Sometimes coffee just does not help.

I almost knocked my coffee over next to the Latina sitting next to me. That would have been very embarrassing on my part.

My teacher still does not know that I work nights and that is why I am so tired in the classroom.
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Is coffee supposed to make you feel horny and sexy or are the manufactures adding an extra ingredient to their coffee?

I purchased some books at Barnes and Nobles to help me with my math exam tomorrow, and I canít stand the word problem parts of math.

Iím still feeling like I donít have enough time to do the things that I really love. I left the house and realized that I had forgotten my socks.

The lines were too long in downtown so I went to a hotel gift shop and they wanted $16.00 for one pair of socks.
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At my job we have Latin American cleaners who clean the building. I watch them as they clean the mirrors, bathrooms, and polish floors for a low salary.

I think about their history and their origins. I can see the clear and distinct Mayan, Incan, and Aztec features that they possess.

Spanish is not their original tongue. The Spaniards came to Latin America just like the Europeans came to Africa, except that the aboriginals were not enslaved in the manner that the Blackman was.

Out of all people the Asiatic Blackman has been downtrodden the worst which explains his condition.
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Uwais was in his playpen and fell out body forward. His head dropped on the carpet, and then his body bent forward while his neck remained stationary. I was almost sure that he was going to break his neck. I thought for a few minutes that this was going to be the end of his career before he reached 2 years old. He cried and luckily he did not seriously injure himself.

He made no attempts to break his fall and I guess a child at his age has no concept of breaking the fall or even what falling is.
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On Friday the 6th of August at 09:53 mechanical time I finally solved the rubiks cube. Words cannot express the inner joy that I felt.

When I was a young boy in elementary school I can remember trying to solve the rubiks cube and giving up by removing all the stickers to put it back together again.

Thanks to technology, the internet, You Tube and that nerdy guy who explained the algorithms, I was able to solve the cube.

Previously solving the cube seemed like rocket science.

Anything is possible if you really want to learn how.

Expand your mind.
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There is one factor which involves beauty.

Perhaps you may find a woman to be attractive and beautiful on the outside but once you get to know her on the inside you find that her outer beauty does not match her inner beauty.

In fact, you may find that she is ugly and disgusting on the inside. You might also find that she does not have a brain at all.

On the flip side of the moon you might find a woman who may not be so hot on the outside but she has the sweetest heart and warmest being.
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Presently Iím sitting at the student chair by the window sweating as the heat radiates from the laptop and through the window. Iím listening to 105.5 while the dryer is running, and they are playing China Girl, one of my favorite songs by David Bowie.

How do you love God as the Prophets, Saints, and Sufis loved God? While trying to figure out the answer to this question another question popped up.

How do you treat the woman that you love or the woman that you want to love you?

What are the things that you do in those cases?
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There is a verse in the Old Testament Bible Malachi which says ďBehold I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD.Ē

I came across this passage while reading about the oil spill in the gulf. Some are stating that this incident fits one of the prophecies in Revelations.

I read a little about Naomi Wolf as she was stating how previous nations were once in a sort of Democracy like ours only to be squashed by dictatorship.

If you look at history you will see the pattern repeating itself.
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She is the thorn of persecution in my side.

After 9 years what makes you think that in some way or manner that we are still married? There is a reason why we are not together today.

Now that you see that I have someone else in my life why all of a sudden do you care so much for your daughter when before you said you could not do it anymore, more than three times?

You are so childish and ruthlessly pathetic. You need to really grow up.

How can you consider yourself to be a full grown woman?
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Ramadhan Mubarak!

Today is the first day of Ramadhan. Muslims all over the world will spend nearly 30 days of fasting where during the day time no drinking, eating, or sex is permitted. Once the sun goes down eating and drinking can commence.

The added difficulties of Ramadhan are that the days are longer instead of shorter since we are in summer. You learn more in fasting than what you learn in a book.

Truth speaks to you more directly, and you are able to see more things about yourself you never realized, the people around you, and the world.
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Our company computers do not allow us to have internet connection but we are allowed to have intranet.

I found this site which has the weather for all the states including Canada. They also have an astronomy site.

Iím fascinated with astronomy so I found that to be very interesting. What fascinates me is what perplexes astronomers regarding black holes and one word I found called Super Massive Black Holes abbreviated as SMBH.

I also wonder what purpose they serve and wondered if there is some sort of higher intelligence that controls them for a specific purpose.

More unexplained mysteriesÖ
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It disgusts me to see a man or a woman in religious garb who wear the garb only to be seen as though they are religious when in fact they really arenít.

I canít stand to see people who seem to practice their religion only on those days that are considered special.

If youíre going to practice a religion practice your religion every single day to the best of your ability.

I know that weíre not all holy and righteous and fall short along the path here and there, but at least have it in your heart, mind, and soul.
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Most dog owners would love for their dogs to be obedient. They would like for their dog to sit and roll over when they say sit and roll over.

As parents we like it when our children are obedient. It pleases us when they do what we tell them, and when they donít disobey us.

As adults do we ever stop to think that maybe something demands something from us also and is pleased when we do certain things?

In the higher realms maybe itís desired that we get to their levels of being to experience what they are experiencing.
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My ex is a thorn in my side. She really gets me when she calls me over the phone leaving messages, talking her custody crap about how we are supposed to have joint custody.

I think she has life twisted when she thinks joint custody means that I do everything when it comes to the financial aspects, transportation, and food.

She dropped her child off at my doorstep and said she couldnít do it anymore so I took full responsibilities.

Now that I have someone of more significance in my life suddenly she wants to step back into the picture.
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When asked what we wanted to do on our part for safety for the graveyard shift and volunteering, I said that I would like to volunteer in helping to catch that funny looking rat that we have all seen running on the Tower dock like a squirrel on several occasions. Everyone laughed except for Biruk who probably hardly understands English anyways.

I finally left, while Veskinova stayed behind and Roberto having to see Irenamenae in personnel.

Personally I do not know what the outcome of that would be, but I believe it had to do a lot with G.I. Jane.
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In the spiritual plains I can see things a lot clearer from here, things that I have never seen before, things that I have failed to notice.

In our presence we leave impressions behind like fingerprints. Itís not just our fingers that leave prints behind but our entire make up and being, such as our consciousness, our breath, and everything that we see leaves an impression behind. These things are more subtle than our physical fingerprints.

Memories linger in the air like those thoughts of our ancestors before us and how they lived, what they thought, and what they dreamed.
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Presently Iím butt naked and I gave Ani the heads up so that she can be mindful before she comes in to the room to do whatever she needs to do.

I smell like a wild animal. The smell is coming from under my arms. I had to haul several subjects of books dealing with Social Studies, Science, Math, Art, Language Arts, and various other materials for Bintis class from the management office.

Ani came into the room to give me a fair warning that the pasta might come out fucked up. Thanks for letting me know that in advance.
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When feeling any type of pain in your body do not wish that you were feeling something different and donít seek other than the present moment that you are in.

Instead tune in to the pain that you are experiencing, embrace it, feel all the discomforting feelings and sensations that you are experiencing in the body.

Embrace pain in the same manner that you would embrace pleasure.

If you start doing this you will learn that this is the true way of listening to the body since the body talks to.

The body is willing to be disciplined and mastered.
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There seems to be a big debate in the religious world of all religions when it comes to the topic of cunnilingus and fellatio, especially fellatio.

Is it permissible for a wife to perform fellatio on her husband?

For the most part it seems that the answer is yes, but a few say that it is nasty and not really recommended.

So if the wife says she will not and canít do it, should the husband fall to temptations should the wife be blamed for denying her husband the pleasure that he so desires? The woman enjoys cunnilingus without complaint.
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When I am done with my shopping for the day I go to the self checkout counter where I check out my own groceries and bag them up myself. Fruits and vegetables normally have a four number code so tomatoes might be 4053 and grapes might be 5052.

I started thinking about this as kind of funny and wondered what if everything in our world was numbers. So instead of having a street sign that said Broadway there would be a sign that said 505677.

Instead of calling your friend Sam or Joe he would be 7577892.

Love is 771922.
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Sometimes when itís time for prayer, Zazen, fasting, or any spiritual matter it seems that something inside of me rebels.

There is this voice inside that say I donít want to do this shit. Itís like this little kid with a temper tantrum, or a demon.

No one would be quick to say ďYeah, I have a demon inside of me.

We would all like to think that we are all so perfect and the only thing we need to do in life is sit on the couch and eat potato chips all day in all of our pathetic holiness.
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It seems that 90 days seems to be the standard for a person lifting weights to notice anything different or to see results from his workout.

It seems that the hub of terror was initially in Afghanistan, then they said that it was Iraq, and now they are saying that itís in Pakistan. I wonder when they will say that it is in the US.

Recently it was 100 degrees in Russia.

I did my Zen walk around the building and saw a praying mantis to my surprise and wondered if there is a website on how to raise them.
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How many times have I used this brown sugar in my coffee and for how many years? Itís only now that I realize that this sugar is from Maui Hawaii grown in volcanic soil.

On my bus ride to work they were two mystic and almost angelic Ethiopian sisters. I knew that they were from Ethiopia and they were visiting briefly from their dreams.

I passed by a window that was dreaming as I gazed at the full moon above and the motionless balloon.

If you canít accomplish the simple things in life how can you ever attempt the complicated?
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Youíre walking down the street and you see a woman you donít know and suddenly you find yourself saying that she is so hot.

Did you ever stop for a minute to ask yourself what makes her so hot?

What part of our selves makes that determination?

Was it what we saw with our eyes, what the mind thought, or something that the five senses sensed?

Was it something we saw on television that said if a woman looks like this, and is wearing that, then she is considered hot?

Was it something in our nature that we canít control?
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I am resting, lying down on my back looking at the ceiling with extreme hunger pangs. I notice some sun rays coming through the window and see these floating particles that sparkle brightly as they pass. They donít descend downwards but seem to have their own volition.

Am I made of these same particles that could possibly be cosmic dust?

Iím feeling the inner power and life inside of me flowing as I look at my hands as though for the first time.

Why do we have lines on our palms; to mark our many soul journeys within the Universe?
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I cherish the beauty of the silence in the night. It seems like the entire city is sleep and I donít hear one car driving, just the crickets and me listening. I walked to the living room to see everyone sleeping and I felt like I was the one who was dreaming.

Sleep is like a form of submission. We canít fight sleep and win. In the end we will either succumb to it or go crazy and irritable from lack of it.

When trying to follow through with something, it is easy to get distracted.

Concentration is easily lost.
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I went to the Guitar Center today and I was greeted by a sign that said check your bags in. Automatically that let me know that they probably had previous problems with theft here.

ďDonít worry Iíll give you your bag back,Ē she said.

Once inside I felt lost, as I know barely anything about the various types of musical equipment that exists nowadays.

I was looking for a guitar tuner and possibly some strings. I felt like an idiot not knowing if I had steel or nylon strings on my guitar. I should have brought the guitar with me.
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I was walking down Kentucky and started thinking about all the mess in our room mainly dealing with all the file stuff that Iím trying to sort through. I had then thought that if I did just a little bit a day that eventually I would get the job done.

I thought about how ants dig their tunnels and how the job is done piece by piece little by little. In the end what is left is a complex network of tunnels and various chambers.

In the beginning nothing really existed but with diligence and discipline the job was done.
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This morning I was getting on the bus and the bus driver told me that my bus pass was not good anymore. It was my 2010 summer sticker on my college id card.

I told the bus driver that it was good until the 31st of August but he did not believe me.

He made me and another Latina sister walk to the office window since we were at the main bus station.

In the end he turned out to be molded and corroded and the bus driver was getting chewed out by his supervisor for not leaving on time.
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The mystery woman turned out not to be so mysterious at all, but was a harlot that made love to some hairy Armenian guy who smelled like a wild animal coupled with the smell of cheap cigarettes and alcohol.

Learning Japanese continues to be fun for me. I have to refresh my memory with katakana and hiragana before I start learning kanji again.

How important is it to look up words you donít understand when you are reading?

Just about as important as it is for you to breathe the air that you breathe unless you want to remain idiotic.