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Food isnít just what you put in your mouth
and eating isnít just done
with your mouth, teeth,
and digestive system.

I thought about the ways we gather information and how we can choose what we decide to digest internally.

I thought about people who sit in front of the television watching non sense programs and advertised commercials versus people who sit in front of books and in front of nature.

I thought about people who cared versus does who did not.

We feed on various levels,
based on emotions,
mental states of mind,
spiritual makeupís
and states of being.
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She walked off the bus wearing a sheen green khimar on her body and a beautiful smile with a touch of pride on her face that instilled admiration deep inside of my heart.

I had a lot of love and respect for this Muslim sister.

Itís really too bad that some women believe that they have to take off their clothes to get attention.

My respect abides in the sister
who loves religious law,
who covers herself up,
emulating modesty,
and righteous conduct.

I thank sisters like this one I saw this morning reminding me of the beauties of Islam.
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ĒCome on Turtle!Ē
they often say,
when itís time for my department
from the nightshift
to go home.
It takes time
for me to get dressed.

In truth I like the name Turtle. Itís my totem animal according to the 13 Moon Calendar.

Today in my math class all of our homework was due. I did not complete all of it.

I suddenly realized that I was like the Rabbit and Turtle story.

I underestimated how much work was required to do and saw it as being so easy that I could always do it later.

Now I know better.
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Enough was enough, so I tackled the task of cleaning out the refrigerator, surprised that so many things were outdated, as far as 2008.

Some things grew mold, like cultures in a biology class. This refrigerator was becoming a science project.

Some items that were initially soft were now hard as rocks.

I dared not open some of the milk cartons and jars of who knows what, for fear of the wrathfully smell and the deadly poisonous gases.

I wish that I still had my Israeli gas mask.

Now that the refrigerator is clean. I realize how little I have.
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Itís that time of the year again.
Itís time to file taxes.

I hear lots of people asking each other if they received their W2ís in the mail.

Other people try to calculate how much they will get in their returns and what they will do with the extra money.

I like to look at the gross amount of money for the year while asking myself where all the money went, besides paying rent and bills.

How much could I have saved?

The other question is who authorized the government to take money out of my check.

Certainly not me.
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Hard workÖ

That is what itís going to take to get these goals accomplished along with the right effort.

The grandest thoughts and ideas are useless without putting the required effort behind them to produce the required results.

My apartment is a mess. Itís a mess because I want everything organized down to a single paper clip.

I am in no way a perfectionist or suffering from an obsessive compulsive disorder.

I tend to rest easier when my surroundings are clean and organized.

Besides being internally clean, that reflection should be seen on my physical environment.

Surely Godliness is cleanliness.
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Doodling, drawing, and painting,
thatís what Iíd like to do.
Thatís what Iíd like to do.

Sometimes I want to just slap myself in the face when I talk in this manner. I say thatís what Iíd like to do as though there is some outer or inner force that prevents me from doing so.

However, I must admit that when it comes to painting, I donít have any supplies. I do not have an easel to paint on,
paint brushes,
acrylic or oil paints,
nor the canvas
and idea of which to paint on.

Iím just a wishful thinker.
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That feeling of accomplishment of some project or goal brings a serene feeling of satisfaction. That feeling gives us the desire to want to do more. It is the fuel to feed us to desire to do more and more, making us believe that we could build a dream, or fulfill the vision, and in truth we really could, if we would just take a little time to perform the individual actions that leads to that triumphing moment.

Donít forget to mention how the being beams, and glows from that little inner light of fired will burning feverishly deep inside.
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I am the conquering lion of Judah,
as I walk these streets,
the concrete jungle,
mystic lover pervading,
all encompassing love
to all sentient beings.

I bask in the Sun,
dissolving all memory
of me,
and I,
except this mystic eye,
I give to you,
a forever gift
that I have no use for.

Headless as in Zen
and as in no Zen
I no longer I,
me no longer me.

Now the Sun
and the fun of
the clearness of day,
fresh air breathes
and these feet walk
upon the concrete
of the concrete
mystic fortified jungle.
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If you canít draw from memory, I figured that it was a sign that you donít pay attention. If we are attentive enough we should be able to draw anything that we see.

On the other hand I thought that this was similar to having a photographic memory which I think can be developed.

When I see most artists drawing or painting on television they are drawing from their minds, not from a picture that they are looking at.

Still life is fun to draw, but if you had to draw from the spur of the moment, memory is good.
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The angels donít play this HAARP.

HAARP stands for High-frequency Active Aural Research Program. It is suspected to be responsible behind some of the recent tragedies in the world such as the earthquake the day after Christmas that hit Iran in 2003, and one year later in Asia of 2004ís tsunami centered off the Indonesian Island of Sumatra.

Notice how these two countries are heavily populated by Muslims. I donít see a coincidence in this.

HAARP is the US Governments secret weapon of mass destruction on an environmental scale which has the ability to cause destruction all over the world.
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Iíve heard of adult rated cartoons before but had never heard of Hentai.

Hentai is like X rated Japanese anime cartoons, definitely not intended for children. Tonight was the first night I ever saw Hentai and I was completely amazed. I guess there is no limit to what can be drawn or animated.

I never thought that Hentai would go so far as to showing X rated scenes with monsters and octopus tentacles.

Iíve always liked anime cartoons and comics without realizing that the Hentai scene existed.

I guess Hentai is the perfect excuse for adults to still like cartoons.
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What could be more desired than to be masterful over ones lower desires. Being masterful over our lower desires in my opinion has to be one of the highest achievements. That achievement doesnít come without the sense and feel of Godliness.

I wondered if women refused to participate in X rated movies, what kind of world would we live in.

How many sites are dedicated to elevating the woman, exhibiting her in a more divine and cultured way?

How many people see the woman as a goddess versus seeing them in the X rated sense?

Isnít sex a sacred act?
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Today is the so called day of love,
as though that only on this day
is love truly meaningful.

I wondered if people knew who Saint Valentine was in history and what were the circumstances involved regarding his life.

Did anyone stop to consider
who Cupid with the arrows was?

Do we know what we are celebrating and being a part of,
or are we just so blind
that we donít care anymore,
or bother to ask
just a few questions?

How much of this day is commercialized to get us to spend our money?

True love has no holiday.
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Weíre most vulnerable when we think that no one is looking.

Sometimes we might sing in the shower or do certain dances in front of the mirror when no one else is around.

At other times we might walk around the house naked or perform indecent acts. If other people were present our story would be much different.

When we are alone we remove our mask and tend to show our true selves.

Once we are in the public we wear all kinds of masks.

Depending on the situation and our environment determines what kind of mask we will wear.
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As a writer who has never been published, but enjoys writing, must write without letting the words slip away.

This is why Iíve continued to follow the advice of an author who said that you should always carry a pen and a small note pad with you no matter where you may go.

If I donít write the words that come to my mind when they do come, I will eventually forget them.

There can be no states of mystical consciousness without awareness.

Each time I write, Iím hoping that it improves in style, and uniqueness in my own way.
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Paper cuts no matter how thin hurt like hell. Itís almost equivalent to being cut by a razor blade.

I thought that I was going to finally get the chance to try some Mongolian barbecue until I learned that they also had pork on the menu.

No thank you.

I bought four books today on sale at a bookstore inside of a shopping mall. They dealt mostly about the historical aspects of war such as the different type of warriors, swords, knives, and guns.

I love studying about war and their causes wondering if they could have been possibly avoided.
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One hundred wordsÖ

Itís a simple task but not so simple. It takes less than ten to fifteen minutes to write 100 words, but if you have been writing 100 words for a long time, Iím sure you realize 100 words a day does not come without its involved discipline.

Itís just like a meditation in a sense.

Itís easy to meditate for 15 minutes, at least for me. Then itís not easy when actually making that time to actually do it.

You will find numerous distractions, voices in the head persuading you to do otherwise, and many other factors.
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February is the one month out of the year, which is also the shortest out of the year dedicated to Black History month.

While some Black people may see this as special, I wondered why only certain aspects of the history seemed to be covered and certain people.

On billboards and throughout the stores you will always find a picture of Martin Luther King, while nothing is hardly if any mentioned about Elijah Muhammad, Farrakhan, Marcus Garvey, Noble Drew Ali, Black militants, and guerillas, the Black holocaust, and how some Black people in America went from Kings to ruthless criminals.
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My saxophone is still in Singapore sitting in a case like a mummy in a casket untouched. I wonder if I should keep it or if playing the saxophone interests me anymore. My answer to the question came in this format.

First pick one song that you enjoy from Coltrane. Learn how to play that song from memory then you will know for sure.

If you decide to give it up, give yourself one more try by learning how to play by heart a song from Charlie Parker, find a small audience to play it amongst and see their reactions.
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I saw Wolfman in the theatre today and nodded several times since I didnít get much rest from the night shift.

I remember as a child trying some spell in front of my auntís house under some moon with hopes that I would be able to turn into a werewolf.

The new word that I learned today was lycanthropy and now I know what a Lycan is.

Iím reading more of the book entitled Blue Eyed Devil. I wondered what our reactions would be if everything we thought to be true turned out to be a lie.

True devastation maybe.
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Have you ever just sat or laid down in one spot without moving, thinking absolutely about nothing except where you were?

I did that today, before I went to sleep.

I just laid down while looking out the window and did nothing but just listen without judgments to what I heard and observed what I saw with no given thoughts.

She told me that thereís a scar now where she had her caesarean.

In some ways more than one, a scar can be beautiful, serving as a memory, of some eventful event of some exchange or producing a beautiful gift.
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When she tells me that sheís on her menses or her cycle I try to calculate the days to see if the patterns are consistent.

The fact that women have menstrual cycles and men do not is what sets us apart as a species.

I find this interesting, as well as how a woman is capable of carrying life in her womb for nine months.

The womanís cycle is often equated to the cycles of the moon.

Itís true that everything in the Universe is related in one way or another and that weíre relatives of one another, stars included.
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I fell asleep with a pencil in my hand as though I was going to write something. When I woke up my hand was in the same position. I was doing my homework.

Japan Airlines called me and I have called them so many times. They have messed up so many times with my reservations from the names of the passengers, to the destination points, and sending me a confirmation email.

I had no idea that Japan Airlines also known as JAL had filed bankruptcy.

My experience with JAL has always been a good one until recently with my reservations.
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Enlightenment could come out of pure boredom if you realize boredom for what it really is.

I have said this to myself several times, Iím bored. then asked myself the question what boredom was.

Boredom was the absence of what we consider fun and amusing or worth our time.

In truth boredom is a wish that things would be different than what they actually are. So while in the boredom process we are trying to escape the true moment we are in versus striving to be aware that we are trying to escape what we call boredom or pure emptiness.
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Iím glad that I made it to Jumuah prayers today. I canít think of one time that I actually went to Jumah prayers and left disappointed. Thereís an entire surah in the Quran entitled Jumuah.

I enjoy sitting down humbly crosslegged, listening to the khutbah sometimes in Arabic and seeing the hues of the brotherhood which most times are distinctly from various parts of the world, including here.

Iím still studying modern Arabic and have gained the ability to read the Holy Quran.

I desire to expand my knowledge to Egyptian Arabic while expanding my understanding and eradicating my illiteracy.
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Binti spent the night at my Eritrean friendís house tonight since my ex went to Chicago for the weekend.

I had no one to watch her unless I called off from work, which I was not trying to do.

I yearn for the day that I donít have to depend on my ex to help me watch our daughter of whom I have legal custody of for all the right reasons.

I look forward to my wife reuniting with us and my unseen son again so that we can once again be together like any family really should be together.
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Minister Louis Farrakhan delivered a beautiful lecture today which I was able to view live and for free on their NOI website. It wasnít always like this, that you could actually see any of his lectures live online.

He will always continue to be the arch enemy of the Jews for speaking the truth and the target of our evil Government for his attempt to educate the poor and lift them from the mud that this designed society tried to keep them under.

Why kill a man who wants to end drug abuse, violence, gangs, divorce, war, hatred, and evil.