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Whatís beautiful?

Itís natural to see various animals of one species hanging out with one another; zebras with zebras, dogs with dogs and so on.

Maybe you would expect the same with people; Indians with Indians, Blacks with Blacks, and Europeans with Europeans would seem like the norm.

However, what is beautiful to me is when you can see various species of people under one roof or in the same locality, being able to get along in peace without prejudices, animosity, hate, or hidden grudges.

I attribute this force and ability in my eyes to be the religion of Islam.
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On one hand,
he wants to be Holy
in every sense
of the word,
like an angel
filled with heavenly light,
a purified saint,
and an inspiration
to the people
and to the entire world.

On the other hand
he wants to masturbate,
better yet;
fuck for all eternity
connecting to
the cosmic whole,
going in
and going out
of her moist galactic forest
of bushes and dreams
sparkled with dew drops
on the edges of extreme.

He yearns to love
and to be loved,
to be
the walking scriptures
or divinity
on some natural high
produced by natural results.
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I enjoyed my evening shower and after leaving the house I felt somewhat better as I started walking and doing a brief tasbih.

Iím beginning to realize that I may never be fluent in the languages Iíve desire to learn like French, Arabic and Tamil. Reflecting on the Divine I realize that it doesnít really matter.

I took the 83L to work and tripped out on the chick in back of the bus talking with some guy about drugs and marijuana and how it made her smarter and how she has such a high IQ.

What was that all about?
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There must be a way to love without having to be so obsessed with the woman and women, but it is an obsession that goes beyond the norm.

I can easily understand why the woman throughout history has been portrayed as the goddess.

You need to go on celibacy fast, but how long would that last.

It would be the next level of mastery and part of your non attachment project.

Practicing non attachment on a daily basis, non movement, and stillness entering into the silence.

There is this higher level of love that is said to supersede all knowledge.
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What is the world coming to when you pay $7.49 for a taco with no tomatoes and a medium soft drink.

I overheard them place their order at Taco Hell while I was waiting for my bus.

Give me $10 and I could give you a way better deal.

Youíd have the choice of corn or flour tortillas.

I would mash some fresh avocado, with onions, tomatoes, green and red chilies, fresh lettuce and some halal chicken or some fresh fish.

The fish would cost you about $5 extra but I guarantee you it would taste better than Taco Hell.
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The first woman had looked into his eyes from beyond the twentieth century and all of the words written and not written nor ever exposed, bare on its back and underbellies.

I canít believe that you changed the story she said with tears in her eyes.

They were tears of joy like the dew that embraced her heavenly afro.

I am the first Black woman she said in a deep whisper.

When she spoke the trees would blow ginger leaves for the ancient Chinese who whisked the heavens from below with their kung fu bamboo sticks.

This is real enit.
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If you were true to your heart you would be looking deeper into the darkness of deep space finding out what it is and striving to understand why Black people are crucial on this planet called Earth.

You would be asking yourself why and how Black people went from being Kings and Queens to the poorest people on Earth in some parts of the world.

You would go out to study their history and learn of the atrocities done to Black people and to other indigenous people of the Earth as well.

What happened to the Mayans, Aztecs, and Olmecs?
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For the first time last night I finally picked up Mind Games which came from Discover magazine. Mind Games has puzzles and math problems that really made my brain sore.

I was reading an article they had in there entitled Extreme Origami A physicistís computer program speeds the creation of complex paper sculptures.

You shouldíve seen the praying mantis, flying walking stick and the long-horned beetle.

After reading a little bit of this article I realized the true benefits of reading. Itís amazing how something like origami changed Robert Langís life who previously worked in Silicon Valley as a physicist.
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I walked into the gift shop while she had her head down and asked her if today was her last day.

ďYes!Ē she said, almost angry it seemed but I knew that she was not angry at me.

ĒThis is for you,Ē I responded.

She looked up and saw that it was a card and her anger seemed to melt away and she began to glow like a moon that had suddenly become illuminated.

I felt sorry for her as well as for others who were suddenly being laid off because the new company was selling everything out to wolves.
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Alhamdudillah in Arabic means all praises are due to Allah (God).

It does not mean that some praises are due to women and some are due to Allah.

It says All praises are due to Allah.

So when we see a fine woman or a beautiful flower we should say alhamdudillah.

When we compliment something, instead of saying you are beautiful, we should say Allah has made you beautiful.

It makes perfect sense, since He is the Creator of all things.

Allah represents the highest forms of love and praises of which we should be seeking in our daily lives.
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When I go to the store I notice that when I see a woman the first thought that comes to mind is usually some kind of compliment like she is pretty or she is cute or I like her long hair.

Then the other thoughts come along like she has a nice body, I wonder what her titties look like, is she shaven or unshaven.

This shows how one thought triggers into another thought and keeps leading you on until the next thing you know youíre in heat like some wild animal ready to take off all of your clothes.
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You should be constantly aware of your thoughts.

Itís your thoughts that leads you to perform certain actions, and those actions should be thought over time and time again because some can lead to unlawful acts or acts that you might regret.

Being observant of your thoughts from moment to moment and at all times is not easy.

You will come to many points to where you forget that you have thoughts or you may simply get lost in your thoughts completely mesmerized.

Meditation helps to lead the way in observance of thoughts which should not be taken for reality.
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Oftentimes people spend a large amount of time taking great care of buildings, automobiles and other types of structures while failing to realize that their bodies are just as important.

How many people wake up in the morning and say my body is a temple or my body is Godís temple?

Shouldnít our bodies be treated in the manner and even better than we treat artifacts and structures?

Great care should be taken externally and internally.

Every essence of me belongs to Allah.

Iím not a servant of the mind but the master of it.

What lies beyond the mind?
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What are the origins for the heart symbol which does not resemble how the heart looks at all?

Now I am feeling kinder and stranger.

Billy, are you doing that dope again?

Itís not dope mom its mind altering psychedelic herbs given to us by God.

It was given during a time when earth was literally filled with magick, love, and life.

It was during the time that I met the space sister from outer space who became my space princess.

Now Iím drawing these people, these artifacts, this sacredness while hearing tales of the devils love and immaculate laughter.
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I read a book about a religious leader that I have a lot of respect for but after reading the book found that I had to ask myself several questions.

I will admit that the way he was 10 or 15 years ago is not the same way that he is today and in my opinion shows that he has evolved.

From reading the book I have learned how people want to stick with the old ways or old teachings of certain viewpoints without moving on.

I truly believe that once you understand something you should not keep holding on.
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God is a man.

Why do the majority of people think that this is impossible when it is talked about?

We believe that God can do all these miraculous things and that He created this expansive Universe but somehow there is a limitation as to what He can do and being a man is not one of them.

People donít stop to think for just a moment because they might miss their program that is coming on television.

The essence of God is not flesh and blood; it is what resides in these elements and beyond.

His description is indescribable.
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Among other things as a mystery we should ask ourselves regarding the origins of water then ask ourselves does it really matter because in the end, we learn and realize that the Mystery cannot be grasped with words or an extensive vocabulary, deep thoughts or thinking.

It simply is as it is and thatís it.

Nothing else matters in truth.

In reality we desire to be our true selves without the mask; dancing, singing, expressingÖ

It is only this society that moulds us into this mould of the shoulds and should nots, choking ourselves from a life supply of energy.
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Behind our skin, hardened bones, and delicate minds we donít know whatís going on or have a clue.

We donít have a clue of the abundance of energy and power that surrounds us and how to tap into it.

We have no idea how much personal power we contain or about how to attain the things that we desire to accomplish, or how to discern the important things from the non useful things.

We donít know how to shed the old to allow room for the new though nature teaches us all the time.

We desire transformation without knowing how.
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Knowledge truly is power.

If you really study the manuals you can be a master of that machine.

While taking it to another level what about the human body and the mind; what if there was a manual for that and how to reach higher levels of mind.

In a sense and a degree we do have manuals called religious scriptures, yogic and martial arts.

The only difference is that certain states are not guaranteed if your inner being and heart is not aligned correctly.

Do I have positive vibrations geometric dimensions within my DNA?

Black Peruvians softened hardened hearts.
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The devilís distractions keep us awed until we settle down, sit down, close our eyes and finally realize It isnít about things, persons, or personalities.

Itís all about the Mind.

Believe meÖ

Is there anything beyond the mind?

Please do not call me by name any longer for I have no name.

There is nothing left of myself, I have given it all to the Creator.

After letting everything go there is this thing called love that starts to happen like an ecstasy.

When you are not yourself it is easy to see the other selves who act from illusions.
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When I get high, I find myself wanting to do yoga, workout, drink tea, draw, color pictures and paint. Without discipline, serious patience and dedication I will never accomplish anything.

Is it just a fun and game thing to be a political activist like some latest trend or phase of growing up?

Now is a good time to put your political science into use now you know what it means to be a lion.

Presently I am sending out bionic microorganisms containing key seeds that plant into the hearts of human beings and the planet, and eventually the entire whole.
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The so called Queen is on a serious trip bitch shit mode, or is she on her menstruation and not taking her medicine again.

Now I have decided to forget entirely about the 50,000 words novel by the end of November contest.

I got stuck in my story when I started talking about the atom and so the days continued to pile on top of each other with no words written. I had serious writers block.

On the flip side I feel like I still have time for a miracle by putting in some overtime and burning the midnight oils.
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Hey man do you think that I can get some of that candy?

Can I use the employee restroom?

Can we get some cups for our pizza?

These were some of the numerous questions that we were being asked by the movers who are moving out furniture from the building.

They were like little kids asking for these things.

I truthfully had the impression that they had just got out of prison.

In a way I felt sorry for them because they werenít very educated and I began to wonder if education was really a privilege.

Everyone should be educated.
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Itís all a game with images that I see as fake but that some people see as real.

You have the rich guy, the businessman, the so called hot mama who thinks her good looks can buy her way into paradise and even the so called religious man who isnít religious at all.

Rarely can someone pretend to be humble and truthful. It takes a lot of heart and sincerity to truly be yourself.

Thereís always some social pressure involved to be other than yourself.

Itís better to allow your life and mind to unfold like a beautiful lotus flower.
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I saw Buddha on the bus except that it wasnít a man it was a woman. She was clean shaven and asked me the question, ďwhat will you do once all of your green herbs run out and are all gone?Ē

My response was that I would do yoga and I would continue my meditations.

She looked at me and cast her doubts. You donít have enough discipline.

I could read it all over her face what she was thinking and I could also see that she was a very disciplined woman and took her meditations and noble truths seriously.
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Try being celibate to see if it really works or not.

I thought about mind over matter and asked if I was in control or the lower desires?

I feel something in my throat chakra.

Is it being charged as I restrain myself and fight the urge?

Is there really something deep within me trying to prevent me from reaching the divine?

I keep forgetting that being mystical highly involves every single action and that it is not simply just the state of mind that I am in.

Itís what I type, my horny feelings, my thoughts, and my breathing.
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I think this is the end of this session. You better make this trip last while noting all the facts in the clouds of green.

Maybe she is the key to the door that you should be trying to enter. You should be thinking deeply about the things that Allah gives you in your life and then ask yourself why heís giving it in the first place.

Maybe some sisters are trying to get me on the next level.

Iíve seen the bionic woman running in my neighborhood, the master of dramatizing shit.

Playwright; try making your own unique play.
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I nearly purchased the entire world
and this is my
ďThis Is The EndĒ tribute,
not the Doors song.

Oh, thereís my brother
in Ecuador
wearing my mystic hat.

Issa Bagayogo
the real Spanish
Malay bomb
while Africa
is the roots of it all.

Visualizations of
Al Nur
while praying,
and these miracles
and wonders
of the body.

You have to allow life to be
as it is
and flow with it.

How did the white man
spread all over
the Earth
eating it up
like a cancerous disease?

I really need to study
an entire group
of vocabulary words.
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A good pair of running shoes will cost me less than $90.00. At the pawn shop they were asking for $300 to $400 which in my opinion was way too much for an 18 speed bicycle.

Once I got off the bus I picked up that Chinese newspaper that the Chinese lady had left behind. I think she was from Hong Kong.

Any China man could read this newspaper. It is only when they start speaking their dialect that people would start to get all confused.

I still think that I want to learn this very beautiful and symbolic language.
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I was walking down Kentucky Street thinking about how Allah possessed all this power and might but was yet humble and merciful enough to spare us his wrath and destruction.

ďWhat kind of God was this,Ē I asked myself.

He could very easily crush our jugular vein and cut off our oxygen supply, yet He is Merciful enough to give us this precious gift called life.

He has given us life and His unconditional Love.

I almost cried at this moment as I had really realized how fortunate I really was and that I even had the opportunity to breathe.