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I would kindly ask her
if she could see the world
that I was coming from,
hoping that she would understand.

Stay at an elevated level
less you tend more
towards the animalistic.

Feel the cold
and have you learned
to really love
these mountains
as you’ve proclaimed?

Then after all of this
the mystic sound
I can hear a train
which gives out a roar
with a glad shrill.

Next stop,

Would you like to love me forever she would ask,
even as you have loved Allah?

I never really knew how much I loved Him.
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Some people came looking for the neighbor next door. I’m sure they were not looking for her out of concern. They were concerned about getting some hashish from her.

They spoke in a Semitic language, Armenian I think, and I know they wanted to get high so badly; to build an Armenia bridge with ties to the other world such as the one that I am in.

Did you ever imagine how many worlds are within you?

Try counting the worlds in the Universe.

So we are walking worlds
and words
walking for paradise
while protesting
small clouds of smoke.
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I came to a conclusion that the beauty of Islam is not just a religion or even a way of life because Islam goes deeper than this.

Most people will study the surface levels of Islam and miss the entire part.

Islam is like a power and a deep mystical force.

It goes deeper than the roots of oak and redwood trees.

There is no depth or end to Islam.

Just as the Sun and winds has a power and force so does Islam beyond normal and perceptive comprehension.

It is in everything from atomic structures to infinite cosmic galaxies.
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I wound up at the forbidden shopping mall, the place I supposingly hate.

This time I was bored and alone and wound up at Walden’s books the smallest bookstore in America it seemed.

I liked the National Geographic book in the art section which included various photos of Afghanistan, Mecca, and some white wolves.

In the same section I came across the book entitled "1001 Paintings You Should See Before You Die."

Was it really that serious, that humanity just had to see these paintings?

I liked what I saw and decided I’d buy it when my budget was right.
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I am intrigued by Chinese characters and their writing styles. This is not a recent trend for me as I have been intrigued by Chinese characters from a very early age. It has been strengthened with the fact that these Chinese characters can take on Islamic styles of writing.

I read an interesting article as to why Chinese should be learned but in addition to this that it was also one of the most difficult to learn along with Arabic being on that list as well.

By the way it sounds, learning Chinese is like taking a very long journey.
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Not quite sure why I’m suddenly intrigued by the Chinese Muslims, especially the Uighur Muslims who face all kinds of opposition from the Chinese Government, which seems to be mainly a dispute over land rights.

The Uighurs have a flag that looks like the Turkey flag, except that the background is blue instead of red.

The Uighurs want independence from the Chinese Government and the Chinese Government is all about control, with possible strong ideals towards communism.

Since Islam is about belief in one God, perhaps they feel it threatens their infrastructure.

Islam will overcome that region no matter what.
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More classic Malay songs and videos that looked very eighties and then I ran into Columbia where there’s Muslims there.

I was totally surprised once again just as I was surprised about learning about Muslim brothers and sisters in China.

I was happy about learning about this and disappointed at the same time. Why isn’t anything mentioned about Muslims in Latin America or the growing rise of Islam in the Latino communities especially in the United States?

Why is the government really afraid of Islam, a religion which promotes love and peace?

He craves to be worshipped so badly undeservingly.
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When learning a new language it is important to know the meanings of such words as diacritical, soft dental, voiced dental, fricatives and so on. If you don’t know what these words mean, then how will you know how to proceed? It would be like having some tools and not knowing what to do with them.

When learning a new language you can’t think in the language that you speak.

So if you are trying to learn Arabic, Chinese or French, you can’t try to interpret what you're learning in English sentences.

You will only confuse yourself in this manner.
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What if we were all just this big experiment,
from scriptures to prophets
to the notion of a God
or a higher being existing?

What if all of this was just Holy Moly?

But what if all the Holy Moly and the Holy Moly man were all the real thing?

What would you do about the facts after learning that they were indeed true?

Imagine the Holy of holies and what experience that would be like.

Imagine that state and consciousness.

Whatever happened to my magical days?

The days when I was harmoniously glowing emanating a golden and luminous light.
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I was up early in the morning taking binti to her mom’s house so that she could get picked up for school.

I tripped out on the text words that flashed across the front of the bus.



Do we have a street called Himalaya in Colorado?

It would be a real trip for me if I just stayed on the bus and never got off and wound up in the Himalayas.

Just seeing the word Himalaya reminded me of an article I had read about some Muslim missionaries from Spain propagating Islam in the mountains of South America.
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I saw Satan or was it the devil dressed in all black walking on a cane with a bald head and a pair of sunglasses on.

He was trying to stop me from checking out these books on the light of Islam. The only thing that prevented him was his handicap.

Even if he were not using a cane to walk, he still would not have been successful at stopping me.

516 Years of Resistance to Genocide,” was the slogan that some Native American Indians tied to some statue at the Civic Center Park in protest of the Columbus parade.
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A journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step or how about one starfish at a time. Both of these stories and proverbs tell one main thing.

One at a time should be my daily chant, because I often find myself trying to do more than one thing at a time. I came to a conclusion that if I could just accomplish one thing per day, then those accomplishments should be considered great versus doing nothing at all.

As a matter of fact, the person who performs action is far better off than the finest thinker in the world.
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I left the house early like I said I would with heavy bags and all. I stopped by Target to get some coffee cake muffins and grapes and had some bean soup packed as well.

I jumped on the 83 limited going straight to the Central Library where I would check out Muslim Spain Its History and Culture, The Everlasting Hatred the Roots of Jihad, Moorish Culture In Spain, Science of the Cosmos Science of the Soul the Pertinence of Islamic Cosmology in the Modern World, Social Ethics of Islam Classical Islamic-Arabic Political Theory and Practice, and Even Angels Ask.
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This is the first night that abang and I met each other in a long time. We embraced and gave the greetings with the right cheek first and then the left in case you were wondering.

I saw him talking to Ves and she did not look so happy at all. Her face was turned away from him and I knew that she had probably been disciplined or corrected.

My findings were correct and she had even shed some tears because she could not have a cigarette break outside of her normal 30 minute break and two fifteens.

So funny…
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Yes, of course there is Muslims in Thailand. They predominately reside in the south which borders Malaysia. You really need to get your geography down.

I recall reading about Narathiwat, Pattani, and Yala in the Straits Times newspapers while I was in Singapore and Satun sounds new to me. I found this website which is said to be the first Muslim Thai website. I can’t read a single word or scripted letter but the language looks beautiful.

I am suddenly reminded of Little Thailand near to where I used to work across from the Fatima Mosque and Thailand’s newspaper.
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Did you know that today was the Day of Atonement or of tuning in?

Did you know the state that I am in presently?

And did you know that if anything happens on a grand scale that it will take place within the fold of his creation.

Weight lifting feels good because there is no tomorrow.

The alternative ways beyond the ways of their world and methods are inferior to your own design and deep inner truth.

I found out who I was and cried as well as to the revelations of the revelations in all their splendor and beauty.
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Before I went out with binti to Target I had her look at a hijab video on “How to Wear a Hijab.” We both found it hilarious as it was a British girl who seemed to be quite a traveler. She had travelled to Malaysia and even to Turkey. I wondered how she managed to pull it off.

Then I came across this site on Mauritania where I did not realize that they had Muslims there. The music sounds very Ethiopian as I listened to it.

They had these African women in cheerleader outfits doing some dances obviously not Islamic.
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For the most part I spent my day surfing You Tube always coming across things, it seems that I wish I didn’t see.

Freaky dances may seem sexy but at the end of the day it becomes sad as these are women who are exploiting themselves and do so because they think that this is all that they are worth.

What’s even sadder is when these dances find their way into Muslim and religious countries which in the end corrupt the youth.

There is no wonder to me as to why the West is called the evil and great Satan.
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I walked into the back of a kitchen area and I heard perhaps in my inner spiritual ear what sounded like some deep mystical chants.

I knew the sound was not coming from the kitchen but somewhere distant.

Was it the Himalayas or was someone chanting a few blocks away?

I can’t explain the sound I heard but the closest I can come to describing it was that the sound was saying namyohorengekyo.

This is a Buddhist chant which has meaning in each of its words broken down to nam, myoho, horenge, kyo, which is Sino Japanese in its origins.
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He had to argue with Veska back and forth about not driving her car down in the car park while using it to do her patrols.

She is a terrible security officer because she does not check shit.

She told me her story about how much she loved plants and how she missed Bulgaria so much.

I wondered how did a foreigner come here and buy a house so easily. Then I thought maybe because she had two incomes coming in.

She told me that gas in 1999 was .87 cents.

How come I don’t remember those prices?

Bush Baloney..
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Other books included Breath The Essence of Yoga which is a book that I have checked out before. The title alone is enough for anyone to know what it is about.

We are breathing living conscious beings.

Being aware of my breath is something that I need to put into practice.

I checked out two other books that dealt with Yoga called Shankara’s Crest Jewel of Discrimination.

I started reading this book while on the bus and found it interesting as it talked about the real and the unreal.

The other book on Yoga was entitled An Introduction to Yoga.
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Love is the key ingredient.

I started to think about love while I was taking a bath. Taking baths is something that I’ve been doing a lot recently, especially since it is starting to get colder nowadays.

Whatever action or movement that you take you should always do each action and movement in a state of love and do so lovingly.

Every thought and speech should be done with love and you should always bask in its radiating warmth.

Basically you should become the embodiment of love and radiate it from your heart, through your eyes and throughout the Universe.
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Coming back to the mind again, we’re just holding on to all this “stuff” like leeches, because we’re so familiar with “it” and so afraid to just let go and delve into the unknown.

We come to a point where we say “you know what, I’m really tired of all this shit,” after realizing that we had nothing to do with “it” in the first place and that we did have a free life and will to create as we willed.

So what, if we don’t have this and have that.

We just have to learn to live without “it.”
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Played Ska music and the neighbor downstairs wondered if I was doing it for the Mexicans.

It’s really none of your damn business.

I see why I’m not completely free
in such close quarters
of the unknown,
and why the herbs
should of went
into the most recent fire.

Some of the music I listened to was a bit depressing but the Ska actually picked up a beat inside of me, leading me to pound on something and accomplish the task at hand.

The task being the self and learning how to write even when you don’t feel like it.
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”We all fall short of the Glory of God.”

I hear people say this often, and I wonder if this phrase is just another excuse to justify us fucking up in our lives.

“Well, I am not perfect so I am going to do this or do that because after all we all fall short of the glory of God.”

Another fuck up phrase excuse that I hear is, “nobody is perfect.”

What is that supposed to mean?

Besides all of this, exactly what is perfection?

If we tried to reach society’s definition of perfection we would all be screwed.
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Fractions and moments of time are the segments of my life that I recall on a daily basis; things and thoughts that I’ve had about the past, present and future.

The beauty about writing is that I can capture these moments, thoughts, and segments of my life and put it down on paper.

Years later I can read these words and remember as though it was happening now.

The lion often comes to my mind when I think on the militaristic views and on the mystical cosmic points of life.

For me the lion tends to be that perfect symbol.
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By the many mistakes of my past,
that has brought me
to where I am now.


And all of my problems
and the problems of the world.


And all of the sex
that I missed out on.


Breathe while aware
until these thoughts dissipate
and the Japanese woman agrees
with a slight hmm
or affirmative hai!


Until that path opens
far and wide
and you realize
that you have arrived
to the next level.


because it is all that you have
and in the end
at the final moments of life
you exhale.

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I found some sounds that were authentically taken from Saturn and from Jupiter via Cassini, NASA’s space robot travelling through space.

I was amazed by the sounds and began to wonder if mankind really thought that we were microcosms a sort of reflection of the macrocosm, then why did we have to spend so much money on space flight, trying to land on the Moon and now on Mars.

As I listened to the sounds coming from Saturn it dawned on me that these were the sounds that I was hearing when I was walking in the back kitchen area.
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I really need to get out of this societal way of thinking.

I have come a long way, but I still find myself going along with the norm and the mainstream sometimes.

Oftentimes I find that the mainstream is going in the wrong direction.

An example being, when a man is considered a man, or a woman a woman?

People have to ask themselves what was the mind set of western civilization from its very beginning which began with exploitation, lies, propaganda and murder.

First there was Columbus and many more came after him destroying what was ancient and true.
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As human beings
we are a world
within a world.

On our outer parts
we are a body.

Within our body contains
all kinds of organs,
and within those organs are cells,
and then we get to more inner subtler bodies.
As in man
so to the planets
and stars
containing inner bodies.

Open up yourself
like a flower opens
up to the Sun.

Opening up not just the mind
but all aspects of the senses,
spirit, body, soul, and heart.

Think interdimensional…

The unexplained proves that there are no laws, since with the mind there are not any limitations.
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What do good pedicured feet look like doctor and should the under part of your toe nail have a putrid smell.

Maybe your fucked up feet are a sign of something fucked up inside of you that needs to be cured said the doctor.

You need yoga man and some serious fasting. Then you need to go back to be straight vegetarian like you was before for nearly five plus years. It’s the true yogi way.

And speaking of yogi have you checked out the Vedas lately and what they’re talking about?

Did the Reggae music deepen your mind deeper?