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The Sun is at its quarter point, slightly past noon and a bit before sundown and the bean soup is almost ready.

Iíve finally learned the master ingredient to cook bean soup.

Itís called patience.

It may not seem interesting, but I could write about beans and stories that have revolved around them and proverbials.

Just like that movie Like Water For Chocolate resolves around food.

Navy beans, black beans, and red beans are my three top choice beans, not forgetting lentils.

David ate beans with a den of lions.

I eat mine among stars and an ancient cosmic universe.
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I went to the movie theatre tonight to see the movie Kingdom starring Jamie Foxx.

Of course in western films the hero will always be an American and the villain will always be someone who is foreign or someone who doesnít believe in the false doctrines upheld by the American Government, and its zombie like citizens breast feeding off the breasts of illusion.

This movie Kingdom had Hollywood tattooed all over it. I saw many parts that were very unrealistic. I felt the movie was incomplete and wondered, what was the purpose of making this movie in the first place.
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While Malcolm X was in prison, he took the time and the liberty to read the entire dictionary from A to Z.

Many are under the impression that from reading the dictionary he became a talented orator.

While part of this may be true, people should do deeper research and learn about the man who really taught him and what he taught.

I wondered how long it would take me to read the dictionary, minus the fact that I donít have the free time that Malcolm had while in the prison.

How about reading the encyclopedia from A to Z?
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As we develop from sperm mixed with ovum,
becoming a clot,
a fetus,
a baby,
a child,
and an adult,
we shouldnít think our development ends once we reach the adult stages of life.

We still have the ability to transform our beings and our level of consciousness; to reach higher levels of Truth.

Try meditating on the innermost regions of your heart, not the physical heart. Itís easy to feel and hear its effect.

I am speaking on the spiritual aspects of the heart that has the capability to free us once we realize what were holding on to.
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While doing my prayers it was not my wish, to have to listen to violent gangster rap, and every lyric that came out of his mouth was contrary to my beliefs and my way of life.

My entire body cringed, adding to the fact that we were in the Holy month of Ramadhan, where we are supposed to (jihad) strive harder against all things that we know is sinful or would lead to sin.

Once the person completed their musical selections, I kept my silence, not wanting to get into an argument, as Ramadhan is also supposed to be peaceful.
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Iím quite sure that we feel quite secure against things that are happening in the world with the thought, well itís not me, or itís not in my city, so why should I care.

The war in Iraq is a perfect example.

A lot of innocent people are being killed everyday. So we probably find that since we donít have foreign troops in our country doing this, why should we care.

Do we value our own lives and the lives of others?

Do we even have an ounce of compassion for those who canít eat,
to those who canít breathe?
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Life tends to have a deeper meaning when I can take my sweet,
gingered lily,
pussy willowed time.

You should never feel like your time is being rushed and that you have to hurry up this instant.

Living life in this manner we could learn to appreciate even menial work such as washing dishes,
folding our clothes,
or making up our beds.

Some would call this the Zen of doing things.

I did Isha, Tarawih, and Witr prayers on the 14th floor (which is really the 13th) in an inconspicuous area of the stairwell at the hotel.

No 13th floor.
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As I learn more about buildings and their structure, I realize that inside of a building there is an even deeper interior inside the interior. This is usually where you can find the building engineers, which are full of hiding places and sleeping spots.

In a sense building engineers are almost like ants and ants are like engineers.

Iíve had the privilege to see first hand and up close like CNN,
how ants build tunnels and construct places such as cemeteries,
food storage rooms,
areas for growing crops,
queen chambers,
entertainment rooms,

and deep down into Zionís chambers of secrets.
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In the middle of doing prayer,
and cooking a new batch of bean soup,
and washing my clothes.

I was up past midnight,
feeling myself in between the two worlds of sleep and wakefulness.

Itís the 27th of Ramadhan which could be one of the nights of power out of 10 which I believe has already passed.

Angels descend all over the world, which is supposed to be a night of blessings and the Glory of God.

Of course if you were not sincere during the holy month,
nor strived to conquer your lower desires,
why should one receive blessings?
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There is a verse in the Quran which I canít find presently which has had me thinking this entire month of Ramadhan.

In the verse it states how Allah God did not create the heavens and the earth for pure amusement.
It goes on to state how He created what He created for us to ponder upon.

Further it states that His creation was for nothing more but for us to remember Him and remembrance of Allah the Creator of the Universe is the most powerful force.

Forget about Bush who creates nothing like stars, or planets;
only atomic bombs.
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If you want to gain everything in the world you must give up everything.

You have to give up your ideals,
plans for tomorrow,
plans for education,
your thoughts and the things that you think belong to you...

You have to give up the concepts of me,
and I.

You have to give up the concept that you are an individual in a multidimensional Universe,
and that the world revolves around you.

You have to give up all of your attachments to whatever you are attached to,
rather it be material objects,
or spiritual endeavors,
and wantsÖ
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Ramadhan ends usually from 29 to 30 days depending on the sighting of the moon.

So donít ask me why on Friday in Saudi Arabia,
Eid celebrations had already begun,
while in parts of Africa,
brothers were still fasting and attending Jumuah prayers.

Meanwhile in the United Snakes, some States were following the confirmation of Saudi Arabia, while other localities had not been seen yet.

Different jurisdictions and calculations can sometimes do this when it comes to using a lunar calendar,
or wanting to end the pangs of fasting.

Uncertainty was in the air for myself,
leaving me feeling skeptical.
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The most consistent things in our Universe are the celestial bodies,
thus the reason why calendars were based off of them.

We have a solar calendar based off of the Sun,
and a lunar calendar based off the cycles of the moon.

We could have a calendar based off of the cycles of Venus and Mercury as well,
as all the other planets in our solar system,
and in other star systems.

The Mayans did,
as well as many other aboriginal,
and original time keepers of the Earthís true time,
in its organic sense based off creation,
not mechanical dials.
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Out of all things in life, what is the most important?

Take a minute or more to think about your answer to this question.

If you said anything like your savings,
your house,
your car,
your masters degree,
your family,
or anything in this category,
then congratulations.

This is officially your god,
because whatever you hold most dear in your life and most precious is your god.

How easy it is to forget the one who created us from nothing,
then fashioned us
and gave us life
and gave us breath,
and a means to acquire knowledge,
and intelligence.
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A true revolutionary does not wear a suit, unless he is infiltrating the enemy.

Lately Iíve been wondering if my perception of beauty was distorted or was I really right on when I realized something was not beautiful.

Iíve seen women with beautiful physical appearances, but were uglier than Frankenstein in character, and I have seen women deemed ugly with some special inner trait I found attractive.

Iíve seen beauty in the unnoticeable and worthlessness in material objects and what they have contributed to human society.

And Iíve seen fire and Iíve seen rain.

Rainbows that never seem the same.
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Home is not truly home, until it is the place that you look forward to going to after work, or some outing, or long vacation.

Some people avoid their homes like itís the plaque. Itís not because of the home, but whatís inside of it.

Maybe a nagging spouse,
an irritating room mate,
or some unruly teenager,
or maybe an infestation of rats and cockroaches.
God forbid.

Home is a place of rest,
the warmth of inner and outer fire,
expressions of ages,
family attunement,
happiness and understanding.

If youíre not experiencing this, maybe someone needs to leave.
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She was eyeing me the entire time I stood at the bus stop waiting for the 20 or the 12. The 20 bus came and I sat in the back corner of the bus.

She sat in a way that she could still glance at me.

As I stole glances at her, I realized that she was Jewish. I can spot out a Jew easily, even if they are not wearing their religious garb.

She made me feel awkward and I wondered if she saw the book I checked out from the library about Jihad and Islam.

She yearned me.
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I listened to Holy War Inc. on cassette while at work. Itís the first time I ever listened to a book on tape cassette which seems faster than reading it on your own, because unlike reading a book, you can do things while listening to a book on cassette.

From what Iím reading it seems that the American Government contributed to the knowledge that so called terrorists have today regarding war.

They wanted to help the Afghans oust the presence of Russians.

So how did Afghanistan suddenly become the enemy?

Itís called land resources and the greedy ass Snake Government.
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Why is Allah so merciful to man, even after man has been proven to be disobedient, from the creation of Adam until now?

By the way, I hope you know that Adam was not the first man created since others had to make him when it is said and we made man.

Who is the we that is stated?

Allah God is merciful to man because he is well aware of the weakness in his nature.

If we had no weaknesses in our nature,
perhaps we would all be Gods.

Masters over our lower desires and Masters of our destinies.
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Proclamation, indoctrination:

Itís my new word for magazines, the next best thing to advertisement and getting people to grasp false ideas.

I was looking at one magazine where they show a picture of a woman deemed to be fit and healthy.

On the front cover of the magazine they had titles like,

how to burn fat fast,
how to get a hard sexy body,
how to lose 10 pounds in 30 days;
the list went on.

I wondered what they were really selling,
the magazine,
or genuine self help.
It was clearly evident what they thought was the perfect woman.
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Would Allah do it?

Think about this the next time you do something.

Some questions that could be asked;

Would Allah drive to Las Vegas to gamble the world on a few card games of blackjack?

Would God rob a bank and shoot innocent people?

Would Allah keep slaves and beat them because of the color of their skin?

Would He watch pornographic videos and go look for a prostitute to satisfy His lower desires?

I think not.

So the next time you say you believe in God,
ask yourself before you take the next action,
ďwould God do it?
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While at work I decided to listen to some classical music which is something I have not done in a very long time.

I find myself wanting to use words such as ye,
come hither,
thou shall not,
and gather round lads.

If I spoke like this a few centuries ago it would be just fine.

Try talking like this when you order your coffee, or at your next job interview and people will think you are just a joke or plain mad.

Itís amazing how time changes things for most, but not for some.

We still have Shakespeareís today.
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ďParadise Now,Ē was in the library computer, but nowhere to be found on the bookshelves.

Librarians never have an answer as to why the computer says itís there, but human effort at finding it proves otherwise.

The librarian shrugged her shoulders and gave me her pruned raisin wrinkled face look and said I donít know where it could be.

ĒPeople sometimes donít put books and videos where they belong and we have a hard time finding them.Ē

Maybe you should get off your rump and start looking I wanted to say so badly, while she sat on her fat butt.
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I like my soup to be blended sometimes, but I donít have a blender to blend with. The bean soup will still be just fine for me for now.

I am breaking another fast today.

Later in the night I happen to look out the torn blinds overlooking the balcony and I was enthralled to see that it was the moon setting in the west just as the Sun would set in the west.

Are we intrigued with the moon because of her inconsistencies?

The moon never fails to be boring.

When she is not seen we enquire about her.
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ďIn The Meantime,Ē was the title of some book that someone left or forgot about in the hotel.

I wanted to take it, but itís not mine to take because the guest has to have the chance to claim the book first.

I donít know the name of the author, but the book deals with relationships, and she uses various areas of the house that needs to be cleaned.

She refers to these areas of the house as to the past we hold on to, that is not healthy at all.

We canít see clearly out of a dirty window.
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Itís a full moon tonight.

Whenever I see a full moon I want to draw it closer to my chest and hug it tightly like a gigantic beach ball.

To feel the lunar energy of the moon and her chant like spell,
to soothe my soul,
or to drive me madly insane.

Recently the natural sweet smell of tobacco has been tempting me to smoke it in a peace pipe.

By the way, there is a big difference in this natural tobacco, in comparison to the sky high rocketing prices of nicotine coated cigarettes.

Organic cigarettes arenít covered with nicotine.
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I am a rainbow.

Knowledge of the occult,
that which is hidden,
and submerged in abundant symbolism.

Fight the demons,
evil spirits,
and negative atmospheres.

A battle not to be forgotten of the past and what is yet to come.

Angels in cars running over devils in bars.

Dreams do come true when you really believe in them.

Not much of this is possible,
until you confront the tendencies of evil
within your own heart,
which would probably not exist,
if we werenít living in an evil
and wicked society.

So the first battle is the battle within self.
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One of my colleagues quit his job about two weeks ago and I didnít see him again until tonight.

He was getting in a taxi and had made plans to head out to Oregon.

It seems that most people who live in Colorado are not from here.

If they passed a law that everyone must move back to the state they came from,
Iíd be afraid that all that would be left of Colorado would be a bunch of hicks living one decade behind in history.

I think it is the thin air here
and the short supply of oxygen.
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My heart flutters,
my heart flashes,
an unknown force rushes to my head
and I find it difficult
yet easy to breathe,
but itís not natural rhythmic yogic breathing.

There is a frog in my throat,
so donít be surprised
if I say ribbit, ribbit.

My imagination runs wild like a stallion
eager to explode the mystery
and dance upon stars
scattered into billions of pieces.

She waits patiently yearning,
like a dry flower in the Sun
awaiting morning dew
or the soft rains of fall.

How long the ants are calling
and the cosmos in the air
drifting along.
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People who try so hard to act human, to the point that it scares me and convinces me that there are other life forms among us;
itís just that a majority of us are too blind to even realize it.

Itís almost as though all the actions they perform are rehearsed, after studying a few video clips of human emotions and how human beings engage with one another.

My guess is as good as yours as to where they came from, and why they are even here.

Whatever they are, is not natural, nor are they universal in their origins.
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For the most part,
I literally slept the entire day.

My spirit was so down,
that I had absolutely no desire to do anything at all.

Not even eat,
or drink a glass of water.

I called off from work,
not desiring to be around people,
knowing how down my spirits were,
I did not want to bring anyone else spirit down.

Iím running and Iím running away,
but what I'm running away from,
I have to confront.

Thereís no hiding place from the Truth today.

The demands of truth,
is to accept it
and live with it