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Why does literary canon change? Literary canon changed because of the diverse effects of American culture. There was a time that writers including the scholars such as Shakespeare, Hemmingway, or Faulkner was considered only the best authors. Due to the steady changes that has occurred in our society a demand has been placed for other gifted writers. This would challenge the original rules. The request for writers from different cultures has been overwhelming. These amazingly included unique, various nationalities. The changes in our history including the advance of equal rights also enabled this large contribution to our literary canon changing.
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"A Soldier's Home" This story give some light why we lie to ourselves and others in an effort to somehow affect how others will view us. For example, Krebs states that he wants his life to go smoothly which was a lie. Because after serving in the military he knew better than anyone else that life could never go on smoothly. We are a lot like Krebs in feeling one way about an issue but express something totally different on the outside. For example, we might hate a perfume a friend is wearing and lie and say it smells good.
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"Barber Shop" The Barber shop became a controversial debate when concerns were brought up in regards to some comments that were made about the people that made Civil Rights Movement history. It was about Rosie Parks and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. First, one must understand the power of the constitution. It has empowered us with the right of freedom of speech. So while this was a problem to some people no one should ever forget the right of freedom of speech that was exercised. The bottom line is one cannot get upset because this is simply the American Way.
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"A Rose for Emily" This story is about a woman named Emily that never had an opportunity to explain her life while alive is now sharing her life through her ghost. The story itself represents the ghost of Emily because every time it's been read it tells of her life through the mysterious things that she did. For example, her sleeping with a dead corpse of her father for at least two days not to mention her interesting friend by the name of Homer. The life of Emily will forever haunt us every time we read it over and over.
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"Pretty Woman" This movie showed us that opposites can indeed attract. The two main characters, Julia Roberts and Richard Gere were from two separate backgrounds. He was a wealthy business man and she was a cheap prostitute. Both had two totally different perspectives in life. However, they were able to compliment one another with their differences. This movie removed the invisible boundaries of social class and simply brought together a bond. It had a twofold message. One that money is not everything but it is needed to operate in our country .This is a reality whether we acknowledge it or not.
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"Feminism" Feminism in our current society means the equal rights for women. For so long in our past women were only used as an object. Never having the opportunity to demonstrate their strengths. The feminist movement produced a turning point for women's gifts and talents to be acknowledged. It's not that women desire to be rated over men, they just don't want to be under rated. This movement has provided women to have just as many rights that men have had since the beginning of time. Feminism offers an avenue to display freedom and liberation for today's women in America.
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"Lust" In "Lust" by Susan Minot, the narrator which is a young fifteen to sixteen year old girl is starving for love and attention. In the beginning of this story she talks of having sex as if she enjoys every moment of it. Later on in the story she sees herself as invisible, nearly transparent. This girl has multiple partners. Each time she is starting to feel less and less worthless. It is apparent that she is lacking a lot of attention from her parents. In particular, her father. This could explain the strong desire to please a male figure.
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"Autumn In New York" In "Autumn in New York we see that this movie goes beyond an average love story. It reaches down into your inner most heart and displays the power of love. We have a picture of a older man, Will, interested with a younger woman, Charlotte, that has cancer. Charlotte demonstrates so much courage that even though she is deeply in love with Will. She is pushing him to go on with his life. This is the ultimate sacrifice. She is giving up the very thing one would expect under her circumstances. Her selflessness is definitely priceless.
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"Set It Off" This movie is controversial for many reasons. The attention of the media and many parents who were concerned about the message it would send to younger society. They did not want their children being influenced to rob a bank. However, for others it was a realistic way to express what many people living in poverty felt or at least considered from time to time. You see, it was viewed by them as a way of survival. After being oppressed for so long many understood that this way the only option left. This movie was indeed very symbolic.
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"Waiting To Exhale" The movie is very feminist in viewing the way women are treated by men. This showed a woman that had given up eleven years to help her husband only for him to leave her for a white woman. By this woman being black, this was considered to be a disloyal, unacceptable act. This would display a woman's challenge to overcome the hurt and bitterness. This woman taught a lot of women how to be strong in overcoming rejection and hurt. But it also shows that this could happen to woman not matter what race she may be.
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"8 Mile" This movie caused a tremendous change in the way "ghetto" is depicted. From the beginning of the twentieth century society has always consider the street life to black Americans. However, we find in this flick we see a totally different perspective to what a white man has to endure to be accepted by his peers in order to survive. It teaches us not to just assume that only one race is affected but to understand that all of us as humans are. This movie should forever change the one sided view point of what color a minority should be.
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"The Birthmark" The "Birthmark" by Hawthorne has an interesting perspective when it comes to what one will do because of self love. It depicts a man that is so obsessed with being a success that he is the ultimate failure. It is not just in scientific things but also the failure of being a kind, loving husband to his wife. He is so self centered. It shows us how we have to be careful in trying to become a success that we don't hurt the ones closest to us. Words are the thing that killed his wife more than any experiment could.
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"Ocean's 11" This movie written by Sten Carpenter and Ted Griffin give an interesting perspective to stealing. We see in this movie it has several ex-convicts getting together in order to rob one of the largest casinos' in Los Vegas. It gives the impression that society just may be able to cope with robbing another thief goods rather than robbing a public bank. This is interesting because it teaches yet another way to take something that doesn't belong to you. This also sends a message that as long as you can perfect stealing in an organized way then it's acceptable.
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"Sleeping With the Enemy" This movie written by Ronald Bass sends an alarming message to many women. The movie shows the dangers of marrying someone that you think you know but don't. Here, we have a man that is so controlling and possessive that he couldn't by any means have a clue what true love really is like. We now see a woman that has gone from being single and free to becoming a prisoner in her own home. The same thing holds true today. Unfortunately, there are lot of people that have hidden agendas why they're in a relationship.
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"The Godfather" This movie written by Mario Puzo and Fransic Ford Coppola, 1972 will always be one of the best in history. This flick is so interesting because it displays the principles of the family. If you're not careful one might really believe this image of family. This couldn't be anything further from the truth. We see in this movie, one wrong move or talking too much can get you into big trouble not to mention, killed. While it portrays the loyalty and standard that one Italian family instills, never be deceived into thinking that the ultimate motive is love.
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"The Devil's Advocate" This movie written by Lemkin and Gilroy, is seen by many as religious media. It starts out with a southern defense lawyer that could possibly know that the man that he is defending is guilty. He comes from a Christian childhood and is challenged just to see whether he will choose good or evil. One may think that fame and success is everything but he is learning otherwise. While being able to prosper in many areas he is not aware of the areas that are being effected such as his marriage. Many face the same choice today.
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"Heat" This movie by Micheal Mann is an awesome example of a good gangster movie. It demonstrates action and drama to the fullest. Normally, it is usual to pull for the good guy in a flick but this movie is totally different. Many people actually pulled for the bad guys to win. One might argue about the viewer's morals or values. But that's O.K. it is quite normal to want to do something that is forbidden. So we can enjoy the characters in this movie doing some of our wildest dreams. However, one can never begin to get too greedy.
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"Insomnia" This movie is written by Seitz. The setting in this movie plays a very important part with the plot. It is located in Alaska and it is during the time of the year where it is always daylight. This is pretty interesting because this is what the main detective is suffering from. He never was able to sleep due to the constant shining of the sun. It's about a good cop that has been corrupted at some point in his career. A young lady is killed and now the killer is attempting to show the commonality that both have.
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"Hunter" The best example of a formula television show would have to be "Hunter". We have two police detectives, male and female. We are able to notice the attraction that is there for one another. First, it's just because of the loyalty they display to one another and then is escalates into a physical attraction. This is definitely formula because the show is very suspenseful and exciting. The male cop is at least ten years older than the female. They begin to acknowledge the feelings that are present, but something always happens to distract them. This is a formula fiction.
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"A Fine, a Private Place" The poem by Diane Ackerman is the most romantic. It starts out describing the beautiful blue sky and the how scenic the ocean glows. This poem gives such great details that it lifts you up and translates one to this romantic place. The way the man is stroking the ladies arm just brings images into your mind of a warm hand caressing back and forth. This not to mention the awesome, breathtaking love making that is taking place on the floor of the sea. The music is that of the ocean swishing, a constant rhythm.
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"Dover Bitch" This poem written by Anthony Hecht is a response to "Dover Beach." It gives the perspective of a woman that could possibly be a hooker or prostitute. The entire time that the man is talking to her. It is taken as constant whining. You would think that he is begging for her undivided attention. It appears that she was having a good time just being paid and performing the way that she had always done. But not this time, she actually doesn't have to lay down and have endless sex all night. She has to listen all night.
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"Save the Last Dance" This movie written by Adler and Edwards gives a good illustration of "Never judge a book by its cover." This indeed is true with a white Chicago teenager coming from a upper middle class home with her mother. She later has to relocate to move in with her father in the inner city that is totally different from her origin. The school that she attends will be the door to bringing her to a close relationship with a black high school sweetheart. In the end it proves that both have the same passion for dancing in common.
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"Hamlet 2000" This movie written by Almereyda displays that jealousy is cruel even to the grave. We have a couple that is very much in deep love. He is the best player on the basketball team and his best friend is a guy that is starving for love from his father. We see in this movie the power of words. We have a person that is so envious of the love that his father has for the star player that he is willing to do anything to sabotage his life. He begins his plan with planting doubt with negative words.
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"Cast Away" The movie written by Broyles, Jr.. is the perfect example of never to give up. The man in this movie was faced with one of the hardest challenges in life. That was to have a will to be determined to live when all odds are against you. He proved that even in the mist of utmost adversity that sometimes the only asset one may possess is patience. It is all that he had to work with was perseverance. He demonstrates the power we have in our will. The mind to overcome even when it appears to be hopeless.
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"Philadelphia" The 1993 flick "Philadelphia" written by Nyswaner is a prime example of corporate discrimination. The movie was about a young corporate lawyer that is gay. It appears that as long as the firm that he was working for was profiting by his wins that they appreciated him. They also viewed him as an asset to the company and proposed to have him as a partner. This is one of the greatest things that can happen to an attorney. This all spirals down hill once it is mentioned that their chief attorney is gay and has AIDS. He is fired.
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"Training Day" This movie created by Ayer gives us some conformation of the corruption in our police departments across America. We see that here we have a rookie so excited to be able to work and protect and serve his community. What he doesn't know is that he is surrounded by corruption. He has first hand experience with from the narcotic's trainer. We always are complaining about the drugs on the street. But what society fails to realize is that the very people that should be cleaning off the streets are sometimes on just as much drugs as the users.
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"Courage Under Fire" This movie written by Duncan displays one man's willingness to find out the truth about a mission gone bad. This movie shows us that the military will almost go to an extreme to hide things that are not fair with minority officers. For example, a lot of woman have risked their lives just as well as men to fight for their country. Even though often times they have to work just as had to make as well as be respected to being more than just a piece of meat. It becomes very challenging once she's a commander.
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"Indecent Proposal" The movie written by Jones gives us a taste of the power money has when you need it desperately. We have a married couple that has ran across a multimillionaire that is willing to pay one million dollars to sleep with this married woman for one night. This brings up an interesting point because there are a lot of young women and old that have had a similar opportunity. The only problem was that in the end they lost so much more than they ever gained. They are deceived into thinking that money will solve nearly all things.
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"Spy Game" This movie written by Arata and Beckner gives us some insight into what American spies have to endure. We see the power that is given to people that work for the CIA. We can only hope that the agents are not spies working for other countries. We also see what happens to agents when dealing with other countries and not following direct orders can cause one to be left over in another land without any support from the U.S. government. We can only pray that the people are dedicated and committed to ensuring a safe and secure country.
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"High Crimes" This movie written by Bickley and Zeltser displays what some people will do just to get what they want from you. We see in this flick that a man has been accused of being a murderer and his wife is a defense lawyer. She immediately agrees to vindicate him. The lesson we should learn from this movie is that some people are not around us for who we are but what we can offer them. The have hidden agendas and other motives that aren't right. It's unfortunate that we don't find these things out until it's too late.