BY Myrrha

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Yes or No Formula Fiction I must be truthful and admit that in "A Secret Sorrow" by Karen van der Zee, my eyes did swell and begin to leak. I am the kind who is easily emotionally aroused. I have no preference whether the words I read are written by formula or not. What I choose to read, whenever that is, depends on my mood. I really enjoyed "A Sorrowful Woman" by Gail Godwin. The piece was unpredictable. You never really know why the woman acts so bizarre. The ending is also not specific; there really is no true ending.
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Shakespeare the Flatterer: I know that my first impression of "My Mistress' Eyes are nothing Like the Sun" was a negative one; but, this is not how the poem is meant to be interpreted. Shakespeare is attempting to convey his unconditional love for his mistress and by avoiding the common, unrealistic clichés found in "love" poems. His love is represented by the true, physical, and realistic beauty of his lover. He knows that she does not have roses in her cheeks, and her lips and not as red as a rose but she is beautiful anyway. His love is true.
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You Naughty Girl: So what can I say, kids are just crazy these days. There is nothing that is unfamiliar to their senses. The story "Lust" by Susan Minot is an interesting one. It is about the sexual experiences of a young girl off at boarding school. What is so interesting about the story, besides the fact that is transitions form first to second person in the middle, is that it was written twenty years ago and its lesson still applies to the year 2004. Sharing yourself with another should be sacred and special; you risk losing part of yourself.
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Molly Zenobia: I found this artist online and I am entranced with her work. For me, what I hear on the radio all sounds the same and it is time for something new and fresh. Down with this formula music! She not only provides beautifully haunting melodies but, she also has thought-provoking lyrics. I am a person who likes to be intellectually stimulated. Her song "Whirlpool" is the reason why I have taken the pen name of Myrrah. The story of Myrrah is a twisted one, like many other mythological tales but, there is still a lesson to be learned.
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The Last Samurai: This is one of my favorite movies. Not only does this movie contain the hottest actor ever, Tom Cruise, it also conveys a great lesson. The lesson is of the stupidity of war. This movie also mocks the selfish decisions of our world leaders. The ones who are supposed to be for the people are really for themselves. I enjoy this movie because it catches the essence of the Samurai. Yes they are master of weapons but, they also have a more peaceful, spiritual side to them as well. I did also love the action scenes too!
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You Would Be Selfish Too: Many people respond to Kate Chopin's character Mrs. Mallard as being selfish. At a time of sorrow she is able to find joy in the knowledge of her husbands' death. Her husband treated her well but, this life is not what she really wanted. How can a person be happy in a life that they never wanted? She is stuck in a house all day unable to venture out into the world she longs for; she is like a trophy that is stuck on a shelf. You only live once so you should be happy.
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Geisha Memories: I am reading a book about a geisha and it is the most beautifully written book I have ever read. I am growing sad at the fact that I am already half way through. I wish that the book could last forever. Oh well, nothing ever does. I admire the main character in this book. As the main character, I am on a journey to self discovery and even though the book was a fictitious one it taught me that even though things may seem scary and uncertain they always seem to fall into place in the end.
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A Dog's Death: This is the saddest poem that I have ever read. I must admit that I am not a dog lover, I prefer cats, but this poem made me feel depressed. I can not even explain in the right words how beautiful this poem is. John Updike uses the English language brilliantly. Even in the dog's dying moments he still finds the strength to get to the newspaper and be a good dog. It is amazing that this short poem about a dog could really move you and make you think about what is really important in life.
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Fine Tooth Comb: It is funny how mothers and daughters usually turn out to be the same. In the poem "Sadie and Maud" by Gwendolyn Brooks "Sadie scraped life with a fine-tooth comb." As did she leave this heritage to her daughter. Often it is seen in life that certain behaviors are passed from mother to daughter: for example, if the mother got pregnant at a young age, her daughter is more likely to do the same. It scares me because I find that as the days pass I seem to act more like my mother. It is a curse.
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Duchess No More: I find the poem "My Last Duchess" by Robert Browning very comical in the sense that the Duke is so full of himself. The alternate word for donkey comes to mind. His wife is to pretty and smiles too much. Oh, now I see why he would want her dead! It is funny how it is the little things in life that are the most annoying. I like the way Browning uses the voice of the duke to describe how in the portrait his wife looks as almost alive. His play on words is most impressive here.
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For All English Students: The Poem "Introduction to Poetry" by Bill Collins should be read to every English student in all English classes. Commonly students feel that they must understand exactly what every word stands for in a poem but that is not true. "Introduction to Poetry" conveys that just the basic theme and understanding of the poem is necessary. Also, is not always only one meaning for a poem. Many a time there are infinite meanings, "[b]ut all [we] want to do is tie the poem to a chair with a rope and torture a confession out of it."
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Whirlpool: I am in love with the lyrics of this song. Molly Zenobia is able to merge myths with the images of being caught in a whirlpool to create a beautiful song about being caught in your situation and feeling helpless. The characters of the myths that are mentioned in the song represent stories that were impossible. Also, the characters were trapped without knowing where to turn in thee myths and that adds depth to the song. The super beautiful melodies and piano runs do not hurt either. I strongly recommend the music of Molly Zenobia to all music lovers.
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Cashier No More: I used to be a cashier and I hated every moment of that job. I can relate to the feeling Sammy had while he worked in the "A& P" by John Updike. Occasionally there would be a customer that seemed to be above the rest, a customer with more class, but there was rarely a moment that was not dull. Mostly the customers used to act like a pack of wild animals. Right when I got there I would stare at the clock waiting for my 30 minute break and then for the end of my shift.
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We Real Cool: "We Real Cool" is a great poem by Gwendolyn Brooks. When I read this poem I think about a group of kids who drop out of school and never go any further in their lives than the pool hall in where they basically live and die. As the time rolls by they discover that they are not as cool as they thought. The harsh realities of life begin to set in and they have to face that they have not moved any further that their childhood years. The message is to stay in school and live well.
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Marks: We expect so much out of our mothers and wives. In the 1930s it was common for a woman to not continue her education in college and get a career other than being a wife and mother; the woman's place was in the house and in the kitchen. I thought that the poem, "Marks" from the pen of Linda Paston was very clever. A housewife becomes frustrated because her family feels that she is an ok wife and mother so she decides to do what she wanted to do with life. She has decided that she is "dropping out".
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A Conversation: Religion is confusing to me. Number one, I have never been a churchgoing gal, but I have always felt guilt inside of me for not knowing enough about religion and its history. So the other day I got into a conversation about Jesus and religion and my friend pointed out to me many a connection between religion and a lot of things you see everyday. This fascinated me so I have decided that I will read all the information that I can to be able to became more "worldly" and learned. I hope this will lead to self-discovery.
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Porcelain: I love to listen to most all music. It is one of the only things that make me happy. I have been known to search for hours online for great music. I have found a lot too. Many of the great artists that I have come across have been independent; independent artists have some of the best music you can find. I find that artists Molly Zenobia to be especially pleasing. All of her songs are like poems with haunting lyrics set to complex piano melodies. A human being is capable of creating such beautiful things from absolutely nothing.
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The Day after Tomorrow: This is one of the scariest films I have seen. In this movie you can see that awesome power of nature destroy what had taken centuries to build in just a couple days. This movie made me think of the meaning of life. We work hard all our lives just to make money and buy nice stuff and in the end we can't take any of it with us. I do not see that point in that. The world is so caught up in the material aspects of the life that the whole point is missed.
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In Africa: "Beyond Boarders" with Angelina Jolie is a heartbreaking movie. Apart from her normal action movies, this was one of Angelina' more serious roles. The movie revolved around the conflict of love that was found in some of the worst places to be on earth. I had a lot of trouble watching this movie. This movie will definitely make some learn to love their lives because somewhere out there a person has it a lot worse. This was not your typical movie and I had a not so typical ending the will shock all. This is a must see.
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My Observations it is funny how everything that comes out of some peoples mouths are lies. At my job that is all that happens. People are constantly spreading rumors about everyone else just to have something to day. I feel like I am back in high school. That is why I did early admissions, just so I could get away from all the bull. I don't understand how this world works. People are so fake that it is hard to find people that you can really trust. This whole world seems so pathetic to me and it is getting worse.
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She has a Voice: I spoke in class for the first time about a poem called "The Red Wheel Barrel" by William Williams. Even a small poem can say so much. I interpreted it to mean that we take for granted the people that raise the livestock and grow the vegetables that we are able to purchase in the grocery store. If they were to suddenly disappear a lot of the world would be in panic. We have been so spoon fed that we have forgotten how to survive on our own. Maybe it is meant to be like that.
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Spider-Man: Let me just say that spider-man is one of my favorite comics. I was so happy to hear that there was going to be a movie made of it. I am ashamed because I being such a big spider-man fan should have seen the second movie when it first came out in theaters, but I just saw it for the first time a few days ago. I really enjoyed the movie, the ending was my favorite. I also liked how some scenes reminded me more of a horror movie; for example, the scene where Dr. Octopus was in surgery.
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In Medias Res: This is what my mother complains about everyday. Many people complain about the excess bell that forms in the middle of their lives. Even mine is starting to come that is why I am going to go on the low-carb diets and start working out like I used to. This poem "In Medias Res" by Michael McFee reminds me of the middle aged man in a mid-life crisis who is horny. He is sitting in the park watching the joggers go by and thinking about something that he has probably not received for a while. Need Viagra!
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Pass/Fail: In the poem "Pass/Fail' by Linda Pastan, is about examination dreams. I have had a few of these dreams myself. One time I was so scared that I was going to fail a test that I recorded all the vocabulary terms and listened to them when I was sleeping. People are always afraid. Even when the do not show it on the outside it is there on the inside. Throughout my whole school career the fear of failing had been installed into me by my teachers. No wonder people dream about this stuff. Passing or failing rules our lives.
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Theology: This poem, "theology" by Paul Laurence Dunbar reminds me of my friend and her recurrent fight with her neighbors. Everyday there is something new with them. It is sad that humans have so much trouble getting along. They seem to always be in a competition to be "better" than each other. How petty can we be? I am no religion expert but does not it say somewhere in the bible to be good to thy neighbor. I find it comical how hypocritical many religious people are these days. They justify there actions with the excuse that they attend church.
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She Don't Bop: I can interpret this poem in a couple different ways. One, it could mean that Rudy would play his horn and Trudy would make a fuss over the noise that he made. Two, the horn could stand as his voice and Rudy ad Trudy would fight so much and loud that the neighbors would go over there to see what all the commotion is about. This poem reminds me of my jazz band days in school. I was never into the jazz scene until I started to play the saxophone. If only I could travel through time.
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Do Not Go Gentle into that Good Night: When I was introduced to this poem, "Do Not Go Gentle into that Good Night" by Dylan Thomas, in school I felt that it was a well written poem. I think this is a beautiful poem. To me, the poem speaks of not giving up until the end. This poem also reminds me of war and the national anthem. Do not go easy, put up a fight for what you believe in. Know that you worked hard and gave life your all. I think that this poem uses great diction and repetition.
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The Black Snake: One time my father ran over a squirrel and I felt sad. I heard the thump as the tire stole the life from the helpless animal. It scares me how death can come in an instant. I do not try to contemplate what death is anymore. From the wise words of Confucius, he said, "How can we understand death if we do not understand life". It is hard to fathom that all that we do has been "pre-planned" and that everything happens for a reason. The answer is inside of us; I can feel it in me.
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The Cask of Amontillado: This is a twisted tale but what else can you expect from Mr. Edgar Allen Poe. Once again I will go back to my thoughts about people being fake. This man has intentions of killing another but the victim does not even notice the hatred felt towards him. It is amazing how people are able to hide such strong feelings. I have a lot of trouble doing this; I do not see the need to keep how you feel inside. I guess that I must learn this to prevent being used and abused in my life.
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The Misanthrope: I love this play by Molière. It brings the question to mind: what is a pessimist and what is an optimist? If you write some poems and a person tells you that it is bad you might think them to be a pessimist. Really, the person is being optimistic because they know that you could do better and they do not want to see you embarrass yourself in front of other people. A true pessimist would be one who would smile and tell you that you writings were great. It is hard for people to take constructive criticism.