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Medicate a Cat

Ready the medication on kitchen table. If a pill, have oral syringe containing water. Add non-slip mat to chair seat if slippery. Don’t be nervous or cat will run. Carry cat affectionately into kitchen. Can wear denim jacket to prevent scratches.

Stand cat on chair, the tail facing you. Keeping a grip on the scruff, sit cat down, not laying down. Tilt cat’s head back, open mouth with syringe and squirt medication in. If a pill, open mouth with fingers squeezing either side of jaws, pop in pill, squirt water, stroke throat to ensure cat swallows.
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I heard a radio interview of an author who wrote a book on aphorisms. I thought this might be a good topic. What was the term for aphorisms that turn around, working both ways? Those are often the best and I try to keep some in mind. There was a man on Animal Planet’s “Animal Precinct” who rescued an abused alley cat outside of the building where he lives. He nurtured the cat and named him “Lucky.” The man said he always liked cats because, “Cats are like butterflies. They go wherever they please and they please wherever they go.”
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The time is ticking away. It’s late; I don’t know what to write. I don’t like to lean on writing exercises, but there are some basic ideas there. I have to write something, anything, so here it is: nothing. Ticking away, literally - my computer ticks. Must be the “dashboard” clocks I’ve put there. My ear hurts. I know I have another ear infection, but I’m trying to conserve the drops. Better use them. I’d consider going to a doctor again for this, but I don’t want to. Besides, I have to also conserve money and I have no health insurance.
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I tell people to go see my stuff on 100 Words. I told Kim, who’s helping me with job-search-related stuff. Took me to meet with someone who teaches graphic arts at a high school. I think it was helpful. To work in this field, I know need the right software. Computers as we have now didn’t exist when I went to school/art school. When you’re young, you try to imagine what it was like for older people, seeing life-changing inventions come into society. Now that I’m middle-aged (how depressing!), I’ve experienced this. It’s mind-blowing!
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Danny’s former band started in the ‘80’s did a song he wrote, Pickups, Pussy and Beer, or “PP&B.” Subject is rednecks with limited interests and closed-minded, violent attitudes towards punk rockers and anyone who looks different: “...hates long hair, hates them shirts you’re wearing. Don’t let him see all them earrings, don’t let him see the green in your hair…” I came up with an idea, made me laugh. A version for small children, as a joke. Peppy, cleaner than clean in the same tune, called PB&J - “Peanuuuut Butterrr and Jellyyyyyyy….” “...I hate plain bread…” etc.
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We’re having a drought here, the worst ever. Yet, Florida has too much rain. Part of my mother-in-law’s ceiling collapsed because of a storm plus shoddy workmanship when it was built years ago. You don’t always know about things like that until something falls apart. We’ve had some rain this week, but it couldn’t possibly be enough. I heard recently on the radio that we have three months of water left. For the whole state? What does that mean? There’s a total ban on watering lawns, washing cars, etc. That’s okay with us. Still, this shortage is serious.
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Okay, Mary Poppins, says it’s a nonsense word, meaning fantastic. How about breaking it down?

super - very good
cali - hot
fragilistic - fragile; the state of being fragile?
ex - out
pial - adjective of "pia" short for "pia mater," the delicate membrane enveloping the brain and spinal chord (so can "pial" be "fragile as the membrane"?)
docious - docile (obedient, pliable) from docere (Latin) "to teach," therefore, "teachable," manageable or controllable?
ous - a state of being?

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious: The state of being very good, hot, fast, fragile and out of the fragile membrane yet still very manageable.

Answer: Fried eggs over easy.
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I don’t know what to write about
I don’t know where to go
All I try to do, it seems I do it all too slow
I think I’ll just write nonsense
forget anguish and pain
I’d rather not remember it
again, again, again.
I work a lot at nothing
and yet I work too long.
Lately I just don’t feel right
but really, nothing’s wrong.
I used to write some poems that rhyme
like those I learned from Dad.
The walrus and the carpenter
were walking close at hand
They wept like anything to see
such quantities of sand.
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Signed petitions:

Regarding irresponsible fish farming practices:

There must be a better way than yet another quick fix for demand and profit at the expense of our environment. Realize that unsustainable practices mean nothing to fill the future demand and therefore, no profit, (if integrity isn't enough and profit the only motivation).

On eliminating animal euthanasia by gas chamber in Georgia:

I had no idea this was happening, and I am horrified! Many laws here in Georgia regarding animals need to be improved in the favor of animals. Less cruelty by banning this form of euthanasia would be a start.
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True Things Seen on the Way Home a Few Minutes Ago

Trying to leave a shopping center, I noticed a beige pickup truck driving backwards. A car faced him, coming in. This guy was trying to leave through the entrance! I saw a sticker on his door - a white sticker with red letters saying RITE WAY.

Then there’s the cat statues at a vet’s, one wearing a green witch mask. Usually it’s just ribbons. Halloween!

Passing Bell’s, one of the supermarket’s specials on the sign read: 4 roll angle soft. What? At first, I pictured geometric angles. Oh, “Angel Soft.”
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First place living in Georgia was the band’s house. Brought my cats later. The screen was loose and Rianne fell out the window. I ran to help her, she wouldn’t let me. After a few tries, Rianne jumped high enough to grab the screen with all front claws. Screen swung out from the bottom by maybe 5 inches. Split of a second, she let go with her left paw, grabbed the inside of the windowsill, then let go with the right paw and pulled herself into the room, tail and all, before the screen fell shut with a slam. AMAZING!
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A few pop culture and consumer products I remember from childhood: Dairy products in waxed cardboard cartons, cigarette commercials, Quisp & Quake cereals, Rat Fink, siren rings, Wacky Packages, wax lips, go-go boots and Beatles cartoons. Record albums had liner notes. Movies had double features and intermissions; movie theaters had matrons with flashlights. Computers existed in places like science labs, NASA, the FBI and in science fiction. Many TV shows were westerns or based on spies, outer space, or families that were either weird, had a parent or two missing, or were combinations of two or more of these elements.
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Mom wants to go into an assisted living facility. I’ve had mixed feelings about it as I hate the thought of her giving up the apartment with the great view where I spent the latter part of my childhood. Besides, I’ll have to stay in hotels when I visit now. But the sooner she gets into this place, the better. It will take a great deal of worry off of me, and I live so far away I often feel helpless. I really thought she’d be fine on her own in the apartment, but she’s not used to living alone.
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I thought it was a cold at first, but no. My fever went up to 100.7. Felt horrible. Couldn’t even bring myself to write, so I’m writing now. I watched TV all day. Danny got Chinese food thinking hot and sour soup would be good for me. Yes, I think so. That was really nice! Trying to fall asleep, watched Sunday Night Silents - I like silent movies. Hey, one of the actresses looked like Meryl Streep. Like that Twilight Zone episode, “Queen of the Nile,” where the actress is ageless and immortal, just changes her name to conceal her identity.
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I really don’t know what to write about. I usually come up with something. Give me a subject, please! I don’t necessarily want to record my dull day-to-day existence. I had a scheduled doctor’s appointment which was lucky because I’ve been sick. It’s a virus or something. The fever is broken, but I’m not well yet. What more can I write to fill this up? Here’s something cool: My friends Jeannie & Jon create a unique jack o’lantern every year. This year, it’s the logo of the band Asia and heads up the John Wetton website under October 7.
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This is based on all the land-clearing in back of our house which was woods. I dreamt the clearing included our yard and then neighbors’ yards. The soil looked like waves. “What about the camellia and blueberry bushes?” Trees, grass, even our cat-proofed privacy fence Danny constructed, all gone. [Those things exist in real life.] He wasn’t worried. The whole yard was dug to about 4 feet below ground level and tiled in terra-cotta and off-white, a beautiful pattern. Still, I had mixed feelings, and would rather have had our fence to keep the cats safe.
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The ability to see color varies throughout the animal kingdom. For humans, to appreciate color is a gift. What color is the sky? Yes, “blue.” But what shade of blue? A light blue? A dark blue at dusk? Make a circle with your fingers and look at one small piece of the sky, noting the color. Then do the same with another part of the sky. And another. Jigsaw puzzles also tell you this. Now, how many shades of green in a mass of trees and bushes? How many versions of the paint’s color is in a partially-lit wall?
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My old neighborhood, Astoria, is full of elderly, or had most people simply stayed and aged?
I was staying temporarily to help out my parents.

At the drugstore, I noticed that Dad had left his cane hanging on the counter and walked out. I went back to get it and the customer there, an elderly lady, also grabbed the cane. We had a momentary struggle; she was surprisingly strong.

When I noticed an identical cane hooked over her arm, I pointed to it and to Dad’s cane where he had inscribed Norman on it. She let go, embarrassed and apologetic.
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I’ve seen The Starry Night at least twice. I can’t help remembering the Don McLean song about it, but that’s just the beginning. In seeing Van Gogh’s paintings in exhibition, you realize that beyond the mastery of execution and expression, those amazing colors are never truly reproduced in any book or print.

When Danny saw the original The Starry Night for the first time, he said, “It’s like my migraines.” He has tried to describe the lights he sees when a migraine comes on. Wow! Did Vincent Van Gogh suffer from migraines? Maybe this has been the answer all along.
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I have nothing to write about, absolutely nothing, so I’m going to just go on and on writing about nothing until I have filled up 100 words. If I could think of a subject worth writing about, maybe I’d write something, but I’m too lazy and even so, I often reject ideas of what to write about. I haven’t done anything today worth writing about and I’m still trying to get over being sick which at this point is the bronchitis. Oh no, I’m writing about something and I promised I’d write about nothing because I have to write something.
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My life feels bisected: Growing up and living in NY and living here in Georgia. Many things from both are in this room.

I have a real Yankee cap from Cap Day in the 60’s when I was a kid. Dad took my brother and I. It’s too small for my head now but I treasure it, even though I’m not a very avid fan.

In NY, I splurged on a Commedia dell’Arte - style mask. I need to find a way to display it. There’s my torch from the Statue of Liberty Centennial. Crafts & more stuff & too many books.
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(Magnetic poetry:)

She could not cry.
I did, bitterly.
Please read on about life in those days,
of beauty and ugliness.
The sky was a gorgeous gown, black as death
with the light of a thousand tiny diamonds.
In one moment, the mad storm hit powerfully.
The sea rose beneath, heaved up, boiling.
It rocked her as the winds,
blowing a frantic symphony,
pounded rain,
spraying white lather in flood waters,
beating and crushing her.
Then it’s over like a dream.
The moon stared sadly,
watching our enormous ship go under.
She has gone to sleep for all of eternity.
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I watched butterflies attracted to bright pink flowers, mainly two small orange butterflies and a monarch. They skip around, yet come back to the same flowers over and over, drinking with their long, curled tongues. Butterflies in October - is that normal? Some have damaged wings, poor things.

I have a terrible fear and/or revulsion towards many kinds of insects, depending on what they look like or if they can sting. Yet, I love butterflies and have visited a butterfly conservatory. What instinct has made me like this? I wish I didn’t have this fear. My life would be easier.
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Mom is in the hospital again. I’m sure it’s another anxiety attack, despite the Buspar she’s on. First time, no one knew what it was. I rushed from Georgia to NY and made it to the emergency room by midnight. If I were there now, I could’ve prevented her from going to the hospital like I once did. I did all I could from here, making calls, looking for help. The sicker she feels, the more anxious she becomes which makes her sicker. I think she’s afraid of being alone. I’ll be very relieved when she gets into assisted living.
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If a picture paints a thousand words of love all you need is love love love is all you need you I need you to turn to when I lose control you’re my guardian angel can you hear me teen angel can you see for miles and miles one hundred miles one hundred years to live and let die live if living is without you are everything and everything is love sweet love no not just for some but for you the winter would have no spring couldn’t hear the robin sing out and if you wanna be free…

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After: No time to write during the trip to Jacksonville. We stayed over at Greg’s house Friday. Danny knew Greg in high school when they played in band. They’d been out of touch for years and when Danny called him (2 or 3 years ago?), he was living in NY! Visiting, we’d spent a fun evening with Greg and Fina in Chinatown and then he & Danny jammed at Greg’s apartment. Now, Greg had since moved back to Jax, and Fina flew in from NY Friday. Roy, bass player, came over & the guys jammed. Talked, ate barbecue, had a great time!
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Saw some good friends over the weekend and of course, Danny’s mother (his stepmother), brother and sister-in-law. Saturday was Mike’s party, the main reason for the trip. Mike was Danny’s drummer years ago. He had moved to NJ to be near his daughter. Now that his daughter is 18, he’s back in Florida & lives in St. Augustine. It was a double birthday with a friend of Mike’s. The band played & it was good, but they really needed a steady bass player. Danny ended up playing bass & didn’t play guitar enough. All in all, people had a good time.
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We drove back on Sunday. Stayed Saturday night at Harold & Margaret’s house (Danny’s brother & sister-in-law). Had another great breakfast at Cool Moose. Then, Harold took Danny to where he works to give him a welder the company didn’t want. I love that place; they make animatronics. It’s incredible! I never get tired of seeing what they’re working on or have made in the past. The King Tut thing (one of the Dark Rides, if I’m not mistaken) was installed in an amusement park in Belgium. Beautiful work! Harold’s been all over the world, and was recently in Sweden.
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I have not yet written the past 3 days, but I can remember enough to write what was going on. That was the weekend in Jacksonville. Today, I did nothing, mostly made up for lost sleep, and I really don’t feel like writing now. I have a few entries where I say, “I don’t know what to write…” or something like that. So, here’s another. I intended to write in a journal and base my entries on what I’d written, but there was no time. Next week, I’m off to NY again, and I think I’ll find time to write.
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The trip to Jacksonville was great - almost. While in Florida, I had to deal with my family in NY. Mom was in the hospital for anxiety attacks again. First, I got my brother’s long, yelling, complaining message why he couldn’t go get Mom, which wasn’t really true... This would take well over 100 words. I ended up arguing with him on the phone just trying to get him to do what little was required. I was angry and upset. I cried Friday night feeling pressured and missing Dad. With help from others - long story - my brother finally did help Mom.
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I didn’t do anything for Halloween except to remember long ago Halloweens, and not just when I was a kid. Yes, I loved dressing in a costume, and growing up in a co-op with 7 buildings of 14 floors each made trick-or-treating easy!

In my 20’s, my friends and I got into the Halloween parade in The Village (Greenwich Village in NYC, that is). What a blast to be part of that each year! I love the camaraderie, the make-believe, seeing costumes and having our pictures taken! Danny & were in it once as “eye heads.”