BY Keith

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Well, here I am at work, another journey via the notorious M25. Been doing this now for five out of seven years, you would think that there was a lesson to be learnt here. Just gone seven in the morning and still dark, staring at Octobers pin up, now Novembers. So little work here at present but as long as they pay me, thats fine by me! Have itchy feet, have had for some time. Looking to go it on my own. There is no good time to start, but start I shall, even if it is just part time.
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By my own standards, got up late today. Around Eight. Good to have a lie in once in a while. All my bills are up to date so this morning it will be a leisurely walk down to the shops, buy the papers, do the lottery, pop in to the local bookies then back home. Thinking about it, this happens just about every Saturday. It has become boringly predictable.(Mental note to do things differently next week.) Got back from the shops to find the misses has already got up and popped out herself. Now that really is totally unpredictable!
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It does annoy me or maybe it is the frustration of it all. Used to go down for the Sunday papers about half seven, but late deliveries meant hanging around. So began to go down at eight, gives them plenty of time. That still did not work. Out of the blue, the shop shut down. One way of curing a problem! Now I go to the only other paper shop in the high street and normally after eight. Alas, today the paper boy was stood outside the shop along with all the papers.The manager had not turned up.
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Having just entered my words for Saturday and Sunday, I now realise that my life has become one of total predictability It can only be my age, getting used to doing the same things at the same time, all of the time. God, I have become middle aged! Guess that now I will start to do things differently if only to not appear to be predictable! Leave for work a little later now, just poddle along at a steady sixty but still seem to get to work around the same time. Suns out looks like being a good day, maybe.
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Although I make the same journey to work, five days a week, every trip has something differant about it which means the journey is never boring. Radio on again in the hope that they will actually play music rather than just talk about it. Why do so many DJ's think that they are more important than the records they are employed to play? Have to tell you, our next door neighbour is a prostitute. She gets male visitors several times during the early evening and night. Sometimes they even knock on our door but my wife refuses to answer them.
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It really is amazing just how easy it is to resolve problems when you have the right attitude. Problems are nothing more than opportunities awaiting to be resolved. That's the mental stuff out of the way. Took a Health And Safety test this morning: went well and recieved a print out which confirmed I had passed which was pleasing as I had studied a fair bit for it. The drive to work was good today despite the rain which does help slow the traffic down. I normally write this early morning but today I have left it until much later.
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I don't normally remember dreams but this morning while still in that twilight zone I recall driving a bright Red Bus. Could not turn right due to the way a van was placed awaiting to turn right, so turned left and began a sheer drive downhill. Very scary, very fast but right near the bottom of the hill just managed to turn the bus to the left. The whole road here seemed to be made up of flat sections, each one at a differant level to each other which made the whole drive bumpy. Young families close by.
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Always wondered how my misses could always talk so much about so little. It's an art that's for sure. Well, last night her friend whom I had heard about for many years popped in to see her/us. God, could she talk as well! If all her friends are like that well... Bottom line of course is, if she is happy, I am happy. Sounds corny huh. Still no work here but feel so relaxed these days as I am working on setting up a business, be it part time. Almost wish I could be laid off, I need the time.
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Really look forward to my Saturdays.We were going out shopping but the sister in law rang up to say she was coming round with her two boys. Harry is four and james is six and a bit.They all went off to the pictures and left me to wash the car, reckon I had the better of that exchange. Later on when they had got back it was my turn to look after them. We went on a hunt for squirrels in the cemetary, then down to a charity shop to see what toys they had, they enjoyed that.
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Strange for me but I have just had the longest sleep for many a year. Was in bed before eleven an did not wake up until almost half past eight. I really cannot remember when I last had that much sleep. Went down the road for the Sunday papers and it was pouring down. As usual, not much to read and struggled with the crossword. Off to my fathers later on which I enjoy. Not sure what the benefits are of writing these journals but it is certainly making me more disciplined. Do other people feel the same way.
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Up at five this morning. Have been doing exercises for a week and am enjoying them. Only, the small machine I use happens to squeak and it has woken my misses. She thought it was the couple next door! Maybe a little lubricating oil will cure that. Got a bit of a headache, which is rare for me. Slept well so can only imagine it is something I have eaten. We have picked up some work in London starting today which means I can begin the ordering process and sort out costings. This is how it is meant to be.
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Amazing just how much I relied on the video; tape what I want and watch at my leidure. Now the damn things broken along with several of our tapes. Whats more we have only had it a couple of years. Boy did it pour down last night and this morning but thankfully the drivers this morning were driving to suit the conditions not the race track. Filled up this morning but not sure if it is sufficient to last the whole week. Have now taken out three hundred quid to cover the cost of our electrician. Is he really cheap?
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Food for thought. If everyone who drove, took the short cut. Would the normal route become quicker and the short cut become slower? The heating not working again this morning. Good job I keep a thickish jumper at work. Apparently every time it rains the dampness affects the thermostat in tjhe boiler room, the wonders of modern technology, I think not. The site we started Monday keeps having little niggles which you really do not need at the start of a programme. Deliveries being signed by the wrong people, parts being moved. Wasting our time having to seek them out.
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You cannot help but believe that with Tony (care) Blair around that things can and will get worse. Pinocchio springs to mind. Every time he opens his mouth, his nose gets longer. With his Conservative Thatcher policies, sorry, new labour policies, the rich are not getting quite so rich but the poor are definately getting poorer. You may well believe that with all his travelling that he was after a Nobel Peace Prize, but for what? And why does he wave his hands around when he's talking? Does he think it makes him look more sincere or maybe much more sincere.
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Last day of the working week again. Well in my case a non working week. If only the internet system our company has would actually stay on line all the time I would be more than happy.Alas, the thing crashes so often.By the time I have checked my emails, it's gone again. No chance to follow up with my own personal work. Mainly done before work time or a lunchtime I hasten to add. Looking at Auction sites and will start to sell items shortly. Have set a deadline, to be up and selling by end of November.
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It seemed like a good idea. Put money on a football match. Bastards. Do YOU ever do something that instinctively you know is wrong but go and do it anyway. Even in my late forties and I still keep hitting the self destruct button.Regrets? Oh yes, words do not fail me. The reality is that for quick money I took a short term view and failed. Think I have learnt my lesson at long last... But then again. My daily exercises are proceeding along well and feel much better for it. Up to twenty minutes a day now. Very happy.
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After our shopping expedition of Saturday my partner now feels the need to buy two presents the same for her two nephews rather than the one for them both to play with. So, off to Argos for ten this morning just in case the thirty five originally in stock should all be brought up before Monday evening! Success and now off to Epping and Harlow to visit our parents. Traffic comes to a halt on the motorway as a dog, very skinny, is running down the hard shoulder being persued by two coach drivers. Lets hope the dog is caught.
11/18 Direct Link
Up early as usual. The drive to work today was in thickish fog so arrived later to work than normal. Have decided that I will use the spare time available to me to begin writing a book with a view to having it sold on the internet. Nothing grand but I do believe my knowledge and experience in certain areas would be of interest to many people, if they knew it was on offer. Suspect it will take several weeks. That means when I do get to advertise it, there will be even more people on the internet around.
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Sometimes I sleep drive. Do you know what I mean? You drive many miles without realising that you have done it. All of a sudden you are close to where you want to go but cannot remember details of getting there. I suspect that it is an instinct thing. Suggested to my wife that she might like to go on holiday next year with the sister in law and her two kids. She seemed very pleased at that suggestion. Gained a few brownie points there then! Guess they might go in a caravan up on the Suffolk or Norfolk coast.
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Wednesday again, lottery day. My numbers come out I can but pray. Dream of the things that money can buy if only, well you know what I mean. Will it ever happen? Who knows? The fact is if you do not enter the question is irrelevant. Have had the occasional win. Wonder how much my misses and me have spent over the years on "gambling". What could we have done with the money if we had saved it? Guess we will never know. I am a firm believer that you should never look back. History is for learning not commiserating.
11/21 Direct Link
I have mentioned it before and no doubt will do so again. My favourite subject being the travelling to and from work. Over two hours to get home and that's frustrating. Dark, wet and windy does not help. Nor does the constant road works on my journey, now much worse since they have been moved over a mile further along my route. Add to that a serious accident which blocked my normal route home once off the motorway meant having to take the "back roads" for the last four miles. Made it home safely though, would you call that fate?
11/22 Direct Link
My internet connection at work has been off for a couple of days but its back on now. As I am moving ahead with my own internet business it is a pain when my access to it is not forthcoming! But today, so far it is good and already have achieved a great deal. Had a visit this morning from a sales rep who very kindly gave me two bottles of Chardonnay and a couple of calendars as a Christmas thank you. Do you think I will share these with my work colleagues. Will I heck. Off now, pub beckons.
11/23 Direct Link
What a great day today has been. Took my misses and her mother to town and dropped them off leaving me the whole day to do what ever I pleased. Spent much of it on the internet, surfing around differant sites and checking my emails. The shops were as you would expect, busy at this time of year and am slowly getting everything together. Went to pick the misses up around six that evening and before leaving, I rang our local Chinese takeaway and placed our order so that when we got back home, there would be no waiting around.
11/24 Direct Link
Popped in to see our nephews this morning. The eldest aged six has come down with chicken pox as has apparently several of his class mates. The younger aged four has got his first spot and we all suspect that he also has the virus. They seemed happy enough, no school for at least a week. Later that morning I took my sister off to a Christmas barn in the middle of no where. It was good although on the expensive side. Lots of colour and music. Brought a square shaped candle for my fathers girlfriend.
11/25 Direct Link
Oh well. Have taken the plunge. Will look to start my part time business by the end of this week. Awaiting one bit of information and then greenlight. Already set my goals, realistic and reachable. Having said that, I have not decided when the best time to resign would be. That is dependant on results of course. In fact the thought of leaving on my terms is very comforting. Not enough time here to fully explain but you can only be insulted and ignored for so long regardless of what you do and say. My greatest chaaallenge has arrived.
11/26 Direct Link
Slept poorly last night. Angela had managed to wrap the blankets around herself, mummy fashion, and I awoke to find myself shivering from the cold. Still, it doesn't happen often. The present fire mans strike is causing our 'New Labour' problems. For those of you who can remember, Labour looks after the "Working Class" of our society. Like Fuck they do. I know I have moaned about them before but this present government is more Conservative than the Conservative party. There arguments are exactly the opposite to what the same party were complaining about little more than a decade ago.
11/27 Direct Link
Still awaiting last bit of information regarding my 'new' business. Am really excited as to what I will be doing and have many questions ready to ask, all of which should help me. Lottery day again today. Our little syndicate will as usual pick three lines of lucky dip although having only won ten pounds this year, maybe they are not so lucky! The dream lives on. Sometimes I cannot find anything to write about but maybe what to me is ordinary, almost mundane, to others is probably interesting and important. Is it going to be a great day?
11/28 Direct Link
Every once in a while you get one of those days. I don't meanproblematic but one with no problems what so ever. No hassles, noarguments, no mishaps. It has become quite a let down. You become so used to life on the edge, that when the edge is no longer there, you go looking for it! What strange creatures we are ( I am). At last my last standing order of the month has come out and my account is looking pretty good compared to previous months and years. My weekly spending is now under a budget of sorts.
11/29 Direct Link
Last working day of the month. Is it just me or has not just this month but the entire year gone quick. Having managed to resolve several money problems, all of a sudden everything seems pretty good. I am more relaxed and comfortable. At ease with myself. Even my wife says so. Have mentioned it once or twice so here goes again. My motorway drive home. Got on the M25 at four to solid traffic. Radio said traffic jams were being caused by overturned lorry on M1 and that thatpart of the motorway was closed to vehicles.
11/30 Direct Link
Well, here we are at last. The last day of the month. After today, no more records to keep. Still, I have not found a reason as to why we or I for that matter, should bother to list our daily one hundred words. What is the purpose? Where's the benefit? And to whom? The site certainly does not explain. Does that make me a nerd for filling it in then? We went off shopping today, not far and she found a couple of toy soldier games for the two nephews. It's the binoculars that they really want the devils.