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Resently I've discovered a great deal of the way the rest of the world looks at the word friendship. People think that friends are people you hang out with and talk to on a daily baises. People even just use friends for there own benefit of pleasure or to get ahead in life. These are not what you call friends. This is what you call an aquantences. I consider a friend to be there when you get sick. Or help you get gas after you ran out clear across on the other side of town. That's a real friend to me.
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Since the day I graduated every person has asked me, so what are u going to do now? And I told them what i've been telling myself my whole life. I'm going to college. College starts in two weeks and until this day my life has been planned out for me. Should I cancel my registration? The truth is, I don't want to grow up. I'm scared of what I will make myself out to be. How am I suppose to move foward with my life if I don't know what I want to do with it. Will I ever?
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Me and the boys went out tonight in the 3000gt and on the way home an argument arised with Izzy about money. He is so money oriented that it makes me sick. His mind is so greedy that all he thinks about is money. In the end of his twenties, he says if he isn't rich then he's going to kill himself. Get rich or die tryin. That's his mentality. This just makes me confused again. Gosh, I wish I knew what the future held for me. I just hope that I don't sacfice too many things for my future.
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A lot of kids my age aren't very interested in government isues such as voting. The truth is that voting isn't a government issue. It is an issue that involves everybody that would make it public. Voting is very important to every individual. Your vote effects who would be put in government office. And you can't do anything that doesn't involve the government. Seriously, try and name something that you can do without the involvment of the govnment. You can't. That's why it is very important for a first time voter to take it seriously and get involved. Get involved!
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These days everyone has a cellular phone of some sort. I've seen kids from the age of twelve containing there own phone. Some take pictures, some act as a two way, and some are even used for internet source. I have had a cell phone since I was fifteen and it has changed my life to some degree. I think that it should be considered the single best invention in the past fifty or so years. It brings people closer together and gives them the chance to stay mobile throughout the day. Can you imagine the world without these small objects.
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All my life I have had one girl in my life that has always been there for me no matter what. We meet in second grade and were together for three years. After that we became best of friends and promised to always be there for eachother. All through high school we were like brother and sister. But I always had a little curiousity about how things would be if we took it to the next step. This of course was actually never mentioned because I wouldn't want to ruin a life long friendship for acting like a regular guy.
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Today I started having serious doubts about college. I think this came up because it's the first time I have thought about what I want to do. Not what my dad expects me to do or what successful people do after high school. Cause to tell you the truth my dad doesn't care what I do. He just thought that I would have a better chance for a brighter future if I went to college. It's as if for the past four years all the questions about my future were put aside and now there all coming back at once.
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Today I started my new job at the Rusty Pelican. I've been given the title banquet server meaning that I am usually serving weddings and other large gatherings. In my previous job I was a server in a casual type of environment that sold simple sea food. Going from where I was, to what I am doing now has been a big change in many ways. My old job was constantly fast pace and always busy doing something. Banquet serving is more preperation for the event and then cleaning up after it is over. But high class always pays good.
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All my life I've been playing sports or active of some sort. Soccer has always been the center of my life. My father got me into it when I was six years old. He coached me until I twelve and then I joined a competitive team. Thats when I started to get really serious about the sport and put extra time into getting better on my own time. I had the most fun when I started playing in high school. My first year playing we won the state title. Our team became so close after that, we were like family.
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Every satureday night I used to meet up with all the other car lovers and ride out to "the races." Illegal street racing is love of mine that gives me feeling that is undescribable. Last night I attened the meet for the first time in about eight months. As soon as I showed up I was approached by one of my home town buddies to race. He is considered the unbeatable right now and has been wanting and begging to race me for some time. Evenually we lined up and took our cars to the max. To be continued.
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The last month has been one of the hardest months I've ever been through. My job was in slow season and I wasn't making the money I was used to. On top of that Hurricane Francis descides to flood half of the place and tear down the rest. So I was out of a job with a little bit of money in the bank in case of an emergency. Following this I seem to lose my wallet that contains my life like my social security card, debit card, insurance card, registration, and one hundred and fifty dollars. How was yours?
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The score is tied three to three and theres two minutes left. Our team is down a man due to the red car Brien got back in the previous half for picking a fight with the mexican defender. You can feel the tension on the field as the seconds were counting down. Our coach wants us to score before the half because we have lost every game thats gone into over time so far. My body is fully exhausted and my legs feel numb. One of my teamates collides with there golie and the ball lands on the goal line.
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As I showed up to the party for the first time empty handed, I thought I would take it easy and stay sober. About twenty minutes after my arival the girl I was dating at the time told me that she wanted to have some fun with me but only if I drank with her. So one of my friends that was leaving gave me about four beers. After that I started taking tequila shots with everyone. I consumed, I think eight. After that all I have to say is, beer before liquor, never been sicker. I'll never drink tequila again.
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That Rush. It's all about the start, that separate you from the rest. Cause no one can give a fart, if you come second from best. Shifting at the right time, is vital during the race. It might cost you a dime, if you don't hit it on pace. As you shift gears, you can feel the rush in your skin. Don't have any fears, there's no doubt your going to win. As you pass the finsh line, breaking the law doesn't matter. Cause the rush was all mine, given I lost by a blatter. This was a true story.
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The legend of the Trojan War begins with the goddess Eris. Knowing how vain the other goddesses were, she staged a beauty contest to get revenge. Aphrodite, one of the contestants, bribes Paris, the judge, for possession of the most beautiful woman alive, Hera. This is where the conflict begins because Paris accepts the bribery and Hera leaves willing away from her husband Menelaus. During the tenth year of the war Agamemnon quarreled with Achilles. Achilles withdraws from the fighting because of his hubris, meaning arrogance. In his absence he prays to his mother, for the Greeks to be defeated.
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During high school my favorite subject was always math because I was so good at it. English always contained so many different aspects and things to do. Math was always about numbers and equations. Entering college my first year I took an eight am class of college algebra. In the beginning I attended all my classes but toward the last two chapters I started missing a couple. It got complicated and I ended up failing my first college course. English has been a better subject for me in college so far. Cause you get to write and I like that.
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The was the night before New Years and my friend called to tell me that he and two of my other buddies were going to drive to New York in a couple hours. This occured to me of being some spontanious once in a life deal. I called my boss and asked if I could take off a couple of days and go. He was totally for it and encouraged me to do so. So I packed what I could get into a soccer bag and we headed out at midnight. To avoid arguement I didn't bother telling my dad.
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I get out of my bed and get ready for school. For the day ahead is going to be long and cruel. As I walk out the door I give on last check. My cell dropped to the floor and I screamed, what the heck. As I let my car warm, I search around for my book. My stomach is a rumbling storm, I didn't get to cook. During the ride in my car I notice a few things. Like the campus is far and my shirt stain of wings.
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About six months ago I came to a large crossroad in my life. I was staying with two friends at there apartment in tampa. I had previously got into a fight with my dad and decided to go away for a week. I ended up living there till their lease was up. They approached me with the idea of moving in with them into a larger apartment. I was torn because at the time I had a really good job and was able to do so but I had already planned on getting a new car. What would you do?
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There are some points in your life where you don't really talk to many people and do much during your spare time. It might sound depressing but I just starting to hit that stage right now. I just came out of having fun all the time and hanging out with my best friend. He's always had a girlfriend but now it seems that he has become really attached to her and can't do anything without her being there. I guess thats kind of why I don't do much because I'm used to him being right beside me. What to do.
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Halloween is coming up and it seems to be the time I always have the most fun. For the past two years my graduating class has all gone out to one of the kid's piece of property out on a lake. We all dress up and drink all night. Last year I was batman and it seemed to be a hit. I bought it at Target the morning before the party for pretty cheap. Little did I think about me drinking all night and having to pee about every ten minutes. But I seemed to manage as I usually do.
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As I head out to the party following one of my friends totally unaware of the location. We drove for about thirty minutes into the sticks where there was nothing to see but land and cows. As we finally arived I noticed that the worst possible thing could of happened, my gas light turned on. I told my friends not to leave me in the morning because I might need someone to follow. Morning was here and I must of passed out in my car I swallowed the fact that my friends were gone. I htought to myself, mother fu****.
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Election day is just a few days away and I'd like to inform everyone and the importance of amendment three. Amendment three says that any female under the age of eighteen who becomes pregnant and wants to have an abortion has to inform at least one of their parents before doing so. I think that this is a very strong movement for young kids and effects men in the way that they might be brought into the situation as the hated on by the parents. I vote pro choice always.
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I've always wanted to kind of become an pharmaceutical rep. since I granduated highschool. I think because my boss's wife was one and he told me so much about it that I liked. First of all the pay is really good, you get to travel around the country, and I've always been pretty good with drugs. That area of study is what I have always been pretty interested and good at. So it seemed like the proper field for me to study for in college. I think my real passion and love is for animals. Veterinarian is my true calling.
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I'm sixteen, and get this rush for stealing things that I usually don't even need. As I am looking in Wal-Mart for something that catches my eye I head toward the electronics section. I find a two hundred dollar radar detector that would go perfect on my front windshield. I grab it and start to tare open the case quietly as I walk around. As it is revealed I put it inside my pants pocket and start to head for the door. The second I stepped outside I felt this large hand grab my shoulder and then it happened.
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Another crossroads in my life, I could feel it. It was four o'clock in the morning and I was sitting in the parking lot of a mall. Two cars and the three of us were trying to decide on who was going to drive home. I was pretty buzzed from the alcohol, the chick was sober, and my best friend was drunk. I would drive my car and she would drive his for the remainder of the trip home. One mile left to go on the interstate and we both get pulled over. I should of trusted my gut instincts.
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What is fear? Well, the way the dictionary describes it is not quite the way I look at it. Fear comes in many shapes and sizes. Fear could be getting married for the first time or staying up all night because you think the monster is going to get you. Fear is hoping that your significant other will see the blue line instead of the pink. In many cases fear could be getting on a plane for the first time after 9/11. All in all I think fear is a good thing because it can make someone feel more alive.
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The first Hard Rock Café opened its doors in June 14, 1971, in London England. Founders Isaac Tigrett and Peter Morton were two Americans coming to London to bring the American cuisine as well as the hangout spot for locals. In 1982, they both decided to split up and open numerous location all over the globe. Now with one hundred and eight locations in forty-one countries, the Hard Rock Café is considered the world's most comprehensive "visual history" of rock n' roll. The most known thing about the Hard Rock is its memorabilia. They have everything from everybody you know.
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I'm seventeen now, walking through the hallway at school trying to make it to my next class. Unaware of girls and their power they have over guys. A younger but attractive girl passes by me saying hello. I was in shock. Did this girl know me because I didn't know her? Actually I knew of her but why was she talking to me. I had never been involved with as girl before. Was this my time? But what was I supposed to do? Somehow I got her number and gave her a call. Five years later and we're still together.
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I have many things that I want to do in life before I settle down. I love to do extreme things and go places that not many have gone. But after all of that I plan to be a Veterinarian and open my own public animal hospital. My father's reply to my goals was more less telling me that I should do something more practical and with less schooling. He too wanted to be a Veterinarian but took the more practical way and became a teacher. This drives me even more to prove to him that I can do it.