BY Jean

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This is my first time doing the one hundred words entry. I think that this is going to be a lot of fun but I am not sure whether I am doing anything right. Because I know what I want to write about but then I am not sure if it would be right for the site. So this is what I am going to write about for today. Although I am not sure what I will be writing throughout this process. Mostly probably about my animals and life. Which isn't that what anybody writes about? For me writing is...
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Writing is a way to free life. No uniforms, or leashes. Writing is a way to free the spirit with in. The only thing to do to be free is write. We write when we are sad write when we are lonely. Write when the people make us think. The people, who do they think they are? Telling us that it isn't time to write or that isn't good enough. Writing isn't just a way of life it's a way of the world. It's in the trees, in the flowers, it's in the animals, and it's in the brain. Writing.
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For Peace Ever After The bug that sees the strawberry fields The bug that thinks and loves The bug that fought for just a chance To stop fighting and be peaceful as the dove The bug that's six feet under, never finding his way out The bug that played with the other three Just played and played and played The bug who was squashed by someone who loved it The bug who needed help The bug who died with the least of worries The Beatle that will forever live in peace... My tribute to John Winston Lennon. A peaceful hero.
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I entered this competition. Sent in a five-dollar submission. Getting in with every intention of winning with my presentation. Only the smart, enter. Presentations looking great. Me I wasn't worried. We had this thing down. First three batches, where is my name? The next three, the next three, and the next. Still none. Here! First prize for the last batch. It could be me. Why wouldn't it be? I did excellent. Nothing I could change... and Mark Mallowess is the winner. He took my spot! My spot in one of the greatest competitions gone. My spot. My spot. My spot.
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One. Two. Three. Four. How come I can't sleep? I counted sheep. I here the clock ticking, ticking. Louder and louder every second. I counted the white sheep, I counted the black sheep, now on to the brown. No use in doing this! Walk to the computer and write. Write about the little girl who cried wolf. Wrote about all of the sheep in that story. Wrote how all of those sheep were different colors. And how the sheep were in one batch all together and they didn't care the others color, just that they had protection from that wolf.
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My friend, her name is Hauna. One day I went to her house and she wasn't there, the lights were on and the kitchen was full. So I figured they had gone out to the store to buy a grocery or two. A week later and still no one is home. So I knocked and the door was unlocked so I went in. I looked around. She wasn't there. They had to move? Why didn't she tell me? Obviously this was a last resort decision. Why wouldn't she tell her best friend, where she was going? Where is she? Where?
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Here we go. Ten nine eight... And the plane is ready for take off! I wish I was excited about hearing these words. Three weeks then off to Washington D.C. Why am I not excited? I think it could be because of all the stress, of getting everything ready and the thought that I may lose my bags and everything you worry about when you go on a trip. I am going to miss my mom and animals. Really bad! I am going to miss having a furry animal to kick at night. Going to miss a lot of stuff...
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March Seventh, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire came out. I wanted to be the first one to be there and get it. I wake up at five thirty like I do every morning. I get ready and then I drive to the store. Wal-Mart of course. Although at Albertson's and Best Buy it's cheaper. But Wal-Mart is closer. Every second we get closer to the store. Every second I get more excited. I run into the store grab it off the shelf and run to the check out stand. Only twenty minutes left to get to school. Mine!
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Nothing to play, nothing to do. Do I write a story about being locked up in my head and when I get out write it down? Do I make up an imaginary friend? What is there to do with out anything? I could play tic-tac-toe in the dirt. I could find a bug and watch it's every single movement. If only I had a computer or a palm pilot... But then I got to thinking. What is life about? It's not about technology it's about people and animals. So I just sat there and thought about my friends and family.
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A few things people didn't know about my mom, Bonnie. Merry and thoughtful. You can't be rude to her. You just can't. Magnificent and always interesting. Oh she is just so awesome! Miles and miles of stuff to talk about. Beautiful and bright. Over the hill :) not for a while but we will just say that she is now. Never will she be abusive, mean, or in a sense unfair. Never will she make me feel bad. It is always fun to be around my mum. Everyone loves. Especially me! My mommy is the best mommy in the world!
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Wake up- 5:30. Take a shower. Get dressed. Eat breakfast. Leave. Drive. Get a call. Go home. Change. Leave. Drive. Get to the school. Walk in the building. Look at the signs. Where to go? I know I have to go to the warm-up rooms. But which one? First warm-up full and the second is full too. Turn down a different hall walk. There it is! We look in both of the windows of both of the warm-up rooms. No one was in them. Almost time to leave for the performance. I can, I can, I can play the Can-Can.
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Today I went fishing with my dad. We were only suppose to go there for a couple of hours. We spent twelve. We went to Arrow Rock it was fun. We fished and fished and fished. I caught the biggest :) I also caught the smallest. I got a lot of bites but I only caught four. I fished for four hours before I caught anything. The boy down the stream who didn't know how to fish caught a fish in the first two seconds of putting his line in. It wasn't very big but at least he got one.
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My stomach hurts and tomorrow they are going to stick a tube down my throat. I really don't feel like writing anything. Maybe someday they will actually figure out what is wrong with me. The doctor I have keeps saying that it is different things. It's funny one of the kids I baby-sit he was have trouble with his stomach too. His mom finally after about a year took him to the doctor. I wonder if we have the same thing. Highly unlikely since I have been to so many doctors and none of them can tell what it is.
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Work, work, work. That's all our teachers ever tell us to do. I asked one of my teachers if I could stay after school and get some extra help. You know what she said? She said that she has to coach tennis practice. You'd think that since she has been getting on my butt about turning in all of my assignments and that if I need some help just to ask you'd think that she would be nice enough to stay after school. NO! Now instead of getting however much time. I get fifteen minutes BEFORE SCHOOL! Hopefully not everyday...
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So totally awesome. Perfect for mowing the lawns. (Summer Job) Really exciting. Interesting to look at bugs and everything. Never really boring except when it is. Getting ready to go to D.C. Bills to make up for mowing. Ready in five days for D.C. Everybody thinks that it is for beer and fun. I think it is for reading and writing. Always going places. For once I am not. Kokomo. I LOVE SPRING BREAK! IT IS SO MUCH FUN! I GET TO DO LOTS OF STUFF! THIS YEAR IT IS GOING TO BE EVEN MORE FUN! I LOVE SPRING BREAK!
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Writing is a way to free life. No uniforms, or leashes. Writing is a way to free the spirit with in. The only thing to do to be free is write. We write when we are sad write when we are lonely. Write when the people make us think. The people, who do they think they are? Telling us that it isn't time to write or that isn't good enough. Writing isn't just a way of life it's a way of the world. It's in the trees, in the flowers, it's in the animals, and it's in the brain. Writing.
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Why do we think that fighting is okay? There is fighting in homes. There is fighting in the world. The war on Iraq why would they do this? It is stupid. There is even people who fought in the war who think that it is stupid. They don't understand it. My opinion the man is going to start a nuclear war. Better yet. He probably already has, the officials are just covering it up. Don't get me wrong I feel bad for the people who fight in the war and stuff but it is just stupid to send them there.
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Make love not war. A saying that John Lennon said repeatedly. But not only is it a Lennon saying but it is a frequent hippie saying. Isn't it funny that something so simple could be so great and apply to so many things? The Iraq war isn't funny how there are so many people across the nation trying to stop it. And isn't it funny that no one can tell me why so many people died who didn't have to? I know that there are so many men from America but isn't there any truth in how many Iraqian's died.
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I really wanted to go see the Pink Panther last night. The school was doing a presentation. I went and during intermission I got sick. So my mom took me home. I went to bed as soon as I got there. I think that tonight I am going to go again. It is a really funny play. The one guy is a cross dresser and it is funny because I kind of know the boy and he is really shy. But he was just getting right up on people singing this love song to them. I guess everybody changes sometimes.
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One two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty. A b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z. What do these mean? Is numbers that move us through the day? Is it letters? Words mean a lot. They can mean anger or love. But what does it really mean? What do you think? Do you think that there is a meaning to words other then what they were made for? Your thoughts.
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So there is this kid I know. I think that his mother truly hates him. He has a little brother and the little one gets spoiled rotten. But I mean she took away his birthday. You know why she did? Because she spent one hundred dollars on clothes. So she can't give him a party. She isn't really giving him a present she said she is going to buy him a shirt and shorts. How fun?! So I wonder. Why does she hate him so much. I don't think she loves him a little. I think she truly hates him.
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American Idol: They sing. They dance. But how do you let a kid who has a lisp in to the top twelve? He lisps and he got through. His name: Kevin (AKA: Chicken Little) He is an okay singer but I mean he lisps. How many times do I have to say that? But he lisps and I don't understand why they would let him through? All I can say is that I am glad he went home last night. Then there is Simon, everybody boos him, but you know what he is always right. Don't boo the smartest judge.
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Driving down the road looking out at the houses. Watching all the people walk by. There's someone I know! It looks like Annie! What is that in her hand? She puts it up to her mouth. Fog surrounds her head. Wait a second that isn't fog. It's smoke! It's cigarette smoke! Why would Annie be smoking? There are plenty of reasons not to but she is too young! I guess she is a little stupid too. Walking down the street smoking, just a few blocks from her house, walking towards the school. Overall she doesn't care. A naughty, naughty girl.
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I leave for Washington D.C. in nine days. I am not packed at all and I have no idea what I am going to bring. I know that I am going to have a lay over that is going to be six hours. So I am going to things to work on. I also know that when we come back we are going to have a lay over too. I know that I am going to bring my crossword puzzles and I know that I am going to bring my Sudoku puzzles that I got last week. It'll be fun.
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Terry and Sherry were both in a bind, they couldn't find the bar. They knew that it could not have gone far. When Sherry said, "Terry look at this!"Terry turned towards Mars to see the abyss. The bar was really far. Before when they got drunk they flunked. Now they see things that were never really there. When Terry and Sherry were growing up they never use to have to flunk. Their parents were good and their pets even better. I don't think they knew who they were going to meet when a few years later along came Pete.
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Anxious, who would have thought that one single word could tie up so many feelings into one. I'm anxious about school. I'm anxious about life. I'm anxious about D.C. Right here right now I feel like I am more anxious about D.C. I leave in five days. It feels really weird because right now I am not even packed and I really don't have a clue on what to pack. I know that I said this like three or four days ago but bow it is even closer and getting closer by the second. Anxious. Anxious. Anxious. Anxious. Anxious. Anxious.
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There are some days when you just feel like screaming into a big bag and then taking that bag to someone and letting them open it. Just so they can hear the anger in your scream. Then there are the days when you just want to fill a jar with tears so you can give the jar to someone and let them see your pain. But the day when you get both of them is together is the worst. Not only do you have to deal with the anger put sadness on top of them. Today; one of "those"days.
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Jenny is a girl always in a whirl. Sometimes I think she didn't know half the things she said. When Jenny turned sixteen the world just went to crap. All the people were fighting, taking drugs, and someone even stole her hat. Jenny's head whirled more than ever. She thought that when she got off the drugs she'd be able to come back to her old self. Now we all know how that worked out. Jenny died a year later. My Jenny didn't know where she was. She didn't even know that I was me that grass was green. Jenny.
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Live life like you are going to die tomorrow. Don't care what other people think. The fact is you could die tomorrow. So why take the chance of being so careful with your life? You could be walking down the street and then step off the sidewalk and a car hits you. You could be playing in a tree house fall out. Reality hurts. Millions of people die each day. Some of diseases, some of pure accidents, some of murder. If life is so short anyway, why would people murder each other? There are some crazy people in the world.
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Every where I turn I see Jenny. She's in the house, the yard, and the flowers. Don't know why she had to go away. You may think Jenny was a junky, truth is when she died, I thought that too. But Jenny didn't do it, didn't do it at all. She fought for her freedom, then it all turned and Jenny was drugged. Thoughts ran through my mind as I saw Jenny die. Why did she do it? Then I remembered, Jenny is just a girl, just a girl in one of my crazy, crazy dreams. Dare I say nightmare?
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Crickets are floating through the air and the grass is blue. The birds are swimming under water and the sky is green. The fish are walking across the land. The dogs are slithering across too. But the cats are flying through the air majestically. Toms with their crowns, the Queens with theirs. The kittens are in their nests getting ready to fly away. Then the Queens push them out. Kittens don't know how to fly when they are pushed but later they learn. In this world, cats never land on their feet, the dogs always chirp, and everything is complicated.