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Literary canon changes because times change. What is important in life changes with the circumstances surrounding us. For instance, currently there is an emergence of war and patriotic movies. This is because of the terrorist attacks of September 11th. Fifty years ago literature was based on civil rights and equal opportunity. It is essential to revise what literature is significant in order to balance beliefs and fads yesterday, today and tomorrow. Literature is important to be documented everyday. The reason being that in the future we can learn from the past. The change in literary canon helps our society evolve.
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Armageddon The movie Armageddon is one of my favorite movies. But there is no way that I would be happy if my father stayed on a meteor and died; when my fiancĂ© was the person who drew the deciding straw. He should have stayed and saved the world. Family is forever. Love comes and goes. Who is to say that A.J., Ben Aflack’s character would be around in five years? The ending to this movie was far from romantic. Whoever wrote this movie wanted the viewer to question the decision Bruce Willis character makes every single time they watched it.
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Superman As a young child, I remember watching Superman I through Superman IV. The movie was excellent because superman would always save the day and Lois. It is funny how we want so much for someone in this world to be able to solve all of our problems supernaturally. The results of this desire are movies like Superman, Spiderman, and Batman the list goes on. In this fantasy world we fail to realize that every one of those heroes has a weakness because they are human. We can only put our trust in a higher power and that is GOD.
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Feminism is the belief that women are created equal to men. However, woman equality is expressed through various forums. It is not always through extreme measures that the message gets out to the world. Lifetime Network is famous for it advocacy of woman rights. The network portrays woman as successful lawyers, judges, doctors and police chiefs. Sometimes a mother can show that she deserves equality through her everyday life. She can hold down a full-time job, and take care of her household without neglecting either one. This shows men that women are capable of handling as much as they do.
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“Family Matters” was a television sitcom that always followed the formula. In every episode the family would be faced with some sort of dilemma in the first five or ten minutes. Steve Urkel and Laura Winslow was usually the protagonist in the sitcom. The relationship they shared was a love interest that never could totally happened until the last season of the series. Toward the end of the show the problem would be solved and a lesson was learned. Furthermore, the show had a set pattern that when the resolution of the problem was occurring music would begin to play.
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The book “Shades of Jade” tells how choices made could have consequences. The protagonist in the book is a successful black woman who appears to have it all. She is beautiful on the outside but the inside is totally a mess. She blocks commitment by only dating rich married men. She questions her decisions in life later on when someone wants to kill her. In real life we think that most women who appear to have it together really are covering up a deeper issue. Her issue happen to be getting hurt by her first love when she was younger.
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In the book “Lust” the narrator is a young girl who regrets being sexually promiscuous. She vents about her past experiences because she wants free herself of all hurt. The girl is lacking love and uses sex to feel useful. I feel pity for her because she is destroying her body in order to make men like her. The narrator of this situation is the young girl who comes to her senses. I wish she would love herself no matter who does not give her love. What is important is not how other receives you. But how you perceive yourself.
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Phenomenal Woman by Dr. Maya Angelou should be held as a national anthem for the everyday women of America. This poem exudes confidence at the highest peak. Anytime I feel unsure about myself I read the poem. The comedian Adele Given “Queens of Comedy” said and I paraphrase this “real women don’t get exhausted. Real women have to cook, clean, wash clothes, take the kids to soccer practice, etc. “ I think that when I lose sigh of reality when watching the media. Phenomenal woman brings me back to being a proud woman. “Pretty woman wonder where my secret lies.”
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“God Don’t Like Ugly” is an extraordinary book about a young girl who hides her hurt from being sexually abused by her mother’s friend by eating. Although I cannot relate to being sexually abused. I can relate to hiding my feelings through eating. Sometimes people wonder why obese people eat. Just like in the book, food is a friend that loves you unconditional. However, your body is your temple and if we don’t watch what is put in us, we will suffer. We become outcasts and treated unfairly. When the character begin to love her she stop eating so much.
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The television series the “Practice” makes me question if I would ever become a defense lawyer. Sometimes they defend people that they know are guilty. Being a lawyer means that a person would have to lay down all moral beliefs in order to argue the law. With the bad also comes good. Money is probably a contributing factor why people become lawyers. It takes special people to become lawyers of any kind. I believe some are overpriced. However, if the case is won, I guess it is worth it. The writers and actors of the “Practice” bring law to life.
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A television show that finally shows realistic portrayal of being a single parent, while entertaining is UPN’s One on One. The show takes the viewer through different scenarios of a single father and daughter. The writers of this show do not use the same formula that other shows do. The problem is solved at the end of the show sometimes but not all. The writer also offers different solutions instead of coming up with the normal predictable ending. The actors and actresses are well seasoned. That makes the difference in the way the show is received. I recommend watching it.
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I am not an advocate of Emeniem. However, I am one of Hip-Hop. Lately, there has been so much controversy over Hip-Hip and how it is disrespectful to woman, promotes violence and promiscuity. I am sorry but it wasn’t until Emeniem came on the scene that ignited the Bill O’Riellys and people of that caliber. Talks are now on a continual basis. It is not Hip-Hop they are upset with. It’s the fact that a young white man that has some drastically different views has a fan base that is young white children. Really, Are you really mad at Hip-Hop?
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Anyone that loved Television when it had strong belief would love Nick at Night on Nickelodeon. I watch all of the shows. “All in the Family” is especially funny because of Archie’s strong beliefs. I was not of age when the show originally aired to realize how racially motivated the show was. However, in the new millennium it is hilarious because it displays how people really thought in those times. Today people may have the same prejudices as Archie, but there are different culture opinions being heard as well. The Jeffersons, is exactly the same as All in the Family.
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On Tuesday’s episode of Judging Amy, she had to make a choice whether or not to follow the law, judge with her heart. She chose to follow her heart. Is this wrong? Can you blame a judge when personal beliefs become a factor in deciding one’s fate? I believe it is improper, but human. My concern is that our judicial system today is factoring in prejudices and discrimination into finding one’s guilt or innocence. It seems to me that cases are not being judged equally. For instance, white teens get lesser sentences than blacks for committing equal or greater crimes.
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There is a poem that says don’t give your heart to a heart eater. I love the way the poem is written. It is an undertone that is so clear. Don’t fall in love with people who want to use you and cheat on you. When we are dating someone, we almost always see the signs of what type of person they are in the beginning. However, we chose to ignore them. When it becomes evident that the person we are falling for is crazy, possessive or no good, it’s too late. We have already fallen. Everybody plays a fool.
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Fred Hammond is the master of writing Gospel songs. He has a beautiful way of melodically combining every word with the music he writes. The songs are contemporary, traditional, new age all wrapped up in one. Gospel music has grown tremendously within the last decade. Artists such as Fred, Kirk Franklin, Yolanda Adams, and Mary Mary have brought people into the gospel arena that would have normally turned the other way. People used to think that it was just big choirs that song hymns only older people could appreciate. Today, the fan base multigenerational and multicultural. Fred is the best.
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Ever wonder why the roses are red violets are blue nursery rhyme is so universal? As kids we enjoy saying it because it is easy to remember and it sounds nice. As adults usually men, we use it for the same reasons but that last two lines are changed to satisfy the situation. For example, Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Sugar is Sweet, and so are you. Many people use it for their Valentine’s Day Salutations. It is short but sweet. Love is so complicated why not make it simple with a poem to touch the heart and soul.
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I love the movie “The Fifth Element”. The movie has a great sci-fi theme. However, I noticed that the monsters in the movie are very ugly. When they disguise themselves they end up black men. I can’t help but wonder if there is some racial undertone in this movie. Why does the bad guys always have to be a black man with big lips and no brains? Come on let’s wake up. Black people do not live in the cotton fields and plantations any longer. Chris Tucker’s role in the movie was great. He was not an ugly ignorant villain.
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Today is my birthday. My co-workers sang the traditional Happy Birthday song. However, my family song the Stevie Wonder rendition of “Happy Birthday”. I love the way he redefined that song when he was paying tribute to Martin Luther King Jr. That song is a soul filled way that people appreciate you life on this earth. No one can sing like Stevie. He music continues to break color lines. I hope this doesn’t sound racial, but I believe that rendition of “Happy Birthday” was made for black people to sing. I am glad to be alive yet another year. Thanks.
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I just saw the move titled “The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood”. Although it was the story line was drawn out, the plot was great. It explored a relationship between a mother and daughter. This movie had a lot of flashbacks. The use of the flashbacks helped to understand the mother’s state of mind in the present. I also observed when they flashback all of the black people were either servants or entertainers. That is good use of environmental development. The movie was well developed. Sandra Bullock was awesome as usual in any movie. A great feel good movie.
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In the movie Ya-Ya Sisterhood there was a great deal of alcoholism. The mother had been a functioning alcholism since a young age. What is funny as well as ironic is that one of the four friends has an oxygen tank that she had to carry around. It makes you wonder how some people can live with bad habits such as drinking without being affected by it. They even can drive drunk and walk away from the accident unharmed. However, the innocent people are the ones that are hurt or with oxygen tanks. Bad things do catch up with you.
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In English class we went over a poem by E.E. Cummings. I can’t remember the name exactly but I believe it was Can I touch Said he. That poem was so hilarious. However, I don’t know if it was the poem or the mood I was in. Your emotional state of mind effects your criticism of literature, movies or books. If I would have read that poem at work it not have tickled my fancy. Critics should not be paid to give their opinions of things because their state of mind may not be universal. Everyone should judge for hiself.
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There is a political and sometimes-controversial comic strip called the Boondocks. It is drawn and written by a black young male. His views are not the mainstream representation seen on television. He represents real Black American people. Through his comics discuss things such as White House issues, hip-hop, and things of that nature. It is amazing to me how this person can fit an idea that can be talked about all day in two or three lines. Words have so much power. This comic strip informed me that a lot don’t have to be said to get your point across.
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Of the four love poems we read in English, “A fine, Private Place” by Diane Ackerman is the most romantic. Romance is about telling someone you love him or her in unique way that requires some thought. This poem uses descriptions of marine life in parallel with love. That is beautiful. The intense emotions were tactful and chosen with care. The reader or speaker is left mesmerized by the profound display of emotions. Originality coincides with being romantic as well. Ackerman chose an unconventional subject of the sea to drive her feeling of love home. It’s the most romantic poem.
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It is safe to say that E.E. Cummings poetry is the sexiest we have covered in English thus far. “Can I touch said He” is my absolute favorite. However, of the poems we were assigned to read, “She being branded” is second in line. It is clichĂ© for men to compare women to cars. But, if you have a desire for erotic adventures, this poem is a winner. I love the way the narrator describes their sexual intercourse with a virgin. It may be offensive to feminists, but I think it is sexy. Whatever the reference just make it hot.
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In “The Dover Bitch” the author makes fun of the poem “Dover Beach”. Anthony Hecht brilliantly uses the narrator to tell the woman side of the story. In “Dover Beach” you have the man just pouring out all of his emotions. This poem informs the reader that the woman was not interested in what the man had to say. It also let’s us know at the very end that the female was a prostitute and she was paid to pay attention to that man who didn’t have love. The sarcastic approach allows us to get both sides of the story.
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Are women today as independent as they would like to believe? Are we representing ourselves as women with respect and self-love? If one would go solely on media alone I would say no. Today we have woman making our gender look desperate and trashy. This is evident in music videos and show such as Elimadate and The Bachelor. These shows have woman crying and backstabbing each other in order to get one man. If we were as independent as we would like to believe these shows would not exist. A real man knows a class act when he sees one.
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“Finding Forrester” is such a great movie for all that aspire to become writers. There are so many lessons within the major plot of the movie. I gained so much knowledge about writing from just watching this movie. I am finding with my experience on this website and this movie that practice makes perfect when you want to be a writer. William Forrester was a Pulitzer Prize winner who was apart of the school literary canon. As a black person like Jamal in the movie, it is important to make people see beyond color. They have to see a writer.
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I just watched the movie “Trading Places” again. This movie is so funny. It also displays how people with money are not fulfilled so they tend to play with other people’s life. Someone once told me that Corporate America is a game. If you can’t play you should not be working in it. I do think that this movie is realistic. The reason is because Eddie Murphy’s character was a street hustler. Corporate America is just a bunch of hustlers in suits. Most people are underestimated just because of what they look like, not what they are capable of accomplishing.
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This is my first experience at 100 words. I have truly enjoyed my first month. I did not think I was capable of completing exactly 100 words a day. I look forward to the months ahead. I want to become a writer so this will be good practice. The future entries future will be more in depth and varied. Words are so powerful. We as Americans fight daily for freedom of speech even though we are suppose to have it already. We must learn that even though we don’t agree with all views, we still have the right to individuality.