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What a day! Nearly late for our computer science exam: We forgot busses don’t run at regular times on weekends. (Who schedules a test for Saturday anyway?!) I did poorly on it. Neither question compiled and I ran out of time. But I didn’t feel so bad because I had tickets for a concert tonight. But then the people I was going with backed out. To top it off, I left my debit card behind when I bought the tickets! I also had to yell at some computer salesmen on the phone for trying to rip off my brother. Grr!
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I went shopping with a friend of mine last night. Her boyfriend is my best friend. He doesn’t seem to like to do much with her, aside from fuck her. So when she’s in town she often hangs out with me. I feel like her supplemental boyfriend. Which is fine by me. She’s sort of like my supplemental girlfriend.

We went to all the stores I used to go to when I was dating Her. All the cute and sexy girl clothes reminded me of her so much it hurt. She was the epitome of chic: always so damn sexy.

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While preparing for my philosophy midterm, I started to get caught up in the philosophical mode of thinking, and started to write the following piece. It’s a rather long piece, so It’ll take a few days to get it all up. I hope this doesn’t break any rules. (It might help you understand what I’m trying to say here if you’d read “In the Absence of the Sacred”, by Jerry Mander. It’s a great book. I highly recommend it.)

Topic for discussion: The recent unveiling of IT, or Segway, as it is officially known. Segway is a piece of relatively…

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...low impact technology to ease the burden of motor traffic in cities. It seems innocent enough. It makes one think that maybe there is finally a new piece of technology that has genuine benefit. But even here, after closer inspection, and scrutiny using Mander's rules for evaluating technology, we can conclude that it is not a perfect solution. Here again we see only the best-case scenario being presented. It is being touted as a solution to the air pollution problem. However, the devices' intent is NOT to solve the automotive pollution problem, but rather to end the toil of WALKING!...
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...It is to make the lives of the lazy and the short-winded easier. And it is not a readily available technology to the average consumer either, it is cost prohibitive, and meant for the wealthy elite. A new toy if you will, for the spoiled Silicon Valley baby. Speaking of which, Steve Jobs, founder and two time CEO of apple computers, has been quoted as saying the following about Segway: "...'IT' is designed for our market: Male, 40's, and rich. That's why cities will be built around it. Not because everyone can afford one." It is true that Segway has...
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...the potential to ease the burden of motor traffic in large cities, but it is NOT the first piece of technology to attempt this. May I direct your attention to the BICYCLE! Here we have a VERY low impact technology that has been around for hundreds of years. It is available to anyone, young or old, rich or poor, male or female. Where the Segway only uses 3cents of electricity per battery charge, a bicycle uses none. A Segway maxes out at a top speed of 20 miles per hour, I'm not an avid cyclist, but I can guess that...
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...a bicycle can go much faster. Plus, with the bicycle you get the added bonus of physical exercise. If Segway takes hold (and God willing it won't) the already lazy, over-weight and exercise-deprived fast-food generation will have a new means to avoid the "toil" of walking. Instead of inventing a silly little scooter in which there (by God) ought NOT to be a market for, why not invent something that might actually benefit society in general. Besides, people on a Segway just look plain silly.

...and there you have it, my views on the revolution that is 'Ginger'.

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*Sigh* Nothing beats a freshly formatted computer. Everything is so zippy and responsive. Tweaked out just the way I like it. Microsoft may be the devil, but they did something somewhat right with win2k. Stable as a rock. Which brings me to XP. Win2k is already poofta enough when it’s first installed. (I mean really, what kind of genius decided to have a professional operating system use my documents and my pictures as the main folders in windows explorer?!) XP is just win2k with a fisher price façade. Once that’s out of the way, it’s almost the same as win2k.
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Damn. I always forget to back something up when I format. This time I lost all my emails and some personal documents. Dammit! And all of my new wallpapers too. Blasted. I have really got to get some better backup procedures implemented. Nothing a few days work can’t remedy. Well that’s been my weekend: Getting my computer back to the way I like it. I’ve got it down to a subconscious routine now. I’ve done it enough times over the past few years. That’s how I make some money too. People seem to think this sort of stuff is hard.
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It feels like I’m already on Christmas vacation. And by all rights I should be. Unfortunately, I have two finals left to write. That isn’t really the problem though. The problem is that they are spread out over two weeks: One this Friday, and one the next Friday. That means I don’t get to go home until after the 21st! But that isn’t where the problem lies, as I’m not particularly aching to go home. The problem is that it FEELS like I have nothing left to do, so I’ve just been lazing around, when I really should be studying.
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Something’s broken. Today feels exactly like yesterday. As if I’m living the same damn day over again. Not exactly déjà vu, but more like the day didn’t roll over… it didn’t end… I went to sleep, but it’s STILL Monday. The change from Monday to Tuesday just didn’t happen. That aside, it feels good to be done school for a while. Midterms, coding assignments etc, all take a lot out of me. Maybe it’s best if I laze around for a day or two. Studying can wait until Wednesday at least. That is, if it ever makes it to Wednesday.
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Something’s broken. Today feels exactly like yesterday. As if I’m living the same damn day over again. Not exactly déjà vu, but more like the day didn’t roll over… it didn’t end… I went to sleep, but it’s STILL Tuesday. The change from Tuesday to Wednesday just didn’t happen. That aside, I sort of miss school. I miss the people. The crowd. I should get out one of these days. Not just to the gym either. Maybe I’ll go to the mall or something. Studying can wait until Thursday at least. That is, if it ever makes it to Thursday.
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Well fuck; it’s Thursday apparently. I guess that means it’s time to start studying (cramming?). I don’t feel so bad. When I got up my roommate was playing “Return to Castle Wolfenstein.” He has the time to slack though: He’s the keener. Not me. I have no time to sit on my ass. That doesn’t stop me from sitting on it though. Fuck, am I ever feeling lazy today. God I just want to stop studying for Christ sake. Leave me alone. Let me crawl into a hole, die in peace, slink away from you and everything else. Go away.
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I think the Economics final went well. Better than expected at least. I stopped and talked to the girl from my econ class before the exam. I hope she does well. She seemed to be kind of out of it. Really stressed out. Yesterday I just wanted to crawl into a whole. Today I just want to relax a bit. Will I study this week? Probably not. Computer science won't be worth studying for anyway. Studying well for the midterm produced mediocre results. In fact my friend who barely studied at all did much better than me. So why bother?
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Party last night. Well more of a gathering really: Just the same old people doing the same old thing. Not particularly fun. Better than sitting at home on a Friday night, but only slightly. Did nothing today. I relaxed, sloth like, and played the infernal time trap known as "EverQuest." It's addictive, I'll give it that. I know there is probably something else I should be doing, but I don't feel like it today. There are things I'd even rather be doing, but for various reasons, they just aren't possible. At any rate, I think it's time to just relax.
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Another Sunday. Strange noises are implying themselves. On any other day, it's all sex and flowers. Three bucks to anyone who can tell me the name of the band who sings that song and another buck for any other lyric from that song or any other. I'll pay with PayPal, I swear to god. It's a dull day, all Sundays are. I have a feeling that this coming week is going to be rather boring for me. I'm really going to miss going to school. Well, more accurately, I'm going to miss the interaction with people that school affords me.
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I got bored today (surprise!) and tried to find some of my old writing. No luck. I think I lost whatever I had on my hard drive during the last format. (Each day I find something new that I forgot to backup) I went rummaging through my paper collections to try and find something there, but no luck. I think I left all my hard copy at home. Who can say if it has survived in my absence from home? I fear the worst. Oh well. I'm sure no one will miss my collection of adolescent ramblings and cheesy poetry.
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I should do more with this week than playing EverCrack. Why oh why did I ever start playing it anyway? I fought it off for SO long. My brother plays it. He's been playing for many months. When he first got it I tried to play it, but it didn't catch my interest. Shortly after my friend started to play. He even started to play Acheron's Call at the same time. In order to have time for both, he had to either cut out sleeping or school. Guess which one he chose to 86. Here's a hint: it wasn't school.
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Needless to say, it was difficult to get him out of the house (my friend that is, as my brother never leaves the house. He hasn't left the house for anything recreational in at least 3 years.) I saw how this game ruled the lives of two people around me. I was continuously being bombarded with the crappy sounds and ugly images of this evil drug they call a game. I tried a second time to play it when I was bored out of my mind after 'The Breakup' (TM). Still it couldn't hold my attention. Third time's a charm.
12/20 Direct Link
It wasn't until about two months ago that the original EverQuester friend of mine (we'll call him Kukik) got one of his roommates to start playing (we'll call him Winvadarr), soon, his other roommate started playing too (we'll call him Gindar). With the household fully converted, I was continuously being bombarded with EverQuest. It was seemingly all they could talk about. They seemed so happy. I grew interested with each passing day. I was beginning to falter. How was I to fight off three people? When it was just my brother passively playing beside me, it was easy to ignore.
12/21 Direct Link
Long story short, I caved and bought it. Now it rules my life too. For how long though? I grow tired of it already. I held me in its grip for about two months. But I think its time is nearly through. We'll see if I'm still enamored with it when I get back from home. Speaking of enamored, I'm supposed to meet this girl who is apparently perfect for me. I'm quite excited. Comp Sci final seemed to have gone well. I leave soon for home. Lord of the Rings tonight if things go according to plan. We'll see.
12/22 Direct Link
Meeting the girl was a bust. My friend forgot to get her number on the last day of school, and her last name is so common that it would take ages to go through the phone book. Instead of going to the movie, I went out with my friends who went to the U of C. I wasn't feeling well earlier today. Stomach flu is going around apparently. I drank anyway. And how drank anyway. And so, today, as my punishment, I spent all day in bed. It was fun to see all my friends again though. Honey, I'm home!
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Things are a bit different at home now. My eldest brother is having troubles with his marriage, and has moved back in with my parents. 15 years of marriage, and it looks to be faltering. It's odd, because he sleeps in my old room. Not that it even resembles anything like 'my room' anymore though. And my other brother has moved out. He has a house of his own now. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, but it sure as hell doesn't feel like it. I went to see Lord of the Rings with my sister and niece tonight. It was ok.
12/24 Direct Link
Christmas Eve, and I don't care. It's just depressing. I can't seem to stop thinking about Her. Last years Christmas was the best I'd ever had thanks to her. But now this year, my own home feels alien and hostile. I've never wanted her back more than I do now. At night she lives in my dreams, and during the day she is there when I close my eyes. I'm starting to want to get away from this place. This place doesn't feel like home anymore. My home is where I live. This place is just where I visit now.
12/25 Direct Link
Hurray for Christmas, and all that. Despite everything, I've been able to fight off the bah hum bug state of mind. I feel all Christmassy and stuff. Tonight we went to Mark's place for a small gathering. And low and behold, whom should I find there but Sexy Girl. Old skool crush from way back. Why Sexy Girl? You see, my roommate has given all my crushes nicknames over the years. For example Sexy Girl, Mystery Sauce, Strumpet. Why specifically Sexy Girl? She's dead sexy that's why! She was just as sexy as ever. Needless to say, I was stunned.
12/26 Direct Link
I see now why I liked Her so much. She's a spitting image of Sexy Girl; Tall, blonde, beautiful, smart, sweet, sexy without even knowing it, extremely fun to talk to and to flirt with. I worked with Sexy Girl briefly. How I wanted her. But that's when She entered the picture, and Sexy Girl was left on the shelf. She graduated, and I never saw her again, until last night. I heard she was going to be going to university at the U of S, but I haven't seen her around yet. It was fun to see her again.
12/27 Direct Link
What an interesting day. I had the pleasure of meeting two very nice and interesting girls. They were smart and attractive too. Where the hell have they been all my life? They are friends of a friend of mine, and we all went for coffee. The conversation was interesting and fun. I would definitely like to see them again. They were a blast to hang out with. Unfortunately they both live far away. They couldn't even stay for the party tonight. Which is a damn shame, because it's starting to get boring hanging out with the same people every night.
12/28 Direct Link
That's it. I can't stand it anymore. I'm going home tomorrow. I've been home for a week, and I've had my fill. My sisters and their kids all over the place, my brothers and sisters, and parents; all dysfunctional as per usual. I've seen my friends, I've made my parents happy by finally coming home. I've done everything there is to do. Now it's time to get back to my own life. It's too stressful and tiring to stay here any longer. They will hastle me for leaving so soon, but I just don't think I can hack another day.
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Looking out the window I see a beautiful valley with rolling hills and trees and fields and roads. It's all far off in the distance. A lone cloud seems to twist and spiral along the sky. My mind wanders. 'Contents of a dead man's pocket', I say to myself in my head. Whenever I'm in a deeply contemplative state, and I realize I'm in that state, I think of the contents of a dead man's pocket. What would people find in my pockets if I were to die right now? Take a brief inventory. What would someone find in yours?
12/30 Direct Link
It's good to be home. I felt bad for leaving. I'd barely had a moment to talk to my parents about anything serious. It was even hard to speak calmly most of the time. That house is just conducive to yelling I suppose. I even called my mother yesterday, but it ended up being a semi-argument. Maybe I'll try again in a few days. Once things are back to normal. My roommate is back a day early. He couldn't stand his family any longer either. I went to a movie with my sister tonight. She needed to get out too.
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That's it? THAT was 2001? Hardly all it was cracked up to be frankly. In fact, it was the absolute worst year yet if you ask me. Thankfully, though, this was the best New Years Eve party I've ever had. Binge drinking and illicit drug use probably had something to do with it. On the other hand, maybe it was flirting with the hot 24 year old bank manager from Hudson's Bay that made it worthwhile. Now that I think about it, I seem to remember the party kind of sucking up until she showed up. Anyway, Happy New Year.