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Relatively new Scholars have made use of the slave narrative collection a collection of more than 3200 Auto by Auto Chrome narrative detail in the lives of people Batman Born Into Slavery house at the Library of Congress to collections gathered during 1930s under the direction of federal writers project research derived from the collection thus far has deal primarily with the experiences of slaves as a whole. The presentation study focus on lost as it was experienced by former slaves. The qualitative study use a grounded Theory approach to the last 48 hours. Results accumulated in a category or that for former slave and the consequence of dehumanization
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470 years the largest and arguably the most important collection of historical documents detailing slave life in American has existed in relatively obscurity at the liberty of Congress. This collection known as the slave narrative collection consists of interviews Gather in the 1930s by federal writers project on people who were born slaves. In the more than 2,000 personal accounts that comprise the collection participants provide a detailed description of Life under slavery writers and historians James Maryland who has worked with the collections for more than 20 years since the Americans
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I really don't understand why we have the system that is set up for people to fail. The playing fields are not equal and it has never been equal. The rich get richer and the poor gets poorer. For my children I do not want them to have to suffer the way that my parents and me did I'm going to tell my children to be self-sufficient and to own their own businesses and when they get up enough money to take care of them and their families to pack their bags and to move to Africa the United States is not the land of the free and the home of the brave.
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After reading this book about slavery and the last few people that were slaves well-documented slaves because we're still slaves but the slaves endure so many horrible things that I don't think any human now can we stand they witness their family members being taken from them they witness their mother and father being raped their children being raped they witness the most horrific things that anyone could ever witness and then American people have the nerve to tell them to get over it it happened so long ago just get over it my God
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Well its 11:09 I've been up all day writing a paper that was due last night at 12 but but my teacher mr. Milhorn he is such a good teacher that I know he understands that sometimes the paper will be late and that he will accept my paper which you probably will and I have to see him tomorrow so I'm pretty sure he'll let me know that hey Genesis your paper Wasn't Me In I guess I'll talk to you guys tomorrow good night
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I don't know what it is about 100 words but it's just not for me it takes too long to do I really don't really don't like it I always forget to do it and sometimes I can be having me a good day and then I think about 100 Words and I'll be like oh my goodness I totally forgot but I need to do better and logging in and doing it because this is a major grade and if I need to take it seriously because this is my first time back in school and I want to make my family proud
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Yesterday was a good day I got to spend the day with my daughter we went and got our nails done and we just enjoy these comfortable each other's company my daughter is 8 years old and her name is Taylor and she is such a beautiful child she knows how to make me laugh and sometimes she knows how to make me upset but other than that she is I can't wait to see her when she is an adult and has her own children she will make a wonderful mother one day well I guess I'll talk to you later
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Well today was a good day I was able to help a friend that needed me she needed me to sit with her children I said she got off work one of her children is like 9 months old and she is very beautiful and spoiled she wants you to hold her all day and that's just something I can't do my children are 8 and 9 years old I have another baby so long so that's just I don't know it was all good she finally calm down it was able to crawl around the house and stop crying she's such a beautiful baby
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Sometimes I think about when I was growing up I really miss those days when I was a child especially living in Seffner I went to Armwood High School that was like the best the best time of my life I wish I could go back sometimes he do things that I was afraid to do I also wish that I can go back go to college career things that I really want to do but guess what it's never too late it's never too late right now I'm making sure that my children don't have to go through what I went through
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I have no idea what it is when me and my dog was trying to sleep but these days have been acting up on me for a very long time I just wanted to go to the doctor and tell them but I know they can't do that but this is ridiculous I've been years now for my sinuses in this house that I live in doesn't make it any better it has dust everywhere this house collect so much does that it's just everywhere it's on a vent is on the curtains it's just in the house and I'm on my way out of here
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Today looks like a very gloomy day don't like the Sun not coming come out actually feels like it's cool outside I can't believe this we're going to really have a winter this year in Tampa Florida that's so rare we never have a winner we haven't had a cool winner for life 3 years I don't know I don't know if there's any Kim trails in the air changes weather or are they actually letting God change the weather this year I don't know but I can't wait cuz I love you how about yourself do you like
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Good morning today is Sunday and I think I'm going to get me and my children ready for church I haven't been to a really good church and about 3 years I mean this church is alright but it doesn't have that that what I'm looking for as far as the spiritual part I need someone that's going to go deep down in the word not just date on the surface but who knows maybe today he will preach a little different than what he normally does oh well I guess I'm going to go get myself ready to get my children up talk to you later
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They were members of the toughest cattle Cruz they drove hers over the Refuge Trails they hunted Buffalo's & Desperados some Russell cattle others hustled grub somewhere known as the best Riders and ropers in the west some fought and died in the calvary there were thousands of them they were black cowboys they help tame the wild west and no one who knows their story or never forget it
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Is there are many Legends of the raw and wild west and some of the best of them are stories of black cowboys they were there in the Long Branch Saloon right along with Marshall Dillon. They rode shotgun on the stages and saying to the low doggies. They worked on the most famous ranches some of them even have ranches of Their Own there were five thousand black cowboys after the Civil War who played an important part in building of the West
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More than 5,000 negro Cowboys Road the trails north from Texas during the years following the Civil War. Some die and stampedes, so I'm froze to death, and some drowned. But most of them live through long cattle drives to Kansas and Dakota or to Colorado and Wyoming. Some of them were among the best Riders on the Range. They hunted wild horses and wolves, and a few of them Hunted men
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Some were villains and some Were Heroes. They Road other Texans, and Indians and Mexicans. All the real cowboys shared the same jobs and dangerous. They ate the same food and slept on the same ground. Years later when the Great Plains have been tamed in fence the Trail driver stop, most of the old time Cowboys went back to Texas and took up new kinds of ranching but their memories of the old days remain.
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But their memories of the old days remain, and they told great Tails when they met for unions or wrote for Cattlemen magazines. Here are the stories they told about negro Cowboys. Slaves on horseback more than a hundred years ago before Civil War, a crew of Brock busting Cowboys stood outside a large horse corral. With them was their boss Bradford Grimes a Cattleman who owned a large South Texas ranch near the Gulf of Mexico
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Inside the Corral was a herd of wild Mustangs, horses that had never been ridden. They milled around snorting and rearing. One of the bronc Busters wrote a strong style and held him to be saddled. Then another Cowboy climbed up and try to ride. At first the animal trotted nervously. Humping a little and shiny from side to side then it went off in high jumps, spinning and shaking and jolting it's Ryder.
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Finally it puts his head between his front legs, but high in the air, and through the cowboy off until the Dust. Just then mr. Grimes Karma the Cattleman's wife came to the ranch house door and cried out, Bradford Bradford! Those Negroes are worth $1,000 a piece. One might get killed. The Cowboys laugh, but they knew she was telling the truth. For they were all negro slaves. Bradford Grimes was their owner.
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Most of the Negro Cowboys were slaves, bought by their masters from the Old South. On the plantations in the South, the slaves cut cotton. On The ranches in Texas they had to learn a new trade Ricky horses and handling Longhorns. Some were caught by Mexican The Vaqueros, some by aliens who knew the ways of the horse and Cattle. Grimes was only one of the hundreds of slave owning ranchers who ran cattle in Texas. The Ranchers had bought their family and slaves from Mississippi Georgia and other Southern States
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Billie Jean is not my lover shes just a girl that says that I am the one. That is a classic always and forever. I feel so much about my class now that my teacher has broken things down to him. But the kid is not my son. I am straight jamming I love it so much. This class is almost over and I don't have to deal with a hundred words anymore.
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Its so sad how people sell their souls for fortune and fame making packs with the devil like hes not gonna come and collect what is owed to him. He come to kill, steal, and destroy. Nothing about him is good and quickly he is gathering up souls he can take with him. It is evident that God will always prevail and good always beats evil.That is why when its tribulation time i will not worry because ill be covered by God
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After the Civil War The Negro Cowboys were free men. Yet they continue to work at the only trade they knew. They signed on with your Old Masters or with other ranchers and went on working with cattle. Now that they were free men they took the same risk as all of the Cowboys. They were no longer valuable property themselves. They not only had the room teamwork of ranch and range but they were hired to ride bugging Outlaw horses. They said it dangerous saddles, taking the shocks of bucking, sometimes bleeding from noses and miles sometimes fainting risking rupture mouth tubulation or death. They suffer from discrimination but they were luckier than most ex slaves.
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They had learned the trade well, and good men were scarce. In cattle outfits they were organized like Army squads with Negroes and whites usually working together and such an organization negro Cowboys you're welcome though only a few became Foreman or Trail bosses. Jim Perry who work for more than 20 years as a great Rider, Roper, and Trail cook, one said, "if it weren't for my damn old black face, I'd have been a boss long ago". One of the white cowboy who rode with him agreed saying that he'd no doubt we'll have men. During the first years after the end of the Civil War, near Cowboys help to round up and bring in millions of Texas Cattle that had run wild for a long time.
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The animals were scattered on the plains. They lurk in the brush and hid in canyons. During more than four years of war hundreds of thousands of cows have grown to wild cows and Longhorn Bulls they were unbranded, unclaimed, untamed, and dangerous. Out onto the Plains and into the brush rode the Cowboys. One such man was Henry Beckwith, a negro who hunted cattle in tickets so dense that neither horse, man, nor cattle could see for more than a few yards. He and his horse found their way by sniffing the air and listening for the sounds of heavy animal crashing through the brush.
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Backwith spent long hours working alone, finding and branding wild cattle. He carried a gun, a link of good rope, and a member of shorter pieces for hog-tying Animals. Much of the time he wrote At Night, stalking in the Darkness. Therefore other Cowboys called him the coyote. When he needed to sleep, he threw them no horse blanket and laid on it. Sometimes he sleep in the dry cattle run or on a pile of dried sticks. Like a coyote he needed a little sleep. If it was cold he built a very small fire and Hutch down over it, drinking coffee and dozing. Or he just wallowed a couple of times and then got back on his horse.
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Like many of the Cowboys he carried a bag full of cornbread or dried beets. He drink this coffee strong, and he mixed it with chili juice. Because it's been so long he really talked. He was almost as silent as the animals he Hunted. But he knew his business and he and thousands of other Cowboys located and branded wild cows and Bulls of Texas. Then their bosses looked for some place to sell . There was no Market in town. According too an old cowhand. It soon got to the point where a Texas stock man's property was recognized by the number of cattle he owned.
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The more he had the poor he was. Cattle was so cheap that they were hardly worth stealing. Some kind of man set up big factories on the Brazos River. They drove her of Longhorn cattle there, and negro hands butchered the animals, ripped off the hides for leather, and melted down the fat for soap and candle making. Then they threw the meat into the river. Cat fish ate the meat and grew to a normal size. Near the mouth of the River on the Gulf of Mexico,the meat attracted so many sharks that people did not dare to swim. But only the catfish and the sharks can make much profit from such and wholesale Slaughter and waste of good cattle.
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Texas needed markets. Everyone knew that the people in the great cities of the East were hungry for beef. So were those in mining camps and on Indian reservations. Any of these places could be a profitable market for a Cattleman who could push a herd of cattle long miles through deserts on flooded rivers, around poisoned water holes and raiding Indians. Some kind of man were willing to try. So they rounded up thousands of cattle and picked out those best able to travel. They organized Trail crews and waiting for spring. Then they begin long trail drives, pushing herds of cattle toward Market.
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This has got to be the most struggle for me as an student. I sat in this class with this Lady and I didn't learn nothing. And now when its time to take my exam I am am struggling during the writing portion of the exam and its making me up set but i really need to calm down and accept what its is that is going on. I really needed to make a B average in this class I pray I do.