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I am a student at Hillsborough community college. This semester I am taking four classes. Which are; Public Speaking, Math Topics, Ethics and, English. I look forward to getting excellent grades in each of the classes. I want to do the very best that I can do to pass each class with flying colors. So that means I will dedicate my free time while i'm not at work or school to get my assignments done and study. Also I would like to enjoy myself and not stress out. As my first time in college I hope to enjoy my time.
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Working at Popeye's on the first day was an experience. I thought it would be an easy day since it was Wednesday, but i was wrong. I was greeted with a rude customer. I don't know how people can be so rude to someone who is taking their order and making their food. People don't look at workers with any respect but would want respect if they were on the job. I also had an experience with the men bathroom. The toilet pipe popped, so water was rushing out everywhere and flooding. After those experience I can handle it now.
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Sunday was my day off. It was a nice bright sunny day with a hint of breeze. I got to spend it with my two favorite people, my cousin and my best friend. We had a little girls day at the pool eating lunch and laying on the hammocks. Later on we went to the park to listen to music and get into deep talk. Later on once we got tired of the outside we went inside to lay down and watch movies. We watched an action movie and a scary movie. The night ended with a "see you later".
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Today is Labor Day! To celebrate the holiday, my friends and I got up early to get everything together. We went shopping for food and drinks. Picked up a blanket and plates to eat on. Our day at the park was gonna be perfect. Once we got to the park we set everything up at our table. We had to sit under something so we don't have direct heat hitting us. While eating a raccoon tried to creep up on us. I was not having that so I threw some water at it so it can go away, it worked.
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So hurricane Irma is coming to Florida. I am kinda worried about it. The first thing i'm worried about is the flooding. I can't swim , so that right there is already a no. Another thing i'm worried about is the sewers connected to my house. Once those overflow the showers and toilets are gonna get backed up. That's another no because I love taking showers and flushing my toilets. I personally think Irma should just go home wherever she came from because she is just going to ruin everybody things and days. But I do want everyone to be safe.
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I am really hoping to pass this semester in college. I have writing assignments already coming up and I am not a good writer. So hopefully over time I can expand my writing skills so I can get good grades on the assignments. In my free time I will try to get help and reviews on my papers. By the end of this semester I want my writing skills to sky rocket so that writing papers would be a piece of cake to me. Especially because I have to write on topics that I can't choose. I try my best.
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My favorite rapper is Kodak Black. Everyone thinks that he is ugly but I find him cute. He's adorable in his own little way. But I love how he raps. His voice is smooth and flows on the beat. My favorite song he has out right now is 'Transportin'. It's catchy and has a good beat. I hope one day to go to his concert if he doesn't end up getting arrested again. It would be a really fun concert to go to, I know the lyrics to his songs and I would be around people who like him too.
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One day I was Walking down the street and I saw a dusty orange kitten wandering around. My heart filled with joy when I saw it. I love kittens so much that I had to go to pick it up. He was all alone and looked dirty. So I thought to myself, "why not take him home." I brought home the kitten and cleaned him up in my sink then gave him some milk to drink. I don't know how long it been since he's ate. I decided to keep him and ended up naming my ball of joy Tiger.
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I never thought about an open relationship before until an friend told me about theirs. To me I find it weird. Why would you want to share your significant other with someone else? I would want my person to myself. I'm still trying to figure out how that relationship works without another person getting jealous or territorial. But for now , I think I would just do a one way relationship or just be single. I would not be sharing no man with another woman if he is in a relationship with me. That is my thoughts on an open relationship.
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I love people who love to joke around. That just have a funny personality. I like to laugh and joke around all the time. If you are a serious person and can't take jokes , I don't think we would click after awhile. We would end up getting tired of each other personality. But they do say opposite attracts but from personal experience, they don't in my case. That's okay though because some people are just not meant to be. Relationship or friendship wise. Things like that always happens for a reason. If it's meant to be it will come back.
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I do not understand how after years of being best friends you just stop being friends. Even if you get in a disagreement, argument or fight. You literally have all that history together and to end it after one little incident that a person was sorry about is crazy. My mind is blown. I thought everything was fine after we talked but I guess you were thinking different. I feel like the situation got blown out of proportion and we were both hurt from different reasons but I feel like the friendship that we had did not have to end
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Tattoos and piercings. That's an interesting topic. I want to get my first tattoo as a pink louts flower. The pain is what stopping me from getting it. I hear different stories about the pain, so it is hard for me to judge how it will feel for me . But I have a low pain tolerance. Piercings on the other hand is something I can do. I like piercings because they are quick. The pain is fast, something you can do in just a couple seconds. I would like to get my nose pierced and finish getting my ears pierced.
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Drugs. Many people have different views on this topic. One thing people consider an drug is Marijuana. I personally believe it to not be a drug. I think it does no harm to people. Certain people make it look bad because they don't know how to motivate themselves while they smoke it. But a "pot head" can do the same thing as any other person. Marijuana hasn't killed anybody like how cigarettes or alcohol has. So why is that legal and not weed? I hope one day it is legalized recreational in Florida so I can open a smoke shop.
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I see a successful future for myself. I hope to have a job as a psychologist and to be married to a loving husband and have about four kids. I hope to financially stable because I like to shop. I would want to shop for myself, family, and just anyone who I want to give back too. I hope that I can build my homeless shelter that I been dreaming about since I was in middle school. I hope to have my dream cars that I want and to just be happy. If I believe that can happen, it will.
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Once upon a time ago there was a little girl who loved to run in the fields and pick the daisies. She would chase the butterfly's and tried to keep them as pets. She would bring her little snow white dog in the field and they would play chase. But one day she got sick and had to stay inside for a week. She was sad about but her parents kept telling her to stay in bed to get better so she can go back out. When she got better she ran back to the field and it was gone.
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Today is the last day to get your supplies at any of the stores before they shut down because of the epidemic that is coming. Everybody has to stay in their houses until there is an news alert for people to come out. Some people has to tried to evacuate the city before the epidemic got larger. No one knows if the disease would spread to any other places. The only thing that the people know is that it is very deadly. Once you get it, it eats you from the inside out. You will know that you have it.
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Weddings are so beautiful. I would want to have my wedding on a beach. The beach is my favorite place to go so why not have my special moment there. It would be a lot cheaper too because I wouldn't have to buy heels to wear. Decorations would be a lot cheaper too since we are outside. The background would be the view. I would only have to set up some chairs for people to sit in. I would only have to worry about buying my wedding dress and getting invitations made. I can not wait for this special moment.
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I can't wait until Halloween. I love seeing people dress up in all the different costumes. Some people get really creative and it's really cool what they can come up with. I like when families do a group costume, they are really funny and cute. This one time a family had dressed up as the minions. That was a picture taking moment. Another reason I can't wait is because I love scary movies. I might not be able to sleep at night after watching but the thrill is worth it. Also the haunted houses are the best to be in.
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I like big boots and I cannot lie. I want to buy some thigh high boots when it gets to winter time. I feel like they would look so cute on me just like it does on everybody else. After seeing all these famous people wear them and the girls on Instagram ,makes me want to own a pair. They give me style inspiration. Even though I don't have to wait until winter to wear them. I just think it's too hot to wear them right now. I feel like they are like thigh high socks which I want also.
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Writing is an interesting hobby. Your mind gets to wander in all different directions. You have no limit to what you can imagine. When you don't know about something you want to write about, all you have to do is look up the topic and then boom, you learned something new. That is the same with words. If you need a new word to write instead of the old same word, you can look up synonyms for the word. Writing gives you the time to become another person and do things that you can't do in the real world sometimes.
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Sleep. That is my favorite hobby. I can fall asleep anywhere, at any time. When I am not working or am not at school I am sleeping. Sleeping helps to give you a break from all the hard work you are putting on your body. When you get deprived of it , you start getting delusional from the lack of it. I can never get tired of it. In fact if I was not typing this right now I would be sleeping. Sometimes I wish there were designated sleeping rooms out in public where you can go to take a nap.
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I love long hair. I can not wait until my hair grows long again. I feel like there is so many different styles you can try with your hair when it is long because you have enough of it. Right now my hair is short and transitioning back to it's curl. I used to have long thick curly hair when I was younger and I would do different braided styles to it. But now that I dyed it and straighten it so much it got damaged and thin. Right now I have to do all I can to repair it.
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I have a lot of growing to do in this life ahead of me. I'm only eighteen years young and just graduated from high school. This is my time to go out and get drunk , go to crazy parties, try different things that I would normally not do. But right now I'm not focused on that. I am planning for the future. I am thinking of how my life will be by the time I am thirty. I want to live a good happy life. I feel to do that, I need to be focused now and have fun later.
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She had beautiful long blonde hair, her eyes were the color of the deep blue ocean. Her voice sang every time she spoke. Animals loved her, they would go up to her willing. Her work ethic was marvelous. She would get the job done and everything would be cleaned perfectly. She did not go out much either. She has two step sisters and she stays with her step mother. Which both are evil to her. She has a godmother who looks out for her and cares for her dearly. This girl is named Cinderella, my favorite Disney fairy tale Princess.
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Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be famous. To have all these people watching your every move and being judge and talked about what choices you make in your life. Pictures taken every time you go out. Which I would not mind that. You get to be in contact with other famous people, which is pretty cool. I would want to be a famous singer. You get to have all these different costumes when you perform and you make so many people happy with the words you sing. I would give back so much to the public.
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One of my favorite places is the beach. I love the feel of the blazing sun on my skin. The sand is all warm from the heat of the sun and the feeling of the sand going all between your toes feels really relaxing. You get to lay on the sand and just listen to the waves from the ocean and hear the birds chirp from the sky. The whole moment you are just relaxed at peace with your self. I hope one day to own a house on the beach where I can take rides on my jet ski.
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I have only been camping twice. I went camping in middle school for a field trip. It was a really fun experience. We got to set up tents and roast marshmallows in the fire. We went on different hiking trails and even went to the ocean to try to catch fish with our fishing net. But I want to have that experience again now that I am older. I would like to go with my close friends, go through that whole experience and see how it would be now. I want to see if we will be able to survive.
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People like to talk trash and not be able to back it up. That is something that is not going to pass by me. If people have anything to say, they need to be direct with it, that fake stuff that people say behind your back is not cool. Because it will always come back around and bite you in the end. I'm the type of person who wouldn't do talking. I just listen to what has to be said and then ask but do you want to fight though. Most people think that talking will work but it doesn't.
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Sometimes you have to cut things off before they go to far. You may not want to but it's for the best. But with doing so you may hurt people feelings during it, including yours. But it is in best interest for yourself. It may be a relationship that you want to stop and make into a friendship or it might be some fucked up type of whatever that you want to fix. That is what I am trying to do. Whatever I am in right now, I am trying to fix now. Hopefully it will all work out well.
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This is my last day of writing one-hundred words. This has been an fun assignment. Some days it can feel like therapeutic writing. Some days it feels like i'm just writing for fun, and some days it feels like I have nothing to write about. But doing this has helped me expand my mind and think about all the things I could write about, even make up stories like how I used to do in high-school. I still need to practice my writing and expand my vocabulary but practice makes perfect and that's what i'm going to do.