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A life had begun in a world with silence.
Not a bit of sound but being stared at.
Tiny hands, fatty fingers with movement.
A word had spoken through hands.
After one word, it became a sentence.
Then there was an expression with joy.
For not being the only one,
There are others to be found.
Not a bit of sound but signing hands.
This language has discovered really amazing.
It has brought interesting
also challenging journey.
After all, this is my life, my language,
And my world.
Not a bit of sound is
The beautiful silence.
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Why canít I have a good sleep? I studied homework, took a quiz and passed it. I did the house chores. I eventually passed out around 9:30pm as usual. But then I woke up at almost one in the morning and I am still staying up writing this. I am waiting to be tired, really tired as enough as I can go back to sleep. Hot tea wasnít helping. I just realize that the sleep pills ran out. So, it looks like I am stuck with being awake. Ah, next choice is to read a book and that should help!
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Life is like a book. Some of the chapters are about being a newly mom while going to college to study art, meeting wrong guys before marrying Mr. Right. Some of those chapters can be dark and unpleasant. Some pages are very important to remember and to keep it in mind for the life lessons. No rewinding in the book, but only stating WHAT IF that it applies to this world. It gains knowledge from experiences. Now here is the new chapter beginning with me continuing college to pursue a future and yes, more chapters to come. My life continues.
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Love can be complicated. Sometimes, it can make you crazy or mad for not getting what you want or how you expect it to be. However there is one thing that you never do such a thing to someone you love. Abusing, do you think it will give you a power to control the partner? Expecting her or him to knee down and obey you? Do you think it is worth of staying in unhealthy relationship? You might have realized that but is it hard for you to get out of it? Love is a pure of love, not anger.
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At 2:20 pm,
I run downstairs,
Unlock the door, so you can come in.
Every time you open the door,
Your energy infects everywhere
With your warm love.

That is how I greet
For welcoming home!

We give each other hugs,
Your head keeps growing
To my height, I realize
How tall you become to be!

No, please stop growing!
You keep glowing
Your beautiful wavy hair
Your long eyelashes
And your glossy lips.
The whole transforming
From a newborn
To this day you are now.

Love, Mommy
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Looking back at those moments Of your life has caught up.

I try my best to only think presence
That you are still here, And I shall not be
Afraid to lose you. When it is time to
Live your own independence.
Life will take you away
To somewhere further
To explore experiences
To learn lessons
To overcome obstacles
To reach dreams,
Then, to find a soulmate.

But today, you are still here
I hold you in my arms
Closely to my heart
And print this moment
Boldly in my mind.

Simply because
I cannot hold
Your wings.

Love, Mommy
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There is a hurricane coming and it is named Irma. Normally, there would be some hurricane or tornado coming sometime between August and October, but what I was surprised was the name. Irma, one of my old friends that I considered as a best friend and that brought a lot of memories back in my high school and college days. Sadly, after she made a new friend that she thought they both had so much in common, and then I was simply forgotten. Friends come, and go, right? Just like the Hurricane Irma comes, and goes, however loyal friends stay.
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Friday the eighth of September 2017 is the day that I will always remember. The stocks in Publix, Winn-Dixie, Wal-Mart, Target, and the stores are more than half empty because of the Hurricane Irma and everyone is buying with panic. Anyway, I have to go back there to find some dry food, and know something? I find it interesting because I only notice the foods are stocked that is healthy while the junks are gone. Healthy food is not a problem for me and my family, so I buy those to home, and we will enjoy the healthy meals meanwhile!
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Another day is all about the Hurricane Irma, and to be honest, I get sick of hearing it repeatedly but I do understand that everyone needs to know the updates with where Irma is going. Watching the news on TV, and reading the feeds on Facebook, and not only those, but also the notifications keep filling up my phone screen is just too much. I am staying positive, and praying that we all will be ok and my husband is confident that we will be fine. As the time has passed by, and now I am worried for our safety!
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Today, the Hurricane Irma is getting even closer, and we feel nervous and anxious. We already have prepared with water bottles, healthy food (as I mentioned in a previous entry), and shutters all around my house. It is a very intense feeling because we are determined to stay and have positive thoughts, but deep down, we are scared. We have this beautiful home just a bit over a year ago, we build this life together, and our lives are impossible to be replaced. Not only us, everyone works hard for their lives and now the Hurricane Irma appears to destroy!
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My house is boarded up with the shutters. Also, we donít have the electric after Hurricane Irma has visited our area. Besides feeling hot inside, and wearing thin clothes, but we have a lot of fun playing games. That we have not played those games in a very long time, and the quality of spending time together as a family is really nice. We laugh, make jokes of each other on how lack we play, and take pictures of each other. In a way, I wish for this to continue having the quality time together and to embrace the moments.
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The mess Hurricane Irma left in my local are mostly broken branches from the magnolia trees, and the area of where the houses under constructions are, the bathroom booths flipped over, and yes the stinky stuff spread. Also, a little bit of flood there and over there, and I saw the kids playing in the flooded area, but it was not deep, probably at 2 feet high. The weather was nice just right after Irma left. It was relieved to see my home community safe, and I was glad that the category 5 had reduced to category 2. Thank god.
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However it was really nice to take a break from studying during the days of the hurricane Irma, my brain finally felt calm without a throbbing headache. No electrical for me to do homework on the canvas online, instead I read books I really enjoyed. My family and I caught up so much and it was good getting to know each other more. We realized how much technology affected us from socializing. My husband is the technology trainer and his job is to report online, and fix troubleshoot. My daughter played PS4 a lot as well as used the phone.
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Have anyone heard the app called NextDoor? If you have not heard anything about it, let me tell you something. Nextdoor is a social media but it is more of communicating with neighbors for lost pets, give away items, jobs needed, and urgent information. We signed up because we are deaf, and it is hard to stay in pace while thousand things going on at once. It helps us to be aware of what is going on in my community. For example, the hurricane Irma, and we have so much supports in this neighbor and it was nice to know.
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Art is very interesting to me, especially since I am an artist myself. The way other people draw is unique, since nobody draws exactly like one another. But I like other art too, like photography and theatre. Some people donít realize that theatre and music is an art too, I believe that art is a huge category that holds many little things that people can get creative with. I really enjoy the art that people come up with. Every day is something unique and Iím glad more and more people are getting involved with the arts now days.
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I have been trying my best to do well in Pre-Algebra. It might be very easy for others, but not for me. Some sections of Pre- Algebra are easy, however the other sections are really challenging. Especially with the math sentence problems to solve, my daughter suggested not to worry about the sentences, only to look for a code word If it is minus, addition, multiply or divide, and find the solution. Sounds simple, and I did my best. I am okay with the grade, wish I could do better than that, but that is the hardest I have tried.
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Some people dislike Mondays because it is the first day of the week, most people love Fridays because it is the last day of the week, but a few people like Sundays even it is just a day before Monday. I am one of those few people and I love Sunday because it reminds me important things I need to do for myself is to relax, enjoy the coffee, watch my favorite shows, or movies, take a nap, do nothing or finish my art projects. Friday is ok, after returning to school, I have tests every Friday, though. So, hello Sunday!
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I have three guinea pigs and I love them so much. I used to have a pet dog back when I was younger, unfortunately he ran away, it was a very sad time for me as a child. Eventually, when I was older I got two pet kitties. I had the two kitties for five years; it was a really memorable time for me since I loved them. They meant a lot to me, and so my heart shattered into a million pieces when they died. But now, my cute guinea pigs are my happiness when I come home to.
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The day after Christmas, I woke up my daughter, and I spoke ďLetís go to Petsmart.Ē She was still sleeping but trying to hear me. ďWake up, letís go and get you a small pet!Ē At once, she heard the word PET and she was awake after rubbing her eyes. To confirm what she had heard me, she asked me to repeat, and I did. She hugged me, ďMommy!! Are you serious about having a pet in this new house?!Ē I nodded yes and repeated telling her to get ready. BOOM, she was all set in 30 minutes!
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We arrived at Petsmart, and I was starving because she wanted to pick a pet first before eating breakfast. My stomach was growling, but when I saw what she chose, and I was not feeling hungry anymore. The pet had black spot around her eyes that looked like she had eyeliner. She had half white and blonde in strips around her body also she had cute pink nose. This cute thing in my daughterís arm was a guinea pig. My daughter named her Banana because banana was her favorite fruit, and the sounds of saying banana were really adorable.
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Yesterday, I looked at those unfinished canvases, and I felt sad for not being able to make time to paint them. I felt tempting to sit, and touch the brush, but I didnít because if I did, I wonít stop till I complete the task, and then I wouldnít have enough time to do assignments for my college. I didn't realize how much it took my time studying at once I became a college student again. It's really awesome that I am studying to pursue a career, but I missed painting and creating my visions so much!
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Taking Photography I is complicated than I remember. Back then when I was in college, but I was much younger than I am now. I took the same course also I took Photography II. Strange thing, I remember bits of those courses I took. I am surprised by how much I have forgotten! Anyway, I have been trying my best to remember every steps carefully, the steps for developing, and another steps for printing. Developing is challenging while printing in a dark room is easy but taking about two hours to complete a photo. Yes, two hours for a photo.
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I love to shop; itís my favorite thing to do when Iím not busy at home. I go to the Brandon Mall to browse around and have a quick meal right before I get busy. The stores at the Brandon Mall are interesting, every time I go I have to buy at least something! But sometimes I buy a little too much, so I have to watch myself usually. I go to the mall with my daughter most of the time. Itís interesting to see what her style is. I have a great time shopping with her.
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Going on a vacation is what I need now because I notice something happens after we come home from vacation, a new change occurs. For example, a few years ago I took a vacation with my mom to Panama City, Panama for a week, and when I came home. Something had changed with my former job, and I got an accident at work. Result, I lost the job for being injured, but I got a new job a few months later. I had this job for two years. Another vacation occurred, and here I am being a college student again.
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To have supports at home is important because if not for their supports, we might fall apart in some situations. For instance, I am a college student, also I have a full responsibility at home, and I am a mom of a teen daughter as well as a wife. Not to forget to mention myself as own person that needs me-time. I am probably crazy to have four courses this semester while I have so much going on at home, so I ask for my familyís help to take my chores. I am grateful for my supportive family.
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Watching my daughter growing up, and I am speechlessly amazed how much she has grown over years. Sometimes, I see her in me because she has talent with arts like me. I am an artist, and so is she, the only difference is she does animation on computer while I am hand on drawing and painting. Now, she is taking drawing class in high school to learn how to do hand on drawing. She wants to study animation at Full Sail University. I find this really inspiring by knowing that she is truly stepping in the art world even further.
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The stress we have in our everyday life, and I think it is normal to have stress. What is NOT normal if you never experience stress? However, when we are in extremely stressed, we need to figure a way to relieve a stress. There are ways to feel better by exercising, seeing a friend, writing a journal, doing a hobby, or going away on a vacation. As for me to feel better by reading, drawing, swimming, shopping, and going away on a vacation. Sometimes, I go to see a friend to vent, and a cocktail is must to have!
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Today is one of the days I feel hopeless because after I have studied as hard as I could, and the result had shown like I did not study enough. Itís frustrating and tiring. Sometimes, I wake up at 5 am to study extra before prepare lunch bags for my daughter and myself, so my brain would start activating. When I study so much as I feel drained so easily by the evening. I donít know if it is my age, or that my life is full with family and responsibility. However, I will still do my best with study
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While I am dropping off my daughter at high school, I really hate the way the car line to drop off students where it is crowded with parking filled with vehicles, students walking, even staffs going on their way to clock in, and the vehicle in front of me suddenly stops in middle of a roomful road. I have to keep my eyes all over my head to be sure that I am not hitting anyone or vehicles because the way the road is designed is very narrow and very curve. That is the only way to drop off kids.
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For those young deaf children who want their parents attention by communicating in American Sign Language (ASL). Most parents decide cochlear implanted is the best solution for their deaf children because they think it will fix their hearing loss, so the parents are not bothered to learn ASL because their deaf children need to learn to speak. Unfortunately, those deaf children still want them to learn ASL because it is their first language also for their support using ASL with their little ones. American Sign Language is very important for all deaf children and their parents to use at home.