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My name is, Christopher S. Brown. I am the second youngest of my father's children, and the youngest of my mother's. I do not like to type nor read, but that just might be the reason why i am in Developmental Writing. Trying Rushing through the 100 words. Oh look, I have this hit 55, now i have just 39. I don't really know what to say anymore, life is good, bills are paid, loving family. Jesus H. Christ! only 18 more to going. Yup thinking of some thing, thinking of some thing list, piss, kiss, miss, Chris, this, goodbye.
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If you want to learn Japanese, you first must learn how to pronounce Kana. Also known as, Hiragana and Katakana. Hiragana will teach you the basics. As in how to say vowels like: A, I, U, E, and O. Katakana has the same pronunciations, different characters, and more letters. It's a little more complicated, but if you have a strong footing in Hiragana, Katakana will be a breeze. After you know both Hiragana and Katakana the next and final step is to study Kanji.  One of the things you may notices, which might be the biggest difference. English uses the Subject-Verb-Object order while Japanese is a Subject-Object-Verb. 
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Philosophy, in my opinion, is the most important subject you will ever learn. Not only does everyone, all around the world, uses philosophy on a daily basis. It also what makes you who you are. Now, what do you value? Your most basic values are called morals. If you believe nothing is true, false, good, or bad. you might be a Moral Nihilists. Maybe you think, good and bad just depends on the individuals cultural: the same thing Moral relativist believe. Universal Morality is the belief that your moral rules apply to everyone in the world. There are many more.
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How my day was today: I woke up very happy that there was no school today...until I realized that this is my last day away from school. As usual, I woke up, roaming around the house and stumbled into my cousin's room to see what she was doing. At the time, she was watching T.V. (The typical teen shows, nothing exciting) We talked for a while, then my sister showed up and she wanted us to watch a show about teenage models. It was boring, but it was somewhat fun spending time with the family and friends.
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Well, I stared my day by waking up at 5:00 a.m. in the morning. Taking a bath, getting dressed, and eating same Hot Pockets. While warming up my Hot Pockets, I notices my sister, was not up. So, as a good brother, I kicked her door down, and said, "Oh my god, the house is on fire; it's too late to save me. Save yourself." She made some type of beastly noise, rolled over, and slammed the door in my face. After that, I walked to my room, and was ready to start the day. And that's all.
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Well, day six. I guess i'll get start. I'm sitting here in the G.E.D. building at a H.C.C. Campus doing "My10YearPlan" for one of my classes. It's asking me stupid questions like: how much money well you be making, will you have a wife and kids? how much will it cost to take care of the kids per month? I am only 20 years old, i want kids, but not now! I don't know how much daycare cost, or even how to take care of a baby. I'm just a kid going to college. That's all.
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Part Two, "The Revenge of Orientation" I do not even have the class two today, and I'm mad i still have to go to orientation. with every passing day I find less of a point to even have that type of a class. I understand, some people need help finding what is realistic. (I'm not one of them). If you have not notice by my stye of writing or typing that I am a negative person. i smile, make jokes and all. But being negative is amazing, It keeps me realistic, just try it for a week straight.  
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Alright, it is the eighth day 10:00 p.m. and the face that i have to do this same thing in two hours makes me want to kill myself. For the people that think I'm serious, sorry to disappoint you, but I'm not. having to put my thoughts down for anyone to see is weird to me. All i did to day: homework, preparing for the hurricane, and playing around with my dog and sister, Noting big. I want to get this work out of the way because i do want to practice my Japanese. Goodbye for now. 
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If you watch the news you know that Hurricane Irma is coming to Florida, and as my mother was getting prepared for the hurricane: driving in the rain, shopping in Walmart, and buying food. Seems fine and well, but one of the items she bought was COOKIES. I quickly think, "Maybe this is not for the hurricane, maybe this is for her." She proved me wrong (again), one by one all of the family members lined up for some cookies like a soup kitchen. And she started yelling because, "THE COOKIES ARE FOR THE HURRICANE!" Yeah that's all folks. Bye.
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Irma is here, my family and i are at my aunt's house. We were watching the news for some time, until the power went out at 8:00 p.m. Now we are playing UNO, and enjoying each other's company. The hurricane is about five hours out from the people in Tampa, and If you ask me it's taking too long. Just come here, do damage, and leave. i will be staying up all night to see show much damage Irma does, or to wake up my family if we have to quickly pack up are bags. Goodbye   
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While at my aunt's house, the news said that if you're going somewhere pack clothes for three days. One day pasted, and my mother decided to go back to our house. Even though we got a call from the fire department saying that we had to leave because we were in a flood zone. One magical thing happened...Nothing. No flooding, some broken trees, and most importantly, we did not get robbed. All and all a good day. The biggest problem is that we did not have any gas, and either did the gas stations. Part two will be tomorrow.
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Now that we know are place has not been touch by the flood. The first thing on the to do list: get all of our stuff from my aunt's house. We brought back everything: blankets, clothes, all the items you can think of. After we put all our items back in our house, we could start on the second thing on the list: cleaning the yard. My sister our cousin and i worked together to pick up the leaves, cut down the branches, but one of the trees we could not touch because of the electric wire. bye   
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The degree i am pursuing is in Computer Information Systems, but when i go to U.S.F. i might change it, and get a master's in  Computer Science & Engineering. A Computer Science Degree comes with a lot of titles; for example, Application Architect, Development Manager, Systems Security Manager; and Computer Software Engineer, and Computer Network Architect. The list goes on-and-on. Which is great, in my opinion, because i never wanted to be stuck doing one thing. i can take my skills and create my own projects; for instance, programing robots, creating games, or designing websites.
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today was just a very normal day, no arguments with other family members, no shocking, last-second item i had on my to-do-list the most annoying thing i had to do was a God-Like mountain of homework (including the 100 words i am doing right now). this, To me, this is surprising me because i thought the the hurricane was my best friend but no. I had...I have (sadly) homework to do, but i could not work. The last day i worked was the sixth of September. Well i guess that's all i got.    
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Let's list off some things before i got started. One: i do not believe anything i this book (because i have a basic understanding of how psychology and statistics works). Two: this just might be a series. and three: this is a joke, so don't take it too seriously. Now that I've gotten the the disclaimer out of the way, let's began. The beautiful and truthful book: The Blackman's Guide to understanding the Blackwoman. Honey silk mead down every lack "Blackmans" ears. I will break down the book, paragraph by paragraph, next time...on our quest.       
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Alright (i am smiling while i am doing this because i know someone will get offended), I will start with my favorite part. On page 12, the paragraph will be talking about: "The Low Life Blackwoman," it continues to say, "she dresses in inexpensive K-Mart type styles and her face is greasy from wearing too much cheap make-up." I know what you're thing, "Yes! this amazing profile of EVERY THE BLACK WOMAN ON EARTH" (how did it not see how it's being completely bias?) I'll explain how it's wrong next time. Remember this is just page 12. 
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(This is referring back to my last entry.) Being bias, there are multiple ways to being bias. Saying that someone is bias only tells you that a individual or group are more likely to believe or do something. I well be talking about the different types of biases, but before i do you must understand. As a human you always were and will be bias; however, try to recognize when, and if you are give the opposite choice or opinion a chance. One bias type: cognitive bias, which is only seeking answers or information that you already agree with. Next.
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Cognitive Dissonance happens when your morals or values contradict your actions. Most populate during 1600s to late 1800s because of how Europeans thought of they were high class, and better than anyone and everyone around them. So why would they be apart of such savagery as slavery? That was the beginning of a wide spread disease called: Cognitive Dissonance. Just because it was populate in the 1600s and 1800s does not mean it is not common today; for example, if you eat meant, but believes animals should have the same right as humans, in America, that is Cognitive Dissonance. Next
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If you don't know, I have writing class, which will remain a secret. Unless i already told. reason why I'm there. First, my handwriting is the best chicken scratch you'll ever see. I'm not playing around my my lower case E's looks like a Z. Second, my punctuation. saying it's bad would be the best case for me. Other than that, I don't know really, but the teacher is helping us write an essay. I wish she only did, but no. I'm not checking thins for spelling errors. Have a nice day. I have to go to work. Bye.  
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Let's talk about anime. Dragon ball, One Piece, Naruto. all good anime but you want to fine the Big O of anime the Afro Samurai of anime the...okay, you get the point. Finding good anime is an art  form. If you're new to this you will come across the Sword Art Online even now and again (Sword Art Online was a bad a very bad anime). you must pick carefully because you're spending 28 minutes watching some type of anime then BOOM! regret is almost instant. you have to know want you want before you pick anime. 
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Let's keep this at 100 words. Nothing really happened today. it was pretty normal. don't believe me? Fine, I'll tell you. I woke up at 6:00 a.m. but didn't get up until 8:36 a.m. and i have class at 9:30 a.m. knowing that i took my time getting ready didn't eat. My Intro Into Computers was fine (which means: "i only checked my watch three times"). The only problem is I have to go to writing class on Monday, is the only reason i'm writing this right now. Till next time. It's me 
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I knew this would happen. I have so much homework to do. The reason why there is so much of it is because... I don't feel like doing most of it. Don't get me wrong, I love my computer class because it's easy as all out doors. Writing is okay, i guess, i feel like i should be doing more. All of that is not the point. The point is i stop learning Japanese. the one thing i was doing for myself. I still go on WaniKani to keep up with kanji, but other than that. Nothing     
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The one thing i love the most are fighting games. Fighting games are just more than mushing buttons, as hard as you can, on a controller and seeing who dies first. Well, it's like that at first, But the more you play and learn you well understand. It's more about timing, math, and, most importantly, mind games. Timing and math goes hand-and- hand. The math i am talking about is called frames. One frame is two hundredths of a second or twenty milliseconds. Some games have punches as quick as one frames. Others maybe punch nine frames. 
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I guess today was a pretty good day. My grandmother had broken  trees all around her yard. I started with the one on my mom's car; the car is fine but the tree is not. I cut the tree slowly with two different types of tools, I can't remember the name, it took about three to four hours to completely remove. After that I used an hour and a half break to get some homework done, and then removed two more tress. This time with a chainsaw. my muscle are beginning to hurt and i'm tried. Bye   
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Today was a great day. I did not get anything done I slept half of the day away. The other half was used up by watching Youtube videos. Some were about how to pronounce "su" and "tsu" (you think it if you think it's easy. Your dead wrong). Others were watching my favorite videos by CowChop (unless you like weird videos you would like them). I was eating some food I already forgot the name of. i think i did maybe two pages of just a page and a half. Yes, this way a great day for me
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Let's talk about fighting games again. Some frames can be one frame or twenty-six frames. It all depends on the games your playing. Also, frames stat at the top of the screen and ends at the bottom. There are two different types of frames in fighting games: positive frames and negative frames. To put it simply, one of the ways positive frames can happens is when a punch is blocked by the opponent. If the frames are positive he can keep punching, but if the frames are negative, he must block or get hit.    
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a leader should have a strong will, self-confident, and social skills are traits of a great leader. A leader should know when something is worth fighting, no matter the odds, regardless of the sacrifices he or she mush make . One should be confident in his or her decisions, but will listen to others opinion when given the chance. He or she needs to understand how to calm people down: when they are angry or scared. Make them feel like they are being heard, and can view their leader as someone they can trust. I just put this random statement.
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Today I woke up at around 7:00 am because i knew i have to do something before i go to school. What i had do will remain a secret. I took a bath, dried off, and put on my clothes. on my way to school, i enjoyed the most beautiful sight my eyes had ever laid eyes on. it is called  a comic book. this was the first time i saw one (being fourteen and all). i pick it up off of the sidewalk, and stated reading it. After that, i loved them.         
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Now i'm done. Why in the world would my orientation class ask me me to take the time out of my day to make up a stories about nine people. Create a complete background of how they lived their live fifteen years later. why in the....should i care about that? How is that important? and the biggest question i have. Why should I have to do it in a book and online? Let me calm down. No, seriously, why? I'll did it. Well, i'm going to do it tomorrow when or if I feel like it    
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Does a 2-in-1 laptop have the same processor as a tablet? How does a process work? What is RAM? What is ROM? These questions the average person would not be able to answer. To put it simply RAM allow you to have programs running in the background. A processor turns data into information. ROM give the computer instructions on how to startup. Even though a 2-in-1 laptop can turn into a tablet, a tablet processor has a mobile OS (or Operating System) while a 2-in-1 laptop has a traditional OS. Hoped this helped.