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Have you ever heard the saying "If gymnastics were easy it would be called football"? Gymnastics is not an easy sport. Have to seen the men and women Gymnastics Olympics? They train every day a week for almost 20 hours a week. They are dedicated people and they also travel all around the world and train at different places. It is crazy how sports can be so intense but all the sports that are intense help you get better. Yes, people get hurt in sports but it is part of the sport, they never said sports were safe and easy. 
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There are four events in Women Gymnastics: Vault, Bars, Beam, and Floor. You have to have a lot of endurance, strength and flexibility in every event. The first event I'm going to talk about is vault because vault is probably the easiest event. The first skill you start off with is a front handspring over the vaulting table. You have to run, arm circle and punch onto the spring board to be able to go through with the front handspring. The second skill most gymnast move onto next is a round off. Round offs are easier than front handsprings.
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The second event I am going to talk about is Uneven Bars. You need a lot of strength to be able to pull yourself over a wooden bar. Bars is probably the hardest event because there are so many tricky and difficult skills to do on bars. On Bars most gymnast start off with pullovers to get on top of the bar for starters. If the Gymnast is more advanced they will do kips to get onto the bar. All Gymnast should build muscle before trying to do bars because it's every important to gain the muscles you need. 
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The third event I am going to talking about is Balance Beam. Balance Beam is a four inch wide piece of long wood that you have to do skills on. Gymnasts need a lot of balance to be able to stick their skills on the balance beam. For beginners they will learn how to balance on two feet by walking across the Balance beam. They will eventually balance on one leg. Beam is the event that you really need to focus on because if you are not focused you could possibly fall and get hurt or even split the beam.
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The last event I'm going to talk about is Floor. Floor is my favorite event because you get to do a lot of tumbling and dance. Gymnasts that are beginners in gymnastics may start off by doing forward rolls and backward rolls. They might also do lunge T lunges and handstands. For more advanced gymnasts they will do back handsprings and front handsprings. Their back handspring might develop into a round off back handspring and then eventually it will turn into a round off back handspring back handspring. There are a lot of tumbling skills you can do on floor. 
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So today is my second week in college and it is a lot different than I thought it would be. There are so many activities that go on in the court yard. There are so many more people than I am used to because I came from a small charter school. In one of my classes I have already taken 3 quizzes and passed them all which I am very happy about and I was very surprised I past them because I was very nervous about them. Also I had like 5 assignment due too, everything goes by so fast.
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College is way better than high school because you have more freedom and you change classes every semester. Also you are learning interesting things that you want to learn about your major. 
Your not just doing basic core classes like high school. Also your not in school for 8 hours everyday or the week. There are so many learning paths and options you can take in college. Although college is a lot tougher and there more assignments you need to turn in I feel that I like college because it makes me feel like an adult not a kids.
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What is your favorite holiday? My favorite holiday is THANKSGIVING. I like thanksgiving because my mom cooks delicious food like turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, and chocolate Hershey pie. Another thing I like to do on thanksgiving is watch the thanksgiving Macy's day parade. All my family members come over and we eat together. Also the next day is black Friday shopping and I love going black Friday shopping with my mom. Black Friday gets busy and a little overwhelming but fun at times. My brother does not like going with us because he doesn't like the crowds.
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People think Gymnastics is an easy sport. Well it is not an easy sport. Have you ever heard the saying "If gymnastics were easy it would be called football"? Have to seen the men and women Gymnastics Olympics? They train almost every day a week for almost 20 hours a week. They are also dedicated people and they also travel all around the world to train at different places. It is crazy how all sports can be so intense but all the sport that are intense help you get better. Yes, people get hurt in sports but it is part of the sport, they never said sports were safe and easy. 
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This weekend I went to Daytona for a gymnastics competition. There were a lot of girls and coaches there. It was a huge convention center. I was there because I have to coach my level 3 and 4 teams. The judges were judging really hard on all the girls so the girls did not do really good but they never gave up they kept going and accepted the score that was given to them. Most of the girls got a participation medal and some got more than one medal. The girls were happy that they got at least one medal.
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when I was little I never wanted to do gymnastics. But my mom put me in gymnastics and I did not like it. After a couple of weeks I started to like the coaches and teammates. I started when I was 5 years old, when I turned about 7 years old I went onto to  the competitive gymnastics team. The competitive gymnastics team completes all around parts of Florida. It was so much fun competing and winning trophies and medals. Most of all it was so much fun traveling with my friends and hang out and competing with them. 
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What is your favorite TV show? My favorite TV show is Grey's Anatomy because I like medical stuff and i want to be in the medical field. I think I want to be a physical therapist. Grey's anatomy teaches you a lot about medicine and types of positions like orthopedic working with bones, pediatrics dealing with childrens, neuro like dealing with the brain and cardio dealing the the organs. I like watching all of the surgeries and looking at the how they treat the patients and keep them a live. I love watching those kind of shows especially Grey's anatomy.
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When I was little I was in girls scouts and that is where I met my best friend. We have been friend for 10 years. we both lived in Florida until about four years ago when she moved to Arizona I was so sad because we did everything together and now all we can do is text each other. But when she moved to Arizona but two months later I went up to Arizona to see her for 2 weeks and we had so much fun. I miss her so much everyday. I wish she could move back down here.
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what is your favorite clothing store? My favorite clothing store are areopostale and my favorite place to get shoe is either champs or footlocker. In my wardrobe all I have is aeropostale. i love aeropostale because they have really nice close and they always have so many good deal every day. They have different kind of clothes and they also have pajamas too. I like buying shoes from champs and footlocker because they have nice running shoes and nice styles of shoes. They also have great deals too. So when store have good deals i always want to see them.
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When I was 15 I got my first job as a gymnastics coach and I loved it so much I first started in volunteering with a boys gymnastics class. Then they asked me if I wanted a job working with the preschool kids and I accepted the offer. So I worked there for a year and a half and then they were not giving me enough hours so I applied at another gymnastics company and I got hired there and made way more money and got way more hours and now I go to competitions and it is so much fun.
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When I was little I used to get so excited for my birthday. I used to stay up all night the night before my birthday because I was so excited for my birthday that I just couldnt go to sleep. As we get older we do not really care about our birthday as much as we did when we were little because some of us do not want to get older we want to stay young and no get old and wrinkly and grumpy. some people get angry when you ask them there age. So never ask someone their age.
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Today I woke up, brushed my teeth and got dressed for school. then I did my hair and then ate breakfast. I gathered all my school books and laptop and put it in my book bag. I walk outside to put all of my stuff in my car and I realized I had a flat tire. I was so upset and I was so worried that I would not be able to go to school but I got a ride from a friend and I was on time to school. I was so worried about how to fix my tire. 
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Do you ever just think about missy some one dearly? I miss my great grandpa. We did every thing together before he passed way. We used to write Christmas cards for everyone every Christmas. He always gave me money from to tooth fairy. We used to write stories together and read them to each other. We also watch a lot of tv together on our free time. We did so much together and I wish he was still here so we could do all of that again even though I'm older I wouldn't care. It was so much fun. 
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Do you know what it takes to be an effective leader? To be an effective leader you should be intelligent,  have bravery, and have confidence. You should be intelligent because people want their leader to know what they are supposed to do. We want our leaders to be brave because we want them to able able to overcome any obstacle that comes to them. We also what our effective leader to be confident because a leader who is not confident might be too scared to do certain things and they should be able to do a lot of confident things.
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The one thing I miss about high school are my teacher and friends. It is different in college because you have to start over and meet new people because your friends in high school go on to different adventure than you do. The teachers in college are a lot tougher on you and they help you but you have to actually ask for help or you will not get the help and you have to self advocate for yourself In college. The teachers at my high school I was really nice and they helped me a lot with school work.
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Someone that I inspire is Shawn Johnson. I inspire Shawn Johnson because she was an olympic gymnast and she was very good. She was a great role model because she never gave up and she followed her dream of becoming an olympic athlete. She is a motivator and a great person to look up too. If I were to meet anyone in the world I would meet her and hope she's motivates me to follow my dream just like she followed her dreams of going to the olympics. I wish she was my gymnastics coach when I was in gymnastics.
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What are things you cannot go without? I would not be able to go with out my phone or even my laptop because I am always on my phone and I ma always on my laptop. I would not be able to go with out my phone because I talk to people on my phone and I am always on social media. I would not be able to go with out my laptop because I watch Netflix and do school work on my laptop. I'm obsessed with my phone. 
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Do you have a bad habit? What is your bad habit? My Bad habit is biting my nails. I have been biting my nails since I was a little kids I bite my nails when I ma nervous and I bite them when I am bored or hungry. I try not to bite them now I have got a lot better at not biting them because I have learned when I bite them too much it starts to hurt and I tried to out nasty stuff on my nails so when I try to bite them it doesnt taste good.
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I do not when I make mistakes. Every one in the world makes mistakes. I just do not like when you are writing in pen and you make a small mistake and now you have to scribble in out and now it is the only thing you see on your paper and now you have to start over because you want to be organize and not sloppy. So now you start over because all you saw on the other paper was that little scribble doesn't that just irritate some people because it messes with my brain. I like being neat.
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Don't you hate it when you are super tired and your best friend is so wide awake and they do not let you go to sleep. I think that is so irritating because I like my sleep and if I do not get enough sleep I might be a little cranky when I wake up in the morning. Also I do not like it when you are sleeping and your have a little dream that you are falling and you immediately wake up because you got scared. I do not like when that happens to me it is so annoying. 
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In the morning I dont like waking up early because I am still so tired. I do not like the sound of the alarm clock when I goes off. When I hear my alarm clock I hit snooze about 5 times before I even start to wake up. I am not a morning person and I do not even like coffee so that is not going to help me get up in the morning. My favorite thing is to just fall back asleep for 5 more minutes and then my alarm clock goes off another time. I don't like it.
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I miss one of my high school teachers. Her name is Ms. Cassidy she was a wonderful and kind person who helped me in everything. She was like a mentor to me she was there when I needed her. Now that I am in college it is hard to talk to someone else because she was the one who I felt most confident in telling my stories too. But I still get to see her and talk to her every once in a while when I do not have school. I wish she could come to college with me. I
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What is your favorite sport? Obviously my favorite sport is gymnastics. I like gymnastics because we tumble and dance and circle on bars. There are so many things you can do in gymnastics. although it might be hard you have to overcome your fear and just do things that you are afraid of. It might take a long time to get rid of fear but you will definitely will be happy after you figured out how to lose that fear. Also I like gymnastics because the coaches are nice and help you in gymnastics they never let you fail.
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My favorite animal is a husky. I love huskies because there fur is very soft and long. I love there eyes because some husky eyes come out to be either brown or blue or one eye brown and one eye blue and I like that its so cute and cool. Another reason I love husky are because they are smart and you can train them do so many tricks and most of them get along with people and other dogs. They aren't like pitbulls who are aggressive all the time and pitbulls are so mean to other animals and people.
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When I was little I wanted my brother to be a girl. I was so upset that my brother turned out to be a boy because I wanted a little sister so I could play with her and she could do gymnastics with me and I could also play and do her hair every day. I was not a nice sister when me and my brother were little I was a little mean to him and we fought a lot but as we grew older we became friends and got a long much better than we did when we were younger.