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I've been alone now for so many years these tears are screaming your name remember how we use to laugh and love and live in the now I buried you deep inside my brain for you were bringing me pain i need a break from all this emotional stress I'm about to snap and I don't know if I could ever come back from that I tell myself forget the past all it does is fuck you over leaving you hanging and feeling like everyone talking about you behind your back laughing at you struggling just to get by this
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people tell you keep your head up keep living through the bullshit don't bow down and live your life but how could i be me if society tell me differently don't stand out be an average Mary sue i just want to paint myself and be original I don't care if I'm a outcast at least I'd still be me sure you can look down on me your just the monster they created at least i still have a soul can you say the same about yourself i feel so sorry for you i wish i could help you out
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Life i wish it came with a construction manual at least things would be whole lot easier than it is now not having to worry about if i made the right choices today or if i second guess myself at least i know I'll be okay and the outcome would be so worth it or maybe i know what the end goal was at this point in time I'M so worried about my future that i miss living and doing things in the now what if i miss my big opportunities just thinking about the future hopeful I'll get better
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I'm so bored i don't know what to do so i figured i might as well come on here and write about how bored i am at least I'll be doing something productive today and not sitting around do nothing like usually i didn't even go to class today and now i have to go to canvas and look up my teacher work and watch a video online so i can catch up with the rest of the class maybe I'm not cut out for the college lifestyle maybe I'm just to lazy and inconsiderate of mt surrounding to care
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This is my fifth entry and at first i didn't like it because i thought was a task more than a way to take the stress off my shoulder figuratively speaking that is. A way to vent all my emotions in hundred words that may be a challenge but i accepted it and went with it lords knows i have more to say than a hundred words but i think of it as a little game sometimes to have a little bit of fun a way to motivate myself at least i thinks so now its kinda like a habit
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Lets talk about how i had no power for three days when hurricane Irma hit and boy was i going crazy it was hot i had to throw away half of my food and on top of that i was so bored my phone was dead and so was my laptop no way of communication and nothing to do but be in a house that felt like a sauna and i have no realities here to crash with just in case something bad happens and don't get me started on the type of food i had to eat was horrible
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What i thought college was going to be like is nothing as what i expected but not so much a bad a experience as most people make it out to be sure there are days where you don't want to be there but also times where it can be fun and what a better way to meet new people who love the same thing you do and want to pursue a career in it to i think you get a little bit of both in college good and bad but in the end of it your experience is worth it
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Can you imagine the world without technology some people can't even go a day without their cellphone how do you think it would be like without all this technology maybe it could be better maybe we would put more focus on are studies and go outside more meet new people and hangout with them maybe this generation would turn out better or maybe it could turn out worse with out all this technology some might turn to crime others would probably go crazy i know i was bored to death without my phone for a couple days imagine that forever
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I just a read an interesting article about six woman in Sydney wearing the same exact dress to a wedding but a funny coincidence they were not bridesmaid i thought it was a pretty funny and something to remember especially the bride i would love for something like that to happen on my wedding day that would make me so happy and imagine something like this happen to you at your wedding probably the highlight of your night i would take photo with them to remember it forever and look back it couple years later and think to myself wow
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If you can any superpower in the world what would it be ? You can call me a little selfish but mine would be to mimic all the other people powers so i don't get stuck with just only one and have a wide variety of choices if I'm not feeling my power that day i can just change it whenever i want to and go with my mood. It can be dangerous for me to all that power but it's all just a fantasy and I'm sure a lot of people would also want this i cant imagine why not .
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darkness and light collide once every fortnight bringing woe to all who dares deify but there is a myth a legend of a brave young soul be it man or women shall conquer this war and end all their eternal suffering who shall step up and take this fight the old baker with some words of wisdom or the outcast who suffered more in day than you have your whole life or maybe you a young soul looking for something that cannot be found all we know is that anyone can take this role you'll just have to be brave
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Sometimes i feel so trap in my own small little corner and only music can set me free but sometimes it doesn't work than i feel like I'm suffocating being surrounded by all these people who i feel like know what there doing with their life and I'm still here in my comfort zone a corner to the side of the room away from everyone and i know it's all in my head that it's not really true but sometimes it feels like it's too much and i just can't control feeling this way i just wish for common ground
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Have you ever felt like no matter what you do it's never a enough for some people it's like you give it your all and they just discard you to the side like a piece of trash and you get so frustrated because you know your good enough heck maybe even better at it than them but their still some part of you that wants there approval no matter what like you need it but the truth of the matter is you don't you just subconsciously want it for some odd reason and you know so you gravitate towards them
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Have you ever wanted something so bad and realized once you get it not what you expected it to be because you were so blinded by the thought of wanting it you didn't take the chance to actually think to yourself if you actually need it and wasted money on something that was wasn't worth it on a object so insignificant to your life because i know i have and always do but sometimes i wish i stopped myself and ask do i really need it or do i just want it because it's the latest trend going on now
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I want a car but i can't afford one and i need to get my permit and driver licenses first which wouldn't be bad but first i need to learn how to drive a car than maybe i could get to school on time also it would be so much more easier for me and i wouldn't have to wait in the hot sun sometimes for hours or minutes just so the bus to arrive on time and when it's sometimes get delays when there traffic maybe an accident the bus ha goes on detours to arrive at the destination
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I like to think that I'm this talented singer but in reality I'm so off key and tune that it makes some people cringed just at the sound of my voice. I tell myself in my head that their just jealous that they can't sing as good a me but somewhere in my head I'm laughing at myself knowing I'm actually wrong be cause they sing really pretty compared to me even my dog a better singer and all he does is howl along with me it pretty sad if you think about it coming from a musically talented family
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Have you ever had a charlie horse in the middle of the night while you sleeping and wake up now imagine that on both of your legs your in pain and you fall off the bed and squirming around waiting for the pain to pass and it feels like hours on end all the pain was getting to me I'm rolling around on the floor at one point praying for it to be over and when its done i collect my self for a couple minutes get on my bed and think to myself I am definitely feeling that tomorrow
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I'm just a face in the crowd but I feel like I'm suffocating I'm hyperventilating I'm trapped in my mind okay maybe I'm going a little crazy oh who am i kidding let's face the facts I'm probably on the brink of insanity yet how come no one has noticed me I feel like i could murder your whole family and you still couldn't even see me am i a ghost a fucking entity come on just fucking look at me when I'm talking to you how dare you stand still pretend that I'm not even there my whole life
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She walk alone in this world lonely and separated from everyone and yet she lived a beautiful life one filled with wonder and hope, but she grew envious of the bond she saw bonds of love,family,and friends . He lived in a world surrounded by people and grew to form bonds with them and yet he felt like something was missing he had friends, family, and he loved them all dearly but his heart was empty . One day he bumped into a girl with no bonds and he felt his heart skip a beat and started to feel complete.
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She walked alone She stands alone She cried alone She felt alone She laughed alone She lived alone She hated being alone. She decided it was time to step up and stop being alone and went out to find part of her that was missing her other half so she could do everything with them together no more living alone she wanted to share her experience with them whether it be for eternity or maybe even a couple days she knows she'll cherish every single moment spent with them no matter happens she'll get her happily ever after one way .
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I love music listening to it when I'm sad,happy,or angry music is an outlet for a lot of people i happen to be one of those people it helps me get my emotions in check it inspires me . Music helps me vent my feelings it like apart of me when i don't know how to get out a funk i just go on my phone and click on any song on my playlist to help me lift myself up and not mope around any longer it gives you energy that lifts up your spirit and makes you happy
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I'm being followed I hear footstep but every time I turn around there no one behind me I think I'm going crazy. I hear whispers calling my name and no one there. My parents called me crazy for the first time today said I must have inherited it from my aunt that no one wants to talk about anymore. I think I finally lost it I started talking to a little at the grocery store she was crying looking for her mom and nobody would pay attention to so I calmed her down and people were looking at me weirdly.
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Do you ever have something you want to express something on paper but you can't find the right words to put down and you finally write something down but it doesn't exactly come out all ponies and butterflies, well that where I am right now stuck and I can't seem to get out of it no matter how much I try. I'm literally thinking of just changing the whole meaning of the topic so I can turn something in and not get a bad grade because anything is definitely better than a zero but then I want it done perfectly.
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We lived in a world filled with rainbows and unicorns a world so pure it was blinding, but then he came and ruined it all everything started to darken. we told somebody about him and how he was a very bad man but according to society he an outstanding citizen who has done nothing wrong so they wonder is it true do I dissevered something this cruel why won't they believe us why are they telling us to stop lying we scream and shout and yet they still won't listen to us were just trapped in our own personal hell .
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I love food I'm practically a foodaholic and there are so many bad things that come with eating a lot but the question is do I worry about it my answer is yes and no. how can it be both wells I love it when I'm practically shoving it down my throat like it the last water bottle on earth and I hate it when I'm gaining all this weight I know I show moderate my food but it so hard and I'm too lazy to exercise so I procrastinate doing it all day and just lay on my bed .
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So today i got on the wrong bus and had to walk two miles just to get to ybor and a extra ten more minutes just to get to my destination my classroom which only leave me like thirty maybe twenty minutes left in class which suck because we have to write an essay that due this Friday and i definitely need some help some i'm thinking of asking her after class hopefully she will help me doesn't have to go anywhere just so i could wrap my head around it a little bit more than i already do understand .
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Life has a funny way of screwing you over sometimes. Its what I need I need to face difficult and challenging conditions to come back stronger and wiser than I was before. Maybe it just me though I don't mind going through all the bullshit as long as I know that after it's all over I will come out better than I did when I first came into the situation, don't you like knowing that what you thought was going to be a horrible experience in the beginning actually turned out into this beautiful but painful experience was worth it.
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Have you ever felt so stuck on something and you're trying so hard to figure it out but no matter how hard you try you can't because you been at it for more than a couple hours and your brain is starting to hurt more than it should so you take a long break and you come back to it and like magic you suddenly figure it out when you couldn't do it hours before because you were putting too much stress on your brain . Well, it happens to me all the time and it gets me so frustrated sometimes.
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I'm so sleepy right now but I can't go to sleep right now because I'm in the hospital with my mom waiting to see whats wrong with her and we been here for hours I went back home quickly to pick up my dog and cat for their appointment to the vets and now I'm back on my way to the hospital and their people going in who we arrived before and I'm over here about to blow a fuse why do hospital have to be so crowded I know how insensitive I sound but it's true and I'm tired .
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Wow I made a huge mistake yesterday when I sent in the wrong assignment to my teacher, and it is going to get graded I hope she understands when I tell her on Monday that I didn't mean it and lets me send the right one ugh this such a classic me move if I don't screw up one thing then I'm ruining something else whether it's intentional or not I can never do anything right sometimes I don't even know why I try anymore when I know in the end my efforts are just going to be wasted again.