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Hurricane Irma came threw this past weekend. I was good cant say the same for everyone else. A few pros and cons to that. First my home was good when i returned home, had a few trees down but that was about was the good part. on the other hand my uncle stole my rental car when i evacuated to Memphis, Tennessee i really enjoyed my family but being robbed with no gun by a family member that will hit you hard. I retrieved the car two days later, with only my girlfriends purse being ran threw. Its all good
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I woke up ate breakfast. Got on istagram, called my fayther to see if he could come cut my hair, then i checked the mail. After that i walked down to my grandmothers house when i got there i spoke to every one then went out back where my dad was i seen him getting the lawn mower ready so i gave him a hand then started to cut the yard i seen a few neighbors drive by and i spoke to a few who also asked could i do their yards next. i was very hot and tried though.
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After cutting the yard i grabbed me a bite to eat went back to my house took a shower and went back down the street to my dad got a hair cut washed up and called a few people figured we would go out so I got me a outfit out. got in the shower got out played the game for a few before i got dressed got on the phone again called a buddy we linked up went to the valley hung out with the gang. After that went and got a drink from the liquor store after that
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on busch and 52nd went to the mall got us a outfit went down to fire house to grab a bite to eat they have the best wings in tampa if you ask me i got to grab the medium with extra sauce cand go wrong with extra sauce but they also have a awsome lemon peper flavor if your not into the spicy stuff. they are located on busch and 56th street across from Wiinn dixie they have 50 cent pool tables cant beat that price anywhere in Tampa i will put a bet on me any day ever
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So my little brother is moving back from Daytona Florida I drove down there this weekend to help him pack a few items up and drove one of his cars back down he owns three dont ask me why because I dont know how one person can drive three cars. I defenitly could pay for car insurance for three cars I feel like i dont need car insurance on my own car im a great driver.Its like im paying for it and have not been in a accident yet. God forbid that never happens and I thank him for not putting me through any.
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I have a few friend who I cant get myself away from. We get together and have the greatest time ever its like the bond me and my circle has is we cant be seperated. We feel like brothers and we all have came a long way with each other some of use have moved away we all are back home except for one of us my boy Ike still lives in South Dakota he plans on returning home sometime next year we are still in contact andwe talk at least twice a week even tho its been a while
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The struggle is real for those of you who do not know about it I came up from eating ramon noodle if you wanted some shrimp the shrimp flavor was as close as you got. I prefered the chcken flavor or maybe the beef but i had to have hot sauce in it my favorite day was sunday cause i knew it was throw down in the kitchen day especially if we wnt over to grand ma house every one in the family would be there it was always a good time the kids we played while the adults chatted.
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When i grew up i reflected back on my pass I thought about the dumb and stupid deciins I made I used to be one of the people who did before I thought about my actions. I was doing things my parents tried to conveince me not to do but I was a hard headed little boy who thought all the right answers was in the streets I had to find out the hard way that the streets will do nothing but get you put in jail or killed thats no place for you even though you might make money.
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I have a cousin who I love to death we are currently sitting in the house drinking on some bud light limes but the is getting on my nerves because his phone is dead. Please leave me alone Jamal is all I can keep saying I already gave you the only android charger I had I can not help that it does not work for your phone It charges my tablets just fine. I have three Iphone chargers but the do not work in his phone cousin I dont know what to tell you but to go get yous from home.
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Being a big fan of certain NFL teams can be a pain. Im a it does'nt matter what happens im still with my team type of fan. It sucks sometimes, especially when my team is playing another team that we should blow out of the water but we end up losing. Then you have those players who start at a certain position but they get beat by any player that lines up in front of them. Lets not forget about those referees who can call a bad game on any given sunday. So as you can see its a little.
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We played Chicago for our first game, the Bucs spanked them had my hopes high for the season then we turn around and lose to Minnasota who started a second string Quarterback. I was lost for words, and feelings for my team for a good hour or two. I know we had a lot of hurt players who did'nt start so I was kind of alright after I thought about that. The year of 2016 we lost so many for sure wins but I guess it really is any given Sunday like they say. I just want my team winning
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Starters are supposed to be the best for that position that the team has availabe. For my team I dont think we go by that cause we have a few who could have a seat on the bench and we will do better. Our First round draft pick got smoked and left in the dust on eight out of ten plays. I know he is alot better and faster than that. Lets not get on my boy Conte he comes in clutch some games but making one play a game does'nt add up to the plays that he gets beat.
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Now lets talk about the referees, the zebras of the field. They run around calling things they didnt even see and these penalitys can really hurt my team somtimes we are in field goal postion and a miss call or even a good call can make or break that position. Just last week another team I was watching play had a player run a eightynine yard touchdown and the referee said he ran out of bounds on the ten yard line every replay from every angle showed that the player remained inbounds the whole time but they still got robbed
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Once you have that team that you love theres only so much you can do about certain things. I love my team so with the unessicery loses, and the players i need to make good plays missing the plays we need, along with the bad game calling from referees ill still be tuning in to veiw my boys play each and every sunday now matter what thats what real fans do. If i get fed up with it i dont think I could replace Tampa with any other team. I think im going to pay for my season tickets again
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wow how i thought school was going t be a breeze this school stuff is much more than i expected especially when you have a child and a full time job. going to school for eight hours then attending to my child ehile turning around to go clock in at work for another eight hours is a full course meal.The things we learn is not the hard part its just so many assignments from so many different classes that is the part that hits you I guess i have to rethink my schedule to work with school and work.
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the Tampa Bay Buccaneers got a win yesterday over the New York Giants it was a great game the Buccaneers struck early and maintained the lead all the way until the fourth quarter where they allowed the Giants to come back and go ahead. Our kicker missed three kicks before coming in clutch and nailing the game winning kick. the game had fans on their feet from both teams it was a really close one but the giants are now zero and four without winning any of their games, while the Buccaneers move on to a two and one record.
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have you ever cheated in a relationship? it comes with so many different reactions from both ends. hurting the one you love is nit a good thing and the biggest outcome of it is losing that person. I have had my bad days of cheating. there is a saying that goes whats done in the dark will come to the light, its so true no matter how much you think you have covered your tracks it always seems to come run you down. the best advice i can give is if you love someone do what you must be happy
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i have been very unsecured lately not insecure but yes unsecured in my walk into the future its like no matter how much I say that i will not do this or i am going to stop doing that its like I allow myself to be caught up doing the exact things that I know I should not be doing it comes from not being stable at mind and hanging around the wrong crowd interacting in the things that everyone else does I should not be in a jail but the mentality I have will lead me there every time
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I am moving forward in my life making some good decisions and of course still being a human being that will never be perfect I am still making mistakes. I will have to decide one what i truly need and want out of life. I am walking through my life with one foot in and one foot out. Just being indecisive of what kind of life I want. I dream of a big house and family driving nice cars and kids going to nice schools. i just want to make it out the hood one of these days coming up.
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you ever dated someone that be doing to much? I was with someone that every time i stepped out the house she was all over my ass. I was not cheating on her but the way she acted i should of been cheating. she was snapping our messages to each other sending them to her friend that is not necessary. No one needs to be worried about what we have going on this is our relationship not theirs if she needed some body to vent to I was always around and do not talk bad on me especially to friends.
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I go to the bookie on the weekends thats like a sports gambling hall where you can bet on many different sports football, basketball, soccer, hockey and baseball they even have woman basketball. I go there put money on my account and leave i bet ten dollars a line off of ten dollars depending on how many games you bet on you could win any where fro thirty dollars to a few thousand yes i did say off of ten dollars. you gotta have good picks tho cause a ticket with seven games one wrong pick will ruin your ticket
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flagging ass friends are the worst. you ever had a friend you was supposed to chill with and they take their sweet poor time to do things like time is not being wasted that is the worst thing to do is waist somebody time. Do you know how many things I can get done if you would just say instead of meeting up at three I will be ready at five now that allows me to take care of the few tasks that i probably set aside to hangout with you but that is just not how people think now
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I remember the times I was the plug I was running it down the drain. everyone for my side one was winning cause when your from the hood everybody is looking for a way out of the hood so when one person is blessed with a way out you wanna see your people eat and make it out as well. My days of being that man came short one day when I was on my way to the gun show at the fair grounds I was pulled over no probable cause just because i was the fifteenth car they counted
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100 words is taking me longer than I thought it would to complete. It is not that I am running out of words but just have to prioritize my time better because when I actually log on to the site to start working I actually get a few of them done. I get distracted easily I told myself that I was gonna come straight home after school and get straight into 100 word but that did not happen but it is 10 at night and I'm watching Monday night football while I get caught up on my work done tonight
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I had a BBQ yester for the buck game I went to church first then took my nieces, nephew and my daughter to the fairgrounds for this kids event that was being held there we had a lot of fun there was free prizes along with a game truck they even had bounce houses not just the ordinary bounce house but they had the slide and also the obstacle course bounce house. The only bad part about the event was the lines they all about 30 minute waits but it was OK I guess as long as the kids enjoyed it
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If it is not foreign then it's boring glock from Australia yeah that's foreign. My home boy just rolled up the street he crazy no shirt on sweating and everything got me thinking boutique what he got going on the night still young I don't have any football to watch tonight but I definitely can't wait until Thursday night so I can watch the Buccaneers beat the new England Patriots we definitely gonna need our kicker to come through for us that night if he can't do that we might not have a chance even though Doug Martin is back
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Last week I want to something to eat but I couldn't get anything to eat I had to go through how waters and back just to get something for lunch that day I had to call my aunt I had to call my dad my brother and my sister and also a grandmother that which also lives close by near to my job she ended up saving the day she was right near my job and was running errands by the Publix across the street I told her I had wanted something to eat and she said what did I
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Me and my girlfriend going through some hard times with one another it's my fault I messed up did some things I had no business doing knowing I had a girlfriend I was just so caught up in the now because nobody I was entertaining was worth losing the one I really loved but we are all human nobody is perfect we go astray sometimes forgetting who we will hurt in the end. We all go through trials and tribulations. I just have to do better for me her and our child because losing them is the last thing wanted.
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Not having a home to yourself sucks when you have to pee there is someone in the bathroom already when it's time to coo, you have to make something for everyone not just yourself even if that means nobody wants to clean the kitchen you have to make sure it's cleaned and that's on the person who cooked. I just want to be alone sometimes then again I just want someone around to kick it with and have fun love on and talk to but hey this is life and in order to get where you want to be struggle
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My cousin Jamal said it best tonight that people who lack what they want will strive to get it nby any means if that's doing right or doing wrong. I'm one of those people I do wrong thinking it's right until it's to late and now I'm in some type of trouble in my mind I'm just trying to be great but in the end I'm just hurting myself an not helping anyone including myself. It's a bigger picture and I must realize that I know I'm a good person but I fall short most of the time doing wrong