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Your love is a liquid garden from which I drink deeply. Looking down from the stone path I see your reflection that inspires my genuflection, a rarity itself indeed. Maybe I see my lust unforgivingly waving in blue ambiguity, an imperfect projection that I thoughtlessly brought about for want of fulfilling my selfish desire, fermenting with feelings of liberation. Your love is a quiet meditation in which I deeply seek an answer from a sacred time that carries on forever, even though you already know the answer in your soul that you are drinking deeply from my own liquid garden.
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The Golden Age of Today originated with you and I. Your infinite liquid spills oceans into the myst of eternity. My subtle introspection and your admirable intuition are guiding forces. Your sublime sensations and my relations to inner nations unite. My luminous apparition begins to unravel dimensions into your muse. Your simple motions and my complex emotions are inspiring devotions. My mystical religious inclinations are part of your divine revelations. Your valiant actions inspire my equally potent and comparable reactions. Quiet conscience and our super consciousness are powerful soul mates. Our sacred time together connects with purposeful and supreme rituals.
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A golden idol in the shape of a cross hangs prostrate before the eyes of God in a million fold vision minus a sense of loss. A silver temple in the shape of a circle soars humbly before the mind of God proffering warm hands to give a miracle. A bronze casket in the shape of a basket digs deeply before the shadow of God with nimble dirty fibers becoming clean and elastic. A Holy Grail in the shape of a nail is filled to the brim in the hands of God with the blood of martyrs in a wail.
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Maybe you and I can agree on something yet. I know that there is a cosmic force of love that permeates the human condition, but are you conditioned? Do you agree with the conditions? Of course you don't, love has already agreed on all of the terms for you. So what is it? Where is it? Love is a means between humanity and divinity, love is a means between the heart and soul, and love is a music of honesty between you and everything else. There is Love that exists and strives to be the most honest and most true.
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So come on inside and enjoy the ride. So come on in and enjoy the sin. So come on out and let out a shout. So go out there and have a scare. So go up town and look for what's abound. So go on down without a gown. So get to the joint and roll up a point. So get to the destination and slide up a nation. So get to the car and drive into country stars. So be like a land turning into hot sand. So be like a monster mountain, spewing like a future fountain.
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We are a mystical cult at one with God’s peace. We are a mystical cult seeking spiritual release. We are a mystical cult. We have eternal soul. We are a mystical cult. We hold total mind control. We are a mystical cult Using prayer drums and chants. We are a mystical cult speaking in tongues and rants. We are a mystical cult who has gone beyond worldwide. We are a mystical cult converting for the ride. We are a mystical cult stranded on this island Paradise. We are a mystical cult lost on God’s starry sea somewhere between virtue’s vice.
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I don't think that one hundred words would be sufficient enough to describe the loss I have experienced today. My faithful and loving dog Babie died today. Man's best friend? That statement is a very gross underestimation of the value of my treasured friend of twelve years. She was an invaluable part of my family and family experience. She was a longhaired dachshund that was incredibly playful and not to mention gorgeous. She used to wait for me at the door when I left the house. She used to beg me for food. She loved to play. She was love.
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It's raining underwater eyes that are seeing multiple visions and the refractions coming through the surface where Jesus walked calmly into the ocean floor of peace while the storm raged on above. The eyes of fluid are breathing water into the dry riverbed parched for years of rain dancing has been worthwhile only through one prayer of faith. Waterfalls and sand make storms that still the soul when caught on tape and sold in the New Age section of you local music retailer is closed for the day because the floods are so immeasurably deep. Forty days and forty nights.
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So it was a year ago tomorrow that those assholes had to screw it all up. Of course it was coming to us, but damn did it have to be so harsh? Why weren't they more creative with words and persuasion rather than being creative with planes and box cutters? Why aren't we ready for more? The world polarization between love and fear has never been more clear than today. Unfortunately, if people don't figure out that our world should be for love than for hate then it'll be too late. Our Nintendo generation isn't ready for another terrorist attack.
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I was meditating in my bedroom after I had my morning shower. I usually turn on the TV and watch the news before going to class, but I didn¡¦t do it that day. While I was meditating I had my blinds pulled up so that the sun would shine in on my closed eyes. As my meditation grew deeper and deeper, I saw an image of an embryo. I started to flutter my eyes and for some unknown reason I said out loud ¡§God, forgive us all¡¨ I was having a mystical experience. When my girlfriend arrived I found out.
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If there were a coin of mythology that needed an image then it need look no further than your face. Every morning I wake up to your beaming face. It is not next to my sleeping face in a sweaty bed that begs to be shared but in your omnipresent sunrise. When I meditate on the images of my heart and soul, your visage prevails and allies itself within the depths of my visions and prayers in sacred time. I have sought after the perfection of the haunting moment that is your face. Everything rises and falls only in you.
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Historical origin. Knowable again. Beginning process. Ending excess. Eyes closed. Naked world. Eyes open. Screams abound. Shaking sound. Making ground. Fire found. Waters fall. Thunderous call. Masses unite. Masses depart. Ocean might. Lands apart. Stars shine. Empyrean shrine. Man awakes. Woman makes. Love shakes. People born. People die. Life dances. Life advances. Sacred grooves. Souls move. Ceremony circles. Dancing drums. String strums. Pulses pounding. Curves rounding. Sexy gyrations. Visionary sensations. Human creations. Religious revolutions. Mental contributions. Firm resolutions. Civil advances. Political stances. Increased finances. Greater expanses. Louder wars. Closing doors. Student protest. Children blessed. Modern quest. Mother breast. Father rest.
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I flew past the top of a tree touching heaven. I lay at the bottom of a grave touching hell. I reached into the lucid star of free reigning love. I breached into the gates of an enslaved cunning evil. I relaxed for countless centuries in the realms of paradise. I fled for measureless seconds in the realms of sin. I became at one with my inner and outer divinity. I became at one with my bitter and flawed humanity. I have realized the possibility that there is no solution. I have realized that I am the purpose of creation.
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I wanted eyes of golden radiance bursting at the seams. I was coming into a better understanding once I fell in. I was all too ready to fall into your capacity. I was all too ready to give up my dominance in order to feel your submission. So where is your golden radiance now? I know it's at least hundreds of miles away, and almost four months gone. What was it you said, "You'll always have a special place in my heart"? It's difficult for me to believe that is true, but guess what? Here I am writing about you.
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So I asked "when will I see her"? To which the mockingbird replied, "find your own sacred song, your soul's purpose. Remain aware of when you are singing your own song or impersonating another". So then I listened to nature's fleeting stillness. It was a serene song initially but slowly the volume of messages began to overwhelm me like some vast ocean insight. Rivers of inspiration bathed my visions. Songs of destiny piled high atop my head. I reached back and fired up another one. I relaxed and enjoyed my death like state. Contentment arrived from the Tree of Muses.
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You shake every time I drink from your fountain. I feel the pressure, of your excess squeezing tighter and tighter around my foremost thought. The spirals of your fluid are crashing into the mouth of the moon, filling puffy canals with promises of liquid atmosphere and fleeting existence. Flowing chambers of Venus swimming into chambers of war and play are your chambers in which I swim. A coliseum with a tower in the center holds us within your potent fountain. These fluids have fallen for an entire gyre. These fluids we hauntingly shared will form an empire, conquering gorged fire.
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The evening star winks at Diana from the west. Gone to the other side of the world, you are blazing your Sun glory into the eyes and ears of men women and children that I will never know while I am in this fragile shell. I am envious of the way you warm the brown skin of exotic children during games of innocence. I am envious of the way young men gaze up at you and admire your omnipresent warmth. I am definitely envious of the way you make the skin of mothers daughters and sisters glow with nubile florescence.
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Atmospheric moods. Daylong broods. Grey sky. Hanging over. Hanging low. Fluid flow flopping rain dropping. Eighty percent chance to enhance romance by a glance out the window. A snug charming bed is inviting the single, inviting the wed, to spread out with things unsaid. The grey gets darker. The heavy rain is heaving a hiding crow's calls in the blistering squalls. It is late September. Summer's ready for his slumber. Slumber waits in a dark chamber for her lover. "Won't you come in Summer? It's getting cold in here without you". Summer, replied " My love let us make Autumn".
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Stormy soul come straddle me straight away from the struggle. Calm waters kindle our kiss through carnal smoke of cannabis. Buxom brown eyed breath blowing bright white into brush fires, fermenting fertility into fabled flowing rivers of familiar spirits harmonizing. Voluptuous voices are invoking Venus with vividly intense volume. Morning Star has seen us moving like a monolithic masterpiece. Merged and mingling under moon glow making music for the Muses drumming deep into your rhythm, drumming deep into your soul. You wrap your arms around my neck in animated appeal, “Stormy soul come straddle me, Stormy soul kindle our kiss.”
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When I got up this morning I knew that something fucked up would happened today even thought I had a notion that today would be a beautiful day. I opened my window, closed my eyes and meditated on God's majesty. It was a beautiful first day of fall, and I considered it fall today because the Harvest Moon was out last night. Anyway, this afternoon I was on my way to Crowley's Ridge State Park and I saw my ex-girlfriend riding with another man at an intersection in town. Why in the hell have I not gotten over her yet?
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I say the day has opened up in a new way. What do I have today that I didn't have yesterday? A future day in someway is a present day for sure. Far away is what I'll say dwindling away in the apex of the sun's ray. Pray. Pray that the right way is not a power play but love's slave on the break of another day. Face the sky with out delay. Okay it is another day for eventual decay, but don't let that get in the cliché. Flow away into the passion play. Don't pine away every day.
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I'm in the mood to write some love poetry. Let me explain why. You see there is this beautiful, older woman that lives a couple of houses down from me. For the past few weeks I've seen her come in and out of her house. I would like to meet her but how? I don't want anything crazy going down…I saw her early this morning, sometime around seven o'clock. She was taking out a small white bag of trash. She didn't realize how the autumn sun complimented her short blonde hair, Or how her red outfit complimented her curves.
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"I'm in love yet I have no lover". That was one of the first thoughts that entered my mind this morning as I awoke to my empty bed. I'm in love with someone but I'm not quite sure with whom. I want to be in love yet do I need to be in love? Do I want that unsatisfying solitude when she is with me? Do I want her eternal presence when she is without me? Is it necessary for me to look up into the sun barely visible through gray clouds and think, "there she is waiting for me"?
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There is really sexy hot looking young woman that sits behind me in my philosophy class every Monday Wednesday and Friday. We've had a class together before, but she sat a couple of rows over from me so we never really got to strike up a conversation. I've really wanted to make a connection with her for a while but the timing has never been right. Yesterday was my lucky day. She needs help with Philosophy. It blew me away that she asked me for my phone number first. I think we can help each other out. We shall see.
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So a new era of human consciousness has arisen in these tired and trying times. I don't think that everyone realizes that, but that's ok for now. Not everyone will realize this consciousness until a global event of massive proportions forces all of mankind to unite as one, whether it be through voice, violence, or vision. I pray everyday that this event, for better or for worse, will occur. Mankind needs an event like this. If there is to be a golden age of awareness, consciousness, and intelligence, then something incredibly out of the ordinary will have to take place.
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Make me cry again. I'll cry on and on. Make me cry oceans. An element of soul Long neglected, Shaped by hammer and hail Out of sheer spite Towards the bullshit notions Of those who use their little Insensitive word weapons that are Swimming in their Little bullshit ocean That they think is pure As a water filter. Rainbow of God Came from the storm. Unexpected and inexpressible. Made a promise to me. To never flood me again. To never drown me again. To never soak me again With a terrible divine power That humbles and humiliates. That is Love.
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I am the lead guitarist for a band called Dammar Fusion. We come from Northeast Arkansas. We have been together for about four years and I must say that we are the baddest original fucking band that has ever graced this god-forsaken place. I want you to know that I am a very humble guy and that I usually don't brag about anything but dammit we've worked hard and I hope that we get a record deal. You will hear all about us one day and realize that You have learned about us through this forum. Let's get ready now.
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I was thinking earlier today that playing music in an obscure setting is so much more pure than being exposed to the masses. When I sit up in my room in the middle of the night, I feel so much more intimately connected with my instrument and with the divine powers that provides me with little segments of the Eternal Song. I hardly ever record the beautiful music that I discover and I'm beginning to think that is at least time to get it down on some medium. I don't want to be stupid famous, I would rather be legendary.
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I had a friend tell me the other night that I would make some woman a great husband someday. We were getting drunk, listening to music, playing music and reading poetry in my room. It felt good to hear a female tell me that. I wanted to tell her that I'm her man, but I don't want to screw up our friendship. She's having relationship issues with her boyfriend. I'm having issues because I want my ex back, even though I know it's not in our best interest. I worship the female sex. One day they will rule the world.
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Looking towards God's grace of infinity, I grasp a subtle light while lost in a dark and image-laden prayer of inner perception. I feel the raw fragility of my heart touch my soul manifest itself as a tearful presence of joy and sorrow. Maybe after having my eyes closed for over thirty minutes with the sunrise illuminating the veins in my eyelids has something to do with it. Maybe not. The search man. Search Man. The eternal search man. Searching for something for here and now that is here and now man. Love is the centrality of this incredible search.