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August 10th, 2009
The worst Monday is the Monday back from a few glorious days off. That is this Monday. Work has piled up for me. My job just sits while I'm away. There is not one employee who can cover for me when I'm not there. Yet, there are several that I can cover for. I guess it's not all bad. Job security springs to mind. I can handle the pile up with ease and catch it all up in a matter of a couple of hours. The day drags on like a bad song playing over and over in your head.

April 28th, 2008
I haven't heard his voice in two weeks. But we text each other 24/7 anyway so it's still pretty much the same. But just a while ago, my cellphone rang. It was him. For the first time ever (funny, I know) he called me. We had a three-minute conversation before the line went dead. Ah damn cellphones. But that simple call made me really happy. And thanks to that call, I now have something to write about. Texting still isn't the same as talking to him. I do miss his voice and "everything attached to it". I'm coming home soon. :)

January 26th, 2007
So this is how this love thing works. There she is, sitting among all those pillows, drinking coffee, speaking about cats and work and movies. He watches, listens, sips his coffee, and realizes he loves this woman Ė the delight of her smile, those hands and fingers that touch him with a kindness and a delicacy that scramble his brains, her great compassion for all things, her love of laughter. Love is not an emotion or an idea. Love is a verb. Itís action. He loves this woman. Itís the one true thing he can do and he loves doing it.