November 30, 2007
Another told blog entry, I think I sound so childish...from Nov 30th 2003: Went to see Love Actually yesterday. The ending was predictable, the ending dragged itself alittle too long, but they didn't solve everyone's problem, which was the only interesting standpoint of the end. It didn't revolve around Hugh Grant's character, though it felt like it was trying to. They put Rowan Atkinson as one of the main characters, but he only appears twice. They're for...of course, humorous scenes. It was interesting seeing Alan Rickman play a normal human being for once, rather than the nasty Professor Snape. And Emma Thompson was good too. She's going to be in the 3rd movie, as Professor Trawleny (I think that's how you spell it...I dunno). But overall, I liked the film b/c it took place in London, and British people are so cool. Hey, instead of being an artist, I should go into the movie critism business... This really sucked....I put a book on hold at the library right? Well I go there to get it, and apparently someone already checked it out. B/c when you get the books that are on hold, they don't check if you're the person who...put it on hold. Ack, I've been waiting for months to read that I'm gonna have to wait again...