November 29, 2007
Hah, well that last entry wasn't 100 words. Oh well, I don't feel bad that I broke the rules of this website. I still wonder what I will end up doing with these entries. I hope this website doesn't suddenly go down or something, b/c then I'll be screwed. I think that's why I'm trying not to make important entries or write about my daily problems. That's too easy to do. I used to have a blog that I wrote in everyday. No one really commented but I think a few of my friends would read it. I keep the url in my bookmarks just in case I ever need it for something reason. I've used it for a painting, and I'd like to use it again because some of the entries are so rich to me. They're not like diary entries b/c they're so old now. I think my last entry was in 2006...but that's when I was in college and was too busy for blogs. It seems all my high school classmates are too busy for their blogs now.